Phil Portuese Northeast Freestyle Tournament

**Barczak Champion at 145lbs**

A handful of locals took the short trip to East Stroudsburg, PA to compete in this weekend’s Phil Portuese Freestyle Tournament.  The event serves as a Fargo qualifier for the Cadet and Junior Divisions as well as a qualifier for the University Nationals which takes place in June in Akron, OH.

Junior Division
Evan Barczak (Monroe Woodbury) 145 lbs
R32: Barczak tech fall Brandon Doffemire (VA) 11-0
R16: Barczak dec Conligiaro (MA) 11-6
Quarters: Barczak tech fall Bentz (PA) 10-0
Semis: Barczak tech fall Pipa (PA) 11-1
Finals: Evan Barczak dec Brock Wilson (PA) 8-3

Noah Curreri (Eldred) 2-2 @ 160 lbs
R32:  Curreri pin Max Martin (Lancaster, PA) 3:16
R16: Curreri tech fall Scwartz (PA) 19-9
Quarters: Bolen (VA) pin Curreri 1:08
Consies: DeMalle (MD) tech fall Curreri 10-0

Kendall Elfstrum (Monroe Woodbury)  2-2 @ 182 lbs
Rd. 1: Brett Donner (Wall, NJ) tech fall Elfstrum 10-0
Consies: Elfstrum pin Shepard (NC) 1:17
Consies: Elfstrum pin Bennicoff (PA) 2:35
Consies: Parker (Shen, NY) tech fall Elfstrum 10-0

Nick McShea (Monroe Woodbury) 1-2 @ 220 lbs
R32: McShea pin Forschner (MD) :56
R16: bye
Quarters: Zane Black (PA) tech fall McShea 19-9
Consies: Kober (PA) pin McShea :29

Cadet Division
Joey Yanis (Minisink Valley) 0-2 at 182 lbs
Rd. 1: Kyle Lightner (DV Regional, NJ) dec Yanis 11-6
Consie 1: Michael Wazsen (Holy Spirit, NJ) tech fall Yanis 10-0

University Division
Michael Raccioppi (E. Stroudsburg, Minisink Valley) 0-2 at 80kg
Rd. 1:  Drew Longo (Lehigh) tech fall Raccioppi 14-3
Consie 1: Jordan Juliano (Middlesex) dec Raccioppi 13-8
*Raccioppi’s 1st ever freestyle tournament… Congrats for stepping out of your comfort zone…Great Job!*


Ellefsen and Humphrey to Represent Team NY at Pinning Down Autism All-Star Weekend

Pinning Down Autism
Congratulations to Goshen junior Ryan Ellefsen and Middletown senior Joe Humphrey for being selected to represent Team NY for the 2016 Pinning Down Autism All-Star Weekend!  Ellefsen, who finished 2nd at 220 in NYS this year, will wrestle at 225 while Humphrey, the 3rd place finisher at HWT in Albany, will compete at 285 for Team NY.  Now in it’s 6th year, the Pinning Down Autism dual has become one of the premier post-season all-star showcases in the nation.  The event takes place this Saturday, April 23 is being held on the campus of Muhlenberg College in Allentown, PA.  Wrestling begins at 9:00 AM.  All proceeds from the event go to Pinning Down Autism as well as other affiliated local charities in the Lehigh Valley area.

It is a huge honor to be selected to compete in this event!  Ellefsen and Humphrey join a select group of Section 9 wrestlers who have received the nod including Kyle Diesel (2011, Minisink Valley), Josh Bonneau (2013, Minisink Valley), Dan DeCarlo (2014, Port Jervis), and Michael Racciopi (2015, Minisink Valley).

Ellefsen, Humphrey, and the rest of Team NY will take on all-star teams from Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Ohio.  Team NY will be extremely competitive at this year’s event – their roster is loaded!  The PA roster is just insane though! Take a look at the studs from all four teams who are scheduled to compete.  A few of the weights are not listed as they are still waiting for confirmation.

