2024 NYSPHSAA Wrestling Championships – Day 1

Below are all of the matchups and results for all of our Section 9 wrestlers!

Division 1

101 – Soto (NFA) maj 9-9 Andreula (S8)
101 – Vass (Valley Central) f 2:28 Guglielmo (S11)
108 – Merli (NFA) de 3-2 Manta (S11)
124 – Satriano (Valley Central) dec 3-0 Wood (S5)
145 – Ketcham (Wash) dec 7-2 Tresch (Minisink)
152 – Kwaak (S11) dec 4-3 Greiner (Minisink)
160 – Duke (Minisink) tf 25-10 Cicco (S6)
190 – Miller (S11) dec 8-6 Filip (Minisink)
215 – Tibbs (Middletown) dec 5-1 McKinley (S2)
215 – Berisha (S1) dec 8-4 Leggett (NFA)
285 – Monchery (Midd) f 2:27 Bradley (Midd)

Consie #1
101 – Sullivan (MW) f 1:38 Hubbard (S4)
108 – Futia (Wallkill) maj 9-0 Little (S6)
108 – Levin (PSAL) maj 13-0 Milmore (Wash)
116 – Ball (S1) maj 11-1 Chrisjohn (Saug)
116 – Judd (Warwick) f 2:33 Depadua-Reese (S4)
124 – Banda (Wallkill) dec 19-13 Castiglia (S6)
124 – Lee (PSAL dec 9-6 Brown (Monroe)
131 – Willis (S3) dec 12-5 Roger (Middletown)
131 – Mercado (NFA) maj 13-4 Racz (Minisink)
145 – Goldberg (Wash) fft Johnson (C)
152 – Losee (S2) dec 1-0 Accardo (Warwick)
160 – Koufalis (C) dec 7-1 Grant (Monroe)
170 – Morgan (Minisink) f 2:07 Aljamal (Wash)
190 – Lavigne (S4) dec 17-10 Herriman (FDR)
190 – Aulino (S11) f 2:05 Accardo (Warwick)
215 – Dejesus (Wash) f 4:40 Myers (S11)
285 – Crowe-Bailey (Minisink) med fft Pokeda (S2)

Consie #2
101 – Sullivan (MW) dec 5-4 Destefano (S11)
108 – Futia (Wall) dec 7-3 Gummow (S3)
116 – Judd (Warwick) dec 4-3 Busby (NFA)
124 – Banda (Wall) tf 17-2 Castillo (C)
131 – Mercado (NFA) maj 13-2 Mueller (S3)
138 – Aviles (Midd) f 4:50 Sinitiere (S3)
138 – Boice (Minisink) dec 5-4 Wood (S5)
138 – Emsinger (S2) dec 4-1 Petzold (Warwick)
145 – Gerby (S5) f 2:42 Goldberg (Wash)
152 – Pennell (Pine Bush) dec Losee (S2)
160 – Lynch (S3) dec 2-1 Hockx (Saugerties)
170 – Annacone (Wallkill) med fft McMillan (S8)
170 – Kropman (S5) maj 9-0 Morgan (Minisink)
215 – Dejesus (Wash) f 4:47 Gsell (S11)
285 – Welsh (S6) dec 3-0 Crowe-Bailey (Minisink)

