NHSCA High School Nationals in VA Beach

Section 9 Wrestlers In The Field

Freshman Division
Ahmani Roman (Cornwall, 106)
– Luke Cotton (LA) maj dec 14-0 over Roman
– Chris Horton (PA) dec 4-3 over Roman…Ahmani is out
Derrick Magsamen (Pine Bush, 120)
– Magsamen dec 3-2 over Dylan Bailey (SC)
–  Jason Vitrit (CT) dec 4-1 over Magsamen
– Magsamen dec 7-6 over Keanan McClennen (SC)
– Srisupa (FL) dec 6-2 over Magsamen…Derrick is out
Dillon Ross (Onteora, 126)
– Ross dec 5-0 over Perry Maio (NJ)
– Ross wbf 1:54 over Davis Montez (NV)
– Marshall Keller (VA) wbf :30 over Ross…Keller is a VA state champ
– Ross dec 4-2 over Christian Trimble (SC)
– Zach Hartman (PA) dec 2-0 over Ross… Dillon is out
Dylan Greer (Pine Bush, 132)
– Mathew Dallara (NJ) dec 5-4 over Greer
– Eddie Hay (PA) dec 7-3 over Greer … Dylan is out
Tim Ganuncio (Minisink Valley, 145)
– Ganuncio dec 10-7 over Paul Pierce (WV)
– Homit (PA) wbf :18 over Ganuncio
– Jake Hendricks (PA) wbf 3:23 over Ganuncio… Tim is out
Joseph Yanis (Minisink Valley, 152)
– Yanis wbf 3:02 over Derrick Young (VA)
– Ryan Karoly (NJ) tech fall 15-0 over Yanis
– Yanis wbf 1:25 over Wilson Sternad (OH)
– Yanis wbf 3:38 over Tyler Burgess (VT)
– Sean Petty (OH) wbf 1:20 over Yanis…Joey is out
Andrew Fenner (Minisink Valley, 285)
– Fenner wbf 5:19 over John Davis (VA)
– Brey Walker (OK) wbf 1:07 over Fenner
– Fenner dec 7-6 over Jayson Gomez (NY)… Andrew is an All-American!!!
- Derrek Crider (WV) wbf 1:49 over Fenner – Andrew going for 7th

Sophomore Division
Evan Barczak (Monroe Woodbury, 132)
– Nick Santos (NJ) dec 5-3 over Barczak
– Barczak wbf :15 over Kyle Plunkett (VA)
– Barczak wbf 2:21 over Noel Fuentes (FL)
– Barczak dec 3-1 over Taylor Catoe (SC)
– Noah Mattin (OH) dec 4-3 over Barczak … Evan is out
Noah Curreri (Eldred/Liberty/Fallsburg, 152)
– Curreri maj dec 14-4 over Alejandro Illescas (NC)
– Jarod Swank (IN) tech fall 19-3 over Curreri
– Curreri dec 8-5 over Darius Joyce (PA)
– Curreri dec 4-2 over Roger Graham (VA)
– Chayce Loveless (UT) wbf 2:06 over Curreri…Noah is out
Kendall Elfstrum (Monroe Woodbury, 170)
– Eric Kohlins (GA) dec 4-3 over Elfstrum
– Elfstrum dec 9-0 over Chris Milligan (VA)
– Elfstrum dec 9-3 over Jeremy Spangler (TN)
– Elfstrum dec 10-4 over Aaron Huff (OH)
– Elfstrum dec 6-2 over Zachary Kornberg (NY)…Kendall is an All-American!!!
- Elfstrum dec 6-5 over Frankie Guida (PA)

Junior Division
Anthony Stramiello (Pine Bush, 106)
– Stramiello wbf :18 over Keygan Nacos (NH)
– Trevor Mello (VA) dec 6-2 over Stramiello
– Stramiello dec 7-0 over Dylan Cook (NC)
– Stramiello dec 7-3 over Sean Redington (NJ)
– Parker Walton (NC) dec 4-3 over Stramiello…Anthony is out
AJ Aeberli (Minisink Valley, 160)
– Aeberli dec 9-3 over Zach Diaz (TX)…Diaz is a TX state champ!
– Aeberli inj. def. over Dalton Ray (PA)
– Aeberli dec 7-5 over Benjamin Bullins (NC)…Bullins is a NC state champ!
– Dan Bullard (GA) dec 8-4 over Aeberli…Bullard is a 3X GA state champ
– Aeberli dec 6-3 over Garret Neff (MD) …AJ is an All-American!!!!
- Aeberli dec 8-4 over Eliias Vega (NJ)

