NYS Wrestling Championships Recap

Nine Section 9 Wrestler Make the Medal Stand
A very nice showing as nine D1 wrestlers from Section 9 placed in the top 6 in the state.  For the first time in recent memory, every Section 9 D1 wrestler won at least one match….nobody went 0-2!!! Our D2 guys did not make out quite as well but we did see two small school wrestlers (Morgans and Suleiman) make it to the blood round which is one match away from placing.  Congratulations to the Section 9 placewinners!
120 – Gerard Daly (MV) 3rd place and Vinny Vespa (MW) 5th place
132 – Da’mani Burns (NFA) 3rd place and Evan Barczak (MW) 6th place
145 – Michael Raccioppi (MV) 2nd place and Ryan Ferro (Warwick) 3rd place
152 – Thomas Wightman (Warwick) 4th place
160 – AJ Aeberli (MV) 5th place
195 – Nick McShea (MW) 2nd place

Sectional Results
Our D1 team had a very solid 5th place showing in the sectional race.  Below are the top 5 sectional teams from each division.

Division 1
1. Section 11 – 312.5 points
2. Section 8 – 178 points
3. Section 5 – 172.5 points
4. Section 1 – 141.5 points
5. Section 9 – 121 points
Division 2
1. Section 3 – 278 points
2. Section 4 – 213 points
3. Section 5 – 175 points
4. Section 6 – 167 points
5. Section 2 – 119.5 points

Team Race
Awesome job by Minisink Valley and Monroe Woodbury for finishing in the top 5 in the team race.  Congrats also to Warwick who came in 15th and NFA for finishing in a tie for 27th!  Below are the top 5 teams from each division.

Division 1
1. Hilton – 71 points
2. Minisink Valley – 52 points
3. Hauppauge – 49.5 points
4. Ward Melville – 48 points
5.  Monroe Woodbury – 46 points
Division 2
1. Mexico – 104 points
2. Locust Valley – 99.5 points
3. Warsaw – 65.5 points
4. Norwich – 54 points
5. Holland Patent – 49.5 points

Individual Honors and Other Tidbits
Division 1 MOW – Yianni Diakomihalis (Hilton, Section 5) – Yianni is now a 3X NYS champion and he is only a sophomore.  He is currently ranked 3rd in the nation at 120.  He also won this year’s Eastern States Classic.

Division 2 MOW – Jordan Bushey (Peru, Section 7) – Jordan has been absolutely dominating this season!  In the state finals he won via major decision over Trevor Allard – who is a defending state champ!  Bushey also won the Eastern States Classic by pinning Kevin Parker – this year’s D1 state champ!

Piccininni a 4X Champ – Congratulations to Ward Melville senior Nick Piccininni for winning his 4th state title this weekend.  He joins Troy Nickerson (5X), Jesse Jantzen, JP O’Connor, Alex Ekstrom, and Arik Robinson as the only NYS wrestlers to be crowned champion 4 times!

How Tough Is The Eastern States Classic You Ask??? – 11 of the 15 weight classes at the ESC were won by NYS wrestlers who are competing at the same weight for the state tournament.  Of those 11 wrestlers, 10 went on to be crowned NYS champions.  Only Edwin Rubio did not win and he lost in the state finals in the UTB.  In 4 weight classes, the Eastern States Classic finals was contested by two wrestlers who were crowned D1 and D1 state champions this weekend!
145 – Dutton & Rifanburg
152 – Restrepo & Garcia
170 – Parker & Bushey
195 – Araneo & Rose

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2015 NYS Championships – Finals

So here we go!  We are about ready to start the finals and Section 9 has two wrestlers going for gold.  Minisink Valley senior Mike Raccioppi will take on Section 11’s Thomas Dutton at 145 while Monroe Woodbury junior Nick McShea will battle Section 11’s Christian Araneo for the title at 195.  The Warriors and the Crusaders both performed extremely well as a team also!  Minisink sits in 2nd place in the team race behind Hilton from Section 5 while Monroe is currently in 4th a few points behind 3rd place Hauppauge.

Finals –  Matchups and Results

Division 1                                               Division 2

99 – Busiello (11) maj 11-1 Baker (4)
106 – Teemer (8) utb 4-3 Silverstein (11)
113 – Arceri (11) dec 3-2 ot Albis (1)
120 – Diakomihalis (5) pin Pappas (8)
126 – Piccininni (11) dec Lamantia (C)
132 – Arujau(8) dec  Dellavecchia(11)
138 – Gissendanner(5) dec D’Angelo (11)
145 – Dutton (11) maj Raccioppi (9)
152 – Restrepo (8) dec 8-4 Bell (5)
160 – Deprez (5) dec 7-3 Benderoth (1)
170 – Parker (2) dec 5-1 Schwab (6)
182 – Hamil (11) dec 9-4 Ashcraft (2)
195 – Araneo (11) maj 13-4 McShea (9)
220 – Hemida (1) dec 5-2 Feola (11)
285 – Terrence (10) dec 2-1 ot Rubio (11)
 Burkhart (4) dec  3-2 Anderson (2)
Gomez (8) dec 8-6 Nolan (7)
Powers (3) pin Heberlein (5)
Overhiser (4) dec 6-2 Spann (3)
Devlin (6) tech Kurzhals (1) 18-2
Casella (8) dec 2-1 McGregor (6)
Richard (3) dec 8-7 Ward (8)
Rifanburg (4) tech Mitchell (3)
Garcia (4) dec 5-1 Shomers (6)
Herringshaw (3) maj Hoffman(2)
Bushey (7) maj 12-4  Allard (3)
Woolson (4) dec Engle 2-1
Rose (P) maj 12-4 Foster (3)
Sampo (3) pin Hall (6) 3:53
Dean (4) dec 5-3 Appley (3)
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Consi Semis and Medal Matches

