Sunday 1/24 Results

Gene Brigham Tournament at Minisink Valley
Minisink Valley 74 Monticello 0   Middletown 51 Red Hook 35
Minisink Valley 64 Red Hook 15  Goshen 52 Middletown 24
Middletown 46 Monticello 30      Goshen 48 Red Hook 42
Minisink Valley 63 Goshen 15     Red Hook 64 Monticello 21
Goshen 50 Monticello 30              MV 58  Middletown 21

MOW – Taylor Benson – Red Hook
Taylor Benson (RH) and Connor Greiner (MV) both recorded their 100th career victory today!!! Congrats!!!

Rondout Valley Duals
MW-A 80 Rondout Valley 6    MW-A 88 Arlington-B 0
MW-A 83 Ellenville 6               MW-A 73 NFA 9
MW-A 85 MW-B 0                     MW-B 64 Arlington-B 18
NFA 56 MW-B 27                      MW-B 45 Rondout Valley 40
MW-B 66 Middletown-B 18    NFA 75 Middletown-B 9
NFA 59 Rondout Valley 18

Going undefeated for MW were Dylan Earl, Marco Vespa, Anthony Stramiello, Cameron Wernicki, Kevin Kelly, Anthony Sountis, Tom Fini, Evan Barczak, John Minnies, Kendall Elsftrum, Samson Perez, and Nick McShea!

Congratulations to Rondout Valley’s Ian Houck for recording his 100th career victory!  Great job Ian!!!

Wallkill Duals
Wallkill 3-peats as champions of the Wallkill Duals!  I am not sure if they selected a MOW but if they did it would have to be Mike Fekishazy!  The Wallkill junior went 3-0 on the day and had wins over Kevin Morgans from ELSW (7/8 NYS D2), Ben Cuppett from New Paltz (S9 D2 Champion), and Nick Russo from Cornwall (D1 S9 placewinner)!  Great job Mike!!

Wallkill 70 ELSW 9                Wallkill 63 New Paltz 12
Wallkill 59 Cornwall 15       Cornwall 45 New Paltz 27
Cornwall 62 ELSW 21


S9 Results for 1/19 – 1/22

Tuesday 1/19
Minisink Valley 64 Cornwall 12

section9Wednesday 1/20
Monroe Woodbury 68 NFA 16
Wallkill 68 Port Jervis 9
VC 48 Washingtonville 28
Red Hook 78 Onteora 12
Minisink Valley 58 Warwick 19
Middletown 72 Kingston 10
Saugerties 58 Monticello 24
Rondout Valley 66 Burke 12
Highland 58 Burke 9
ELSW 72 Ellenville 12
Rondout Valley 53 Highland 24
New Paltz 69 Ellenville 6

Thursday 1/21
Hanover Area, PA 51 Port Jervis 30
Wallkill 42 John Jay East Fishkill 22
Ellenville 46 Burke 30
Ketcham 69 Chester 9
Onteora @ E/L/SW

Friday 1/22
NFA 59 Pine Bush 21
Warwick 42 Washingtonville 36
Saugerties @ Beacon Bulldog Tournament:  Saugerties came in 3rd place as a team while Brian Bucci won the title at 152 pounds and picked up career win #100 in doing so…congrats Brian!!!

Eastern States Classic – Day 2 Recap

99 Pounds
Finals: Dylan Ryder (HHHW) dec 3-2 Greg Diahomihalis (Hilton)
S9 Medal Match: Oscar Lainez (Mid) wbf  Trent Svingala (Albany Academy)…Oscar finishes in 3rd place with the 1st period pin!!!

106 Pounds
Finals: Adam Busiello (SWR) pin Orion Anderson (Schuylerville)

113 Pounds
Finals: Beau Bartlett (Sem) 12-5 Thomas Cox (Deer Park)
S9 Medal Match: Benny Baker (Sem) dec 5-2 Connor Greiner (MV) … Connor comes in 6th place!!!

120 Pounds
Finals: Matteo Devincenzo (Port Jefferson) 3-2 over Jack Davis (Sem)

126 Pounds
Finals: Jacori Teemer (Long Beach) 2-0 Peter Pappas (Plainview)
S9 Medal Match: Ben Tepperman (Haup) 6-0 Kevin Kelly (MW) … Kevin takes 8th place!

