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  1. Stanton Greene NY beat Lupi from Huntington this year at Windsor Christmas Tournament (2nd time), placed 2nd at same tournament as Babson placed 3rd (Clyde Cole) this year, took 4th in NYS D2 last year (no one else on your list placed), Dalton from section 3 was the only other one to make it to States. Stanton’s only loss this year was a 1-0 loss to AJ Viscorrando from Wyoming Semminary (currently #10 at 220 in National Rankings) . Should be Stanton, Lupi, Dalton, Lackey, Kopczynski, …….

      1. Tyler button from phoenix made 145 and has a win over Kloc this year. What about Anthony finicchiaro from canastota at 138? placed 3rd last year. Also where is Austyn hayes from phoenix at 195? Nate silverthorn from general brown is back at 145 this year took 4th last year.
        Thanks keep up the good work

      2. i looking for an updated new york state high school individual rankings by weight class, your site is the only one that i have found for recent postings. are there any others and do u haave an updated ranking, thanks, jim

  2. All three of the Lupi-Stanton matches have been battles. With two of them going into overtime, Lupi winning 3-2 in their first meeting, Stanton winning the next by one point, and the latest one at Windsor went, I believe, into TRIPLE overtime, with Stanton narrowly eecking out the win 3-2. It seems to be a toss-up between these two, as their battles have been hard-fought with narrow margins of victory for each.

    1. Agreed. Lupi only a junior (I think). I think he will definately see the podium in Albany this year. He was very impressive winning Sophomore Nationals last year in VA. Great wrestler from a great program.

    1. Hello! I used to do an individual state ranking back then, however for the past few years I just helped Betsy Veysman do the state ranking on the newyorkwrestlingnews site. As you may know, Betsy is no longer affiliated with NYWN site. I have considered tinkering with doing them for this site again but it’s a tremendous amount of work. The guys over on MatSlap have been doing a very good job from what I see.

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