Team New York
99: Greg Diakomihalis (State Champ)
106: Trey Wardlaw (State runner-up)/Trent Svingala (State 4th)
113: Orion Anderson (State champ)
120: Theo Powers (State champ)
126: #2 at 132 Vitali Arujau (3X State champ, Fargo champ)
138: Matt Grippi (State runner-up)
145: Jon Errico (NHSCA runner-up)
152: #6 at 145 Frankie Gissendanner (2X State champ)
160: Ricky Stamm (State runner-up)
170: #13 Lou Deprez (2X State champ)
182: Alex Melikian (State runner-up)
195: Mike Dinardo (State runner-up)
220: Ryan Ellefson (State runner-up)
285: Joe Humphrey (State 3rd)

Team Pennsylvania
99: Kaden Cassidy (Youth State champ)
106: #16 Jaret Lane (State runner-up)
113: #8 Julian Chlebove (State champ)
120: #8 Austin Desanto (State runner-up)
126: #12 Brian Courtney (State champ)
132: #5 at 138 Mickey Phillipi (State champ)
138: #6 Sammy Sasso (State 3rd)
145: #17 at 152 Jimmy Saylor (State runner-up)
152: #2 Hayden Hidlay (State champ)
160: #4 Jake Wentzel (State champ)
170: #17 at 160 Trent Hidlay (State runner-up)
182: #20 Garret Hoffman (State runner-up)
195: #16 Gavin Hoffman (State champ)
220: Seth Janney (National Preps champ)
285: Michael Rogers (National Preps champ)

Team New Jersey
99: Dylan Weaver (Youth State champ)
106: Mitch Polito
113: Lucas Revano (State 6th)
120: Anthony Croce (State qualifier)
126: Dan Ortega (State 4th)
132: Zack Firestone (State champ)
145: JoJo Wilson
152: Darwin Pena (State 4th)
160: Tyler Mullen (State 5th)
182: Peter Acciardi
195: Joe Soreco (State 5th)
285: #20 Eric Chakonis (State champ)

Team Ohio
99: Kyle Peterson
106: John Kuhmer (State qualifier)
113: Nick Bugard
120: Lukus Stricker (State 3rd)
126: Logan Kissel (State 6th)
132: Anthony Rice
138: Will McGee
145: Austin Cefferati
152: Sam Roczella
160: Gary Wokojance (State qualifier)
170: Anthony Kaplovic
182: Kade Marker (State qualifier)
195: Jake Burns (State 4th)
220: Parker Meaney
285: Luciano Cunningham

Journeymen Freestyle Classic & MAWA Regionals

Quite a few Section 9 wrestlers took to the mat this weekend!  Below are the results I have received.  If I have missed any results, please feel free to email them to me at

Barczak JM Freestyle
Evan Barczak

Journeymen Freestyle Classic
This was without question the toughest individual high school freestyle event that this region has ever witnessed!  Along with attracting some of the best high school freestylers from the US, Coach Frank Popolizio was able to get teams to fly in from Russia, South Korea, Lithuania, and Italy!  Section 9 was fortunate enough to have 4 wrestlers entered in the invite only event.  Congratulations to MW junior Evan Barczak for capturing the title in the 145B pool.  Barczak notched two 10-0 tech falls, pinned a National Prep placewinner, and recorded a 9-4 win over a PA state placer!  Great job Evan!

Evan Barczak (Monroe Woodbury) 4-0 – Champion @ 145B
Kendall Elfstrum (Monroe Woodbury) 1-3 – 7th @ 182A
Noah Curreri (Eldred) 1-3 – 6th @ 160A
Dylan Earl (Monroe Woodbury) 1-2 – 3rd @ 106B

MAWA Regional – Shamokin, PA
Congratulations to Frank Fea (Goshen), Kevin Morgans (Liberty), and Andrew Fenner (Minisink Valley) for winning their respective weight classes and qualifying for the MAWA Nationals in Maryland!  Warwick’s Lucas Wightman finished 4th at his weight and is also an automatic qualifier for Nationals.  Great job guys!