132 Pounds
Finals: Vito Arujau (Syosset) 4-1 Kellen Devlin (Amherst)

138 Pounds
Finals: Yianni Diakomihalis (Hilton) 17-5 Matt Grippi (Fox Lane)
S9 Medal Match:  Parker Kropman (Penfield) med. fft. over Charlie Johnson (Warwick).  Johnson finishes 4th.

145 Pounds
Finals: Frankie Gissendanner (Pennfield) 5-2 Connor Melbourne (JJCR)
S9 Medal Match: Evan Barczak (MW) med fft Jake Hendricks (Sem) … Evan takes 7th place!

152 Pounds
Finals: Kobe Garrehy (Maine Endwell) dec 3-2 Ryan Ferro (Warwick) … Ferro finishes in 2nd!  Congrats Ryan!!!

160 Pounds
Finals: Adam Santoro (Fordam Prep) 8-6 Jason Hoffman (HL/LG)
S9 Medal Match: Ricky Stamm (Division) 6-5 AJ Aeberli (MV) … AJ takes 4th place!!!

170 Pounds
Finals: Louie Deprez (Hilton) 9-0 Evan Frank (JJCR)

182 Pounds
Finals: Christian Dietrich (Sem) 8-4 Kevin Parker (Shen)
S9 Medal Match: Kendall Elfstrum (MW) 7-0 Tyreek Bromley (LB) … Kendall takes 7th!!!

195 Pounds
Finals: Christian Areneo (Ward Melville) med fft over Reenan (Sem)

S9 Medal Match: Claude Judes (Wing) med fit Justin McLee (Washingtonville)… Justin finishes 8th!!!

220 Pounds
Finals: Will Hilliard (Sem) 8-3 Terron Robinson (Walt Whitman)
S9 Medal Match:  Nick McShea (MW) 3-2 Riccardo Dawkins (Gen Br) … Nick takes 3rd place!!!
Ryan Ellefsen (Goshen) pin Anthony Bello (Div)… Ryan comes in 7th!!!

285 Pounds
Finals: Edwin Rubio (John Glenn) 2-1 Zach Gifford (Deposit Hancock)
S9 Medal Match: Joe Humphrey (Midd) 9-4 Jake Warren (Burnt Hill)… Humphrey takes 7th place!!!

Aggregate Pin: Lenny Merkin (Poly Prep) 5 in 9:46
Team Champion: Wyoming Seminary
2nd Place: Hilton
3rd Place: Penfield
Champion of Champions: Matteo Devincenzo Port Jefferson
Lightweight MOW: Beau Bartlett – Wyoming Seminary
Middleweight MOW: Yianni Diakomihalis – Hilton
Heavyweight MOW: Louie Deprez – Hilton

2016 Eastern States Classic Day 1 Recap

Click above for more info

99 Pounds
#1 Maucere (DP) vs Ryder (HHHW)
#12 Lainez (Midd) vs #4 Sciotto
#3 Greg D. (Hil) vs #6 Redding (ESM)
#7 Nunez (GB) vs #2 Negron (NB)
S9 In Wrestlebacks
Dylan Earl (MW)

106 Pounds
#1 Busiello (ESM) vs. #9 Meloni (SWR)
#12 Lynch (MV) vs. #4 Gonyea (Col)
#3 Anderson (Sch) vs #6 Schafer (PalMac)
#7 Hoyle (Sem) vs #15 Samson (Vic)
S9 In Wrestlebacks

113 Pounds
#1 Cox (Deer Park) vs #8 Sulla (N. Rock)
#12 C. Greiner (MV) vs #4 Baker (Sem)
#3 Bartlett (Sem) vs #11 Bokina (Matt)
#7 Cirillo (RP) vs #2 McKenna (New Har)
S9 In Wrestlebacks

120 Pounds
#1 Devincenzo (PJ) vs #8 Heberlein
#4 Gomez (LV) vs #5 Powers(Mex)
#3 Davis (Sem) vs #11 Earl (JJCR)
#2 Silverstein (Haup) vs #10 Devine (Col)
S9 In Wrestlebacks

S9sitelogo126 Pounds
#1 Teemer (LB) vs #9 Venosa (Vic)
#5 Kelly (MW) vs #4 Sietz (MF)
#3 Riegel (Sem) vs #6 Dusold (LV)
#2 Pappas (Plain) vs #10 Shore (NR)
S9 In Wrestlebacks

