Weekend Results for Section 9 Wrestlers

Journeymen Classic
Andrew Marchese (Washingtonville) – 125A
Lucinski (NY) maj 9-0 Marchese
Gonzales (CA) maj 14-2 Marchese
Owen (MD) pin :57 Marchese
Marchese fft over Foy (NY)
Marchese dec 1-0 Ali (OH)

Nick Fea (Wyoming Seminary) – 145A
Fea 15-0 tech over Stampoulos (NJ)
Fea dec 2-0 Christie (PA)
Fea dec 1-0 Eck (PA)
Semis: Fea fin 4:55 Mastroianni (CT)
Finals: Fea pin 1:35 Stiles (IL)…Fea is your Journeymen Classic Champ!!!

Eric Tigue (Minisink Valley) – 160B
Tigue pin 2:00 Bost (PA)
Tigue dec 7-2 Disbrow (NJ)
Clarke (NJ) dec 9-5 Tigue
Tigue wins the pool based on criteria – quality wins!!! Congrats Eric!!!

Joe Russell (Newburgh Free Academy) – 225A
Piazza (NJ) dec 9-7 ot Russell
Vanadia (OH) pin 3:30 Russell
9-12th Place Semis: Russell dec 3-1 Horvath (NJ)
9th/10th: Russell pin 3:23 Venables…Joe takes 9th place

Adam Fenner (Minisink Valley) – 285A
Fenner dec 3-2 Betancur (RI)
Levans (PA) dec 2-0 Fenner
5-8th Semis: Boersma (IL) dec 3-1 Fenner
7th/8th: McCatharn fft over Fenner…Adam finishes 8th

Journeymen OverFlo
Brian Lombardi (Minisink Valley) – 140A
Roggie (VA) dec 3-1 sv Lombardi
Lombardi dec 1-0 Maiorini (NY)
Lombardi dec 9-8 ot Duguay (NJ)
Pacheo (RI) pin 1:46 Lombardi

Marcus Brown (Monroe Woodbury)
Brown dec 7-4 Frizzell (NJ)
Brown dec 4-3 Baker (VA)
Hawkins (CT) dec 5-1 Brown
Finck (VA) dec 3-2 Brown

Section 9 Results From Sunshine Preseason Duals
Jaden Hansen (NFA), Matt Davis (Wallkill), Jackson Merli (NFA), Ethan Palanca (New Paltz), and Anthony Manzi (NFA) competed for The Backyard Boyz WC. The team went 2-2 in Day 1 pools and the wrestled in the Silver Bracket for Day 2. The team dropped their first dual on Day 2 but wrestled all the way back to the consi final which would determine places 9/10 for the entire tournament. Unfortunately the Backyard Boyz lost a tough one 54-33 and took home 10th place honors.

Jaden Hansen (Newburgh Free Academy, 122)
Day 1 Pools
Rd1: win by fft
Rd 2: Hansen dec 7-0 over Cominsky (Eagle Empire)
Rd 3: Noble (KWA MN) pin 1:59 Hansen
Rd 4: Hansen pin 2:07 Parker (Breadwinners)
Day 2 Brackets – Silver Bracket
Rd 16: Haase (ECE) pin 3:44 Hansen
Consi 8: Hansen pin :57 Rentas (Soldier City)
Consi Semi: Hansen dec 6-0 Herrero (Cypress Bay)
Consi Finals: Hansen dec 5-0 Dominquez

Matt Davis (Wallkill, 128)
Day 1 Pools
Rd 1: Davis pin :29 Marrero
Rd 2: Dusendang dec 5-4 Davis
Rd 3: Bents pin 1:50
Rd 4: Davis maj 9-1 Walsh
Day 2 Brackets – Silver Bracket
Rd 16: Davis pin 4:08 Jackson
Consi 8: Enriquez maj 9-0 Davis
Consi Semi: Davis dec 10-8 Arbodelo
Consi Finals: Davis dec 6-3 Andre Aja

Jackson Merli (Newburgh Free Academy, 134)
Day 1 Pools
Rd 1: Merli pin 1:04 Patterson
Rd 2: Olivia pin 1:13 Maerli
Rd 3: Parent pin :37 Merli
Rd 4: Merli dec 10-6 ot Coto
Day 2 Brackets – Silver Bracket
Rd 16: Merli dec 11-4 Baxter
Consi 8: Merli dec 11-7 George
Consi Semi: Merli maj 11-1 Melguizo
Consi Finals: Merli dec 6-3 Eric Aja

Ethan Palanca (New Paltz, 154)
Day 1 Pools
Rd 1: Palanca tech 17-2 Freestone
Rd 2: Palanca dec 3-1 Moreno
Rd 3: Wells dec 8-1 Palanca
Rd 4: Palanca pin 2:06 Ciliento
Day 2 Brackets – Silver Bracket
Rd 16: Palanca pin :45 Official
Consi 8: Palanca pin 2:03 Rentas
Consi Semi: Palanca dec 3-2 Rodriguez
Consi Finals: Palanca pin 3:47 Reid

Anthony Manzi (Newburgh Free Academy, 172)
Day 1 Pools
Rd 1: Manzi dec 8-2 Crouch
Rd 2: Manzi dec 8-4 Vilchez
Rd 3: Wynia pin :58 Manzi
Rd 4: Manzi won by fft
Day 2 Brackets – Silver Bracket
Rd 16: Manzi won by fft
Consi 8: Martinez pin 3:54 Manzi
Consi Semi: Manzi won by fft
Consi Finals: Manzi won by fft

Tulsa World of Wrestling Kickoff Classic
Cooper Merli (Newburgh) 15U Division – 77 lbs
Rd 16: Merli dec 4-1 Cole Lamberton (PA)
Quarterfinals: Jonathan Marquez (CO) dec 3-2 Merli
Consi 8 #2: Merli dec 2-1 Lazar Joyce (NJ)
Consi 4: Merli dec 2-1 Titan Frederichs (MN)
Consi Semis: Dominic Munaretto (IL) tech 17-2 Merli
5th/6th: Merli dec 6-3 Marquez (CO)…Cooper takes 5th Place!!!!

