Rankings #5….Who’s Dropping…Who’s Not???

Happy Holidays to you and your families!  Can it be true?  Is the Eastern States Classic less than two weeks away?  Are Warwick, Monroe Woodbury, and Minisink Valley all going to the UE Duals this weekend?  Time to get serious boys and girls!  Rankings #5 are up…let’s get it on!!!!

Remember that rankings are announced live, every Monday night, on the Section 9 Wrestling Talk Show at http://www.kjbroadcasting.com/ at 7:00 PM.  The show is archived for on-demand listening within 24 hours of original airing.

Wt.          First                       Second                        Third                     Fourth___
         Daly (MV)               Vespa (MW)              Cuccolo (PB)               Rivera (NFA)    106       Stramiello (PB)      Raccioppi (MV)        Ingraham (High)       Bastone (NFA) 113        Kreider (Corn)       Smoot (MW)             Rambrose (MV)        Vargas (Mont)   120       Corradino (War)   Jackson (Midd)        Hodes (RV)                Mongiello (Wash)    126       Brown (Midd)        Derham (NFA)         Andreakis(Wash)      Johnson (Corn)      132       Murphy (MW)        Roth (Corn)              Dimler (RV)               Robles (PB)           138       Connolly (War)      Morse (RV)              Milisci (Wash)            Curley (MW) 
145       Wierzbicki (War)    Muller (PJ)              Voelker (MW)           Fennell (MV)   152        Sauschuck (PJ)      Weston (PB)            Sommer (RV)            Vandercliff (MW)
160       Bedross (War)        Edwards (PJ)          Milano (MW)             Weigel (Ont)
170       Casey (Wash)          Sause (PB)               DeCarlo (PJ)              Mayo (MV)          182       Sannella (MV)        Hasan (VC)              Sakac (War)               Seth (MW)
195       Edmond (King)      Kelly (MW)              Leavell(War)             Giese (Corn)
220      Goreloz (War)        Winters (Wall)         Ortiz (Midd)              Vasco (MW)
285      Stanley (Saug)        Stauble (King)         Cheeks (NFA)            Corcoran (El-Fa)

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Week 5 Rankings

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