Match by Match Results from Fargo

Section 9 sent five wrestlers to Fargo to compete in the 2018 US Marine Corps USA Wrestling Cadet and Junior Nationals.  Take a look at the match by match results for Sofia, Mia, Grace, Jacob, and Joey!


3 MV Girls All- Americans in Fargo!!!

Cadet Girls
Sofia Macaluso (Minisink Valley, 122) – ALL- AMERICAN
Rd 32: S. Macaluso dec 15-13 London Houston (WA)
Rd 16: S. Macaluso wbf 1:06 Angelina Baltazar (TX)
Quarters: Nanea Estrella (HI) wbf 2:00 S. Macaluso
Consi Rd 8 #2: S. Macaluso tf 13-3 Kenedi Walker (NV)
Consi Rd 4: Melanie Mendoza (CA) dec 16-7 S.Macaluso
7th/8th Place: S. Macaluso dec 11-4 Aki Choates (GA)

Mia Macaluso (Minisink Valley, 127) – NATIONAL CHAMP
Rd 16: M. Macaluso wbf 4:11 Claire DiCugno (WA)
Quarters: M. Macaluso wbf :19 Sara Schmoker (MT)
Semis: M. Macaluso wbf 1:27 Jessi Johnson (NJ)
Finals: Mia Macaluso dec 11-8 Naomi Henry (NY)

Grace Pauls (Minisink Valley, 132) – ALL-AMERICAN
Rd 32: G. Pauls wbf :37 Naleah Hedges (WI)
Rd 16: G. Pauls wbf :42 Allyson Arrington (CA)
Quarters: Hannah Strauss (IL) tech 10-0 G. Pauls
Consi Rd 8 #2: G. Pauls wbf 1:52 Tiera Jimerson (CA)
Consi Rd 4: G. Pauls wbf 3:40 Madison Matta (PA)
Consi Semis: G. Pauls tech 10-0 Nallely Rivadeneira (CA)
3rd/4th Place: G. Pauls wbf 2:23 Hannah Strauss (IL)

Cadet Boys Freestyle
Jacob Chenier (Kingston, 113)
Rd 128: Derrick Cardinal (MN) tech 10-0 J.Chenier
Consi Rd 64 #2: Ty Finn (CT) tech J. Chenier 12-2

Junior Boys Freestyle
Joey Yanis (Minisink Valley, 195)
Rd 64: Matt Cover (OH) tech 10-0 J. Yanis
Consi Rd 64 #2: J. Yanis wbf 2:27 James Scott (WA)
Consi Rd 32 #1: J. Yanis vs Ethan Seeley (PA)
Consi Rd 32 #2: J. Yanis tech 12-1 Aiden Hicks (OK)
Consi Rd 16 #1: Steve Elwell (MO) over J. Yanis

Junior Girls
Grace Pauls (Minisink Valley, 138)
Rd 64: G. Pauls wbf 1:40 MacKenzie Jessop (UT)
Rd 32: Cassandra Smith (OH) wbf :41 G.Pauls
Consi Rd 32 #2: G. Pauls wbf 1:23 Daisy Scholz (CO)
Consi Rd 16 #1: G. Pauls wbf :49 Jolette Miner-Ho (HI)
Consi Rd 16 #2: Mika Walters (NY) tech 10-0 G. Pauls

Updated Flo Rankings – 7 New Yorkers Nationally Ranked!

Let’s take a look at the seven New York wrestlers that are currently ranked in the top 20 in the nation at their weight according to FloWrestling. Will we see any Section 9 wrestlers crack the national rankings this year???


#2 @ 126 – Adam Busiello (Eastort South Manor, senior)
#3 @ 113 – Greg Diakomihalis (Hilton, junior)
#3 @ 182 – Jake Logan (New Rochelle, senior)
#12 @ 113 – Anthony Noto (Lima, junior)
#14 @ 285 – Joey Slackman (Commack, senior)
#16 @ 106 – Stevo Poulin (Shenendehowa, sophomore)
#18 @ 152 – Kiernen Shanahan (Shenendehowa, senior)

There are two wrestlers, however, with local ties that did make the rankings.  Nic Bouzakis, son of Pine Bush graduate and 3X NYS champ Troy Bouzakis , is ranked #6 at 120. Nic wrestles for Lake Highlan Prep in Florida. JoJo Aragona is ranked 3rd in the nation at 138. JoJo wrestles for Pope John in NJ however he is from Dingmans Ferry PA which is in the Delaware Valley School District which borders Port Jervis NY.