Medal Matches
120 – Daly (9) dec  Matyka (11) 3-2  for 3rd!!!
120 – Vespa (9) dec Argentieri (6)  2-0 for 5th!!!
126 – Kelly (9) loses 3-1 to Lancie (5) finishes in 8th place!
132 – Burns (9) maj Szymanski (11) 8-0 for 3rd place!!!
132 – King (3) beats Barczak (9) 4-0 …Evan takes 6th place!
145 – Ferro (9) dec Einbinder (8) 3-2 for 3rd place!!!
152 – Porter (2) dec Wightman (9) 8-3 … Wightman takes 4th!
160 – Aeberli (9) dec Mauriello (11) 3-1 for 5th place!  Great way to get your 100th win!

Consolation Semifinals
120 – Daly pins Argentieri and will go for 3rd!
120 – Vespa loses to Matyka and will go for 5th
132 – Burns beats King 3-2 and will go for 3rd
132 – Szymansky dec Barczak 2-1 utb..Evan goes for 5th
145 – Ferro dec Murphy 5-0 and will go for 3rd
152 – Wightman 5-0 over Ielan and will go for 3rd
160 – Aviles beat Aeberli 3-1 …AJ goes for 5th

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Day 2 @ NYS Championships – Semis and Blood Matches

Saturday morning is without question the most exciting round at this tournament!  The semifinals will take place on the inner mats while the “blood” matches take place on the outer mats.  For those of you not familiar with this the term, the winning wrestler in the “blood” round is guaranteed a top 6 finish and thus a spot on the podium while the loser is eliminated…yeah it’s pretty intense!!!  Good luck boys, let’s make it happen!!!

Semifinals                                                     Blood Matches

Division 1
120 – Diakomihalis (5) pin Daly (9)
120 – Pappas (8) dec Vespa (9) 1-0
132 – Arajua (8) pin Barczak (9)
132 – Dellavecchia (11) pin Burns
145 – Dutton (11) maj Ferro (9)
145 – Raccioppi dec Einbinder (8)
152 – Restrepo (11) dec Wightman
195 – McShea (9) pin Ratzikis (8)
Division 1
120 – Goldman (8) dec Kelly (9) 3-1 sv
138 – Warren (8) dec Truglio (9) 10-8
160 – Aeberli (9) pin Barnes (2)
170 – McPherson (3) dec Zsido (9)
285 – Jessell (3) dec Serrano (9)

Division 2
132 – LeClaire (2) dec Suleiman (9)
182 – Brancati (2) dec Morgans (9)

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Wrestlebacks…Who Will Stay Alive???

Wrestleback #2

Let’s see who wants to make it to tomorrow’s “blood” round…
126 – Kelly (9) dec Woodworth (3) 5-1
132 – Suleiman (9) dec Chesman (1) 6-4 SV
138 – Truglio (9) dec Rodriguez (C) 5-2
160 – Aeberli (9) dec Hughes (8) 7-4
170 – Zsido (9) dec Race (3) 9-5
182 – Morgans (9) dec Nolan (11) 4-2
285 – Serrano (9) dec Delahanty 14-9

Wrestleback #1

And those who are still alive are…..
99 – Vespa (9) dec Ewbanks (C) 9-6
106 – Greiner (9) pins Crawford (C) 2:11
113 – Rosales (9) dec Gramuglia (2) 7-2
113 – Feliciano (9) dec Goddeau (7) 2-0
126 – Kelly (9) dec Day (6) 2-0
126 – Benson (9) dec Donnelly 6-3
132 – Suleiman (9) dec Rifanburg (4) 10-9
152 – Cuppett (9) maj Milone (10)
160 – Heslin (9) pinned Phelps (10)
170 – Guevara (9) dec Arkow (8) 1-0
170 – Mapes (9) dec Ball (10) 9-2
170 – Zsido (9) pin Buser (C)
182 – Elfstrum (9) dec DuBuque (2) 5-0
182 – McLee (9) dec Crow (4) 7-3
195 – Beyers (9) major Stevenson (11) 11-1
220 – Mascaro (9) dec Renfro (C) 4-1
285 – Beal (9) pins Gomez (P)

S9 D1 ran the table in this round…great job!  D2 grabs 7 wins as well…nice job now lets keep the ball rolling!!!

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Eight Section 9 Wrestlers Advance to Saturday’s Semifinals!!!

Congrats to Gerard Daly, Vinny Vespa, Evan Barczak, Da’mani Burns, Michael Raccioppi, Ryan Ferro, Tom Wightman, and Nick McShea for advancing to the semis!  Making the semis guarantees a top 6 finish and a spot on the medal stand!!!  Great job guys!

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Live Updates for Section 9 Wrestlers


120 – Daly  (9) dec Devine (2) 7-6
120 – Vespa (9) dec Argentieri (5) 4-3
132 – Burns (9) dec Barker (5)
132 – Barczak (9) dec King (3)
138 – Burke (4) dec Truglio (9) 8-2
145 – Raccioppi (9) dec Murphy (1) 5-1
145 – Ferro (9) dec Taddeo (11) 6-1
152 – Wightman (9) dec Engebretson (3) 4-2
160 – Benderoth (1) dec Aeberlie (9) 4-3
182 – Engle (3) dec Morgans (9) 2-0
195 – McShea (9) dec Pjetri (1) 5-2
285 – Terrance (10) pin Serrano (9)


                     Division 1                                                                      Division 2