Grace Pauls, Mia Mac, Tommy Askey and Evan Barczak Set to Do Battle at UWW U23 and Junior Freestyle

Drexel redshirt junior
Evan Barczak

Section 9 has four recent grads competing in Nebraska this weekend at the 2020 UWW U23 and Junior Nationals. The event is carried live on FloWrestling if you have an account but you can also get match-by-match results right here for all four locals!

Grace Pauls, a 2020 Minisink Valley graduate is competing in both the Junior and U23 divisions at 55 kg. Her high school teammate, Mia Macaluso, is also competing in both divisions and she is registered at 57 kg. Both Pauls and Macaluso are freshmen at East Stroudsburg University where they will wrestle for another Section 9 graduate, head coach Anibal Nieves.

Mia Mac and Askey

Tommy Askey is a 2020 graduate of Pine Bush where he capped of an amazing senior year by winning the 152 pound state title this past February. Askey, who has never wrestled in a freestyle tournament, is entered in the Junior division at 70 kg! Askey is a freshman at Division 1 Appalachian State and is competing for the starting spot at 157 pounds.

Monroe Woodbury graduate Evan Barczak is an extremely accomplished freestyle wrestler and he is entered in the U23 division at 74 kg for this weekend. Barczak is a redshirt junior at Division 1 Drexel where he is expected to be the 165 starter for the Dragons this season.

Barczak and Mia Mac

Junior Women
Grace Pauls – 55kg
Rd 16 : bye
Quarters: Amaro 11-0 over Pauls
Consie 8 #2: Pauls 12-0 over Whetzal
Consie 4 #1: Nguyen-Smith 12-2 over Pauls
7th/8th: Pauls 1:18 pin over Agular….7th place for Grace…ALL AMERICAN!

Mia Macaluso – 57kg
Rd 16: Macaluso :49 pin over Mackey
Quarters: Macaluso :40 pin over Mohler
Semis: Guerin 2:44 pin over Macaluso
Consie Semis: Macaluso 1:19 pin over Ortiz
3rd/4th: Se 3:19 pin over Macaluso…4th place for Mia Mac….ALL AMERICAN!

Junior Freestyle
Tommy Askey – 70kg
Rd 64: Mosher 14-3 tech over Askey
Consi 32 #1: Askey 3:23 pin over Carr
Consi 32 #2: Valdez 11-4 over Askey

U23 Freestyle
Evan Barczak – 74kg
Rd 32: Barczak 12-1 tech Daniel
Rd 16: Barczak dec 4-0 Kosoy
Quarters: Barczak 3:48 pin over Schoenfelder…guaranteed AA
Semis: Braunagel 11-3 over Barczak
Consi Semis: Perez 12-1 over Barczak
5th/6th: Barczak 14-4 over Teemer…Evan takes 5th…All American!

U23 Women
Grace Pauls – 55kg
Rd 16: bye
Quarters: Mendoza :48 pin over Pauls
Consie 8 #2: Whitethorn 21-10 tech Pauls

Mia Macaluso – 57kg
Rd 32: bye
Rd 16: Macaluso 14-4 tech over Cervantes
Quarters: Nette dec 12-6 Macaluso
Consie 8 #2: Macaluso 14-4 tech over Pine
Consie 4: Martinez 13-10 over Macaluso
7th/8th: Macaluso 2:30 pin over Cervantes…Mia takes 7th…Double AA!!!

Underground Warrior at NHSCA Fall Duals

The Underground Warriors, a team of mostly Minisink Valley wrestlers with a few All-Star additions, is competing at the 2020 NHSCA Fall Duals! Although they will be competing against club teams and hand-picked all-star teams…the Warriors will be competing in the elite division to test their mettle! Match by results will be posted throughout the weekend! Let’s take a look at the Warrior’s roster!!

106 – Jeff Ellert – Minisink Valley
113 – Zack McKernan – Minisink Valley
120 – PJ Duke – Minisink Valley
126 – Andrew Marchese – Washingtonville
132 – Luke Greiner – Minisink Valley
138 – Brian Lombardi – Minisink Valley
145 – Nicky Fea – Wyoming Seminary
152 – Eric Tigue – Minisink Valley
160 – Luis Paulino – Monroe Woodbury
170 – Devin Doty – Minisink Valley
170 – George Racz (Minisink Valley)
182 – Mike Altomer – Minisink Valley
195 – Scott Geysen – Minisink Valley
220 – Ethan Gallo – Minisink Valley
285 – Adam Fenner – Minisink Valley

Rounds 1 – Underground Warriors 45 Ride Out 22
106 – Burke (RO) f 1:18 Ellert (UW)
113 – Kolb (RO) f 2:10 McKernan (UW)
120 – Duke (UW) dec 4-2 Heckman (RO)
126 – Gramly (RO) dec 2-1 Marchese (UW)
132 – Greiner (UW) fft
138 – Lombardi (UW) dec 3-2 Torrington (RO)
145 – Fea (UW) f 1:23 Cooney (RO)
152 – Tigue (UW) dec 2-1 Cory (RO)
160 – Bonomo (RO) dec 5-3 Paulino (UW)
170 – Roeder (RO) maj 15-5 Doty (UW)
182 – Altomer (UW) fft
195 – Geysen (UW) fft
220 – Gallo (UW) fft
285 – Fenner (UW) fft

Round 2 – Apex Black 52 Underground Warriors 9
106 – D. Almeyda (Apex) f :54 Ellert (UW)
113 – Wallace (Apex) maj 11-0 McKernan (UW)
120 – Vazquez (Apex) dec 9-2 Duke (UW)
126 – Henckle (Apex) f 2:27 Marchese (UW)
132 – Nardone (Apex) maj 15-2 Greiner (UW)
138 – A. Almeyda (Apex) maj 12-3 Lombardi (UW)
145 – Cetta (Apex) dec 6-1 Fea (UW)
152 – Tigue (UW) dec 6-3 Forte (Apex)
160 – Dellagatta (Apex) dec 6-1 Paulino (UW)
170 – Farinaro (Apex) f 1:54 Racz (UW)
182 – Altomer (UW) inj over Schlett (Apex)
195 – Wilt (Apex) maj 16-4 Geysen (UW)
220 – Toranzo (Apex) dec 6-3 Gallo (UW)
285 – Acciardi (Apex) inj over Fenner (UW)