Team USA Rosters for 2018 World Championships

Take a look at the incredible rosters for Team USA for the 2018 World Championships! This year’s championships will take place in Budapest, Hungary and the tournament will run from October 20th through October 28.  New York is very well represented with Kyle Dake (Lansing, Section 4) and Nick Gwiazdowski (Duanesburg, Section 2) both earning spots on the freestyle team.  Also having NY ties are Nahshon Garrett and Jon Jay Chavez who competed in college at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY.  Let’s also give a huge “Thank You” to our good friend Matt Diano for putting this together for us!

Men’s Freestyle

Kyle Dake – 2X NYS D2 Champion (Lansing); 4X NCAA Champion (Cornell)

57kg: Thomas Gilman: 2017 Senior World Silver medalist; 2x Junior World Team Member (8th in 2013; Bronze in 2014); 2011 Cadet World Team Member (10th)

61kg: Nahshon Garrett: **World Championship debut**

65kg: Logan Stieber: 2x Senior World Team member/2016 Senior World Champion (12th in 2017); 2011 Junior World Silver Medalist

70kg: James Green: 3x Senior World Team member/2x medalist (3rd in 2015, 2nd in 2017; finished 7th 2016); 2012 World University Games 12th place performer; 2014 World University Championship Silver medalist

74kg: Jordan Burroughs: 2x Olympian/2012 Gold medalist (9th in 2016); 5x Senior World Medalist/4x Champion (2011, 2013, 2015, 2017; earned bronze in 2014); 2008 Junior World Team member (8th)

79kg: Kyle Dake: 2008 Junior World Team member in Greco-Roman (14th)

Nick Gwiazdowski – 2X NYS D2 Champion (Duanesburg); 2X NCAA Champion (NC State)

86kg: David Taylor: 2013 World University Games Bronze medalist; 2007 Junior World Team member (8th)

92kg: J’Den Cox: 2016 Olympic Bronze medalist; 2017 Senior World Bronze medalist

97kg: Kyle Snyder: 2016 Olympic Gold medalist; 2x Senior World Champion (2015, 2017); 2x Junior World Medalist (Gold in 2013, Bronze in 2014)

125kg: Nick Gwiazdowski: 2017 Senior World Bronze Medalist

Women’s Freestyle

50kg: Whitney Conder: 3x Senior World Team Member (13th in 2011, 9th in 2014, 16th in 2015); 2014 World Military Championship Silver medalist; 2007 World Junior Champion

53kg: Sarah Hildebrandt: 2016 Senior World Team member (10th); 8th at the 2013 World University Championships; 2x Junior World Team member (11th in 2012; 10th in 2013)

55kg: Jacarra Winchester: 2014 World University Bronze medalist

57kg: TBD—Due to injury, the Helen Maroulis/Alex Hedrick series was postponed to a later date

59kg; Alli Ragan: 5x Senior World Team Member/Back-to-back World Silvers in 2016 and 2017 (also has finishes of 9th in 2013, 5th in 2014, and 17th in 2015); 2013 World University Games Silver medalist; 2x Junior World Bronze medalist in 2011 and 2012.

