2014 Las Vegas

2014VegasThe Las Vegas Convention Center will be the site of some of the most exciting wrestling of the year when it serves as host to this weekend’s Las Vegas/ASICS Senior Open and Junior wrestling tournaments. 

Of local interest, two of Army wrestling coaches are entered in the Senior Open’s freestyle tournament and have received seeds.  Brad Pataky, a Penn State graduate who serves as an Army Wrestling assistant coach, is the #8 seed at 57 kilograms (125.5 pounds).  The 8th seed at 86 kilograms (189 pounds) is West Point’s volunteer assistant Enock Francios.  Francois also serves as club coach for the West Point Wrestling Club.  Army will also have 4 competitors participating in the Junior freestyle division as Logan Everett (137.5), Mark Marchetti (145.5), Brian Harvey (174), and Austin Wilding will all take to the mat!

Best of luck Brad, Enock and all of the Army wrestlers!

Senior Open Women’s freestyle preview
Senior Open Men’s freestyle preview
Senior Open Men’s Greco preview
Junior Freestyle Preview

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Section 9 Mourns Loss of Goshen Senior Lance Golubinski

Lance GolubinskiOn behalf of the entire Section 9 wrestling community, I would like to extend my sincere condolences to the family of Lance Golubinski.  Lance, a senior at Goshen High School, passed away Wednesday night from injuries sustained in an automobile accident. 

Services are on Sunday from 2-7 at Donovan’s Funeral Home in Goshen. Funeral services are Monday at 11:00 am at St. James Church.

Rest in peace Lance.

Article from News12.com

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It’s Time For Freestyle and Greco!!!

                                    Crusader Training Center

Come train freestyle and Greco Roman in preparation for freestyle and Greco Roman States as well as the Asics/Vaughn freestyle and Greco Roman Nationals in Fargo!  This training opportunity is open to all Section 9 and Section 1 wrestlers who would like to train together for states and/or Fargo!  It is also a great opportunity to improve upon many skills that will make you a better HS wrestler.  Freestyle and GR wrestling will drastically improve your positioning and footwork which will lead to more successful shots and better takedown defense.

A Must Watch Video!     Olympic Wrestling: The Path to Folkstyle Success

Practice starts this Thursday 4/10 at the Monroe Woodbury High School from 6:00 PM until 7:30 PM.  Every wrestler must have a USA Wrestling Card to participate.  If you are interested in taking advantage of this outstanding training opportunity, contact Coach Gartiser at j.gartiser@gmail.com.

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Venom Girl Wrestling Club

VenomVenom Girl Wrestling Club Forming 
Looking for girls and committed families to become champions through hard work and dedication.

OPEN HOUSE (no sneakers necessary yet) Tonight & Next Wednesday. April 2 & 9, 6:30-7:30pm

Venom Girl Wrestling Club
Grange Plaza
185 Grange Rd
Otisville, NY 10963

Coach: Heath Macaluso 845-742-0067 info@warriorgrappling.com

Month of April Class Times: Wednesday: 6:30-7:30pm Intense practices including speed, strength, & core training, wrestling fundamentals in Folkstyle, Freestyle, & Greco-Roman.


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2014 FloNationals Update

Six New Yorkers in Finals at FloNationals
106 Yianni Diakomihalis (NY) 7-4 over Rudy Yates (IL)
113 Devin Schroder (MI) 7-3 over Vito Arujau (NY)
120 Nick Piccininni (NY) 10-2 maj over Luke Pletcher (PA)
152 Louis Hernandez (NY) 5-4 over Kyle Bova (PA)
182 Dylan Wisman (VA) 7-3 over Christian Dietrich (NY)
220 Michael Boykin (PA) 11-4 Yousiff Hemida (NY)

Other NYS All-Americans
Jesse Dellavecchia (113), Will Koll (126), Louis Deprez (138), Vincent Deprez (145),
Anthony Deprez (152)

Seven NYS Wrestlers Advance To Semis
106 Yianni Diakomihalis (Hilton, Section 5)
113 Vito Arujau (Syosset, Section 8)
113 Jesse Dellavechia (East Islip, Section 11)
120 Nick Piccininni (Ward Melville, Section 11)
152 Louis Hernandez (Mepham, Section 8)
182 Christian Dietrich (Greene, Section 4)
220 Yousiff Hemida (Mamaroneck, Section 1)