Round 3 – Boneyard Wrestling 50 Underground Warriors 21
106 – Marino (Bone) f 3:38 Ellert (UW)
113 – Pattillo (Bone) f 2:29 McKernan (UW)
120 – Duke (UW) f 2:52 McGuire (Bone)
126 – Camden (Bone) dec 7-5 sv Marchese (UW)
132 – Grogan (Bone) f :44 Greiner (UW)
138 – Smith (Bone) f 2:22 Lombardi (UW)
145 – Fea (UW) dec 8-1 Hendershot (Bone)
152 – Tigue (UW) f 4:09 Bautista (Bone)
160 – Stallons (Bone) dec 8-5 Paulino (UW)
170 – Hull (Bone) f :19 Racz (UW)
182 – Wertz (Bone) maj 11-1 Altomer (UW)
195 – Sheeren (Bone) maj 9-0 Geysen (UW)
220 – Grange (Bone) f 4:15 Gallo (UW)
285 – Fenner (UW) fft

Day 2 – Round 1 – Underground Warriors 45 Team Thunder 19
106 – Fretwell (Thunder) f 1:04 Ellert (UW)
113 – Rold (Thunder) dec 6-2 McKernan (UW)
120 – Duke (UW) dec 5-3 Hildebrandt (Thunder)
126 – Marchese (UW) dec 1-0 Horsey (Thunder)
132 – Carpenter (Thunder) dec 9-2 Greiner (UW)
138 – Lombardi (UW) dec 6-5 Lewis (Thunder)
145 – Fea (UW) f :52 Hotaling (Thunder)
152 – Tigue (UW) fft
160 – Myers (Thunder) maj 11-1 Paulino (UW)
170 – Finck (Thunder) dec 6-3 Racz (UW)
182 – Altomer (UW) f :19 Riggleman (Thunder)
195 – Geysen fft
220 – Gallo fft
285 – Fenner (UW) f 1:47 Nevins (Thunder)

Day 2: Underground Warriors 59 NJ Rams 10
106 – Ellert (UW) fft
113 – Stout (Rams) dec 3-2 McKernan (UW)
120 – Duke (UW) tf 20-5 Iocoves (Rams)
126 – Marchese (UW) fft
132 – Greiner (UW) f 2:27 Bennet (Rams)
138 – George (Rams) dec 7-1 Lombardi (UW)
145 – Fea (UW) f 1:23 Zegarelli (Rams)
152 – Tigue (UW) f :18 Graczyck (Rams)
160 – Paulino (UW) dec 4-2 Boyer (Ram)
170 – Romaine (Rams) maj 9-1 Racz (UW)
182 – Altomer (UW) f 1:52 Addison (Rams)
195 – Geysen (UW) fft
220 – Gallo (UW) fft
285 – Fenner (UW) dec 4-2 TB2 Bonilla (Rams)

Day 2: Round 3 – Underground Warriors 54 Elite Athletic Club 16
106 – Cardinas (EAC) f 1:26 Ellert (UW)
113 – McKernan (UW) f 3:54 O’Toole (EAC)
120 – Duke (UW) dec 3-1 sv Baysinger (EAC)
126 – Marchese (UW) fft
132 – Smith (EAC) dec 5-1 Greiner (UW)
138 – Lombardi (UW) dec 4-3 Casey (EAC)
145 – Fea (UW) f :49 Meola (EAC)
152 – Tigue (UW) f 4:01 Nelvins (EAC)
160 – Schwartzbach (EAC) dec 5-2 Paulino (UW)
170 – Doty (UW) fft
182 – Altomer (UW) inj over Bell (EAC)
195 – Pacewic (EAC) maj 17-5 Geysen (UW)
220 – Gallo (UW) f 1:20 Elam (EAC)
285 – Fenner (UW) fft

S9 Wrestlers in the Middle School Division
Section 9 also had three wrestlers competing in the middle school division at the NHSCA Fall Duals! Washingtonville’s Mason Ketcham and Monroe Woodbury’s Liam Hayes both competed for Barn Brothers. Ketcham went 5-1 competing at 105 while Hayes went 2-4 at 90 pounds. Cooper Merli from Newburgh wrestled for Triumph and went 5-1 competing at 80 pounds! Great job boys!!!

Minisink’s 8th Grade Phenom PJ Duke Takes 2nd at Super 32

PJ Duke with a HUGE throw at the Super 32!!!

Congratulations to Minisink Valley’s PJ Duke for finishing 2nd in the high school division at this weekend’s Super 32 Challenge. The Super 32 is generally considered the toughest high school wrestling tournament in the nation. Duke made it all the way to the finals where he dropped a razor close 4-3 decision to Michigan sophomore Caden Horwath. Duke was attempting to become only the 3rd 8th grader in tournament history to win a coveted Super 32 belt!

PJ had to navigate his way through a brutal bracket in order to take his shot at the belt. His first match was a 5-2 win in the round of 128 over Davian Guanajuato of Arizona and he followed it up with a pin in 1:47 over Daniel Hurt of Ohio. In the round of 32 the Minisink middle schooler decked Trevon Grey of Virginia at the 3:22 mark and then notched a 14-4 major decision over Michigan’s Kaden Chinavare in the round of 16. Duke started Day 2 with a bang when he pinned Kentucky’s Spencer Moore in 3:05 in the quarters – Moore is ranked #7 in the nation at 113! In the semifinals Duke picked off another nationally ranked stud when he upended #17 Jore Volk from Minnesota 2-1 in the ultimate tie breaker. PJ looked great in the finals but just fell a little short in his 4-3 loss to Horwath who is ranked 15th in the nation.

Duke was not the only Section 9 stud who laid it on the line at the Super 32. His Minisink Valley teammate Zack Ryder finished the tournament 3-2 in a loaded 145 pound weight class. Ryder notched a :41 pin in the round of 128 over Zac Cowan from Kentucky and then recorded an 8-0 major over PA state place winner Ty Cymmerman in the round of 32. In his next bout Ryder wrestled a very smart match and came away with a 5-1 victory over Kael Voinovich in a match-up of two stud freshmen! In the round of 16 Ryder dropped a 9-4 decision to CA state finalist Henry Porter and then was eliminated when he was edged 4-2 in sudden victory to Alabama’s Jaden New.