62kg: Mallory Velte: 2017 Senior World Team member (14th); 2015 Junior World Team member (5th)

65kg: Forrest Molinari: 2017 World U23 Team Member (16th); 2015 Junior World Team member (7th)

68kg: Tamyra Mensah-Stock: 2016 Olympic Trials winner (did not qualify weight class); 2017 Senior World Team member (9th); 2014 World University Championship Silver medalist

72kg: Erin Clodgo: 2015 Senior World Team member (16th); 2x Junior World Team member (8th in 2007; 12th in 2010)

76kg: Adeline Gray: 2016 Olympian (7th); 5x Senior World medalist (Gold in 2012, 2014, 2015; Bronze in 2011 and 2013)); Also finished 5th in the Senior Worlds in 2009; 2012 World University Champion; 3x Junior World Team member (Gold in 2008, 9th in 2009, 2nd in 2011)

Men’s Greco Roman

55kg: Sam Hazewinkel: 2012 Olympian in FS (17th); 2008 World University Gold in GR

60kg: Dalton Roberts: 2x Junior World GR Team member (8th in 2015; 14th in 2016); 9th at 2017 U23 World Championships.

63kg: Jesse Thielke: 2016 Olympian (9th); 2013 Senior World Team member (8th); 4x Junior World Team Member, winning bronze in 2012 after finishes of 15th, 20th, and 19th in 2009-2011

67kg: Ellis Coleman: 2012 Olympian (14th); 2x Senior World Team member (25th in 2013; 12th in 2017); 2x Junior World Bronze medalist in 2010 and 2011.

72kg: Jon Jay Chavez: 2013 Double Cadet World Team Member (bronze in GR; 10th in FS); 2x Junior World Team Member (15th in 2014; 18th in 2015)

77kg: Kamal Bey: 2017 Junior World Champion/2x Junior World Team member (8th in 2016); 21st at the 2017 U23 World Championships

82kg: Geordon Speiller: 2x World Junior Team Member (7th in 2012; 21st in 2013); 14th at the 2013 World University Championships

87kg: Pat Martinez: 2x Senior World Team member (13th in 2015; 26th in 2016)

97kg: Tracy Hancock: 2017 Senior World Team member (13th); 2017 U23 World Team Member (10th); 2x Junior World Team Member (Bronze in 2016; 7th in 2017)

130kg: Adam Coon: 2011 Double Cadet World Team Member (Gold in FS; 11th in GR); 2014 Double World Junior Bronze Medalist


Vespa and Barczak in Akron

MW grad Evan Barczak went 4-2 at 70kg

Not many local wrestlers in action this weekend but we wanted to give some recognition to Vinny Vespa and Evan Barczak, both Monroe Woodbury graduates, who competed in the UWW U23 World Team Trials in Akron, OH on Saturday.  Vespa, who now wrestles at 141 pounds for Hofstra, competed at 65 kg and went 1-2 representing the Blue and Gold Wrestling Club.  Barczak, who wrestles at 157 for Drexel, competed at 70 kg and went 4-2 competing for the Pennsylvania RTC.  Match-by-match results are listed below.

Vinny Vespa (Hofstra, 65kg)
Rd 64: Cory Crooks (Sunkist Kids) dec 6-0 Vespa
Consie Rd 32 #1: Vespa dec 6-4 Colton Yapoujian (Pomona HS)
Consie Rd 32 #2: Nate Hagan (Edinboro RTC) tech 10-0 Vespa

Evan Barczak (Drexel, 70kg)
Rd 128: Grant Bond (Husky Elite WC) dec 8-7 Barczak
Consie Rd 64 #1: Barczak tech 10-0 Avery Shay (Clarion RTC)
Consie Rd 64 #2: Barczak tech 16-6 Brett Kaliner (Edge Wrestling)
Consie Rd 32 #1: Barczak tech 14-3 Greg Gaxida (Valley RTC)
Consie Rd 32 #2: Barczak dec Hunter Richard (Cornell)
Consie Rd 16 #1: Cole Martin (Wisconsin) tech 10-0 Barczak

Check out all of the All-Americans from NYS!!!