Results for Vespa, Guevara and Jessell 
106 Vinny Vespa (Monroe Woodbury, Jr.)
      Prelims – Vespa receives bye
      Rd 64 – Vespa pin 1:06 over Sellmer (River City, IN, 8th)
      Rd 32 – Vespa dec 3-0 over Mejias (Upper Darby, PA)
      Rd 16 – Vespa maj dec 13-1 over Luca Crudo (Sandy Hook, CT)
      Quarters – Yates (Bridgeview, IL) dec 7-0 over Vespa…Yates is nationally ranked @ 113
      Consolations- Hall(MI) pin 2:29 over Vespa..Hall nationally ranked @113..Vinny is out

160 Alec Guevara (Wallkill, Sr.)
      Rd 64 – Guevara receives bye
      Rd 32 – Hokit (Clovis, CA, 10th) pin 2:51 over Guevara
      Wrestleback – Utter pin 4:32 over Guevara …. Alec is out

220 Eric Jessell (Cornwall, Jr.)
      Rd 32 – Jessell receives bye
      Rd 16 – Alcaro (Emmaus, PA) dec 3-2 tb over Jessell
      Wrestleback – Jessell pin 1:46 over Galaviz (Georgia, 10th)
      Wrestleback – Robb (PA, 10th) tech fall 16-0 over Jessell…Eric is out

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NHSCA High School Nationals in VA Beach

NHSCASectionixwrestling.com will be providing updates on local wrestlers who are competing at this weekends NHSCA High School Nationals in Virginia Beach.  If I have missed anyone, please let me know and I will add them to the list!  Email me the info to sectionixwrestling@gmail.com.

Seniors:         Brackets
Johnny Stramiello (PB, 113)
     Stramiello 4-3 over Boles (TX)
     Turner (NC) 6-0 over Stramiello
     Mol (NC) med fft over Stramiello …. Johnny is out
Andrew North (PB, 126)
     Gonzalez (NJ) 12-5 over North
     North inj def over Floresca (WA)
     North 5-4 over Stampley (LA)
     Smith (WY) 5-2 over North … Andrew is out 
Frankie Hernandez (MV, 145)
      Hernandez 12-4 over Valdez (CA)
      Penichet (FL) wbf 3:40 over Hernandez
      Sellers (OK) 6-4 over Hernandez …. Frankie is out
Jalen Palmer (DV, 138)
     Palmer 15-2 over Fields
     Linger (WV) 12-10 over Palmer
     Palmer 21-2 over Tomlin (GA)
     Palmer 8-3 over Grant (NY)
     Palmer 13-0 over Caskey (CT)
     Claitor (LA) wbf over Palmer … Jalen is out