In the middle school division Section 9 had two wrestlers entered as Newburgh resident Cooper Merli went 2-2 in the 80 pound weight class and Washingtonville’s Mason Ketcham went 3-2 at 105. Merli started the tournament with an 8-0 major over Ezekiel Keel from Virginia but was then pinned in the round of 16 at the 1:04 mark by Revin Dickman from Indiana. In the consies Merli notched a 3-2 win over Ohio’s Rocco Czanecki before being eliminated by Roman Belardo of Georgia in a 4-2 sudden victory loss. Ketcham lost his opening match 4-0 to Leo Contino from California before reeling off three straight wins. He beat Cody Salomon from VA 4-0, Bradley Williams from AL by fall in 2:36, and David Perez from RI 7-4. Ketcham’s run ended when he lost by major decision to Carson Bissey from IL 9-0.

Great job PJ, Zack, Mason, and Cooper!!!!

Duke, Ryder, and Fea Part of a Strong New York Contingent Heading to Super 32 Challenge

New location – same great tournament! Due to Covid-19 restrictions the Super 32 Challenge venue had to be switched from its usual location in Greensboro, NC to the Myrtle Beach Convention Center in Myrtle Beach, SC. The tournament takes place on October 24 & 25. Year after year the Super 32 proves to be one of the toughest preseason high school wrestling tournaments in the nation and with over 130 nationally ranked wrestlers registered, this year will be no different!

NYS Champ
Zack Ryder

Section 9 Sending Three Nationally Ranked Hammers
There are only three local wrestlers registered for this years high school tournament but what is lacking in quantity is is more than made up for in quality. Let’s start with Minisink Valley 8th grader PJ Duke who is entered in the high school division at 113 pounds. Last year while wrestling for Section 1 Carmel, Duke became the first wrestler in NYS history to win a D1 state title as a 7th grader when he won the crown at 99 pounds. Because PJ is still in Junior High School he is not nationally ranked by FloWrestling or The Open Mat (TOM), however he has several wins over nationally ranked high school wrestlers including a recent 7-5 win over 3X NYS champion Stevo Poulin. Duke is the #1 ranked P4P junior high wrestler in the nation according to InterMat.
Nationally Ranked Wrestlers in PJ’s Bracket @ 113
Blake West (MN) #5 Flo; Billy Deckracker (VA) #5 Flo @ 106; Spencer Moore (KY) #7 Flo; Cael Keck (MO) #10 Flo; Cory Land (AL) #11 Flo @ 126; Caden Howarth (MI) #15 Flo; Cole Hunt (GA) #16 Flo; Nick Corday (GA) #17 Flo; Jore Volk (MN) #18 Flo

The Duke family has relocated to the Minisink Valley district where PJ will be teammates with another returning state champion in Zack Ryder. Ryder, who was a state champion at 126 last season as an 8th grader, has bulked up in the off season and is entered in the S32 at 145 pounds. Only a freshman, Ryder is currently ranked #19 in the nation by The Open Mat and he has a few recent wins over nationally ranked kids including a 3-2 win over Nick Vafiadis who is currently ranked #17 in the nation at 152 according to Flo. One of the wrestlers who Ryder could lock horns with at the S32 is Goshen resident Nick Fea who wrestles for Wyoming Seminary. Fea finished 3rd at Prep Nationals last year is having a busy off season and currently sits at #11 (TOM) and #17 (Flo) in the national polls at 145!
Nationally Ranked Wrestlers in Zack and Nicky’s Bracket @ 145
Gavin Brown (OH) #5 Flo; Garrison Dendy (GA) #7 Flo; Rocco Welsh (PA) #8 Flo; Michael Kilic (GA) #15 Flo; Henry Porter (CA) #18 Flo; Alek Martin (OH) #19 Flo

Jordan Titus
#2 in the Nation @ 126

Other Nationally Ranked NYS Wrestlers in the Field
Along with the three local studs entered in this year’s Super 32, New York State has several other nationally ranked hammers registered in the high school division! Perhaps the most decorated wrestler in the NY contingent is senior Jordan Titus from Section 11 Center Moriches. Titus, a 2X NYS D2 champion, is entered at 126 where he is ranked #2 in the nation by both FloWrestling and The Open Mat. Titus will compete at D1 University of West Virginia next season. There are two nationally ranked wrestlers at 120 with NY ties that are definitely worth keeping our eyes on – Troy Spratley and Chase Liardi. Spratley is from Section 4 Bainbridge, NY but wrestles at Collinsville, OK where he was a state champion last year as a sophomore. Troy is currently ranked #4 in the nation (at 126) by both Flo and TOM. Liardi wrestles for Section 8 Massapequa and is currently ranked #19 in the nation (at 126) by FloWrestling. He is a 2X NYS finalist and is hoping his senior campaign will end with him on top of the podium in Albany. Another 2X NYS finalist, Jayden Scott, enters this year’s S32 at 138 pounds with a national ranking on his resume. Scott, a junior from Section 5 Rush Henrietta, is ranked #9 in the nation by The Open Mat and #17 in the nation by Flo at 138. Rocco Camillaci from Section 5 Hilton is not currently ranked by either Flo or TOM however he has appeared on the boards recently and should be mentioned here. Camillaci, a 3rd place finisher in NYS D1 at 126 last year, is entered at 138 pounds. Nick Sanko from Section 5 Pittsford has had a very busy off-season and it is paying huge dividends. Sanko, who finished 4th in NYS D1 last season, has picked off a few guys on the board and now sits at #16 in the nation at 152 according to FloWrestling! Another new addition to the national rankings is Kole Mulhauser from Section 3 Central Square. Mulhauser, who 3rd in NYS D1 last season, has had an incredible off season and in now ranked #14 in the nation by Flo and #20 by TOM at 170 pounds! Kole is also an outstanding student and has recently committed to continue his academic and athletic career at Princeton University!