132 Pounds
#1 Arujau (Syo) vs #8 Eckles (Lake Shore)
#4 Colom (St.F) vs #12 Corso (Long)
#3 Devlin (Amh) vs #6 Block (PalMac)
#2 Olsen (Sem) vs Dushaj (HHHW)
S9 In Wrestlebacks

138 Pounds
#1 Yianni D. (Hilton) vs #9 Dietz (Phoenix)
#12 Johnson (Warwick) vs. #13 Teves (Moses Br)
#3 Gripp (Fox Lane) vs #6 Rojas (New Milford)
#2 Kropman (Penn) vs #7 Bihler (Maple Grove)
S9 In Wrestlebacks
Dillon Ross (Onteora)

145 Pounds
#1 Gissendanner (Pen) vs #8 Barczak (MW)
#5 Taddeo (SWR) vs #4 Robin (Arl)
#3 Merkin (PP) vs #6 Melbourne (JJCR)
#10 Hendricks (Sem) vs #2 Richard (HP)
S9 In Wrestlebacks

152 Pounds
#1 Mauriello (Hau) vs #8 Garrehy (ME)
#12 Ancewicz (JG) vs #4 Almeter (Iro)
Grover (Warsaw) vs #11 Byron (LB)
#2 Ferro (Warwick) vs #10 Wallace (NR)
S9 In Wrestlebacks
Noah Curreri (Eldred/Liberty/Sullivan West)

160 Pounds
#1 Herringshaw (HP) vs #8 Mosca (Carle Place)
#4 Hoffman (LG) vs  #12 Miller (ME)
#3 Aeberli (MV) vs #6 Stamm
#2 Verallis (Sem) vs #7 Santoro (FP)
S9 In Wrestlebacks

170 Pounds
#1 Deprez (Hilton) vs #8 Wang (Edgemont)
#5 Bisono (Haup) vs #13 Hoeg (Matt)
#6 Barnes (Ball Spa) vs #14 Gaiser (Alex)
#2 Crowley (Eastchester) vs #10 Frank (JJCR)
S9 In Wrestlebacks
Adonis Morano (Middletown)

182 Pounds
#1 Dietrich (Sem) vs #9 Elfstrum (MW)
#4 Paddock (Warsaw) vs #12 Zagarino (Matt)
#3 Melikian (Lakelands) vs #6 MacKay (Elmira)
#10 Bromley (LB) vs #2 Parker (Shen)
S9 In Wrestlebacks
Kevin Morgans (Eldred/Liberty/Sullivan West)
Joe Yanis (Minisink Valley)

195 Pounds
#1 Reenan (Sem) vs Marquis (Danbury)
#5 Aiello (Westfield) vs #4 Buell (Sher)
#3 Dinardo (Mah) vs #6 Spreckman (Clark South)
#2 Areneo (Ward Mel) vs #10 Claude (Wing)
S9 In Wrestlebacks
Justin McLee (Washingtonville)
Andrew Covais (Minisink Valley)
Horace Duke (Middletown)

220 Pounds
#1 Hilliard (Sem) vs #8 Ellefsen (Goshen)
#5 Dawkins (GB) vs #4 Mann (Warsaw)
#6 Robinson (Walt Whit) vs #14 Golish (Ball Spa)
#2 McShea (MW) vs #7 Bello (Div)
S9 In Wrestlebacks
Raul Martinez (Middletown)

285 Pounds
#1 Rubio (JG) vs #9 Larm (Brew)
#4 Humphrey (Midd) vs #5 Muriel (Hewlett)
#3 Gaboardi (Danbury) vs #6 Gifford (Deposit)
#2 Fleming (Notre Dame) vs #7 Beckwith (Gen Br)
S9 In Wrestlebacks
Travis Coon (Red Hook)

– S9 D2 with 4 wrestlers still alive…Great Job!!!
– Middletown with 5 wrestlers advancing to Day 2!!!
– MW with 4 in winner’s bracket, 1 in consies!
– MV with 3 in winner’s bracket, 2 in consies!
– Sem entered 12 wrestlers – 11 are in the quarters

Eastern States Classic Preview

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2016 Eastern States Classic Seeds

Wow – it seems like the season just began but we are already at the Eastern States Classic weekend!  The ESC, now in its 14th year, has solidified its standing as one of the toughest high school wrestling tournaments in the nation!  This year’s event will will feature the strongest field yet with a record 154 teams from 6 states boasting 20 nationally ranked individual wrestlers as well as the number one ranked team in the nation, Wyoming Seminary. will be there for every minute of the action and will once again serve as “command central” for the tournament.  Below is all of the tournament information you will need to keep you up-to-date with the ESC including a weight class-by-weight class preview!  Enjoy!!!