Round of 16
101 – (1) William Soto (NFA) f :22 Krumpler (S6)
101 – (2) EJ Vass (Valley Central) f :47 Destefano (S11)
101 – (10) Dario Guglielmo (S11) dec 9-3 (7) Kelly Sullivan
108 – (2) Cooper Merli (NFA) DEC 13-6 Gummow (S3)
108 – (7) Gino Manta (S11) f 1:36 (10) Marco Futia (Wallkill)
116 – Donohue (S11) f 1:00 Busby (NFA)
116 – Walpole (S8) dec 7-0 Brady Judd (Warwick)
124 – (2) Luke Satriano (Valley Central) f 1:06 Ford (S11)
124 – (8) Nico Rivera (S2) f 5:40 (9) Viktor Banda (Wallkill)
131 – (9) Tyler Visciano (S11) dec 5-3 (8) Matt Mercado (NFA)
138 – L. Nieto (S8) dec 10-3 Petzold (Warwick)
138 – Howard (S11 f :41 Aviles (Midd)
138 – Tornambe (S1) dec 3-2 Boice (Minisink)
145 – (2) Mason Ketcham (Washingtonville) tf 16-0 Gerby (S5)
145 – (7) Anthony Tresch (Minisink) vs (10) George Johnson (C)
152 – (5) Luke Greiner (Minisink Valley) tf 16-0 Testa (S5)
152 – (7) Jackson Koppers (S5) tf 16-1 (10) Logan Pennell (PB)
160 – (1) PJ Duke (Minisink Valley) f 1:57 Hockx (Saug)
170 – (6) Michael Schaefer (S6) dec 8-7 (11) Quinten Morgan (Minisink)
170 – Clohecy (S3) f 3:25 Annacone (Wallkill)
190 – (3) Zach Filip (Minisink Valley) dec 3-1 Gubarev (PSAL)
190 – (6) Zach Miller (S11) tf 15-0 (11) Chris Herriman (FDR)
215 – (2) Bryson Tibbs (Middletown) f 1:02 Gsell (S11)
215 – (6) Chris Leggett (NFA) dec 4-2 (11) Rocco Lore (S1)
215 – (7) Patrick McKinley (S2) dec 3-2 (10) Jacob Dejesus (Wash)
285 – (1) Stephan Monchery (Middletown) f :43 Frole (S11)
285 – (8) Rahmiere Bradley (Midd) de 4-1 (9) Qymani Powell (S4)
285 – Hawes (S6) f 2:35 Crowe-Bailey (Minisink)

Round of 32
108 – (19) Popolizio (S2) dec 9-4 (14) Owen Milmore (Wash)
116 – (17) Peterson (S6) dec 5-3 (16) Santiago Chrisjohn (Saug)
116 – (12) Brady Judd (Warwick) de 7-1 (21) Rasheed Scott (S4)
116 – (20) Jordan Busby (NFA) dec 11-7 (13) Xavier Vargas (S2)
116 – Peterson (S6) dec 5-2 Chrisjohn (Saugerties)
124 – (13) Mason Mangialino (S11) f 4:57 (20) Elijah Brown (MW)
131 – (21) Joe Trieste (S5) f 1:14 (12) Jacob Roger (Middletown)
131 – (14) Cody Dale (S4) f 2:50 (19) Nate Racz (Minisink Valley)
138 – (17) Griffin Petzold (Warwick) dec 7-0 (16) Quin Getzin (S4)
138 – (13) DJ Aviles (Middletown) f 4:38 (20) Parker Trento (S1)
138 – (14) Wyatt Boice (Minisink) dec 3-1 (19) Chris Gliaos (C)
145 – (13) Dino Battisti (S5) f 4:41 (20) Jayce Goldberg (Wash)
152 – (12) Phil Testa (S5) dec 7-1 (21) Michael Accardo (Warwick)
160 – (17) Isaiah Hockx (Saugerties) f 2:37 (16) Zach Schrage (S4)
160 – (12) Olaechea (S11) maj 19-11 (21) Isaiah Grant (Monroe)
170 – (17) Anthony Annacone (Wall) dec 11-5 (16) Musa Aljamal (Wash)
190 – (14) Aiden Gubarev (PSAL) maj 11-0 (19) Johnny Accardo (Warw)
285 – (12) Kevin Crowe-Bailey (Minisink) f 1:04 (21) Seamus Carroll (S4)

Division 2

160 – Rowley (S3) dec 3-0 Ross (Port Jervis)

Consie #1
101 – Dellapenta (S6) dec 6-2 Matteo Walsh (Rondout Valley)
116 – Bensick (S6) f 4:18 Gallo (Highland)
124 – Celestine (Red Hook) dec 8-5 Derocha (S3)
131 – Greathouse (Marlboro) inj time Strain (S3)
138 – Nolan (S3) f 2:24 Shields (Onteora)
145 – Coiteux (New Paltz) dec 7-2 Squires (S11)
152 – Gonzalez (S8) f 1:35 Jones (Highland)
170 – Franco (Chester) f :45 Brito (AIS)
215 – Oosterom (Port Jervis) f :21 Bandy (S10)
285 – Paschal (Red Hook) f 1:17 Uyanik (AIS)