Right On The Cusp….
Do not be surprised if you see the following hammers crack the national rankings after a strong showing at the Super 32 Challenge! Baer had an impressive 6-1 win over Ryder about a month ago…Hansen is a returning state champ and will open some eyes in Myrtle Beach…Araneo recently beat Dylan Connell from IL who is currently ranked #7 in the nation at 182!
152 – Carter Baer (Gouverneur, Jr.) – NYS D2 Champion
170 – Christian Hansen (Cold Spring Harbor, Sr.) – NYS D2 Champion
182 – James Araneo (Ward Melville, Sr.) – 4th NYS D1

All Other NYS Entries in the High School Division
106 – Gianni Silvestri (Tioga, Fr.) – NYS D2 Champion
113 – Caden Bellis (Tioga, Fr.) – 4th NYS D2
113 – Tyler Ferrara (Chenango Forks, So.) – 2nd NYS D1
120 – Ryan Eckerle (Commack, So.)
120 – Jace Schafer (Pal-Mac, Sr.) – NYS D2 Champion
120 – Chris Petteys (Hudson Falls, Sr.) – 3rd NYS D2
120 – Max Gallagher (Bayport Blue Point, So.) – 2nd NYS D2
120 – Justin Fortugno (Byram Hills, Jr.)
126 – Jamie Jarquin Duarte (Fox Lane, Jr.)
126 – Nick LaMorte (Fox Lane, So.)
126 – Jared Weinhaus (Sachem East, Jr.) – 6th NYD D1
126 – Dante Rigal (Johnson City, Sr.) – 6th NYS D1
126 – Cody Merwin (Walton, Sr.) – 4th NYS D2
126 – Cooper Rice (Chenango Forks, Sr.)
126 – Jackson Polo (Cold Spring Harbor, Jr.) – 3rd NYS D2
132 – Sean Wang (Great Neck South, Sr.)
132 – Avery Leonard (Milford, Sr.) – 2nd NYS D2
132 – Robert Horan (Iona Prep, Sr.)
132 – Chris Perry (Brunswick School, Sr.)
138 – Jordan Soriano (Clarke, Jr.) – 5th NYS D2
138 – Devlin Blanchard (Corinth, Fr.)
145 – Carter Schubert (Honeoye Falls Lima, Jr.) – 4th NYS D2
152 – Brody Oleksak (BGAH, Sr.) – 5th NYS D2
152 – Tim Bova (Arlington, Jr.) – 7th NYS D1
160 – Jack Spahn (Islip, Sr.) – 3rd NYS D1
160 – Marino Mancuso (Commack, Sr.)
170 – Gavin Bell (Cold Spring Harbor, Sr.) – 4th NYS D2
170 – Gabriel Monroe (Windsor, Jr.) – 4th NYS D2
182 – Nicky Bell (Brunswick School, Sr.)
220 – Nino Prisco (Fox Lane, Sr.)
285 – Sebastian Garibaldi (White Plains, Sr.) – 5th NYD D1
285 – Ryan Stein (Shaker, Jr.)

HVWA Adds NFA Grad Da’mani Burns To Staff

The Hudson Valley Wrestling Academy has added another great clinician to an already talented staff of coaches! NFA graduate Da’mani Burns now joins Anthony Abidin, Tyler Smith, Anthony Ng, Johnny Stramiello, and Bryan Mongiello at HVWA. Burns was a 2X NYS place winner and was an NCAA Division III All-American for Johnson & Wales. Welcome back to Section 9 Da’mani!

HVWA Staff
Top L-R: Johnny Stramiello, Anthony Abidin, Anthony Ng
Bottom L-R: Bryan Mongiello, Da’mani Burns, Tyler Smith

State Champ PJ Duke Is Now A Minisink Valley Warrior

7th Grade State Champ PJ Duke

In a story originally reported by high school sports guru Matt Diano, Section 9 Wrestling is excited to announce that wrestling phenom PJ Duke will now be wrestling for Minisink Valley! This past season while wrestling for Section 1 Carmel, Duke became the first 7th grader in New York State history to win a wrestling state title when he took home the 99 pound title at the Division 1 Championships in Albany. Could we be looking the first ever 6X NYS champion?

Duke won a state title with a tech fall in the finals

After completing an extremely successful youth career, Duke launched into the high school circuit without missing a beat. He completed his inaugural season a perfect 46-0 and captured titles at the Wrangle on the Plains, Mid-Hudson Tournament, and Eastern States Classic before making NYS history by becoming the first 7th grader to win a state wrestling title. The newest Warrior picked up some extremely impressive and noteworthy wins last season. While wrestling up at 106 back in December at the Wrangle on the Plains, Duke recorded a 6-4 sudden victory win over Brandon Cannon from Wyoming Seminary – the following weekend Cannon was the champion at the ultra competitive Beast of the East! In his championship match at the Mid-Hudson he pinned eventual NYS D1 4th place finisher Christian Lievano in 4:38. At the Eastern States Classic Duke took out 2 highly touted wrestlers from Wyoming Seminary in Jake Dailey (4-1) and Vince Bouzakis (wbf 3:16). PJ didn’t stop there – at the NYSPHSAA Championships in February Duke rolled through the competition and capped off his season with 23-8 technical fall victory over Section 8 hammer Joe Manfredi in the finals!

Zack Ryder and PJ Duke in the early years!

Duke is going to bolster an already very powerful team at Minisink Valley. The Warriors finished last season as the #1 dual meet team in the state after dominating the competition at the NYSPHSAA Dual Meet Championships in Syracuse. Minisink returns 14 sectional place winners – 13 from 2020 and 1 (Sofia Macaluso) from 2019. Duke will also be reunited with long time friend and fellow state champion Zack Ryder. The Dukes and the Ryders have been wrestling together on the youth circuit since the boys were old enough to lace up their wrestling shoes – perhaps even earlier. Ryder, who is only in 9th grade, came out on top of a brutally tough 126 pound weight class last year and pinned previously undefeated George Oroudjov from Section 8 Syosset in the finals. By winning the title at 126, Ryder became the “heaviest” 8th grader to win a state title in New York. The Warriors also had two other state place winners in Albany. Adam Fenner, now a senior, took 3rd at 285 as a junior after finishing 5th at the same weight during his sophomore campaign. Sophomore Ethan Gallo placed 6th last year as a freshman wrestling at 182!