Fan Info              Preview Part 1            Preview Part 2
Schedule and Mat Assignments          Returning Placewinners

99 Pounds
The lightweights are always fun to watch at the ESC.  Many competitor here are 1st year varsity wrestlers so it it always interesting to see how they respond to the big stage.  Preston Maucere of Deer Park is off to a great start and will definitely be one of the favorites here.  Middletown senior Oscar Lainez has made the cut to 101 and looked great in winning the Stan Elinsky last weekend.  Two other favorites at 99, Greg Diakomihalis from Hilton and Anthony Sciotto from Rocky Point, just locked horns at the UE Duals with Diakomihalis earning the victory.  Others to watch at 99 include Tony Negron from North Babylon, Dylan Ryder from Half Hollow Hills West and Zack Redding of Eastport South Manor.  Monroe Woodbury’s Dylan Earl and Vally Central’s Matt Romano could also contend here.

106 Pounds
Eastport South Manor freshman Adam Busiello is the #1 ranked 106 pound wrestler in the nation according to Intermat and FloWrestling and should be the odds on favorite to win here.  Busiello lost in the finals last year in a barn-burner to Wyoming Seminary’s Beau Bartlett.  This year Busiello should receive his stiffest competition from several of New York’s best.  AJ Burkhart (Waverly) was a D2 state champ last year while Michael Gonyea (Columbia), Drew Shafer (Pal-Mac), Orien Anderson (Schuylerville), and Justin Lopez (Yonkers) were all state medalists.  Kevin Meloni (SWR) placed 8th at the ESC last year and Cahal Donovan (Phoenix), Justin Vines (Wantagh), Justin Hoyle (Sem), and Dan Mauriello (Hauppague) have looked great this year.  Section 9 has a few medal contenders at 106 with Monroe Woodbury’s Marco Vespa and Minisink Valley’s Tyler Lynch being our best chances.

113 Pounds
Beau Bartlett, last year’s ESC champ at 99 pounds, is entered at 113 this year – Bartlett is still only an 8th grader and is considered one of the best pound-for-pound middle school aged wrestlers in the country!  One of Bartlett’s teammates, Benny Baker, a state finalist in NY last year who has transferred to Sem, will be in the mix at 113 as well.  NYS has several studs looking to climb the medal stand including 2 wrestlers with national rankings next to their name.  Deer Park’s Thomas Cox is ranked #15 at 113 by Flo while New Harford’s Kelan McKenna holds the #18 spot in the national polls.  Rocky Point’s Anthony Cirillo and Danbury’s Jakob Camacho will definitely be a force at 113 as will Minisink Valley’s Connor Greiner, Kevin DePalma (Farmingdale), South Jefferson’s Trey LaFlamme, and North Rockland’s Anthony Sulla.  Matt Caccamise  from Wayne is having a great year as are Jack Bokina (Mattitick), AJ Putt (Maple Grove), Carson Dobozy (Peru), Trent Nadaeu (Columbia), Anthony Stramiello (Monroe Woodbury), and Michael DeBramo (Scarsdale).

120 Pounds
Always one of the toughest weight classes at the ESC, 120 is stacked again in 2016.  Port Jefferson’s Matteo Devincenzo, Sem’s Jack Davis, Locust Valley’s Jon Gomez and Hauppague’s Jake Silverstein are the class of this year’s field.  This weight goes much deeper than that though as several other entries have state titles and placings on their resume.  Theo Powers (Mexico) is a former state champ while Anthony Sparacio (North Babylon), Tito Colom (St. Frances), Trey LaFlamme (South Jefferson), Austin Hertel (Hilton), CJ Walz (Central Valley), and Anthony Sulla (North Rockland) are former state placers.  John Devine (Columbia), Kyle Mosher (South Side), and Dean Raymond (Deposit-Hancock) are former ESC placewinners and will be in the medal hunt.  The Long Beach duo of Josh Bourne and Matt Maquet may also open some yes here while Jarred Greiner is the top ranked 120 pound wrestler from Section 9 and is our best chance for a medal here.  John Jay’s Randy Earl is a tough customer and could may some noise at 120 as well.