Kevin Morgans (Liberty) 3-0 Champ @ 220 Elite
Lucas Wightman (Warwick) 3-2 4th @ 160 Elite
Frank Fea (Goshen) 4-0 – Champ @ 115 Advanced
William Harrison (Port Jervis) 3-1 – 3rd @ 152 Advanced

Andrew Fenner (Minisink Valley) 3-0 – Champ @ 285 Advanced

Barczak, Elfstrum, and Ellefsen All-Americans at NHSCA High School Nationals; Nick Fea Takes Home Middle School Title…Match-by-Match Results Below

Match By Match Results For All Section 9 Entries

Freshman Division
126 – Nicolas Albornoz (Minisink Valley)
Rd. 64: Fisk (MD) maj dec Albornoz 9-0
Consie Rd. 64: Albornoz dec Eldridge (MD) 4-0
Consie Rd. 32 #1: Albornoz wbf Vencil (OH) 2:14
Consie Rd. 32 #2: Mondore (NY) dec Albornoz 5-3 … Nick is out
126 – Nick Curreri (Eldred)
Rd. 64: Curreri wbf McCloskey (OH) 6:00
Rd. 32: Miller (PA) wbf Curreri :34
Consie Rd. 32 #2: Houri (CA) maj. dec Curreri 8-0.. Nick is out

Sophomore Division
106 – Dylan Earl (Monroe Woodbury)
Rd. 128: Earl dec Mills (NC) 10-4
Rd. 64: King (NJ) wbf Earl 3:40
Consie Rd. 64: Beal (OH) dec Earl 8-5…Dylan is out
120 – Connor Greiner (Minisink Valley)
Rd. 128: Ryan Moore (KY) maj dec Connor Greiner 16-4
Consie Rd. 64: Greiner maj dec Banks (NY) 9-0
Consie Rd. 32 #1: Greiner wbf Kephart (MD) 1:21
Consie Rd. 32 #2: Greiner maj dec Lorea (WV) 10-0
Consie Rd. 16 #1: Greiner tech fall Powell (GA) 16-0
Consie Rd. 16 #2: Salas (PA) wbf Greiner 1:40… Connor is out
132 – Dom Vetrano (Minisink Valley)
Rd. 64: Dambrosio (SC) dec Vetrano 7-5
Consie Rd. 64: Vetrano dec Johnson (VA) 8-1
Consie Rd. 32 #1: Vetrano maj dec MacCarthy (NJ) 15-5
Consie Rd. 32 #1: Gottschalk (OH) dec Vetrano 5-1 … Dom is out
132 – Vinny Vetrano (Minisink Valley)
Rd. 128: Vetrano dec Fazenbaker (WV) 9-2
Rd. 64: Vetrano maj McDuffy (MD) 14-0
Rd. 32: Montez (NV) dec Vetrano 5-3 sv
Consie Rd. 32 #2: Pumphrey (WV) maj dec Vetrano 14-3… Vinny is out
145 – Timmy Ganuncio (Minisink Valley)
Rd. 64: Bradley (CA) dec Ganuncio 9-2
Consie Rd 32 #1: Dipietro (OH) dec Ganuncio 5-0… Timmy is out
145 – Dillon Ross (Onteora)
Rd. 64: DeJames (GA) dec Ross 3-0
Consie Rd. 32 #1: Ross dec Jost (VA) 5-0
Consie Rd. 32 #2: Feight (VA) dec Ross 3-0 … Dillon is out
152 – Tristen Schiafo (Red Hook)
Rd. 64: Bushfield (MT) wbf Schiafo 1:46
Consie Rd. 32 #1: Schiafo wbf Piovesan (MD) :55
Consie Rd. 32 #2: Bauer (MD) dec Schiafo 6-4 … Tristen is out
182 – Joey Yanis (Minisink Valley)
Rd. 64: Molinar (TX) wbf Yanis 4:50
Consie Rd. 32 #2: Lightner (NJ) dec Yanis 4-2 … Joey is out
285 – Andrew Fenner (Minisink Valley)
Rd. 16:Hayford (VT) dec  Fenner 9-7
Consie Rd. 16 #2: Scott (NC) wbf Fenner 3:37 …Andrew is out