 99 – Seaver (6)  pin Vespa (9) 2:39
106 – Cox (11) pin Griener (9) 1:54
113 – Cirillo (11) dec Rosales (9) 4-0
120 – Vespa (9) pin Cameron (10)
120 – Daly (9) dec Ashkar (3) 5-4
126 – Piccininni (11) tech Kelly (9)
132 – Burns (9) pin Brown (10) 3:38
132 – Barczak (9) dec Szymanski (11)
138 – Truglio (9) dec Bachelder (8)
145 – Ferro (9) pin Corfine (4) 3:45
145 – Raccioppi (9) pin Amo (10)
152 – Wightman (9) pin Prello (11)
160 – Aeberli (9) dec Mendez (11) 3-2
170 – Puca (11) dec Zsido (9) 16-7
170 – Fitzsimmons (8) dec Guevara
182 – Hamil (11) pin McLee (9)
182 – Bromley (8) dec Elfstrum (9)
195 – McShea (9) pin Gould (4) 1:41
195 – Braunscheidel (C) dec Beyers
220 – Newman (C) dec Mascaro (9)
285 – Serrano (9) pin Warren (2)
99 – McGarvey (1) pin Harris (9) 1:39
106 – Walz (3) pin Artrip (9) 5:53
113 – Abe (1) dec Feliciano (9) 10-8 ot
120 – Lauricello (5) dec Ross (9)
126 – Freole (11) dec Benson (9) 6-4
132 – Devincenzo (11) tech Suleiman (9)
138 – Garrehy (4) pin Mathews (9) 3:02
145 – Micek (6) dec Curreri (9) 7-6 ot
152 – Griffith (5) dec  Cuppett (9)
160 – Breckenridge (3) dec  Heslin (6)
170 – Nolan (6) maj Mapes (9)
182 – Morgans (9) dec Aslov (P)
195 – Wilshire (5) pin Williams (9)
220 – Perez (P) maj Chichkov (9)
285 – Andrews (6) pin Beal (9)


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2015 NYS Wrestling Championships

Friday February 27 & Saturday February 28
Times Union Center
Albany, NY
  Division 1 Preview                                        Division 2 Preview

Tournament Schedule

Friday 2/27 – Session 1
8:30 – Gates Open
9:30 – Parade of Champions
10:00 – 2:00 – Preliminaries
2:00 – 4:00 Quarterfinals
4:00 – 6:00 Wrestlebacks Rd. 1
6:00 – 8:00 Wrestlebacks Rd. 2


Saturday 2/27 – Session 2
8:30 – Gates Open
9:45 – National Anthem
10:00 – 12:30 – Semifinals (inner mats)
10:00 – 12:30 – Blood Round (outer mats)
12:30 – 2:00 – Consolation Semifinals
2:00 – 3:30 – Consolation Finals

Saturday 2/27 – Session 3
5:00 – Gates Re-Open for Finals
5:30 – Videoboard
5:45 – Recognition Awards
6:00 – Finals

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Let’s Meet Our Section 9 State Qualifiers

99 Pounds

Marco VespaDivision 1
Marco Vespa
Monroe Woodbury, 8th Grade
Record: 34-5
Against the Field: 0-2 (Kyle Mosher, Joe Albegore)
Opening Round Opponent: Kyle Mosher (Southside, S8)

HarrisDivision 2
Wade Harris
Red Hook, Sophomore
Record: 27-8
Against the Field: 0-0
Opening Round Opponent: Sean McGarvey (Pearl River, S1)

106 Pounds

GreinerDivision 1
Connor Greiner
Minisink Valley, Freshman
Record: 40-1
Against the Field: 0-1 (Randy Earl)
Opening Round Opponent: Thomas Cox (Deer Park, S11)

ArtripDivision 2
Dean Artrip
Tuxedo, Sophomore
Record: 16-0
Against the Field: 0-0
Opening Round Opponent: CJ Walz (Central Valley Academy, S3)

113 Pounds

RosalesDivision 1
Pedro Rosales
Middletown, Senior
Record: 33-8
Against the Field: 0-0
Opening Round Opponent: Anthony Cirillo (Rocky Point, S11)

FelicianoDivision 2
Mike Feliciano
Highland, Senior
Record: 33-8
Against the Field: 0-1 (Satoshi Abe)
Opening Round Opponent: Dane Heberlein (Alexander, S5)

120 Pounds

DalyDivision 1
Gerard Daly
Minisink Valley, Senior
Record: 37-3
Against the Field: 2-2 (wins Gurerro, Vespa; losses Vespa 2X)
Opening Round Opponent: Audey Ashkar (Liverpool, S3)

Vinny VespaDivision 1
Vinny Vespa
Monroe Woodbury, Senior
Record: 40-1
Against the Field: 2-1 (wins Daly 2X; loss Daly)
Opening Round Opponent: Skyler Cameron (Massena, S10)

RossDivision 2
Dillon Ross
Onteora, Freshman
Record: 25-6
Against the Field: 0-0
Opening Round Opponent: Jon Lauricella (Leroy, S5)

126 Pounds

KellyDivision 1
Kevin Kelly
Monroe Woodbury, Junior
Record: 40-1
Against the Field: 0-0
Opening Round Opponent: Nick Piccininni (Ward Melville, S11)

BensonDivision 2
Taylor Benson
Red Hook, Sophomore
Record: 32-5
Against the Field: 0-0
Opening Round Opponent: Brett Frole (Babylon, 11)

132 Pounds

BarczakDivision 1
Evan Barczak
Monroe Woodbury, Sophomore
Record: 36-3
Against the Field: 2-2 (wins Grippi, Burns; losses Burns 2X)
Opening Round Opponent: James Szymanski (SWR, S11)