U23 – Freestyle
61kg – Vito Arujau (Syosset HS, Cornell) – CHAMPION
61kg – Nick Piccininni (Ward Melville HS, Ok St) – 6th place
74kg – Alex Smythe (Eden HS, Buffalo) – CHAMPION
97kg – Ben Honis (Jamesville Dewitt HS, Cornell) – 3rd place
125kg – Youssif Hemida (Mamaronack, Maryland) – CHAMPION
125kg – Michael Hughes (Smithtown West, Hofstra) – 6th place

Cadet – Freestyle
45kg – Stevo Poulin (Shenedehowa HS, Section 2) – 3rd place
48kg – Joe Scheeran (Galway HS, Section 2) – 8th place
51kg – Greg Diakomihalis (Hilton HS, Section 5) – 3rd place
80kg – Jacob Logan (New Rochelle HS, Section 1) – 7th place

U23 – Greco-Roman
77kg – Jesse Porter (Shenedehowa, NYAC) – CHAMPION


Vision Wrestling Barn at Pop & Flo National Duals

Vision Wrestling Barn sent a team of Section 9 wrestlers to the Pop & Flo National Duals in Lake Placid this weekend.  Coach Brian Vutianitis is taking a squad of 13 sectional placewinners including 4 Section 9 champions!  Roster and results posted below!

Vision Wrestling Barn
106 – Joey Curreri (Eldred) 2nd S9 D2
113 – Hunter Brown (Warwick) 3rd S9 D1
120 – Bryan MacDougal (Warwick) 2nd S9 D1
125 – Eric Tigue (Port Jervis) 1st S9 D2
130 – Joey Amato (Port Jervis) 3rd S9 D2
135 – Matt Romano (Valley Central) 1st S9 D1
140 – Evan Gibbons (Warwick)
145 – Nick Curreri (Eldred) 3rd S9 D2
152 – Nick Florin (Pine Bush) 4th S9 D1
160 – Tyler Serafini (Newburgh Free Academy) 1st S9 D1
170 – William Harrison (Port Jervis) 1st S9 D2
182 – Tyshawn Moody (Middletown)
195 – Elijah Babb (Middletown) 5th S9 D1
220 – Amel Duke (Middletown)
285 – James Oosterum (Port Jervis) 2nd S9 D2

Journeymen Black 67 Vision Wrestling Barn 6
Superior Black 40 Vision Wrestling Barn 39
Vision Wrestling Barn 54 Catamount 21
Vision Wresting Barn 48 Razor 15
Vision Wrestling Barn 42 Blackstone 33

Box scores available at Tournaflex

other S9 wrestlers in the competing (please email me if I have missed anyone)….
Nathan Ross (Onteora) 145 for Journeymen Black
Nikko Walsh (Rondout Valley) 106 for Empire Gold
Doug Doherty (Monticello) 160 for Empire Gold

Rumble On The River: Beat the Streets 2018 Annual Benefit

Thursday May 17 @ 2:30
Pier 17, South Street Seaport

Tickets are sold out and there is no public viewing area however the event will be broadcast live on FloWrestling!

2:30 – BTS Youth Exhibition Matches
4:00 – NYC PSAL Girls Dual Meet Championship
6:00 – Main Event – USA vs Nigeria and Cuba plus Super Matches!

Women’s Freestyle Card
57kg: Helen Maroulis (USA) vs. Odunayo Adekuoroye (Nigeria)
59 kg: Alli Ragan (USA) vs. Adeniyi Aminat (Nigeria)
68 kg: Tamyra Stock (USA) vs. Blessing Oborududu (Nigeria)

Team USA vs. Cuba in men’s freestyle
57 kg – Josh Rodriguez (USA) vs. Reineri Andreeu Ortega (Cuba)
70 kg – James Green (USA) vs. Franklin Maren Castillo (Cuba)
79 kg – Kyle Dake (USA) vs. Livan Lopez Azcuy (Cuba)
92 kg – J’den Cox (USA) vs. Yurieski Torreblanca Queralta (Cuba)
97 kg – Kyle Snyder (USA) vs. Reineris Salas Perez (Cuba)
125 kg– Nick Gwiazdowski (USA) vs. Yudenny Estevez (Cuba)

High School SuperMatch – Patrick Glory vs Gavin Teasdale
SuperMatch 1 – Jordan Burroughs (USA) vs Frank Chamizo (ITA)
SuperMatch 2 – Jordan Oliver (USA) vs Togrul Asgarov (AZE)