Junior Division
113 – Tyler Lynch (Minisink Valley)
Rd. 64: Tyler Lynch wbf Shapiro (MA) 1:15
Rd. 32: Perceley (NJ) dec Lynch 5-3
Consie Rd. 32 #2: Frazier (AL) dec Lynch 2-1 utb … Tyler is out
145 – Evan Barczak (Monroe Woodbury) – All-American!!!
Rd. 64: Barczak maj dec Thompson (AL) 10-0
Rd. 32: Barczak tech fall Spurrier (NC) 16-1
Rd. 16: Barczak dec Concina (NJ) 5-0
Quarters: Barczak dec Port (PA) 7-3
Semis: Hovis (AZ) dec Barczak 5-2
Consie Semis: Barczak dec Cook (NY) 5-2
3rd/4th Match: Palumbo (NJ) dec Barczak 3-1 sv…Evan finishes 4th!!!

152 – Noah Curreri (Eldred)
Rd. 128: Curreri dec Spears (NC) 3-2
Rd. 64: Sharon (VA) dec Curreri 3-2
Consie Rd. 64 #2: Curreri dec Garrett (TN) 8-3
Consie Rd. 32 #1: Curreri dec Mayfield (AL) 9-5
Consie Rd. 32 #2: Walden (LA) wbf Curreri 3:42…Noah is out
182 – Kendall Elfstrum (Monroe Woodbury) – All-American!!!
Rd. 64: Elfstrum dec Gittman (FL) 8-6 2ot
Rd. 32: Elfstrum tech fall Taulane (NJ) 19-4
Rd. 16: Moen (MN) dec Elfstrum 6-4
Consie Rd. 16 #2: Elfstrum dec Watt (NJ) 10-5
Consie Rd. 8 #1: Elfstrum dec Safford (WV) 5-2
Consie Rd. 8 #2: Elfstrum med for Belshay (CA)
Consie Rd. 4: Elfstrum dec Stewart (GA) 7-2
Consie Semi: Whimper (GA) dec Elfstrum 7-3
5th/6th Match: Elfstrum wbf Stepic (OH) 3:56…Kendall finishes 5th!!!

220 – Ryan Ellefsen (Goshen) – All-American!!!
Rd. 32: Ellefsen wbf Parks (CA) 4:32
Rd. 16: Ellefsen pin Lacombe (NJ) 1:05
Quarters: Janney (PA) dec Ellefsen 3-2
Consie Rd. 8 #2: Ellefsen wbf Henderson (GA) 2:00
Consie Rd 4: Ellefsen wbf Melise (NJ)
Consie Semi: Hill (FL) dec Ellefsen 8-5
5th/6th Match: Ellefsen for. Janney (PA) … Ryan finishes 5th!!!