126 Pounds
Like 120, the 126 pound weight class is typically loaded with top notch kids.  2X NYS champ Jacori Teemer from Long Beach, 2X state finalist Peter Pappas from Plainview, and Powerade Champ Jake Riegel from Wyoming Seminary are probably the top 3 here.  Ben Tepperman (Hauppague) and Matt Seitz (Monsignor Farrell) are both 2X ESC placewinners and will be in the hunt at this weight.  Hunter Dusold is a former NYS champ and has also placed at ESC.  Section 9 has a great chance in medaling at 126 with Monroe Woodbury senior Kevin Kelly who is currently undefeated this year.  A few other to watch here include Mike Venosa from Victor and Justen O’Neal from North Babylon.

132 Pounds
There a couple of studs at 132 but one stands out from the pack – Syosset junior Vito Arujau.  Vito is a 2X NYS champ and is the 2nd ranked 132 pound wrestler in the nation according to InterMat.  Arujau’s top competition may be from 3X NYS D2 champ Kellen Devlin from Amherst and Trent Olsen from Wyoming Seminary who have both held a national ranking.  Parker Kropman from Penfield has placed at both the ESC and NYS Championships and will go deep into the tournament as will St. Francis sophomore Hector Colom.  Some other name to watch at 132 include Emerson Block (Pal-Mac), Brad Bihler (Maple Grove), Charles Schultz (New Mildord, CT), Evan Corsco (Longwood), Fred Eckles (Lake Shore),  Kevin Knox (Carmel), and Christian Gramuglia (Burnt Hills).  Monroe Woodbury’s Anthony Eckerson has been wrestling quite well and may open a few eyes here.

138 Pounds
Similar to 132, the 138 pound weight class has plenty of outstanding wrestlers however their is one that “sorta” stands out from the rest.  Hilton junior Yianni Diakomihalis is a 3X NYS champion, an ESC champion, and he is the #2 ranked 138 pound wrestler in the nation according to Intermat.  Over his career he has also won the Super 32 Challenge, FloNationals, and he also managed to find the time to dabble in some freestyle and win the Cadet World championship in Sarajevo this summer.  He should do pretty well here.  Also in the medal hunt at 138 will be undefeated Fox Lane sophomore Matt Grippi as well as returning D2 state finalist Jake Kurhals from Pearl River.  Wyoming Seminary’s Patrick Munn  could potentially medal here and we should also keep an eye on Danbury’s Jeremy Fields who is a 2X CT state champ.  Charlie Johnson from Warwick is a transfer from PA where he placed in their AA tournament last year.  We can expect him to see him open some eyes in his first trip to ESC. Dylan Wood from Walton is a returning ESC placewinner and will be in the mix as well as Mike Berkowitz from Long Island Lutheran who is a 2X National Prep placewinner.  Others to watch for at 138 include Lucas Pincus (Hewlett), Connor Day (Iroquois), Isaiah Colgan (Johnson City), Brett Brice (Longwood), and Brad Dietz (Phoenix).

145 Pounds
With 7 returning ESC placewinners, 145 pounds is going to be one of the most hotly contested weights at this year’s Classic!  Penfield’s Frankie Gissendanner, ranked 9th in the USA by Intermat, is the defending ESC and NYS champion and will definitely be one of the favorites here but he will have plenty of formidable competition.  Lenny Merkin from Poly Prep placed 3rd at the ESC and National Preps last year and is currently ranked #17 in the nation by Intermat.  Holland Patent junior Hunter Richard came in 3rd at 138 at ESC last year and was the D2 state champ. The other 4 returning ESC placewinners entered at 145 are Connor Melbourne (JJCR), Jake Hendricks (Wyoming Seminary), Charlie Spada (Long Beach), and John Busiello (Eastport South Manor).  Does this sound like a deep weight class?  Not done yet!  Monroe Woodbury’s Evan Barczak placed 6th in NYS last year and is having a great year!  Brady Robin from Arlington is undefeated this year and has a win over Melbourne.  Jack Taddeo from Shoreham-Wading River finished 5th in the state last year is is undefeated so far this season.  Taylor Benson from Red Hook’s only two losses have been to Robin and Taddeo. Joey Bush from Gouverneur placed 4th in NYS in D2 last year and Justin Peterson from Danbury, CT is a 2X state placewinner.  A few other to watch include Kyle Janesky (Albany Academy), Tyler Brazinsky (Johnson City), Chris Ponce (Division), and Brandon Bobe (Washingtonville).  145 is loaded!