Division 1
Da’mani Burns
Newburgh Free Academy, Senior
Record: 42-2
Against the Field: 5-2 (wins Barczak 2X, Seitz, Szymanski, Powell; losses Arujau, Barczak)
Opening Round Opponent: Michael Brown (Massena, S10)

SuleimanDivision 2
Andrew Suleiman
Highland, Senior
Record: 32-6
Against the Field: 0-0
Opening Round Opponent: Tristin DeVincenzo (Port Jeff, S11)

138 Pounds

TruglioDivision 1
Chris Truglio
Minisink Valley, Senior
Record: 40-0
Against the Field: 3-0 (Toutant, Sweeney, Matias)
Opening Round Opponent: Owen Bachelder (Hewlett, S8)

MathewsDivision 2
Isaac Mathews
Marlboro, Sophomore
Record: 18-8
Against the Field: 0-0
Opening Round Opponent:  Kobe Garrehy (Maine Endwell, S4)

145 Pounds

FerroDivision 1
Ryan Ferro
Warwick, Sophomore
Record:  36-4
Against the Field: 2-2
(wins Raccioppi 2X, losses Murphy, Taddeo)
Opening Round Opponent: Julian Korfine (Ithaca, S4)

RaccioppiDivision 1
Michael Raccioppi
Minisink Valley, Senior
Record: 39-3
Against the Field: 2-3
(wins Murphy, Frederick; losses Dutton, Ferro 2X)
Opening Round Opponent: Austin Amo (Massena, S10)

CurreriDivision 2
Noah Curreri
Eldred/Liberty/Fallsburg, Sophomore
Record: 36-6
Against the Field: 0-0
Opening Round Opponent: Jed Micek (Maple Grove, S6)

152 Pounds

WightmanDivision 1
Thomas Wightman
Warwick, Senior
Record: 39-2
Against the Field: 1-2 (win Laura; loss Porter 2X)
Opening Round Opponent: Matt Porello (John Glenn, S11)

CuppettDivision 2
Ben Cuppett
New Paltz, Sophomore
Record: 27-2
Against the Field: 0-0
Opening Round Opponent: Josh Griffith (Warsaw, S5)

160 Pounds

AeberliDivision 1
AJ Aeberli
Minisink Valley, Junior
Record: 40-1
Against the Field: 0-0
Opening Round Opponent: Brandon Mendez (Huntington, S11)

HeslinDivision 2
Liam Heslin
Tuxedo, Junior
Record: 15-4
Against the Field: 0-0
Opening Round Opponent: Simon Breckenridge  (VVS, S3)

170 Pounds

ZsidoDivision 1
Quinn Zsido
Cornwall, Senior
Record: 41-2
Against the Field: 4-2
(wins Guevara 3X, Race; losses Parker, Schwab)
Opening Round Opponent: Joe Puca (Huntington, S11)

GuevaraDivision 1
Alec Guevara
Wallkill, Senior
Record: 37-5
Against the Field: 0-3 (Zsido 3X)
Opening Round Opponent: Anthony Fitzsimmons (Calhoun, S8)

MapesDivision 2
Theodore Mapes
Highland, Senior
Record: 26-7
Against the Field: 0-0
Opening Round Opponent: Howie Nolan (Maple Grove, S6)

182 Pounds

ElfstrumDivision 1
Kendall Elsftrum
Monroe Woodbury, Sophomore
Record: 33-6
Against the Field: 1-0 (McLee)
Opening Round Opponent: Tyreek Bromley (Long Beach, S8)

McLeeDivision 1
Bruce McLee
Washingtonville, Senior
Record: 33-4
Against the Field: 0-2 (Elfstrum, DiNardo)
Opening Round Opponent: David Hamil (Deer Park, S11)

MorgansDivision 2
Kevin Morgans
Liberty (Eldred Fallsburg), Junior
Record: 28-4
Against the Field: 0-2 (Marszal, Brancati)
Opening Round Opponent: Meroj Aslov (RKA, P)

195 Pounds

McSheaDivision 1
Nick McShea
Monroe Woodbury, Junior
Record: 38-0
Against the Field: 2-0 (Beyers, Bosco)
Opening Round Opponent: Caleb Gould (Chenango Forks, S4)

BeyersDivision 1 
Bryan Beyers
Washingtonville, Senior
Record: 32-1
Against the Field: 0-1 (McShea)
Opening Round Opponent: Jake Braunscheidel (St. Francis, C)

WilliamsDivision 2
Zach Williams
Tuxedo, Senior
Record: 13-3
Against the Field: 0-0
Opening Round Opponent: Phil Wilshire (Attica, S5)

220 Pounds

MascaroDivision 1
Brandon Mascaro
Wallkill, Senior
Record: 29-2
Against the Field: 0-0
Opening Round Opponent: Mike Newman (Monsignor Farrell, C)

ChichkovDivision 2
Stefan Chichkov
Red Hook, Senior
Record: 24-5
Against the Field: 0-0
Opening Round Opponent: Miguel Perez (Eagle Academy, P)

285 Pounds

SerranoDivision 1
Isaac Serrano
Newburgh Free Academy, Senior
Record: 40-3
Against the Field: 2-1 (wins Delahanty 2X; loss Dee)
Opening Round Opponent: Jake Warren (Burnt Hills, S2)

BealDivision 2
John Beal
Highland, Senior
Record: 28-6
Against the Field: 0-0
Opening Round Opponent: Jeff Andrews (Randolph, S6)

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NYS Wrestling Championships Tournament – D2 Preview

