David Taylor Clinic This Sunday September 15 at Empire Wrestling Academy

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to learn from the best!!! This Sunday, September 15th, 2X NCAA Champion and 2018 World Champion David Taylor will be conducting a clinic at Empire Wrestling Academy in Somers, NY! Let’s pack the place Section 9!!!

Click here to register!

Minisink Valley 8th Grader Zack Ryder Ranked #3 Junior High Wrestler by FloWrestling

You knew it was just a matter of time!!! Congratulations to Minisink Valley 8th grader Zack Ryder for being recognized by FloWrestling as the 3rd ranked Junior High wrestler in the nation!

Ryder with Coach Kevin Gallagher after NYS semifinals

After having an absolutely stellar youth wrestling career, Ryder’s varsity career began with a bang! Ryder was the starting 106 pounder for the Warriors and he left no doubt that his youth accolades were not a fluke. Ryder went 45-4 as a 7th grader and finished 2nd in NYS after losing 4-3 to Stevo Poulin in the 106 pound state finals. Poulin was the #1 ranked 106 pound wrestler in the nation last season. Actually, 3 of Zack’s 4 losses were to Poulin – his other loss was at the Eastern States Classic to 2017 state finalist Chase Liardi. Ryder would avenge the loss to Liardi in the NYS semifinals.

Congratulations Zack! Section 9 is proud to call you our own!!!

SUNY Sullivan Inks International Stud

Newest SUNY Sullivan General Anas Samir

Congratulations to head coach Anthony Ng and the entire SUNY Sullivan wrestling program for recruiting the program’s first ever international wrestler, Anas Samir! Samir has enrolled for the Fall semester at SUNY Sullivan and projects at 157/165 for the Generals. Anas is a 2019 National Champion for Morocco. He currently lives in Roubaix, France and trains at LC Tourcoing with many for the best wrestlers in France! Best of luck Anas …Welcome to the Section 9 wrestling community!

Journeymen Fall Classic – September 28th and 29th

Registration is now open for one of the nation’s premier preseason events – The Journeymen Fall Classic!

This is where the wrestling hammer originated! The event that everyone wants to see! The best of the best from across the country squaring off in a preseason modified round-robin format. Last year, our sixth year, was outstanding. We had 500 competitors from 40 different states, 45 of whom were nationally ranked. We anticipate an even more competitive environment in 2019!

Best of the Best: This is a true national battleground for wrestlers. It’s all meat and potatoes! Four-, six-, eight-man or 15-man round-robin brackets with all decorated and accomplished opponents (three to four matches for each wrestler) National, State or New England place finishers, followed by state qualifiers (If applicable), get preference.
Didn’t make the cut in the Journeymen Fall Classic-HS due to being lighter criteria? Don’t stress. You can work your way into the event by wrestling in this mini tournament. Winners of their respective weight/bracket earn a slot in Sunday’s competition. Winners must weigh in again for Sunday’s competition. There will be a 5-pound allowance, and qualifying wrestlers can weigh in directly after completion on Saturday.

NUWAY Summer Nationals

Several of our local wrestlers took advantage of a great opportunity to sharpen their skills at the NUWAY Summer Nationals in Atlantic City, NJ. Let’s take a look at how they made out at this very tough event which includes an individual folkstyle tournament, and individual freestyle tournament, and a dual meet tournament! If I missed anyone, please email me at sectionixwrestling@gmail.com.

Folkstyle Individual Tournament

High School Division
155 – Louis Paulino (Monroe Woodbury) – dnp 0-2
Rd 32: Mendheim (NJ)) wbf 3:53 Paulino
Consi 16 #2: Matthews (CT) wbf Paulino :46
167 – Marcus Brown (Monroe Woodbury) – 5th place 5-2
Rd 32: Brown wbf 4:01 Onigbanjo (MD)
Rd 16: Brown wbf :54 Galex (MA)
Quarters: Campo (NY) wbf :49 Brown
Consi 8 #2: Brown dec 7-0 Sotir (NY)
Consi 4: Brown dec 8-4 Swinson (VA)
Consi Semis: Roberts (OH) wbf 4:21 Brown
5th/6th: Brown fft over Paglia (NJ)
187 – Steve Felice (Monroe Woodbury) 8th place 2-3
Rd 16: Hall (VA) dec 5-1 Felice
Consi 8 #1: Felice wbf 2:53 Hohman (VA)
Consi 8 #2: Felice wbf :53 Tipton (NJ)
Consi 4: Chicka dec 5-3 Felice
7th/8th: Petite (NJ) wbf 2:03 Felice