Welcome to the Section 9 Wrestling family PJ! We look forward to watching you and your fellow Warriors for the next 5 years!

Team Hudson Valley Battles at the NUWAY Summer Nationals High School Duals in Atlantic City

Lead by coaches Gianni Palanca and Peter Merli the Hudson Valley has put together a tough group of local wrestlers to compete at the 2020 NUWAY Summer National Duals being held in Atlantic City. Take a look at the round by round results for Team Hudson Valley as well as a few other locals who competed in the ultra-competitive event!

Round 1
Supreme Wrestling Academy 45 Hudson Valley 7
97 – Gage Wentzel (SWA) dec 8-1 Ayden Buttery (HV)
102 – Avi Berg (SWA) tf 17-2 Justin Riello (HV)
108 – Xander Kirsch (SWA) dec 2-0 Aiden Gillings (HV)
117 – Jordan Brown (HV) maj 9-1 Joey Florence (SWA)
125 – Daniel Kirsch (SWZ) dec 6-3 Jaden Hansen (HV)
130 – Jashon Holmes (SWA) dec 5-2 Matt Davis (HV)
138 – Mason Bush (SWA) maj 14-4 Jackson Merli (HV)
145 – Tim Bova (SWA) wbf 2:02 Drew Greco (HV)
155 – Kaleb Burgess (SWA) dec 10-5 Ethan Palanca (HV)
167 – Etan Ferro (SWA) wbf 2:00 Eric Tigue (HV)
187 – Jacob Null (SWA) wbf 2:42 Marcus Brown (HV)
220 – Julien Griffith (SWA) dec 7-4 Connor Boyer (HV)
HWT – Tristan Kemp (HV) dec 6-3 Charlie Tibbetts (SWA)

Round 2 – bye

Round 3
Flickr Boyz 34 Hudson Valley 25
97 – Chase Quenalt (FB) dec 2-0 Aiden Buttery (HV)
102 – Gavin Sheridan (FB) tf 15-0 Justin Riello (HV)
108 – Aiden Gillings (HV) wbf 2:22 Michael Hare (FB)
117 – Jordan Brown (HV) maj 14-2 Michael Ferrante (FB)
125 – Justin Echivarria (FB) wbf 4:17 Jaden Hansen (HV)
130 – Matt Davis (HV) wbf 2:41 Michael Campanaro (FB)
138 – Hunter Horton (FB) maj 12-2 Jackson Merli (HV)
145 – Brandon Bauer (FB) dec 11-4 Drew Greco (HV)
155 – Ibreham Mendem (FB) maj 11-3 Ethan Palanca (HV)
167 – Eric Tigue (HV) dec 1-0 Alex Miley (FB)
189 – Adam Sylvester (FB) wbf 1:01 Marcus Brown (HV)
220 – Keith Simon (FB) dec 4-3 Connor Boyer (HV)
HWT – Tristan Kemp (HV) wbf 2:15 Michael Peneski (FB)

Rounds 4
Gonzo Trained 27 Hudson Valley 19
97 – Mike Bautista (GT) dec 4-0 Ayden Buttery (HV)
102 – Justin Riello (HV) fft
108 – Aiden Gillings (HV) maj 14-3 Vasilli Ragavanis (GT)
117 – Jordan Brown (HV) dec 5-3 Benny Bautista (GT)
125 – Ryan Eckerle (GT) dec 2-0 Jaden Hansen (HV)
130 – Matt Davis (HV) dec 6-0 Luis Solomon (GT)
138 – Steven Ciambrone (GT) dec 7-5 Jackson Merli (HV)
145 – William Houser (GT) dec 5-2 Drew Greco (HV)
155 – Ethan Palanca (HV) dec 3-1 Michael Waxman (GT)
167 – Marino Mancuso (GT) dec 2-1 Eric Tigue (HV)
189 – Gaven Bell (GT) wbf 3:43 Marcus Brown (HV)
220 – Angelo Piazza (GT) dec 5-2 Connor Boyer (HV)
HWT – Max Acciardi (GT) dec 7-3 Tristan Kemp (HV)

Round 5
Hudson Valley 35 Dark Knights 27

97 – Ryan Mitchell (DK) dec 8-5 Ayden Buttery (HV)
102 – Justin Riello (HV) fft
108 – Aiden Gillings (HV) wbf 4:30 Josh Jaisonwicz (DK)
117 – Jordan Brown (HV) tf 16-0 Matthew Almedina (DK)
125 – Jaden Hansen (HV) dec 4-2 Kevin Bagnell (DK)
130 – Neiko Malone (DK) wbf :32 Matthew Davis (HV)
138 – Felix Lettini (DK) tf 21-2 Jackson Merli (HV)
145 – Kyle Moore (DK) maj 10-2 Drew Greco (HV)
155 – Ethan Palanca (HV) wbf 4:01 Giani Martini (DK)
167 – Eric Tigue (HV) wbf 2:44 Salvatore Shiavone (DK)
189 – Isaiah Reinhart (DK) wbf :18 Marcus Brown (HV)
220 – Connor Boyer (HV) dec 11-10 Jose Lage (DK)
HWT – Matthew Cruise (DK) dec 4-3 Tristan Kemp (HV)

Crossover Round 1
Dragon Wrestling 33 Hudson Valley 15

97 – Ayden Buttery (HV) wbf Nick Sanders (DW) 1:19
102 – Nathan Sanders (DW) dec 3-2 Justin Riello (HV)
108 – Aiden Gillings (HV) wbf :46 Sean Kirwin (DW)
117 – Jordan Brown (HV) dec 4-1 Brendan Callahan (DW)
125 – Nathan Taylor (DW) dec 4-2 Jaden Hansen (HV)
130 – Joey Miranda (DW) maj 13-3 Matt Davis (HV)
138 – Josh Palmucci (DW) maj 9-0 Jackson Merli (HV)
145 – Jake Gentile (DW) dec 6-5 Drew Greco (HV)
155 – Finn McFadden (DW) dec 5-2 Ethan Palanca (HV)
167 – DJ Dipietro (DW) dec 5-3 Eric Tigue (HV)
189 – Dakota Morris (DW) maj 11-1 Marcus Brown (HV)
220 – Kevin Pandorf (DW) dec 8-3 Connor Boyer (HV)
HWT – Sean Horner (DW) dec 3-2 ot Tristan Kemp (HV)