99 Pounds
The Field

Section 1: Sean McGarvey (P R)
Section 2: Orion Anderson (Schu)
Section 3: Cody Fields (GenBr)
Section 4: AJ Burkhart (Waverly)
Section 5: Drew Schafer (Pal Mac)
Section 6: Zach Braddell (Tona)
Section 7: Carson Dobozy (Peru)
Section 8: Brandon Marohn (Clar)
Section 9: Wade Harris (Red Hook)
Section 11: Jack Bokina (Mattituck)
PSAL: Kevin Velez (Petrides)
At Large 1: Dillan Palaszewski (Gal)
At Large 2: Nick Young (Alexander)
At Large 3: Mikey Bruno (Put Valley)
At Large 4: James Bathon (Plville)
At Large 5: Sam Wolf (Warsaw)

PalMac freshman Drew Schafer is 40-6 this season but he does not have a single loss to any wrestler in the field.  He placed 5th at the Eastern States and nearly picked off eventual champion Beau Bartlett from Wyoming Seminary in the semis dropping a 7-5 decision.  He has recorded wins over some of the other wrestlers in the field including AJ Burkhart, Nick Young, and Sam Wolf this season.  Burkhart is will also be in the hunt. The Waverly freshman is 29-2 with one of his losses being a 9-5 decision to Schafer.  Schylerville freshman Orian Anderson has been great all year posting a 30-1 record with 24 pins.  His one loss however was an OT pin from General Brown’s Cody Fields who is 36-4 this year.  Peru’s Carson Dobozky and Galway’s Dillan Palaszewski are wrestlers to watch as well.

106 Pounds
The Field

Section 1: Kyle Sams (Put Valley)
Section 2: Dylan Callahan (Schoh)
Section 3: CJ Walz (Central Valley)
Section 4: Caleb Wiggins (Chen V)
Section 5: Dylan Walker (Warsaw)
Section 6: AJ Putt (Maple Grove)
Section 7: Jacob Nolan (Saranac)
Section 8: Jonathan Gomez (LV)
Section 9: Dean Artrip (Tuxedo)
Section 10: Donald Baker (Ogden)
Section 11: Vin Miceli (Port Jeff)
PSAL: Dominic Grant (Eagle Acad)
At Large 1: Shane Hetrick (Maple Gr)
At Large 2: Austin O’Reilly (Mexico)
At Large 3: Trey LaFlamme (SJ)
At Large 4: Jeffrey Gress (Lville)

Like 106 D1, the small school bracket at this weight is loaded with talented wrestlers. Jonathan Gomez from Section 8’s Locust Valley is a returning state finalist and will definitely be one of the favorites at 106.  In limited action Gomez finished 16-1 with his only loss coming to D1 wrestler Tom Cox.  Central Valley’s CJ Walz is 37-2 and is definitely one of the favorites here as well as Saranac 8th grader Jacob Nolan who placed 6th in NYS last year as a 7th grader. Chenango Valley’s Caleb Wiggins went 43-2 and Warsaw’s Dylan Walker is a returning state qualifier and went 41-3 this year.  One of his losses was to Trey LaFlamme from Section 3 who will definitely contend here.  AJ Putt from Section 6 is 36-3 and has not lost to any wrestler in the field.

113 Pounds
The Field

Section 1: Satoshi Abe (PV)
Section 2: Nolan Foster (Hoos Falls)
Section 3: Theo Powers (Mexico)
Section 4: Chris Cirigliano (BGAH)
Section 5: Dane Heberlein (Alex)
Section 6: Johnny Fiebelkorn (Akron)
Section 7: Brandon Goddeau (Peru)
Section 8: Bryan Coll (Locust Valley)
Section 9: Mike Feliciano (High)
Section 10: Zach Roberts (Ogden)
Section 11: Dom Mazzella (Bab)
PSAL: Deiby Perez (Eagle Academy)
At Large 1: Dean Raymond (Depo)
At Large 2: Joey Sliwoski (Wayne)
At Large 3: Zach Lawrence (Duan)
At Large 4: TJ Philpotts (Herk)

113 will be another outstanding weight class to follow!  There several wrestlers who have a legitimate shot here but the three that stand out just a bit are Alexander’s Dane Heberlein, Mexico’s Thoe Powers, and BGAH’s Chris Cirigliano.  Heberlein was last year’s state champ at 99, placed 3rd at the Super 32, 4th at the ESC, and is 49-2 this year.  One of his losses, however, is to one of the other wrestlers in the field – Theo Powers from Mexico.  Powers and Heberlein split two meetings this year with both matches being decided by 2 points.  Section 4’s Chris Cirigliano has been impressive this year going 29-1 including a win over D1 contender John Arceri.  Cirigliano’s one loss this season was a 2-1 decision to Powers.  Nolan Foster, Dean Raymond and Zach Lawrence will also be in the hunt for a medal at 113.

120 Pounds
The Field

Section 1: James Kelly (Pearl River)
Section 2: Jordan Sartin (Galway)
Section 3: Derek Spann (Adirondack)
Section 4: Jimmy Overhiser(Lansing)
Section 5: Tony Recco (Lyndonville)
Section 6: Ryan Hetrick (Maple G)
Section 7: Roland Lapoint (N Adiron)
Section 8: Hunter Dusold (LV)
Section 9: Dillon Ross (Onteora)
Section 10: Cordell David (Ogde)
Section 11: Matt DeVincenzo (PJ)
PSAL: Kevin McColgan (Petrides)
At Large 1: Joe Rorick (Od-Mon)
At Large 2: Jon Lauricella (LeR)
At Large 3: Luke Yankloski (Way)
At Large 4: Logan Robinson (Wa)