Consie #2
108 – Reilly (OLL) maj 11-3 Moon (AIS)
124 – Dellapenta (S6) dec 3-2 Celestine (Red Hook)
131 – Bell (S7) f 2:10 Greathouse (Warlboro)
145 – Coiteux (New Paltz) f 3:16 Mejia (S8)
170 – Franco (Chester) dec 5-3 Sturdevant (S2)
190 – McCormick (Port Jervis) maj 9-0 Fax-Bathon (S1)
215 – Oosterom (Port Jervis) f :50 Zacata (S4)
285 – Paschal (Red Hook) f 4:20 Quelle Van (S10)

Round of 16
101 – McKee (S4) tf 16-1 Matteo Walsh (Rondout Valley)
108 – Barrientos (S6) tf 18-2 Reilly (OLL)
124 – Nevills (S3) f 1:02 Celestine (Red Hook)
131 – Ordonez (S1) dec 15-9 Greathouse (Marl)
145 – (7) Cooper Reed (CVA) dec 13-9 (10) Justin Coiteux (NP)
160 – (7) Ryan Ross (Port Jervis) dec 10-3 (10) Mike Malfitano (S1)
170 – (9) Fred Smithwick (S1) f 5:07 (8) Michael Franco (Chester)
190 – (7) Trent True (Holl Pat) dec 8-5 (10) Maddox McCormick (Port)
215 – Jones (S30 f 1:53 (2) Matt Oosterom (Port Jervis)
285 – Andrade (S3) f 1:59 Paschal (Red Hook)

Round of 32
101 – (16) Matteo Walsh (Rondout) f 1:26 (17) Tuffy Griffith (S10)
108 – (19) Bryce Reilly (OLL) dec 8-7 utb (14) Dylan Mueller (S8)
116 – (15) Tanner King (S10) f 3:51 (18) Brad Gatto (Highland)
124 – (18) Ewan Celestine (Red Hook) maj 11-0 (15) Reece Labarge (S7)
131 – (12) Reece Greathouse (Marl) f 2:37 (21) Hunter Boynton (S4)
138 – (17) Aiden Marcin (S4) f 4:58 (16) Thomas Sheilds (Onteora)
152 – (19) Jaxon Torres (S2) f 1:36 (14) Quin Jones (Highland)
285 – (16) Mark Paschal (Red Hook) f 3:08 (17) Josiah Maye (PSAL)

NYSPHSAA Wrestling Championships – Section 9 Division 2 Team and Tournament Preview

Let’s take a look at the Section 9 Division 2 wrestlers who will be competing at the 2024 NYSPHSAA Wrestling Championships in Albany, NY. The tournament will take place at the MVP Arena on Friday February 23rd and Saturday February 24th. Special thanks to Fred Perna and Perna Imaging for the photos!

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2024 Section 9 Division 2 Team
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101 – Section 9 D2 Champ
Matteo Walsh – Rondout Valley

101 – Section 9 Champion
Matteo Walsh (Rondout Valley, 7th grade)
Season Record: 28-6
Record Against the Bracket: 0-1
Results Against the Bracket: Lost to Higley f 4:57

101 – Division 2 Tournament Preview
This is going to be an exciting weight class to watch unfold. There is a nice mixture of both experienced varsity wrestlers and those who are wrestling at the varsity level for the first time. Section 5 champion Wyatt Sartori is having a great year and is likely one of the favorites as is Section 6 champion Jakob Lucinski who placed 4th at this tournament last year. PSAL champion Brandon Munoz will definitely contend here as will Section 4 champ and runner-up Declan McKee and Caden Higley respectively. Others to keep an eye on here are Section 8 champ Colton Schmiesing, Section 5 runner-up John Winseman, Section 11 champ Antonio Faldetta, and Section 6 finalist Mason Dellapenta.

