Let’s take a look at how our local wrestlers are doing at the 2024 Nationals out in Farge, ND!

Cadet Girls
112 – Charlie Wylie (Port Jervis)
Rd 64: Wylie tf 10-0 Gershmel (MT)
Rd 32: Wylie pin 3:23 Crane (CA)
Rd 16: Wylie tf 24-24 Brewer (MO)
Quarters: Wylie tf 11-0 Williams (ID) … guaranteed AA
Semis: Wylie tf 12-1 Quintanilla (WY)
Finals: Wylie vs Batres (CT)

124 – Sara Pauls (Minisink Valley)
Rd 128: Pauls pin 1:12 Ramos (IL)
Rd 64: Pauls tf 12-0 Spry (OH)
Rd 32: Torres (AZ) pin 2:00 Pauls
Consi 32 #2: Pauls pin :45 Erikson (NY)
Consi 16 #1: Pauls pin 3:19 Allen (ME)
Consi 16 #2: Bacon (PA) pin 1:16 Pauls

136 – Jaida Macaluso (Minisink Valley)
Rd 64: Macaulso pin 3:29 Barbacz (IL)
Rd 32: Macaluso pin 3:13 Olorunfumi (IL)
Rd 16: Rainey (TX) dec 9-0 Macaluso
Consi 16 #2: Macaluso pin 2:38 Newman (OR)
Consi 8 #1: Tompkins (OH) tf 14-4 Macaluso

142 – Victoria Alvarado (Warwick)
Rd 32: Alvarado tf 13-2 Murray (NY)
Rd 16: Martinez (CA) tf 14-3 Alvarado
Consi 16 #2: Alvarado pin 1:30 Gavilanes (NJ)
Consi 8 #1: Alvarado tf 10-0 Farr (CA)
Blood Round: Alvarado dec 4-2 Ledezma (CA)… guaranteed AA
Consi 4: Alvarado tf 12-2 Luker (OK)
Consi Semis: Martinez (CA) tf 14-2 Alvarado
5th/6th Place: Sheen (ID) pin 2:54 Alvarado … Victoria places 6th!!!

Junior Girls
125 – Brooke Tarshis (Pine Bush)
Rd 128: Kaplan (IN) tf 10-0 Tarshis
Consi 64 #2: Tarshis dec 16-15 Callendar (AK)
Consi 32 #1: Tarshis pin 2:46 Chase (OK)
Consi 32 #2: Tarshis fft Halso (IA)
Consi 16 #1: Klavetter (WI) tf 10-0 Tarshis

235 – Patricia Deslandes (Minisink Valley)
Rd 64: Venales (IA) pin 1:34 Deslandes
Consi 32 #2: Perry (ND) pin 1:37 Deslandes

Cadet Boys – Freestyle
100 – William Soto (Newburgh Free Academy)
120 – Marco Futia (Wallkill)
138 – Elijah Brown (Monroe Woodbury)

Junior Boys – Freestyle
113 – Cooper Merli (Newburgh Free Academy)
132 – Luke Satriano (Valley Central)
175 – Ryan Burton (St. Joseph’s Regional, NJ – lives in Minisink Valley)

Minisink Valley’s PJ Duke and Zack Ryder Earn Gold at U20 Pan-American Championships

Congratulations to PJ Duke and Zack Ryder for taking home gold medals at the 2024 Pan-American Championships in Lima, Peru on Saturday. Duke, a senior for Minisink Valley took the title at 70kg while Ryder, a 2024 Minisink Valley graduate, took the crown at 79kg. As a team, the United States won the gold medal in all 10 weight classes in the U20 Men’s Freestyle division with 34 of their 36 victories coming by way of technical fall or pin!