Nick McShea (Monroe Woodbury, 195)
– McShea wbf 3:45 over Nicholas Lemeshuk (NJ)
– McShea wbf 2:26 over Josh Green (VA)
– McShea dec 6-5 over Hunter Yeargan (MO)…Yeargan is a MO state champ!
– Blake Rypel (IN) wbf 2:10 over McShea
– McShea dec 6-3 over Reinhold (PA)…Nick is an All-American!!!
- Kevin Snyder (MD) dec 3-1 SV over McShea…Nick going for 7th

Senior Division
Gerard Daly (Minisink Valley, 120)
– Daly dec 9-3 over Matt Asper (VA)
– Cole Verner (WY) dec 8-3 over Daly…Verner is a 2X WY state champ
– Mike Stewart (OH) dec 1-0 over Daly…Gerard is out
Matt Lopez (Minisink Valley, 120)
– Collin Anderson (AZ) 10-5 over Lopez…Anderson is an AZ state champ
– Lopez dec 1-0 over Nicholas Villamil (FL)
– Denzel Tovar (NJ) dec 5-3 over Lopez…Matt is out
Chris Truglio (Minisink Valley, 138)
– Truglio dec 5-3 over Riley Loveless (UT)…Loveless is a 2X UT state champ!
– Truglio inj time over Jacob Butler (NC)…Truglio was up 12-0 at the time
– Truglio dec 4-1 over Anthony Juckes (NM)…Juckes is a 4X NM state champ!!!
– Mike D’Angelo (NY) dec 7-4 over Truglio
– Truglio dec 8-1 over Max Nauta (NJ)…Chris is an All-American!!!
- Truglio dec 10-3 over Nathan Smalling (IL)
Michael Raccioppi (Minisink Valley, 145)
– BC Laprade (VA) inj time over Raccioppi…Laprade is a 2X VA state champ….Raccioppi was up 2-1 when injury occurred…he cannot continue and is out of the tournament.
Nick Wentland (Minisink Valley, 170)
– Wentland wbf :50 over Anthony Williamson (NJ)
– Cody Cordes (PA) maj dec 11-0 over Wentland
– Ronald Watkins (VA) dec 6-4 SV over Wentland…Nick is out

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4/4 MAWA in Middletown Cancelled

Due to an unforeseen and unavoidable school issue, the MAWA district qualifier scheduled for April 4th at Middletown High School has been cancelled.

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A Great Training Opportunity Right Here In Middletown!


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NCAA Tournament – Results For Locals As Well As Any Wrestler Who Competed in The Eastern States Classic

Cody Ruggirello – Hofstra, 149 (Valley Central)  4X Eastern States Classic Champion
Prelims: #14 Ruggirello dec 9-7 over Hunter Steiber (Ohio State)
Round 16: #3 Davis Habat (Edinboro) maj dec 12-2 over #14 Ruggirello
Consies: #14 Ruggirello wbf 2:04 over Kyle Langenderf (Illinois)
Consies: #14 Ruggirello maj dec 8-0 over Garrett Schaner (Stanford)
Blood Round:  #14 Ruggirello vs. #8 Alex Richardson (ODU)…winner is an AA!

Russell Parsons – Army, 157
Prelims: #1 Isaiah Martinez (Illinois) tech 18-2 Parsons
Consie: Aaron Walker (Citadel) dec 8-4 SV-1 over Parsons ….Russell is out

Coleman Gracey – Army, 165
Prelims: #14 Gracey dec 9-5 over Adam Fierro (Cal St Bkfld)
Round 16: #3 Isaac Jordan (Wisconsin) dec 9-6 over #14 Gracey
Consies: Clark Glass (Oklahoma) dec 6-2 over #14 Gracey …Coleman is out

Brian Harvey – Army, 174
Prelims: #6 Logan Storely (Minnesota) dec 11-9 over Harvey
Consies: Harvey maj dec 12-3 over Ryan Wolf (Rider)
Consies: #5 Blaise Butler maj dec 13-5 over Harvey …Brian is out