101 Pound Division 2 State Qualifiers

S1: Kelvin Jimenez (Sleepy Hol, So)
‍S2: Peter Filli (Ichabod Crane, Fr)
S2: Jonah Stevens (Sal-Camb, So)
S3: Colin Logalbo (Little Falls, 8th)
S3: Andrew Juliano (Holl Pat, So)
S3: Mason Tanner (J-E-PB-US, Fr)
S4: Declan McKee (Tioga, Fr)
S4: Caden Higley (Sidney, Jr)
S4: Brogan LeFever (Unatego, 8th)
S5: Wyatt Sartori (Dansville, 8th)
S5: John Winseman (HFL, Fr)

S6: Jakob Lucinski (Newfane, Sr)
S6: Mason DellaPenta (Eden, Fr)
S7: Jackson LaBarge (N. Adir, 8th)
S8: Colton Schmiesing (O Bay, 8th)
S8: Joel Diaz (Seaford, 8th)
S9: Matteo Walsh (Rondout, 7th)
S10: Tuffy Griffith (Gouver, 7th)
S11: Antonio Faldetta (Mt. S, So)
S11: Ashton Presti (John Glenn, Fr)
PSAL: Branden Munoz (Petr, Jr)‍
AIS: Stephan Leathers (Dalton, So)

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108 – Section 9 D2 Champion
Bryce Reilly – Our Lady of Lourdes

108 – Section 9 Champion
Bryce Reilly (OLL, sophomore)
Season Record: 24-5
Record Against the Bracket: 0-0
Results Against the Bracket: none

108 – Division 2 Tournament Preview
There is a lot of talent in this weight class and there are several wrestlers with the potential to win it all on Saturday! As a returning state champion, Tommy Aiello from Section 11 is certainly one to watch however he’s been defeated by one of the other wrestlers in the bracket – Cadin Cole from Tioga. Cole, however, finished 3rd in the Section 4 tournament behind champion Maverick Beckwith and runner-up Anthony Valls. Beckwith has an early season win over 2X state champion Darren Florance! All three Section 4 entries have the ability to place here. Section 6 champion Jaron Barrientos is another wrestler with the potential to take gold here and the same can be said for Section 5 champ Joe Scott who is undefeated thus far this season and placed 7th in NYS last season.

108 Pound Division 2 State Qualifiers

S1: Dorian Hidalgo (Sl Hol, 8th)
S2: Luke LeBlanc (Salem/Camb, So)
S2: Cameron Carpenter (W/LG, Sr)
S3: Seth Strain (Adirondack, Fr)
S3: Ben Lamson (J-E-PB-US, 8th)
S3: Jackson Moore (Sher-Earl, Jr)
S4: Maverick Beckwith (Norw, Fr)
S4: Anthony Valls (Chen Valley, Fr)
S4: Kadin Cole (Tioga, So)
S5: Joe Scott (Letchworth, 8th)
S5: Connor McCaffrey (C-Gr, 8th)

S6: Jaron Barrientos (Lew-Port, Jr)
S6: Reece Senske (Medina, Jr)
S7: Teegan Smith (Saranac, 8th)
S8: Connor Murphy (Seaford, So)
S8: Dylan Mueller (Locust Vall, Jr)
S9: Bryce Reilly (OLL, So)
S10: Kolt Murdie (Gouverneur, 8th)
S11: Tommy Aiello (John Glenn, Jr)
S11: Keith King (John Glenn, 8th)
‍PSAL: Bradley Munoz (Petr, Fr)‍
AIS: John Moon (Trinity, 8th)

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116 – Section 9 D2 Champion
Bradley Gatto – Highland

116 – Section 9 Champion
Bradley Gatto (Highland, junior)
Season Record: 33-9
Record Against the Bracket: 0-0
Results Against the Bracket: none

116 – Division 2 Tournament Preview
Section 4 champion Darren Florance is a 2X NYS champion and is the favorite to win it again this season – but he will be tested. Section 3 champion Brock Frederick from South Jefferson is having a great season and enters the state championships with an unblemished record. Another serious contender here is Section 5 champion Dylan Depew-Cappadonia. The Canisteo-Greenwood junior has only two losses on the season – both were to returning state place winners back in December and up at 124 pounds! A few other wrestlers to keep an eye on here are Section 6 champion Dylan Newman, Chase Davis from Section 11, and Section 4 qualifiers Logan Bellis and Lucas Hoffman.

