Section 9 All-Star Dual Meet To Benefit Vespa Family

Local Stars Will Take On Grapplers From PA and NJ This Wednesday at Delaware Valley High School in Matamoras, PA

                         Section 9 All-Star Dual Meet Schedule
                                  Matched in Middle School Gym
Time       Mat #1                                                          Mat #2
5:00        SIR (NJ) vs. S9 All Stars                          D2 Ducks(PA) vs. Dark Nights WC(PA)
6:15         S9 All Stars vs. Dark Nights WC(PA)    D2 Ducks (PA) vs. SIR (NJ)
7:30        SIR (NJ) vs. Dark Nights WC (PA)        S9 All Stars vs. D2 Ducks (PA)

                                    Matches in Green Gym
5:00      Dark Nights WC (PA) – Team #2 vs. S9 All Stars – Team #2
6:15 – 8:00        Exhibition Matches 

           ***  $2 Fan Admission – All Proceeds Go To the Vespa Family  ***

Section 9 Wrestlers Competing:
109:  Gerard Daly (MV), Chris Cuccolo (PB)
116:  Dylan Booth (PJ), Damani Burns (NFA)
123:  John Stramiello (PB), Michael Raccioppi (MV)
129:  Joe Ginley (War), Alex Baum (MW)
135:  Bryan Mongiello (Wash), Tyler Rodriguez (Midd)
141:  Thomas Wightman (War), Brett Johnson (Corn)
148:  Quinn Zsido (Corn), Cory Cummings (VC)
155:  Dante Gianetta (Corn), Tyler Carlyon (NFA)
163:  Travis Edwards (PJ), AJ Voelker (MW)
173:  Dan DeCarlo (PJ), JP Vandercliff (MW)
185:  Vinny Nastro (Gosh), James Bethel (Saug)
198:  Randy Wilson (PJ)
223:  Jesse Corcoran (Eld), Josh Bonneau (MV)
288:  Terrence Cheeks (NFA), Tim Wade (Midd) 


6 thoughts on “Section 9 All-Star Dual Meet To Benefit Vespa Family”

    1. I believe that the shirts were just ordered so I doubt that they will be ready for Wednesday’s match…as soon as I get any information about when and where shirts will be available, I will post it… huge props to Forever Fierce!!!

  1. I was told Monroe was putting on a Tournament for the Vespa Family on Sunday June 3, 2012, but I do not see any link. Is this happening ?

    1. They had to postpone the takedown tournament….it’s looking like 6/30 will be the date…..I’ll post the info once it’s been confirmed

  2. Hi Mike,
    The Corcoran’s want to wish the Vespa’s the very best and we want to support them . Any word on the shirts/other fund raisers?

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