70 kg: PJ Duke – Gold
Quarterfinals – 13-0 win over Santiago Pinargote, ECU
Semifinals – 10-0 win over Jean Torres, COL
Finals – 10-0 win over Tyler Tracy, JAM

79 kg: Zack Ryder – Gold
Qualification – 11-0 win over Hector Hernandez, ECU
Quarterfinals – 8-0 win over Leandro Araujo, BRA
Semifinals – 10-0 win over Dario Cubas, PER
Finals – 10-0 win over Kevina Olavarria, PUR

Fargo Qualifiers from Section 9

Luke Satriano
NYS Champion in Folkstyle, Freestyle, and Greco!

By finishing in the top 3 in their bracket at the Jeff Blatnick New York State Olympic Style Championships, the following wrestlers from Section 9 have qualified for the 2024 U.S. Marine Corps Junior and 16U Nationals – aka Fargo!!! Special congratulations to Valley Central junior Luke Satriano who completed the Triple Crown of Wrestling! In 2024 Satriano has won NYS titles in Folkstyle, Freestyle, and Greco-Roman! Congratulations Luke!!!

Junior Boys Freestyle
132 – Luke Satriano (Valley Central) – champion
150 – Mason Ketcham (Washingtonville) – champion

Junior Boys Greco
132 – Luke Satriano (Valley Central) – champion

Junior Girls Freestyle
125 – Brooke Tarshis (Pine Bush) – 2nd place
235 – Patricia Deslandes (Minisink Valley) – 2nd place

16U Boys Freestyle
100 – William Soto (Newburgh Free Academy) – champion
120 – Marco Futia (Wallkill) – 2nd place

16U Boys Greco

16U Girls Freestyle
124 – Sara Pauls (Minisink Valley) – champion
136 – Jaida Macaluso (Minisink Valley) – champion
142 – Victoria Alvarado (Warwick) – champion

2024 US Open Wrestling Championships

U20 – Freestyle

70kg – PJ Duke (Minisink Valley)
Rd 128: Duke tf 13-1 Greenwood (OH)
Rd 64: Duke tf 11-0 Christolin (CT)
Rd 32: Duke tf 10-0 Van Hoecke (FL)
Rd 16: Duke dec 8-2 Hilton (TN)
Quarterfinals: Duke pin :39 Harrington (MA)
Semifinals: Duke tf 12-1 Webster (IL)
Finals: Duke tf 10-0 Routledge (OK) – PJ is the champion!!!

79kg – Zack Ryder (Minisink Valley)
Rd 64: Ryder tf 11-1 Allesio (IL)
Rd 32: Ryder tf 10-0 Andel (OH)
Rd 16: Ryder dec 5-2 Norman (NJ)
Quarterfinals: Ryder dec 4-3 Henckel (NJ)
Semifinals: Ryder dec 6-1 Ruiz (NJ)
Finals: Ryder tf 12-2 Mulvaney (WI)… Zack is the champion!!!

U17 – Freestyle

60kg – Luke Satriano (Valley Central)
Rd 128: Satriano tf 10-0 Rogers (NV)
Rd 64: Satriano dec 12-7 Hardy (NE)
Rd 32: Satriano dec 9-5 (8) Anderson (AZ)
Rd 16: Tomazevic (WI) tf 10-0 Satriano
Consi 16 #2: Agcaioli (NV) dec 9-6 Satriano

71kg – Mason Ketcham (Washingtonville)
Rd 128: Ketcham tf 10-0 Neidigh (IN)
Rd 64: (6) Rowe (MN) dec 6-4 Ketcham
Consi 64 #2: Ketcham tf 11-1 Aguirre (MO)
Consi 32 #1: Ketcham tf 10-0 Hice (CO)
Consi 32 #2: Ketcham tf 10-0 Hollis (AK)
Consi 16 #1: Weader (VA) tf 10-0 Ketcham

Friends of Section 9 2024 Banquet of Champions Award Winners

So much to celebrate at the 2024 Friends of Section 9 Banquet of Champions! Below are just some of the highlights from an incredible 2023-2024 wrestling season as well as a list of all of the special award winners from this year’s banquet! Congratulations to everyone who was recognized and a huge “thank you” to the dozens of people not mentioned here who do so much work behind the scenes!