152 Pounds
Wyoming Seminary’s Mason Manville late scratch from the tournament has really opened up the field at 152.  Hauppague senior Chris Mauriello is a former NYS and NHSCAA champion and is one of the favorites to take the title.  Perhaps his stiffest competition will come from Section 9’s very own Ryan Ferro from Warwick.  Ferro finished 3rd in NYS last season and the 3-sport athlete is just starting to get his wrestling “legs” underneath him.  Section 9 has another strong entry at 152 in Eldred/Liberty/Sullivan West standout Noah Curreri. Maine Endwell’s Kobe Garrehy is having a great season and we should also keep our eyes on Tyrese Byron from Long Beach who has been dominating his opponents this year. Some others to watch at 152 include Matt Schwartz (Bellmore), Marlen Lamas (Framingham, MA), Tristan Almeter (Iroquois), Zach Ancewicz (John Glenn), and David Crow (Newark Valley).

160 Pounds
One of the favorites at this weight is West Point bound Alex Herringshaw.  The Holland Patent senior is a 2X NYS D2 champion and is currently ranked #13 in the nation at 160 by Intermat.  Wyoming Seminary  senior Will Verallis is a 3X National Prep placewinner and placed at the ESC last year as did Carmel’s Alex Leone who is also entered at 160.  Minisink Valley senior AJ Aeberli missed last years Classic due to weather but went on to finish 5th in NYS at 160.  He will definitely contend here.  Fordam Prep’s Adam Santoro has turned a spectacular off season into a great year thus far and will have his eye on the title as well.  Jason Hoffman from Hadley Luzerne/Lake George is a 2X state place winner and Ricky Stamm from Division is no stranger to the podium having placed 5th last season.  A few other to keep an eye on at 160 are Shawn Mosca (Carle Place-Wheatly), Mack Berkowitz (Long Island Lutheran), Brett Leonard (New Milford, CT), and Dawson Beers (Walton).

170 Pounds
Hilton junior Louie Deprez is the 9th ranked wrestler in the nation at this weight according to Intermat, a NYS D1 champ, and a clear favorite to capture his first ESC title.   Deprez has several tough competitors to wade through including the likes of Nunzio Crowley from Eastchester, Will Marcil from Saranac and Trevor Snow from General Brown.  The depth at 170 doesn’t stop there!  Keep an eye on Sonny McPherson (Indian River),  Marcus Bisono from Hauppague, Joe Giorlando of Long Beach, James Hoeg of Mattituck, Jeremy Hughes of MacArthur, Matt Gaiser (Alexander), Tyler Barnes (Ballston Spa), Clifton Wang (Edgemont), Evan Frank (JJCR), and Tyler Green (Schuylerville).  There are also two very tough Section 9 wrestlers who will be gunning for the medal stand in Wallkill’s Mike Fekishazy and Washingtonville’s Chris Martin.

182 Pounds
This weight has the potential for a final between 2 nationally ranked wrestlers!  Wyoming Seminary senior and New York native Christian Dietrich is the 9th ranked wrestler at his weight according to Intermat.  He is a 3X ESC finalist and a 2X champion.  His most likely opponent will be Princeton bound Kevin Parker from Shenendehowa.  Parker is currently ranked 13th in the nation at 182 and was a NYS champion last year.  He had a great preseason notching wins over several nationally ranked opponents and has completely dominated the competition thus far this year in NYS.  By now means is this a 2-man show though!  Adam Melikian from Lakeland Panas placed 5th at this weight last year and Warsaw’s Aaron Paddock placed at 170.  The depth of talent at 182 will make this weight particularly exciting!  Some of the other wrestlers fighting it out for one of the 8 steps on the medal stand include Tyreek Bromley  and Elijah Rodriquez from Long Beach, Tommy MacKay from Elmira, Kendall Elfstrum from Monroe Woodbury, Kevin Morgans from Liberty,Mike Spallina from Hilton, and Bryce Dusold from Locust Valley.