Juniors:           brackets
Gerard Daly (MV, 120)
     Daly 5-3 over Smith (PA)
      Levin (UT) wbf over Daly
      Daly wbf Dalessandro (FL)
      Daly 2-1 over Herder (AZ)
      Daly 11-2 over Welch (NV)
      Ferinde (NJ) 3-0 over Daly … Gerard is out
Matt Lopez (MV, 120)
       Eddington (FL) 9-5 over Lopez
       Lopez 3-1 over Samonte (VA)
       Matthews (LA) 5-3 over Lopez … Matt is out
Dominick Gallo (HP, 120)
       Bunch (GA) 3-2 over Gallo
       Gallo wbf 3:33 over Caffery (CT)
       Gallo 8-1 over Hunt (PA)
       Olivas (AZ) 5-2 over Gallo … Dominick is out
PJ Testino (DV, 126)
      Testino 4-3 over Rodriguez (VA)
      Harris (WA) wbf 4:53 over Testino
      Torres (CA) 10-2 over Testino ….PJ is out
Mike Raccioppi (MV, 138)
     Raccioppi 2-0 over Capaldo (NJ)
      Williams (MD) 8-6 over Raccioppi
      Raccioppi 3-2 over Kinzel (OH)
      Raccioppi 1-0 over Clifton (WV)
      Raccioppi 1-0 over Rodriquez (NY)
      Raccioppi 7-1 over Yorkdale (VA)
      Trovato (NJ) 7-2 over Raccioppi … Michael is out
Jason Gaccione (HP, 138)
      Gaccione 6-1 over Whitney (NY)
      Gaccione wbf 3:13 over Smalling (IL)
      Gaccione 17-6 over Taylor (WV) …. Jason advances to quarterfinals
      Lugo (FL) 3-1 over Gaccione
      Gaccione 5-3 over Allred (AZ) … High Point’s Gaccione is an All American!
      Francis (CA) 10-6 over Gaccione … Jason will wrestle NY’s Sam Ward for 7th
      Gaccione 7-0 over Ward (NY)… Jason finishes 7th…great job!!!
Frankie Carrozza (DV, 145)
     Carrozza wbf :34 over Macrabie (NY)
     Carrozza 8-2 over Garcia (CO)
     Hansen (OK) 9-6 over Carrozza
     Carrozza 10-5 over Garrison (TN)
     Carrozza 11-4 over Ruiz (CA)
     Mota (SC) 6-5 over Carrozza … Frankie is out
Billy Pearn (DV, 145 )
      Pearn 9-3 over Gates (UT)
      Villapania (CA) 19-11 over Pearn
      Pearn 15-3 over Johnson (OH)
      Rui-Sauer (VT) 5-4 over Pearn …. Billy is out
Marcello Gennaro (MW, 170)
     Gennaro 3-0 over Farist (GA)
     McGhee (FL) wbf 1:00 over Gennaro
     Ansari (GA) wbf over Gennaro … Marcello is out
Deonte Moore (MV, 182)
      Moore 3-0 over Maakestad (AZ)
      Moore 3-1 over Durieux (OH)
      Wisman (VA) wbf over Moore
      Fogle (VA) wbf over Moore …. Deonte is out
Erik Jessell (Corn, 195)
     Jessell by fft over Sarrami (NC)
     Dill (CA) 4-3 over Jessell
     Johnson (NC) 10-4 over Jessell … Erik is out
Matt Wagner (DV, 195)
     Wagner 9-0 over Cvijonavich (NY)
     Wagner 4-1 over Curtis (ME)
     Wagner 6-3 over Brown (NV) – Matt advances to quarterfinals
     Favaroso (FL) 4-3 over Wagner
     Wagner 6-1 over Diabe (NC) ….Wagner is an All American

Sophomores:        brackets
Anthony Stramiello (PB, 106)
     Stramiello wbf 4:16 over Sapp (Kentucky)
     Feurer (OH) wbf 1:38 over Stramiello
     Klein (WA) wbf over Stramiello …. Anthony is out
Jarred Greiner (MV, 106)
     McCormick (WV) 2-1 over Greiner
     Hamrick )MD) wbf 2:22 over Greiner… Jarred is out
Shawn Jones (DV, 145)
     Turner (AL) 9- 1 over Jones 
     Jones 5-2 over Alexander (MD)
     Badida (KY) 2-0 over Jones …. Shawn is out
Nick McShea (MW, 182)
     McShea 14-1 over Oxley (NJ)
     Butrey (PA) 8-2 over McShea
     Garcia (CA) 6-3 over McShea … Nick is out

Freshmen:       brackets
Evan Barczak (MW, 120)
     Barczak 19-2 over Hall (NC)
     Secrist (WV) 1-0 over Barczak
     Barczak 10-1 over Bruno (VA)
     Barczak 3-1 over Perez (NJ)
     Barczak 2-0 ot over Maki (KS)
     Barczak 8-0 over Grier  (NC)
     Barczak 3-0 over Dusold (NY) … Evan is an All American!!! (Dusold was D2 Champ @ 113)
      Barczak wbf over Secrist (WV)

Kyle Stoll (DV, 126)
     Brito (NC) 4-3 over Stoll
      Stoll wbf Larson (OH)
      Stoll 9-1 over Stoviak (OH)
      Stoll 3-2 over Montez (CA)
      Stoll 8-2 over Hoffman (PA)
      Wright (CA) wbf over Stoll … Kyle is out

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West Point Wrestling Club hosting a Freestyle and Greco rules clinic

Just confirmed — The West Point Wrestling Club will host a Freestyle and Greco rules clinic this Sunday, 30 March at 4pm in the Arvin Gym at West Point for any interested wrestlers.