Bryce Barnes – Army, 197
Prelims: #5 Scott Schiller (Minnesota) dec 7-2 over Barnes
Consies: #12 Tim McCall (Wisconsin) dec 5-1 over Barnes…Bryce is out

FriendS9 LogoWilliam Smith – Rutgers, 285 (High Point, NJ)
Prelims: #1 Nick Gwiazdowski (NC State) dec 8-2 over Smith
Consies: Smith maj 8-0 over Jacob Kettler (George Mason)
Consies: Smith maj dec 12-2 over #15 Ross Larson (Oklahoma)
Consies: Ty Walz (Virginia Tech) dec 5-1 over Smith…Will is out

NCAA Qualifiers Who Competed in the
Eastern States Classic

Dominick Malone – Stanford, 133 (Wyoming Seminary) 2012 ESC Champ @ 126
Prelims: Cody Brewer (Oklahoma) wbf 3:28 over Malone
Consies: Malone maj dec 11-0 over Ian Nickell (Cal State Bakersfield)
Consies: #14 Rossi Bruno (Michigan) wbf 1:26 over Malone…Dom is out

Steven Rodriguez – Illinois, 141 (Fox Lane, Section 1) 2011 ESC Champ @ 130
Prelims: #6 Nick Dardanes (Minnesota) dec 8-4 over Rodrigues
Consies: Rodriguez dec 11-4 over Tyler Small (Kent State)
Consies: #12 Joey Ward (North Carolina) maj dec 12-3 Rodriguez …SRod is out

Kevin Jack – NC State, 141 (Danbury, CT) 2012 & 2013 ESC Champ @ 106, 120
Prelims: Jack dec 6-3 over #5 Dziewa (Iowa)
Round 16: Jack dec 6-5 over #12 Joe Ward (North Carolina)
Quarters: Jack dec 10-8 over #4 Devin Carter (VA Tech)…Jack in semis…he’s an AA!!
Semis: Jack vs. #1 Logan Stieber (Ohio State)

Chris Perez – Princeton, 149 (MacArthur, Section 8) DNP @ 2012 ESC
Prelims: #8 Alex Richardson (Old Dominion) dec 8-6 over Perez
Consies: Perez med fft over Gabe Moreno (Iowa Sate)
Consies: Perez dec 10-6 over Ken Theobold (Rutgers)
Consies: BJ Clagon (Rider) dec 7-5 over Perez…Chris is out

Brian Realbuto – Cornell, 157 (Somers, Section 1) 2011 ESC Champ @ 135
Prelims: #2 Realbuto maj dec 9-0 over Oliver Pierce (Arizona State)
Round 16: #2 Realbuto tech fall 17-0 over  Anthony Collica (Oklahoma State)
Quarters: #2 Realbuto dec 11-9 SV-1 #7 Ian Miller (Kent State)…on to semis!!
Semis: #2 Realbuto vs. #3 Dylan Ness (Minnesota)

Dylan Palacio – Cornell, 165 (Long Beach, Sect. 8) 2011 & 2012 ESC Champ @145, 152
Prelims: #12 Palacio maj dec 14-4 over Troy Reaghard (Pitt)
Round 16: #5 Bo Jordan (Ohio State) dec 7-2 over #12 Palacio
Consies: #12 Palacio dec 8-6 over Dakota Freisth (Wyoming)
Consies: #4 Nick Sulzer (Virginia) dec 7-6 over Palacio…Dylan is out

Tyrel White – Columbia, 165 (Whitehall, S2/Wyoming Seminary) 5th 2012 ESC @ 138
Prelims: Mike England (Missouri) dec 3-2 over Tyrel White
Consies: Connor Brennan (Rider) dec 4-2 over Tyrel White … Tyrel is out

Nick Gwiazdowski – NC State, 285 (Duanesburg, Section 2) 2011 ESC Champ @ 215
Prelims: #1 Gwiazdowski dec 8-2 over William Smith (Rutgers)
Round 16: #1 Gwiazdowski maj dec 14-1 over #16 Evan Knutsen (North Dakota State)
Quarters: #1 Gwiazdowski maj dec 11-3 over #8 Jimmy Lawson (Penn State)…on to semis!
Semis: #1 Gwiazdowski vs #5 Connor Medbery (Wisconsin)


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Friends of Section 9 Awards Banquet; New Wrestling Club

