J Robinson Intensive Wrestling Camps Coming To New York

J Robinson Intensive Wrestling Camps are the only choice for the dedicated wrestler who wants to be continually challenged.  Focused and highly regimented training instills in wrestlers a new definition of hard work.  J Rob camps are about developing wrestling and life skills – which requires time, attitude, effort and above all – intensity.

Why choose J Robinson Intensive Camps?  Quite simply, The Change is Forever.

     * The #1 Intensive camp since 1978
     * Physically and mentally, the undisputed toughest camp in the nation
     * Over 30,000 wrestlers have earned the right to say “I Did It”
     * Led by 3X National Coach of the Year, Olympian and Army Ranger –  J Robinson

J Robinson and Beat The Streets have joined together to offer a camp for New York residents only!  Click below for the flyer.

                                       J Robinson New York Camp Flyer