Other Section 9 Results…
Alex Greco (Olympic)
117 – Alex Greco (O) tf 15-0 Brady Vogt (Ares Black)
117 – Alex Greco (O) wbf 2:51 Gavin Bob (Battle Grounds)
117 – Alex Greco (O) wbf 4:00 Jacob Coral (Steel Valley Renegades Red)
117 – Alex Greco (O) fft
117 – Elijah Rivera (Barn Brothers A) maj 10-2 Alex Greco (O)
117 – Alex Greco (O) dec 3-2 Anthony Burke (Turks Head)

Nick Fea (Team Shutt)
138 – Nick Fea (Shutt) wbf :33 Jack Devlin (Apex)
138 – Nick Fea (Shutt) wbf :38 Divante Lopez (American)
138 – Nick Fea (Shutt) tf 15-0 Tyler Haley (Beach Grapplers)
138 – Nick Fea (Shutt) dec 10-4 Alex Booth (Gorilla Grapplers)
138 – Nick Fea (Shutt) maj 15-2 Stephen Lukas (Barn Brothers A)
138 – Nick Fea (Shutt) maj 12-2 Julian George (Triumph Maize)
138 – Nick Fea (Shutt) wbf 3:00 Shane Percelay (Iron Horse)

Congratulations to Aiden Gillings (Hudson Valley), Jordan Brown (Hudson Valley), Alex Greco (Olympic), and Nick Fea (Team Shutt) for winning four or more matches at the tournament andearning All-American certificates!

Updated FloWrestling Rankings – New York State Well Represented

3X NYS Champ Stevo Poulin

FloWrestling has updated their individual rankings for the 2020-2021 season and the New York State is very well represented! Let’s take a look at the NYS wrestlers who have made the list as well as a couple others with close ties to Empire State!

#3 @ 120 – Stevo Poulin (Shenendehowa, Sr)
Poulin is a 3X NYS Champ and has committed to NC State after high school. NC State is coached by Pat Popolizio who is the brother of Frank Popolizio, founder of Journeymen Wrestling and current assistant coach at Shenedehowa. Stevo also won the Beast of the East and the Eastern States Classic last year. Flo has also ranked Stevo as the #5 Pound-For-Pound wrestler in the nation!

#1 @ 126 – Jordan Titus (Center Moriches, Sr)
The West Virginia commit is a 3X NYS finalist and a 2X NYS champion. Titus earned his #1 national ranking after completing an incredible junior season where he not only won his 2nd NYS title but also won the Walsh Ironman and the Eastern States Classic. Titus has been chosen to wrestle at the prestigious Who’s Number One event in Austin, TX on October 3, 2020.

#16 @ 138 – Jayden Scott (Rush Henrietta, Jr)
Scott, a 2X NYS finalist, is athletic and explosive! He is just went undefeated at the very competitive Bison Duals including a win over a NJ state place winner. Scott is primed to ascend to the top step of the medal stand in Albany in 2021!

#18 @ 170 – Jacob Null (Dolgeville, Sr)
Null is a 2X NYS finalist and was last year’s 160 pound champion at the Eastern States Classic. Null is extremely tough and very athletic! I would be shocked if he didn’t finish the season on the top of the medal stand.

#19 @ 170 – Cooper Kropman (Penfield, Sr)
NYS has a second nationally ranked wrestler at 170 in Cooper Kropman. The Section 5 senior was the NYS champion at 160 last year and was a state finalist at that same weight as a sophomore.

#17 @ 195 – Brock Delsignore (Shenendehowa, Sr)
The Section 2 hammer was a NYS finalist at 182 last season and is laser focused on capping off his high school career with a state title. Delsignore, who won the Eastern States Classic last year, has committed to attend NC State University.

#11 @ 285 – Lucas Scott (Chenango Forks, Sr)
After making the NYS finals at 220 as a sophomore, the Section 4 senior jumped up a weight – and up a spot on the podium – and took home the title at 285 last season!

Almost New York…….

#4 @ 126 – Troy Spratley (Collinsville, OK)
Now a junior at Collinsville, OK, Spratley is originally from Section 4 Bainbridge.

#1 @ 132 – Nic Bouzakis (Wyoming Seminary)
Nic is the son of NYS and Section 9 Pine Bush legend Troy Bouzakis. Troy was a 3X NYS champion and a 2X NYS Tournament MOW. Nic is not only ranked #1 in the nation by Flo but he is their selection for the #6 Pound-For-Pound wrestler in the nation.

#7 @ 170 – Brian Soldano (High Point, NJ)
This NJ junior appears on this list by his mere proximity to Section 9 – he lives about a 9-iron away from the Minisink Valley School District! Soldano has already offered a verbal commitment to wrestle for Rutgers after high school.

#18 @138 Angelo Ferrari & #4 @ 152 AJ Ferrari (Allen, TX)
Angelo and AJ have never wrestled in New York but their dad was a wrestler for Section 9 Valley Central in the early 1990’s!

Right On the Cusp…..
Zachary Ryder (Minisink Valley, Fr)
I would be absolutely shocked if this Minisink Valley freshman does not crack the national ranking by the end of the season! Ryder was the 126 NYS champion last year as an 8th grader and he took 2nd in NYS as a 7th grader losing a 4-3 decision to Stevo Poulin!

Keep An Eye On….
NYS has a few other studs that could possibly make the Flo rankings. Let’s keep an eye on Chase Liardi (Massapequa), Rocco Camillaci (Hilton), Carter Baer (Gouverneur), Kole Mulhauser (Central Square), Christian Hansen (Cold Spring Harbor), Adam Fenner (Minisink Valley), and Tyler Rice (Norwich).