The Friends of Section 9 held their annual end of the year awards banquet on Sunday night at Kuhl’s Highland House in Middletown.  The top 4 D1 and top 2 D2 wrestlers in each weight class were recognized for their outstanding 2014-2015 wrestling season.  There were also several “special” awards given out.  A complete  list of all the award winners is available by clicking on the below link.  Some of the winners included:

Wade Harris, Red Hook – Cpt. Stephen Leslie Most Courageous Wrestler
Gunnar DeYong – John Bell Section 9 Lifetime Achievement Award
Sal Interdonato – Friends of Section 9 Person of the Year
Frank Tschan Team of the Year – Minisink Valley – finished #1 in NYS
Friends of Section 9 Coach of the Year – Kevin Gallagher, Minisink Valley
Mark Faller Coach of the Year, Championship Tournament Team – John Gartiser, MW
Troy Bouzakis Senior Wrestler of the Year – Michael Raccioppi, Minisink Valley
Troy Bouzakis Senior Wrestler of the Year – Da’mani Burns, Newburgh Free Academy
D’Aliso Scholarship – Quinn Zsido, Cornwall
DeCapua Scholarships – Matt Lopez (MV), Mike Raccioppi (MV), Da’mani Burns (NFA), Hunter Curreri (PJ), Alec Guevara (Wallkill), Thomas Wighman (Warwick)

2015 Section 9 Banquet Award Winners

Perhaps the most important announcement of the evening came at the very end when Wallkill Coach Jeff Cuilty announced the launch of a brand new training opportunity right here in Section 9 – The Friends of Section 9 Wrestling Club!  A thriving wrestling club is something that is sorely missing in our region.  As a wrestling community, we need to embrace the concept of working together during the off season.  The purpose of this club is not to replace any of the team-based clubs that exist in Section 9.  They are also important and should continue.  The FS9 Wrestling Club will serve as an additional training option to allow wrestlers to improve individually by training with other top-notch wrestlers from around the Section!  If you need some evidence of the effectiveness of working together during the off season, take a quick look at the top 5 Sectional teams at this year’s NYS wrestling championship.

Section 11 – Ascend Wrestling Club (and others)
Section 8 – Vougar’s Honor Wrestling
Section 5 – G2 Wrestling Academy
Section 1 – Iowa Style Wrestling
Section 9 – ????

Training together works for all of the other top wrestling sections around the state.  If we give it a chance, it will work for us as well.  Steel Sharpens Steel!!!

FS9 Wrestling Club Flier
Registration Form

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On Tap This Weekend – NCAA DIII Tourney, NY/NJ, D1/D2

NCAA Division III Championships
Saugerties grad James Bethel, Minisink Valley grad Kyle Diesel, and Delaware Valley (PA) grad Cary (CJ) Palmer will all compete in this year’s DIII Championships being held in Hershey, PA.  Bethel, the #6 seed, wrestles at 285 for SUNY Oneonta.  The freshman is 36-4 this season and has not lost since November.  He has avenged all 4 of his losses this season and hopes to keep his momentum going throughout the weekend.  Bethel, who finished 3rd in NYS at 220 last season, does not turn 18 until Monday!  Diesel wrestles at 174 pounds for Wilkes University. The red-shirt junior is 23-8 on the season and is making his second trip to the national tournament.  Diesel finished 2nd in NYS as a senior for Minisink Valley.  Palmer, who wrestles for Hunter College, is the #5 seed at 141. He is 31-1 for the season and definitely has the potential to open some eyes this weekend.

DV Grad CJ Palmer is a DIII National Champ at 141!!!!
141 prelims: Palmer (Hunter)  dec Binion (North Central, IL) 5-2

141 quarters: Palmer (Hunter) dec Jones (NYU) 5-4…CJ in semis
141 semis: Palmer (Hunter) dec Loht (Messiah) 3-2…CJ knocks off #1 seed…finals next!
141 finals: Palmer (Hunter) dec Van Anrooy 4-2  SV-2…CJ is a National Champ!!!
174 prelims: Lefever (Wabash) dec Diesel (Wilkes) 8-6 – Lefever is #1 seed
174 consies: Diesel (Wilkes) maj dec Allen (Olivet) 11-1
174 consies: Thomson (Messiah) dec Diesel (Wilkes) 4-1… Kyle is out
285 prelims: Bethel (Oneonta) pin Peleg (Ursinus) :40
285 quarters: Bethel (Oneonta) dec Green (Trine) 9-2…James in semis
285 semis: Longendyke (Augsburg) dec Bethel (Oneonta) 8-4
285 consies: Bethel (Oneonta) wbf Maresh (Alma) 4:24
3rd Place: Roseberry (Del. Val) wbf Bethel (Oneonta) 5:14
Congrats to James Bethel…All American…4th in Nation