195 Pounds
Wyoming Seminary’s Nick Reenan is an absolute hammer!  He has won every tournament he’s entered and he is the #1 ranked wrestler in his weight by Intermat and Flo!  He is the heavy favorite but will not go untested.  Ward Melville senior Christian Araneo is a returning NYS champ at this weight and is ranked nationally at #7 by Intermat.  Jack Buell from Sherburne Earlville came in 3rd at 195 at last year’s ESC and will definitely be in the hunt this year as will Mike Dinardo (Mahopac), Tanner Nielsen (Arlington), and Dylan Dubuque (Columbia).  Joe Aiello from Westfield is a 2X VA state placewinner and will be a handful for anyone in his bracket.  Some others to keep an eye on at 195 include Justin McLee (Washingtonville), Connor Breit (Nanuet), and Jake Speckman (Clarkstown North).

220 Pounds
One of the more interesting weights at this year’s ESC, 220 has some established, national level talent blended with some wrestlers trying to get their name on the national radar.  Wyoming Seminary’s Will Hilliard is ranked 15th in the nation at this weight and will definitely be considered one of the favorites.  Hilliard, a NY native who wrestled for Section 3 Phoenix last year, came in 3rd at last year’s ESC and is having a tremendous season at Sem.  He will have plenty of competition if he plans to make the top step of the medal stand though as Ricardo Dawkins (General Brown) and Nick McShea (Monroe Woodbury) are both entered at 220 this year.  Warsaw’s Aaron Mann is having a great year and Joe Messare from Burnt Hills placed at ESC last year.  Expect both to be in the hunt for a medal.  Walt Whitman junior Terron Robinson is having a great year and we definitely can not over look Goshen’s Ryan Ellefen who has pins over Nick McShea and Connor Breit this season! A few others to watch include Mark Rivera (Long Beach), Arjuna Bello (Division), and Andrew Anthony (JJEF).

285 Pounds
We have two returning placewinners in the 285 weight class in Edwin Rubio from John Glenn and Joe Humphrey from Middletown.  Rubio is the 10th ranked HWT in the nation according to Intermat and is definitely the favorite but Humphrey is legit and will contend for the title.  Zach Gifford from Hancock has split to matches against Humphrey this year and was one match away from placing at states last year and Hakim Fleming from Notre Dame was a CT state champ last season.  Some other very solid HWT’s who will be in the hunt for a medal include Jake Warren (Burnt Hills), Mike Larm (Brewster), Owen Albanese (Canastota), Jake Beckwith (General Brown), Mike Curiel (Hewlett), and Spencer Matthaei (Locust Valley).



UE Duals Day 2 Recap

Long Beach Edges Hilton In Epic Final; Crusaders 3rd, Warriors 6th

In perhaps the most exciting UE Duals final ever, Long Beach defeated Hilton 34-31.  The contest was tied at 31 going into 220, the final match of the dual (started at 285).  The bout was tied 1-1 with less than 5 seconds left when Long Beach’s Mark Rivera was able to get the takedown against Hilton’s John Fuino.  The gymnasium absolutely erupted!  Epic finale!  Monroe Woodbury bounced back from a heartbreaking loss to Hilton in the semis and thumped Wantagh 43-21 to finish 3rd while Minisink was defeated by Massapequa in their medal match 46-25 and settled for 6th place.  Great job both teams…as always, you have made Section 9 proud!           UE Duals Complete Team Scores

Medal Rounds
Long Beach 34 Hilton 31(Championship)        UE 1-8 Box Scores
Monroe Woodbury 43 Wantagh 21 (3rd)
Massapequa 46 Minisink Valley 25 (5th)
Rocky Point 42 Shenedehowa 25 (7th)
Brockport 37 Brentwood 29 (9th)                     UE 9-16 Box Scores
Pat-Med 32 Fulton 25 (11th)
Farmingdale 48 Phoenix 31 (13th)
MacArthur 51 Union Endicott 36 (15th)

Monroe Woodbury In Championship Semifinals
Minisink Can Wrestleback To 5th Place

Championship Pool Semifinals – 11:00 AM
Hilton 37 Monroe Woodbury 35
Long Beach 47 Wantagh 24            UE 1-4 5-8 Semi Results