Returning Section 9 Hammers

We have taken several trips down memory lane recently, and we will continue to do so during these very trying times. However lets takes a look at some of our current Section 9 hammers! The following wrestlers are former Section 9 champs (any year) or finalists (2020 only) and are looking to add to their resumes WHEN we return to action this fall! Have faith!!! Please note that I am listing their 2020 – 2021 class.

Returning NYS Placewinners

Zack Ryder (Minisink Valley, freshman)
Why am I starting with a freshman? Because this freshman is already a 2X Section 9 champion, a 2X state finalist, and the 2020 NYS champion at 126 pounds. As a 7th grader Ryder made it to the state finals at 106 pounds where he lost a razor close 4-3 match to nationally ranked Stevor Poulin. At 126 he is the “heaviest” 8th grader to ever win a New York state title and will likely crack the national rankings this season!

Nick Ross (Onteora, senior)
Ross has a chance, a very good chance, of becoming only the 5th wrestler in Section 9 history to be a 5X Section 9 champion. The Onteora senior will be the first S9 D2 wrestler to accomplish this feat joining D1 studs Troy Bouzakis, Jamie Franco, Cody Ruggirello, and Shane Connoly. Ross has also been successful at the state level finishing 3rd in NYS at 138 as a sophomore and 2nd in NYS at 152 this past season as a junior.

Adam Fenner (Minisink Valley, senior)
Will this be the season that Fenner ascends all the way to the top step of the podium in Albany? I think it will be! Fenner, a 2X Section 9 champ, finished 5th in NYS at 285 as a sophomore and then placed 3rd in the state last season. I wonder how many people realize how close Fenner was to joining Askey as an undefeated state champ? His 2019-2020 record was 48-2 and both of his losses were razor close 1-point losses. One of the losses he actually avenged later in the season!

Andrew Marchese (Washingtonville, junior)
Marchese is a 2X Section 9 champion and he finished 5th in NYS this past season at 113 pounds! He won the 99 pound title as a freshman. Marchese was 39-5 in 2019-2020 and had no bad losses. He lost 3X to nationally ranked 3X state champ Stevo Poulin and also lost to state finalist Killian Foy and New England placer Kai Odell from Danbury, CT. Marchese works as hard as anyone in NYS in the off season and will likely finish near the top of the podium in Albany next season!

Ethan Gallo (Minisink Valley, sophomore)
Gallo opened everyone’s eyes when he made it all the way to the Section 9 finals at 160 pounds … as an 8th grader!!! Last season as a freshman Gallo absolutely dominated the local competition and won the Section 9 title at 182, and then went on to place 6th in NYS! There are very few freshman to place in the state tournament at the “upper” weight classes! Gallo is a great all around athlete who also excels in baseball and football. He has all the tools to be a multiple time NYS champion!

Jordan Brown (Monroe Woodbury, sophomore)
After seeing limited action in the starting lineup as an 8th grader, Brown burst onto the seen as a freshman and won the 99 pound D1 Section 9 championship! He wasn’t done there – the MW freshman made his 1st trip to the state tournament a memorable one by taking home 6th place honors! Brown is new to the sport and has a tremendous ceiling so don’t be surprised if he makes a few more trips to the medal stand in Albany!

Alex Greco (Warwick, sophomore)
Section 9 was obviously pretty strong at 99 pounds in 2019-2020 – we had two kids place at the state tournament in this weight! Alex Greco from Warwick needed a wildcard to get into the state tournament after losing in the Section 9 finals to Jordan Brown 3-0. Greco made the most of it by notching two wins in Albany and taking 8th place in NYS!

Returning and Former Section 9 Champions

Trevor Tufano (Port Jervis, 11) – 2X S9 D2 champ; 2-2 at states in 2020
Rian Kirker (Red Hook, 10) – 25 wins; placed 5th at Mid-Hudson
Ryan Ross (Port Jervis, 9) – S9 champ as an 8th grader! 1-2 in Albany
Peter Bender (Highland, 12) – 2019 S9 D2 champ @ 106
Joey Curreri (Eldred, 12) – 2-2 @ ESC; 1-2 in Albany
Ethan Palanca (New Paltz, 12) – 2X S9 champ looking to finish strong
Eric Tigue (Port Jervis, 11) – 2X S9 D2 champ missed 2020 post season
Pat Ross (Onteora, 12) – 2X S9 D2 champ; could place high in 2021
Hayden Campolong (Red Hook, 12) – S9 D2 champ at 182; 1-2 at states

2020 Section 9 Finalists

Isaiah Hockx (Saugerties, 9) – S9 D2 runner-up at 99
Jackson Merli (NFA, 11) – earned a wildcard to states; 1-2 in Albany
Brandon McKay (Red Hook, 11) – lost to teammate Kirker in 106 final
Jaden Hansen (NFA, 12) – hard working & talented; ready to breakout
Maddox McCormick (Port Jervis, 8) – D2 120lb finalist as a 7th grader
Caleb Harrison (Port Jervis, 12) – lost in finals to 2X NYS placer Morris
Brian Lombardi (Minisink, 12) – lost 4-3 in finals to 2X champ Savacool
Walter Evans (Ellenville, 11) – opened some eyes in 2020 season
Logan Zehr (Highland, 11) – 2021 could be his breakout season
Andrew Filip (Minisink, 10) – 3 sport athlete; lost to Askey in finals
Logan Smith (Highland, 11) – lost to 2X state medalist Ross in finals
Jace Hirsch (Minisink, 12) – very strong; lost to NYS finalist McGinty
Marcus Brown (MW, 12) – hard working and athletic
Adain Maduro (Highland, 12) – part of a great returning Highland core
Joe Russell (NFA, 12) – beat NYS placers Cascen, Altomer, and DeGroff
Connor Boyer (JIO, 12) – opened quite a few eyes in his first year in S9
Stephan Monchery (Middletown, 9) – S9 finalist at 285 as an 8th grader

A Few Others To Keep An Eye On….

Dan Downs (MW, 12) – had some impressive wins in 2020
Jaccob Gonzalez (Minisink, 12) – hard worker who’s very explosive
Mike Zrelak (MW, 11) – clean takedown against Askey – enough said