Vinny Vespa Benefit Takedown Tournament Set For June 30th

Mark your calendar!  The date is set!  On Saturday June 30th The Vinny Vespa Benefit Takedown Tournament will take place at Monroe Woodbury High School.  The day will be filled with great wrestling and fun activities for the entire family.  Festivities begin at 8:00 AM!  Click below for a tournament flyer as well as a separate site for online registration.  Special thanks to John Stramiello and Bob Voelker for putting this event together…great job guys!

Vinny Vespa Benefit Takedown Tournament Flyer                  Online Registration  

 **Click HERE to listen to Vinny’s brother Michael being interviewed on TakeDown Radio by Scott Casber!!!**

12 thoughts on “Vinny Vespa Benefit Takedown Tournament Set For June 30th”

  1. Any idea yet how weight classes will be broken down? Also, what are the matches going to look like as far as time/periods


  2. We will be doing honor weigh ins and using Madison weights. Going to go with round robin groups of 4-5 each. Time periods will be 1 1/2, 1 1/2, 1 1/2. Once we have the scoring and rules hammered out we will post and send out e-mails. Talk to everyone soon. Bob Voelker

  3. i am not able to make it to the benefit but is there anyways i could buy a t shirt or bracelet for #TeamVinnyV?

  4. My son Ben Liss registered for the tourney but can’t make it. We bought a few t-shirts and will continue to support Vinnie. Good luck!

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