5-8 Consolation Pool Semifinals – 11:00 AM
Minisink Valley 37 Shenendehowa 30
Massapequa 34 Rocky Point 32

9-12 Consolation Pool Semifinals 
Brockport 46 Pat-Med 30
Brentwood 35 Fulton 19                         UE 9-12 13-16 Semi Results

13-16 Consolation Pool Semifinals
Farmingdale 54 Union Endicott 22
Phoenix 46 MacArthur 15

S9 Weekend Results 1/9 – 1/10

Warwick Wins Team Title at Shoreline
99 – Hunter Brown 2nd
126 – Paul Ginley 6th
132 – Nick Ferriera 4th
138 – Charlie Johnson 3rd
145 – Lucas Wightman 2nd
152 – Ryan Ferro  1st – MOW!!!
170 – Cody Geidel 4th
182 – Thomas Kersting 2nd
195 – Harrison Parrelli 5th
285 – Austin Taylor 5th

Pine Bush Results at the Shoreline click here.

Middies finished 2nd at the Stan Elinsky invite in Deposit NY. National power Wyoming Seminary won the team title.

Top placers for Middies                 Complete Brackets 
101 – Oscar Lainez,  Champion
101 – Justin Morales, 5th
106 – Andrew Divirgilio, 4th
106 – Dalton Howell, 6th
113 – Boubacar Bah, 3rd
126 – Tyler Matos, 4th
138 – James May, 5th
145 – Nate Garcia, 5th
170 – Adonis Morano, Runner-up
170 – Tajh Ali, 4th
182 – Flancy Longuefosse, 4th
182 – Zach Jimenez, 6th
195 – Horace Duke, 4th
220 – Julius Oquendo, 3rd
285 – Joe Humphrey, Champion and tournament MOW!
285 – Norris Gipson, 5th

Rondout Valley finished 4th at the Deposit Stan Elinsky tournament.
Medal winners for Rondout were Matt Kelly 4th at 115. Ian Houck 3rd at 126. Danny Kelly 5th at 145. Hayden Baker 4th at 152. Frank Cincotta 6th at 170. Aaron Brown 5th at 182. Steve Snyder 2nd at 220  Will Sutherland 6th at 285

NFA had 4 medalists at the Chris Hernandez Memorial Tournament
113 Brandon DeLaRosa 1st Place & Freshman MOW
160 Maxx DeCapua 2nd place
285 Alexs Gonzalez 2nd place  2016 Chris Hernandez Final Brackets
132 Conner Leggett 4th place

Mat Wars @ RC Ketcham
Washingtonville took 3rd Place out of 10 teams at RCK Duals. Giovanni Perez(126lbs) and Alex Leonty(195/220lbs) went 9-0 on the weekend. Brandon Bobe (145lbs) went 8-1 with his only loss coming to Brady Robin of Arlington 5-1. Max Kissack (285lbs) and Chris Martin (170lbs) went 7-2.  Andre Lee picked up his 100th coaching victory as Washingtonville Head Coach.  Congratulations Coach Lee!

Washingtonville 41 JJEF 24           Washingtonville 57 Ketcham 30
Ramapo 35 Washingtonville 34  Washingtonville 63 Kingston 21
Washingtonville 81 Highland 6    Goshen 60 Kingston 24
ELSW 48 Kingston 36                     New Paltz 49 Kingston 30
Arlington 80 Kingston 3               Washingtonville 39 Goshen 35
Washingtonville 60 ELSW 21      Arlington 52 Washingtonville 18
Washingtonville 64 New Paltz 19

Red Hook Placed 2nd at the Ravena Tournament
Red Hook Medalists:
Harris 2nd, Benson 1st, Schiafo 2nd, Kiluba 1st, Hobson 1st,
Benincasa 4th,  Darren Coon 2nd, Travis Coon 3rd

Saugerties at Russ Cordell Tournament
Saugerties placed 6th at the Russ Cordell tournament in Oneonta. 8 Saugerties wrestlers placed.
Colby Amell-101-4th
Jimmy Heinlein-108-2nd
Steve Filak-115-4th
Sean Costello-122-6th
Graham Knisell-140-6th
Brian Bucci-154-2nd
Matt Bucci -162-5th
Jimmy Ball-184-3rd