Senior Division
160 – AJ Aeberli (Minisink Valley)
Rd. 64: Aeberli dec Vogel (KS) 4-1
Rd. 32: Aeberli dec Fraumeni (MA) 4-0
Rd. 16: Pichedwatana (CA) dec Aeberli 4-3
Consie Rd. 16 #2: Aeberli dec Askew (GA) 6-2
Consie Rd. 8 #1: Aeberli edc Flitz (NC) 3-1
Consie Rd. 8 #2: Alford (SC) med for Aeberli…AJ is out

Middle School Division
80 – Nick Fea (Goshen)
Rd. 32: Fea wbf Lambert (VA) :39
Rd. 16: Fea wbf Oprzadek (OH) :50
Quarters: Fea dec Holloway (VA) 6-5
Semis: Fea dec O’Keefe (NJ) 7-0
Finals: Fea wbf Titus (NY) 1:01…Nick finishes 1st!!!
119 – Sean Savacool (Minisink Valley)
Rd. 32: Savacool wbf Collins (OH) :50
Rd. 16: Perez-eli (NJ) dec Savacool 10-3
Consie Rd. 16 #2:  Savacool wbf Dawson (WV) 1:22
Consie Rd. 8 #1: Savacool maj dec Mcaveney (MA) 8-0
Consie Rd. 8 #2: Wilkins (SC) dec Savacool 2-0… Sean is out
119 – Joe McGinty (Monroe Woodbury)
Rd. 32: McGinty maj dec 8-0 over Epperly (VA)
Rd. 16: Stokes (MD) dec McGinty 5-2
Consie Rd. 16 #2: McGinty dec Murray (PA) 4-0
Consie Rd. 8 #1: Feldman (VA) dec McGinty 4-2 sv… Joe is out

Friends of Section 9 Wrestling Club Begins Monday!

What you need to get started:
1-A Registration Form: Fill one out when you arrive.
2-Fees: are $15 per session or $ 275 for all 60 sessions.
Cash or Check payable to: Friends Of Section 9 Wrestling
3-A current NYWAY membership (if you have registered with …
NYWAY prior to 3/30/16 your name is on the list) If you have not
yet joined them go to: and click on Memberships at
the top then –Individual (in lower left)


FS9 Wrestling Club Flier       FS9WC Registration Form

Curreri and Goodell @ FloNationals

Eldred’s Noah Curreri and John Goodell are competing in this weekend’s FloNationals being held in Indiana, PA.  Below are their match-by-match results.  Full brackets can be found on FloArena via the website!

152: Noah Curreri – Eldred
Rd. 64 – bye
Rd. 32 – Aaron Olmos (CA) dec Curreri 3-2
Consie Rd. 16 #1 – Curreri dec Sam Fisher (VA) 4-2
Consie Rd. 16 # 2 – Curreri dec Gavin Davy (CA) 7-0
Consie Rd. 8 #1 – Mason Brestle (CA) maj dec Curreri 10-0

195: John Goodell – Eldred
Rd. 32 – Jarod Miller (PA) wbf John Goodell 3:39
Consie Rd. 16 – Jake Burns (OH) wbf John Goodell :37

SUNY Ulster Launches Wrestling Program

Highland Grad Signorelli Hired As Head Coach

SUNY Ulster Wrestling Coach Justin Signorelli
SUNY Ulster Wrestling Coach Justin Signorelli

After dropping their wrestling program approximately 40 years ago, SUNY Ulster has decided to re-launch a NJCAA wrestling program which will begin this fall for the 2016-2017 season.  The university has decided to tap into its local resources and has hired Justin Signorelli as Head Wrestling Coach.  Signorelli is a graduate of Highland where he was a 3X Section 9 champion.  After high school, Signorelli enrolled into SUNY Cortland where he was a 4 year wrestler and 2 year captain for the Red Dragons earning a Bachelor’s degree in Communications. Signorelli will be assisted by Rich Parete and Phil Brown at SUNY Ulster.

The biggest challenge for any new wrestling program is recruitment.  Any student-athlete who is looking to continue their wrestling career after high school now has another great option right here in the Hudson Valley!  I am confident that SUNY Ulster can fill their wrestling room on local talent alone!  Anyone interested in learning more about the new wrestling program at SUNY Ulster should feel free to contact Coach Signorelli directly.  He can be reached at or 845.264.4581.

Congratulations and best of luck to Coach Signorelli and his staff!