15U Division
100 – Jordan Brown (Monroe Woodbury) 5th place 2-2
Quarters: Brown dec 2-1 Tietjen (NJ)
Semis: McCaw (MD) dec 3-0 Brown
Consi Semis: Brady (IN) dec 5-0 Brown
5th/6th: Brown wbf 1:24 Bunton (IN)
110 – Jackson Merli (Newburgh Free Academy) dnp 0-2
Rd 32: Florance (NY) dec 4-2 Merli
Consi 16 #2: Ratcliffe (NJ) wbf 2:38 Merli
120 – Jaden Hansen (Newburgh Free Academy) dnp 1-2
Rd 32: Hansen dec 5-4 Reinert (PA)
Rd 16: Kunstek (PA) wbf :35 Hansen
Consi 16 #2: Sgambellone (NJ) dec 7-5 Hansen
HWT – Stephan Monchery (Middletown) Champion 4-0
Rd 1: Monchery wbf :38 Stewart (WA)
Rd 2: Monchery wbf :32 Clark (WA)
Rd 3: Monchery wbf 2:01 Groncki (NY)
Rd 4: Monchery wbf :19 Bennett (MD)

Freestyle Individual Tournament

High School Division
167 – Marcus Brown (Monroe Woodbury) 2nd Place 2-1
Rd 1: Braun (NJ) tech 10-0 Brown
Rd 2: Brown fft over Bonomo (PA)
Rd 3: Brown fft over Figueroa (NJ)

High School Girls Division
138 – Grace Pauls (Minisink Valley) 2nd Place 2-1
Quarters: Pauls wbf :50 Schoultz (PA)
Semis: Pauls wbf :58 Pegarella (PA)
Finals: Benjamin (MD) tech 10-0 Pauls

15U Division
Jordan Brown (Monroe Woodbury) 2nd Place 2-1
Rd 1: Brown tech 12-2 Montgomery (MD)
Rd 2: Daily (PA) tech 10-0 Brown
Rd 3: Brown tech 13-2 Jackson (IN)

Mia Mac and Grace Pauls Earn Fargo AA in Junior Division!!!

Heath Macaluso, Grace Pauls, Sofia Mac, Mia Mac, Matt Nicholas

Congratulations to rising Minisink Valley seniors Mia Macaluso and Grace Pauls for taking home All-American honors at the USA Wrestling National Championships in Fargo, ND! Mia Mac navigated her way through a brutal 63-girl bracket at 127 pounds and finished in 4th place! Pauls took 6th place in an absolute meat-grinder of a bracket at 132 which had 50 girls entered!

This caps off an incredible trip to Fargo for the Minisink Valley/Venom Girls Wrestling programs as Sofia Macaluso won the 122 lb title in the 16U Division just a few days earlier! Special congrats to Team NY Coach and Venom Girls founder Heath Macaluso and his assistant coach Matt Nicholas….great job coaches!!! Let’s take a look at the match-by-match results for Mia and Grace!

Mia Macaluso – 4th Place @ 127 (6-2)
Rd 64: Macaluso tech 10-0 Gray (KS)
Rd 32: Macaluso tech 11-1 Carrasquillo (VA)
Rd 16: Macaluso pin 1:39 Holman (AK)
Quarters: Harper (TX) dec 6-6 criteria Macaluso
Consi 8 #2: Macaluso dec 12-7 Archuleta (TX)
Consi 4: Macaluso pin 2:16 Schlabach (OH)
Consi Semis: Macaluso tech 10-0 Tuttle (MN)
3rd/4th: Beauchamp (HI) pin :15 Macaluso

Grace Pauls – 6th Place @ 132 (5-3)
Rd 64: bye
Rd 32: Pauls wbf 1:00 Schafer (ND)
Rd 16: Bibeau (PA) wbf 1:55 Pauls
Consi 16 #2: Pauls pin 2:40 Souza (WA)
Consi 8 #1: Pauls pin 2:06 Amaro (OR)
Consi 8 #2: Pauls pin 1:48 Carlson (HI)
Consi 4: Pauls pin 2:40 Justice (MO)
Consi Semis: Schwab (IL) pin 2:37 Pauls
5th/6th: Bibeau (PA) pin 1:13 Pauls

Sofia Mac Wins 16U National Title in Fargo at 122 Pounds!!!

Sofia Macaluso
USA Wrestling National Champion at 122 Pounds

Congratulations to Minisink Valley rising sophomore Sofia Macaluso for winning the 122 pound national championship in Fargo for the 16U Division! Earlier this year, Macaluso, who trains freestyle with Venom Girls Wrestling in Otisville, became the first ever girl to place at the Section 9 Tournament when she finished 3rd at 120 pounds.

Sofia navigated her way through a tough 37 girl bracket on her way to the top step of the podium. As the #1 seed, she began by advancing to the R32 with a bye and then reeled off two techs, two pins and then an impressive 10-0 tech at 1:04 in the finals to take home the gold. Let’s take a look at her match-by-match results! Congratulations and great job Sofia!!!

Rd 64 – Macaluso bye
Rd 32 – Macaluso tech 10-0 Adeduntun (MN)
Rd 16 – Macaluso tech 12-2 Paulino (HI)
Quarters – Macaluso wbf 1:02 Mateo (CT)
Semis – Macaluso wbf 1:44 Condit (CO)
Finals – Macaluso tech 10-0 Escamilla (CA)