When Port Jefferson’s Matteo DeVincenzo decided to go 120 for the post season, he made a tough weight class even tougher.  DeVincenzo won the ESC this year at 113 over the extremely tough Kyle Quinn from Wantagh.  He will be pushed by several wrestlers up at 120 but perhaps his stiffest test will come from Section 4’s Jimmy Overhiser.  Overhiser, who wrestled for Wyoming Seminary last year, has been awesome this year.  He is 29-1 and his only loss, ironically, was to Jack Mueller…who is from Texas but now wrestles for Wyoming Seminary!  The loss came in the semis of the ESC where Overhiser finished 3rd and recorded a pin over D1 stud Peter Pappas along the way!  Hunter Dusold was the state champion in D2 at 113 last year and is having another very good season.  Dusold will contend for a medal here.  Section 5’s Tony Recco is as solid as they come!  A former state finalist, Recco has only two losses this year – both at the ESC and one was a 3-0 decision to Overhiser.  Not done yet…Derrick Spann was a state finalist last year and a state champ in 2013.  He is an astonishing 54-0 this season and wants to get back to the top of the podium!  Luke Yankloski, Logan Robinson, and Ryan Hetrick are no slouches.  All three will be in the mix as well.

126 Pounds
The Field

Section 1: Jake Kurzhals (PR)
Section 2: Brandon Merchant (Cob)
Section 3: Ryan O’Rourke (Adk)
Section 4: Austin Ryan (Una)
Section 5: Nick Gaiser (Alex)
Section 6: Kellen Devlin (Amh)
Section 7: Colin Hogan (Peru)
Section 8: Chris Donnelly (IT)
Section 9: Taylor Benson (RH)
Section 10: Dan Mullin (Gouv)
Section 11: Brett Frole (Bab)
PSAL: Amir Johnson (Pet)
At Large 1: Brad Bihler (MG)
At Large 2: Tanner Cook (CV)
At Large 3: Ian Lupole (SV)
At Large 4: Brandon Gould (WG)

There are definitely some very talented wrestlers at 126 but Kellen Devlin is the clear favorite to take home the gold.  The Amherst junior is 43-2 but one of his losses was by forfeit.  His only contested loss has been a 3-2 decision at the ESC to Trent Olsen from Wyoming Seminary.  Fellow Section 6 wrestler Brad Bihler and Section 5 champ Nick Gaiser will definitely contend here, however both have been beaten by Devlin this year.  One of the more intriguing potential matchups would be if Devlin faced Section 3 champ Ryan O’Rourke who is 54-0 this season!  Section 9’s Taylor Benson is a returning state qualifier and could contend for a medal.

132 Pounds
The Field

Section 1: Jack Chesman (PR)
Section 2: Josh Bressette (Wh-FA)
Section 3: Tyler Field (Onondoga)
Section 4: Dylan Wood (Walton)
Section 5: Emerson Block (PalMac)
Section 6: Cody McGregor (Tona)
Section 7: Casey Provost (Beek)
Section 8: Nick Casella (LV)
Section 9: Andrew Suleiman (High)
Section 10: Brody Sheppard (Ogde)
Section 11: Tristin DeVincenzo (PJ)
PSAL: Joe DiForte (Petrides)
At Large 1: Garon LeClair (Cor)
At Large 2: Brad Dietz (Phoenix)
At Large 3: Cole Rifanburg (Norw)
At Large 4: Connor Steria (Lowville)

Another very solid weight with a bunch of wrestlers who will contend for a step on the podium.  Regarding the top step, Nick Casella, Cody McGregor, and Dylan Wood will be three of the favorites.  Casella is a multiple time NYS placewinner while McGregor and Wood are as tough as nails!  Section 11 champ Tristin DeVincenzo is talented and will get in the mix as well.  Do not sleep on Section 3 champ Tyler Field!  He is 37-2 and has not lost to a wrestler in the field.

138 Pounds
The Field

Section 1: Eric Boyle (Nanuet)
Section 2: Luke Fronhofer (Salem)
Section 3: Hunter Richard (HP)
Section 4: Darren Ostrander (Gro)
Section 5: Colin Royce (Warsaw)
Section 6: Nick Hudson (Ch Lake)
Section 7: Ethan Bacon (B-town)
Section 8: Sam Ward (Lo Va)
Section 9: Isaac Mathews (Mar)
Section 10: Joey Bush (Gouv)
Section 11: Chris Osufsen (Southam)
PSAL: Jason Fallon (Petrides)
At Large 1: Nate Walker (Canastota)
At Large 2: Kobe Garrehy (ME)
At Large 3: Jesse Manuel (Tioga)
At Large 4: Steven Culbert (Galway)

The returning NYS placewinners are entered at 138 and all three have a legitimate chance to win the title this year.  Holland Patent’s Hunter Richard finished 3rd in NYS last year at 126 and is 43-2 this year.  He finished 3rd at this year’s ESC with his only loss coming to nationally ranked Mike D’Angelo.  His other loss came at the Section 3 League Championships where he suffered a setback to wildcard entrant Nate Walker from Canastota.  Sam Ward from Locust Valley finished 3rd in NYS at 138 last year and will definitely contend for a title again this year. He is 16-1 in limited action this year due to an injury that shelved him for a month.  Ward suffered his only loss in his first match of the season to undefeated D1 contender Ricky Stamm.  Warsaw’s Colin Royce finished 6th at 138 last season and is planning on climbing higher up the podium this season.  Section 4 has three entries here and all three should contend.  Section 4 champ Darren Ostrander is 33-1, Kobe Garrehy from Maine Endwell is 44-2, and Jesse Manuel from Tioga is 28-4.