NY vs. NJ at Bergen Catholic to Support Pinning Down Autism
Now in its 5th year, The Pinning Down Autism All-Star Dual has become one of the most popular post season events in the region.  This year’s event is being held on Saturday 3/14 at 2:00 at Bergen Catholic High School in Oradell, NJ.  The wrestler representing 145 for Team NY  this year is Minisink Valley senior Michael Raccioppi!  Raccioppi, Minisink’s career wins leader, finished 2nd in NYS this year.

Ryan Burkett (NJ) dec Mike Raccioppi (NY) 1-0

NY 38 NJ 17

NYWAY D1 vs. D2 All-Star Match
For the 2nd consecutive year NYWAY will feature an all-star dual pitting D1 all stars vs D2 all stars as part of their state championship tournament up in Ithaca.  This event will be covered by FloWrestling!  Several Section 9 wrestlers will be competing in this year’s dual which will begin at 4:00 in he main gymnasium at Ithaca College.  Section 9 wrestlers who will be wrestling at the event are:

113: Pedro Rosales (Middletown) dec. TJ Philpotts (Herkimer) 6-5

145: Tristan Rifanburg (Norwich) dec Chris Truglio (Minisink Valley) 9-8
160: Alex Herringshaw (Holland Patent) dec AJ Aeberli (Minisink Valley) 7-5
182: Aaron Paddock (Warsaw) dec Kendall Elfstrum (Monroe Woodbury) 7-4
195: Jack Buell (Sherburne Earlville) dec Nick McShea (Monroe Woodbury) 9-6

Great Job to All Local Wrestlers Who Are Competed This Weekend!!!

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NCAA Wildcards Released

Congratulations to Hofstra 149 pounder Cody Ruggirello, a Valley Central grad, as well as Army 174 pounder Brian Harvey for receiving wildcard births to this year’s NCAA D1 Wrestling Championships!

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Raccioppi To Represent Team NY!!!

2015 Pinning Down Autism

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14th Annual Banquet of Champions

FriendS9 LogoSunday March 15, 2015
Kuhl’s Highland House
512 Highland Avenue Ext.
Middletown, NY 10940

Come join the Friends of Section 9 as we honor our top athletes, coaches, and others who have given their best towards improving Section 9 wrestling. Division 1 wrestlers who finished top 4 and Division 2 wrestlers who finished top 2 will be receiving awards at this year’s dinner.  (Plaques will NOT be issued to wrestlers who do NOT attend the banquet.)

$30.00 per person

Banquet registration will be done online this year. Every effort will be made to seat guests with their team but seating is limited.

To register go to:  TicketLeap.com

no walk-ins will be permitted

Marisa Stramiello
cell 845.467.3266   home 845.361.1366

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EIWA’s Plus PA & NJ States This Weekend


Congratulations to Army wrestlers Russell Parsons (157), Coleman Gracey (165), and Bryce Barnes (197) for qualifying for this year’s NCAA championships.  Army finished 10th as a team.  Valley Central graduate Cody Ruggirello, who wrestles 149 for Hofstra, came in 7th and will need a wildcard in order to get into the NCAAs.

Delaware Valley senior Matt Wagner finished 5th at 195 in the AAA division of the PA state tournament this weekend.  After high school Wagner will be attending the Air Force Academy where he will also wrestle.  Congratulations Matt!

High Point, NJ senior Jason Gaccione took 5th place at the NJ state championships!  Great job Jason!

Good luck to Army wrestling as well as Valley Central graduate Cody Ruggirello (Hofstra, 149) at this weekend’s EIWA Championships being held at Lehigh University.  Action can be followed live at www.flowrestling.org.

Good luck to Delaware Valley, PA senior Matt Wagner and High Point, NJ wrestlers Dom Gallo, Jared Kobis, and Jason Gaccione in their quests for state titles this weekend!
PA States                                        NJ States

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