We will have USAW/FILA officials who just worked the Men’s and Women’s World Cup Duals in Los Angeles and Tokyo to provide an overview of the new rules and the latest interpretations from the World Cup Duals.

The clinic is free and open to all, and it will help us get a better understanding of Freestyle and Greco wrestling, as we move closer to competition through the summer.

Anyone interested may contact Todd at vp@westpointwrestlingclub.org or Enock at enockfrancois39@yahoo.com for details.

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High School Nationals in VA Beach…FloNationals in PA

                       Who from Section 9 is going???

The next two weekends are huge!  The NHSCA Nationals in Virginia Beach takes place from 3/28 – 3/30.  The following weekend is the FloNationals, one of the toughest high school tournaments in the country!  If you aware of any Section 9 wrestlers who are scheduled to compete in either or both, please let me know.  I want to follow the results and post them on this site.  Email info to sectionixwrestling@gmail.com. Thanks!


          <– Click–>

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2014 NCAA Wrestling Championships


125: N. Garrett (Cornell) 12-1 over Jamie Franco (Hofstra)
        C. Youtsey (Michigan) wbf 2:14 over Jamie Franco (Hofstra)….Jamie is out
149: Cody Ruggirello (Hofstra) 10-7 over K. Birmingham (Davidson)
        M. Minotti (Lehigh) 9-3 over Cody Ruggirello (Hofstra)
        N. Dardanes 10-6 over Cody Ruggirello (Hofstra)…Cody is out
157: I. Jordan (Wisconsin) wbf 1:26 over Paul Hancock (Army)
        Paul Hancock (Army) 7-2 over T. Warner (ODU)
        Paul Hancock (Army) 13-4 major decision over P. LeBlanc (Indiana)
        J. LaVallee (Missouri) 14-4 major decision over Paul Hancock (Army) … Paul is out
165: R. Santiago (Rider) 7-0 over Mitch Wightman (Boston U.)
         P. Walsh (Navy) 3-1 over Mitch Wightman (Boston U.) …. Mitch is out      
174: J. Latham 7-6 over Brian Harvey (Army)
         Brian Harvey 3-2 over L. Clemmons (Chatt)
         Brian Harvey 9-1 major over K. Meyer (Stanford)
         S. Doty (Virginia) 4-0 over Brian Harvey (Army) … Brian is out
197: R. Perry (Bloomsburg) 12-6 over Bryce Barnes (Army)
         S. Woods 4-3 over Bryce Barnes (Army) ….Bryce is out

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Friends of Section 9 Awards Banquet

FriendS9 Logo
The 13th Annual “Friends of Section 9” Banquet was held on Sunday March 16, 2014 at the Meadowbrook in New Windsor. Approximately 225 Section 9 wrestlers, parents, and coaches were in attendance.

The top 4 place winners in Division 1, and the top 2 place winners in Division 2 each received plaques. In addition the attached 28 Special Awards were presented. (The history of each award is also listed on the first tab of the attached.)

                                                 2014 Friends of S9 Special Award Winners

Coach of the Year Steve Fischbein, MW

Section 9 Coach of the Year Steve Fischbein, MW

Some of the highlights of the evening included:
Wrestlers of the Year: Dan DeCarlo (Port Jervis) 
                                         James Bethel (Saugerties)
Comeback of the Year: Gerard Daly (Minisink Valley)
Most Courageous Wrestler: Tyler Blasko (Wallkill)

Monroe Woodbury finished the season ranked #1 in NYS and received the Team of the Year Award.  The Crusaders head coach, Steve Fischbein, received the Mark Faller Coach of the Year Award.  After receiving a well-deserved standing ovation, Coach Fischbein, who is retiring from his head coaching position, gave an outstanding speech acknowledging many of his fellow coaches from around the Section.  Congratulations and great job Coach Fischbein…you went out with style and class!


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