145 Pounds
The Field

Section 1: Chris Santana (Pawling)
Section 2: Lane Oehler (W-burg)
Section 3: Austin Whitney (Mexico)
Section 4: Tristan Rifanburg (Nor)
Section 5: Corey Farrell (Warsaw)
Section 6: Jed Micek (Maple Grove)
Section 7: Austin Trombley (No Adir)
Section 8: Kevin Jackson (Lo Val)
Section 9: Noah Curreri (ELF)
Section 10: Aaron Bush (Gouv)
Section 11: Colby Lenahan (S-ton)
PSAL: Chris Taverez (Rucker)
At Large 1: Garrett Mitchell (Camd)
At Large 2: Nate Grubham (Wh Pt)
At Large 3: Greg Lee (Lansing)
At Large 4: Zach Bierfeldt (Olean)

Norwich senior Tristan Rifanburg is a 2X NYS state champion and a 3X finalist.  He is 42- 1 this season and is the clear favorite to win his third state title this year.  His only loss of the season came in the finals of the ESC to nationally ranked Tommy Dutton.  One of Rifanburg’s victories at ESC was a 9-0 major over Mexico’s Austin Whitney who is 51-2 on the season and is expected to place high in Albany. Warsaw’s Corey Farrell is having a great year and should be in the mix for a high place as well.

152 Pounds
The Field

Section 1: Cliffton Wang (Edgemont)
Section 2: Colby Davendonis (Hk Fa)
Section 3: Jason Colon (VVS)
Section 4: Frank Garcia (Norwich)
Section 5: Israel Byler (Addison)
Section 6: Andrew Shomers (Lew Pt)
Section 7: Colin LaBombard (No Adk)
Section 8: Mike Dusold (Loc Val)
Section 9: Ben Cuppett (New Paltz)
Section 10: Austin Milone (Gouv)
Section 11: Ralph Oswald (Ham Ba)
PSAL: Zafar Iskandarov (Br Inter)
At Large 1: Dakota Gardner (Fred)
At Large 2: Caleb Beach (So Jeff)
At Large 3: Josh Griffith (Warsaw)
At Large 4: Madison Hoover (BGA)

152 will be a great weight to follow!  Norwich senior Frank Garcia is a defending state champ and is definitely the favorite here – but he will not be untested. Section 6 has two entries that will definitely contend!  Andrew Shomers from Lewiston Porter finished 2nd in NYS at 145 last year.  He is the Section 6 champion and he is 49-1 this season.  The wrestler he defeated in the Section 6 finals was Dakota Gardner from Fredonia.  Gardner, who finished 4th in NYS last year, was undefeated prior to the match against Shomers.  Mike Dusold from Section 8 Locust Valley is tough as nails as well! He is 38-3 this season with all three losses coming at the Eastern States Classic where he finished 5th.  Also keep an eye on Isreal Byler and Josh Griffith both from Section 5, as well as Madison Hoover from Section 4.  Section 9’s Ben Cuppett is only a sophomore and is definitely worth keeping an eye on.

160 Pounds
The Field

Section 1: Teddy Fleming (North Sal)
Section 2: Jason Hoffman (HLLG)
Section 3: Alex Herringshaw (HP)
Section 4: Joe Judge (Sp Van Et)
Section 5: Corey Cristales (Will)
Section 6: Brian Westerdahl (MG)
Section 7: Will Marcil (Saranac)
Section 8: Shawn Mosca (CP-Wheat)
Section 9: Liam Heslin (Tuxedo)
Section 10: Bailey Phelps (Oburg)
Section 11: James Hoeg (Matt)
PSAL: Vance Cuffee (Eagle Acad)
At Large 1: Connor Lawrence (Dbg)
At Large 2:Simon Breckenridge(VS)
At Large 3: Danny Khomitch (BB)
At Large 4: Nick Hosmer (Can-Gr)

Several returning NYS placewinners are entered at 160 promising to make it an entertaining weight class to follow.  Section 3’s Alex Herringshaw was the state champ at 145 last season and is undefeated against all Division 2 wrestlers this year.  Connor Lawrence from Duanesburg was a state finalist last year and will definitely be in the hunt.  Lawrence needed a wildcard birth to the tournament this year because he was defeated in the Section 2 finals by Jason Hoffman.  The sophomore from Hadley Luzerne/Lake George finished 4th in NYS last year and is undefeated this season.  Maple Grove’s Brian Westerdahl and Section 3’s Simon Breckenridge are both very solid and will definitely contend here.

170 Pounds
The Field

Section 1: Willie Messinger (PV)
Section 2: Tyler Green (S-ville)
Section 3: Trevor Allard (Mexico)
Section 4: Nick Jump (Sidney)
Section 5: Aaron Paddock (Warsaw)
Section 6: Howie Nolan (Maple Gr)
Section 7: Jordan Bushey (Peru)
Section 8: James Rodriguez (Min)
Section 9: Ted Mapes (Highland)
Section 10: Arden Ball (Gouv)
Section 11: Tanner Zagarino (Matt)
PSAL: Robert Welgoss (Petrides)
At Large 1: Josh Burge (Wat Glen)
At Large 2: James Lukaszonas (Gen)
At Large 3: Joe Hennessey (Adk)
At Large 4: Brett Lewis (Morr-Ea)

There a definitely some good wrestlers in this weight but all signs are pointing towards a finals showdown between Mexico’s Trevor Allard and Peru’s Jordan Bushey.  Allard was last year’s champ at 160 and he is 45-1 this season with his only loss coming to Nate Schwab (2-1 UTB) back in early December.  Bushey has been equally impressive. He is 39-1 and absolutely dominated the competition en route to the ESC crown this year.  Some of the other wrestlers to keep an eye on include Willie Messinger from Putnam Valley, Aaron Paddock from Warsaw, and Howie Nolan from Maple Grove.