2023-2024 Season Highlights – Chronological Order

Eastern States Classic – Boys
– 3 champs Soto (NFA), Duke (MV), & Monchery (Midd), 12 total placers
– PJ Duke wins Most Outstanding Wrestler and Champion of Champions
– Minisink Valley won team title; 1st S9 team since Port won it in 2008
Eastern States Classic – Girls
– 1 champ Deslandes (MV), 5 finalists, 14 place winners
– Minisink Valley won girls team title
Section 9 Duals
– Middletown defeats 5X defending champions Minisink Valley
NYSPHSAA Girls Invitational
– 2 champions Sullivan (MW) and Brennan (NP); 8 total place winners
– Minisink Valley wins team title
NYSPHSAA Dual Meet Championships
– Minisink Valley wins their pool and places 2nd to Plainedge
Section 9 Championships
– D1 Champs – Minisink Valley – MOW PJ Duke (MV)
– D2 Champs – Port Jervis – MOW Justin Coiteux (NP)
– Girls Champs – Minisink Valley – MOW Alyssa Reed (PJ)
NYSPHSAA Championships
– S9 wins for 3rd straight year; 229.5 points (most ever for S9)
– Minisink Valley wins team title for 3rd straight year
– 5 D1 champs; Soto & Merli (NFA), Satriano (VC), Duke (MV), Monchery (Midd)
– D2 finished with 74 points (most ever for a S9 D2 team)

Friends of Section 9 Banquet – Special Awards

DeCapua Most Exciting Match D1 – 138 – Aviles (Midd) vs Boice (MV)
DeCapua Most Exciting Match D2 – 124 – Celestine (RH) vs Harrison (PJ)
Pat D’Aliso Most Improved Wrestler – EJ Vass (VC)
Referee of the Year – Wayne Carroll
Orange/Sullivan Officials Sportsmanship Awards – Bryson Tibbs (Midd)
Modified Coach of the Year – Dom Gambino (Kingston)
Fan of the Year – Hector Mercado (NFA)
Coach’s Wife of the Year – Erin Vrydaghs (Goshen)
Most Improved Team – Port Jervis
Dave Simmons Most Courageous Wrestler – Ryan Ross (PJ)
Girls Comeback Wrestler of the Year – Alyssa Reed (PJ)
Parent of the Year – Chris Herriman (FDR)
Scorekeepers of the Year – Natasha Santiago (FDR), Lillyana Uhrig (MV)
Comeback Wrestler of the Year – PJ Duke (MV)
FS9 Person (People) of the Year – Cathi and Jeff Greiner (MV)
Girls Senior Wrestler of the Year – Zoe Kip (Liberty)
Girls Senior Wrestler of the Year – Brook Tarshis (Pine Bush)
Pat D’Aliso Scholarship – Justin Coiteux (New Paltz)
John Bell Lifetime Achievement Award – Frank Ciliberto (New Paltz)
Frank Tschan Team of the Year – Minisink Valley
Mark Faller Coach of the Year – Kevin Gallagher (Minisink Valley)
Assistant Coach of the Year – Eugene Noboa (Middletown)
FS9 Coach of the Year – Jason Lichtenstein (Middletown)
Troy Bouzakis Senior Wrestler of the Year – Stephan Monchery (Midd)
DeCapua Scholarships:
– Chris Herriman (FDR)
– Jacob Roger (Middletown)
– Stephan Monchery (Middletown)
– Justin Coiteux (New Paltz)
– Zoe Kip (Liberty)
– Brooke Tarshis (Pine Bush)

2024 Banquet of Champions

The Friends of Section 9 will once again host the annual Banquet of Champions to celebrate another absolutely incredible season for Section 9 Wrestling! This year’s banquet will be held on Sunday, March 17th at the Meadowbrook in New Windsor, NY. Cost is $45 per person. The Meadowbrook has a maximum capacity of 300 guests, and it is possible that this banquet will sell out. Tickets are available through TicketLeap at the link below! We look forward to an amazing evening!

2024 Friends of Section 9 Banquet of Champion Tickets