182 Pounds
The Field

Section 1: Peter Jones (Irvington)
Section 2: Geno Brancati (Hud Fa)
Section 3: Triston Engle (Dolgeville)
Section 4: Ryan Marszal (Unatego)
Section 5: Jacob Kramell (Perry)
Section 6: Alex Kelly (Cat LV/PV)
Section 7: Leon Riley (Nor Adk)
Section 8: Alex Kaley (Cold Sp Har)
Section 9: Kevin Morgans (ELF)
Section 10: Marty Countryman (Go)
Section 11: Johnny Nolan (Ham Ba)
PSAL: Meroj Aslov (RKA)
At Large 1: Jacob Woolson (Mexico)
At Large 2: Ian Chedzoy (WatGlen)
At Large 3: Jake Kubala (Newfane)
At Large 4: Garrett Wright (HooFls)

Very similar to 170 in that there are several very solid wrestlers however there are two that really stand out.  Ryan Marszal from Unatego has only two losses this year and both are to out-of-state wrestlers.  He finished 2nd in NYS last season and he is looking to take it all this year.  Triston Engle from Section 3 Dolgeville is also having a great year.  After finishing 3rd in NYS last year, he is currently and is the only person to defeat Jordan Bushey this season.  Marszal and Engle will not go untested!  Wildcard entry Ian Chedzoy from Watkins Glen took Marszal to the limit eventually losing 3-1 in the Section 4 finals while Engle has been tested twice by Mexico’s Jacob Woolson 6-4 SV and 3-2.  Section 2 champ Geno Brancati is always athreat and we should definitely keep an eye on Section 9’s Kevin Morgans!

195 Pounds
The Field

Section 1: Connor Breit (Nanuet)
Section 2: Forrest Kubricky (HLLG)
Section 3: Jack Buell (Sher-Earl)
Section 4: Riley Hanrahan (Unat)
Section 5: Phil Wilshire (Attica)
Section 6: Mason Hoose (Sthwrn)
Section 7: Gage Cook (B-town)
Section 8: Bryce Dusold (Loc Val)
Section 9: Zach Williams (Tuxedo)
Section 10: Troy Gates (Gouverneur)
Section 11: Adam Goode (Mattituck)
PSAL: Nathanael Rose (Eagle Ac)
At Large 1: Jake Penhollow (Fal)
At Large 2: Ricardo Dawkins (GenBr)
At Large 3: Kasey Foster (Dolgeville)
At Large 4: Dylan Royce (Warsaw)

Perhaps one of the biggest favorites to win his weight class this year, Nathanael Rose from Eagle Academy has been awesome this season.  He is the defending state champ at 195, he is undefeated this season at 30-0, and he dismantled D1 favorite Araneo in the finals of the Eastern States Classic.  The only close match that Rose has had all year has been against Section 3 champ Jack Buell.  Rose beat Buell 5-3 in the semis of the ESC back in January.  Buell is having a very nice season however he has dropped a match to Section 4 champ Riley Hanrahan from Unatego, and was also taken to the limit by Section 3 wildcard Ricardo Dawkins in the S3 finals.  Locust Valley Bryce Dusold is tough and we should not forget to mention Attica’s Phil Wishire as well!

220 Pounds
The Field

Section 1: Constantine George (PV)
Section 2: Patrick Barber (HLLG)
Section 3: Garrett Duvall (Sher-Earl)
Section 4: Garyn Huntley (Oxford)
Section 5: Todd Brockuizen (Pal Mac)
Section 6: Tyler Hall (East Aurora)
Section 7: Paul Herrea (Saranac)
Section 8: Spencer Matthaei (Lo Val)
Section 9: Stefan Chichkov (RH)
Section 10: Aaron McEathron (Go)
Section 11: Ryan Matthews (Bab)
PSAL: Miguel Perez (Eagle Acad)
At Large 1: William Hilliard (Pho)
At Large 2: Elijah Sampo (Cana)
At Large 3: Aaron Mann (Warsaw)
At Large 4: Zach Gifford (Deposit)

It is possible that the top 3 wrestlers in this weight all come from Section 3!  Garrett Duvall from Sherburne-Earlville won the Section 3 title this season by defeating Phoenix’s William Hilliard 4-2 SV in the finals.  One week earlier, however, Hilliad was beaten 3-1 by Canastota’s Elijah Campo in the Sectio 3 Class C tournament!  All three will contend in Albany!  Also in the hunt will be Section 4 champ Garyn Huntley as well as East Aurora’s Tyler Hall.

285 Pounds
The Field

Section 1: Adam Krieger (Irv)
Section 2: Jordan Keys (Salem)
Section 3: Dan Appley (Herkimer)
Section 4: Austin Dean (Sidney)
Section 5: Alex Gonzalez (Geneva)
Section 6: Laith Alsous (Lew Port)
Section 7: Clay Watts (B-town)
Section 8: Paul Parada (Island Tr)
Section 9: John Beal (Highland)
Section 10: Kelly Moore (Gouverneur)
Section 11: Peter Strassfield (South)
PSAL: Jayson Gomez (Eagle Acad)
At Large 1: Jeff Andrews (Randolph)
At Large 2: Nick Jones (Dunkirk)
At Large 3: Kierstan Armstrong (Adk)
At Large 4: Tyler VandenBogaard (HL)

Section 4 champ Austin Dean from Sidney is a returning state place winner and is undefeated this season making him one of the clear favorites to win at 285 this year.  Section 11 champ Peter Strassfield from Southampton is having a great year as well and can certainly get into the mix.  Section 2 has two entries in Jordan Keys from Salem and Tyler VandenBogaard from Haley Luzerne/Lake George who will contend.

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