116 Pound Division 2 State Qualifiers

S1: Jesse Straus (Pleasantville, So)
S2: Kolt Wojtowecz (Galway, Fr)
S2: Jayden Acomb (RCS, Fr)
S3: Brock Frederick (So Jeff, So)
S3: Talon Kimball (Camden, 8th)
S3: Adam Munz (VVS, Fr)
S4:Darren Florance (BGAH, Sr)
S4: Lucas Hoffman (Odessa, So)
S4: Logan Bellis (Tioga, So)
S5: Dylan Depew (Can-Gr, Jr)
S5: Braiden Salter (Wayne, Jr)

S6: Dylan Newman (Falconer, Fr)
S6: Thandon Bensink (Ch Lake, Fr)
S7: Hayden Bartlemus (N. Adir, Fr)
S8: Richard King (Clarke, So)
S8: Devin Pellizzi (Cold Spring, Fr)
S9: Bradley Gatto (Highland, Jr)
S10: Tanner King (Franklin, Jr)
S11: Chase Davis (Port Jeff, So)
S11: Nick Rodriguez (Port Jeff, Fr)
PSAL: Rocky Molinare (Petr, So)‍
AIS: Jovanny Nazario (Hor M, Sr)

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124 – Section 9 D2 Champion
Ewan Celestine – Red Hook

124 – Section 9 Champion
Ewan Celestine (Red Hook, junior)
Season Record: 26-11
Record Against the Bracket: 0-0
Results Against the Bracket: none

124 – Division 2 Tournament Preview
This is one of the deepest weight classes in the tournament – either division! There are at least seven wrestlers in this bracket with a legitimate shot of earning the top step of the podium. Section 3 champion Chase Nevills is a returning state champ so he’s certainly in the mix. Nevills is having another great season however did suffer a loss earlier in the year to Section 5 champ and former state placer Chris Noto. Noto is undefeated thus far this year however he was not at the Eastern States Classic where Section 8 champion Finnegan O’Brien made it all the way to the finals before dropping a 3-0 decision to Evin Gursoy. Caden Barrientos from Section 6 is as tough as they come and will definitely contend here as will Chris Colon who won the Section 11 title and finished 5th in the state last season. Section 3 runner-up Gene Edwards was also a state place winner last season finishing 4th at 118 pounds. Section 4 Caleb Cole will also be in the mix here. Cole finished 4th at 110 last year however needed to avenge a loss to fellow Section 4 hammer Landyn Shaffer in order to win the sectional tournament. Sit back and enjoy – this will be a great one to watch!

124 Pound Division 2 State Qualifiers

S1: Silas Freitas-Corveddu (SH, Fr)
S2: Ashten Haley (Cobl Rich, Fr)
S2: Neil Murphy (Cox Athens, Jr)
S3: Chase Nevills (Copenhagen, Sr)
S3: Gene Edwards (Cent Valley, So)
S3: Zenon Derocha (Hannibal, Fr)
S4: Caleb Cole (Unatego, Jr)
S4: Landyn Shaffer (Dep-Han, Fr)
S4: Owen Clark (Lansing, Fr)
S5: Christopher Noto (HFL, So)
S5: James Chase (Avon-Gen, 8th)

S6: Caden Barrientos (L-Port, Sr)
S6: Trevor DellaPenta (Eden, So)
S7: Reece LaBarge (N Adir, 8th)
S8: Finnegan O’Brien (Loc Val, 8th)
S8: Anthony Sampogna (Wheat, Jr)
S9: Ewan Celestine (Red Hook, Jr)
S10: JD Minckler (Gouverneur, So)
S11: Chris Colon (SWR, Sr)
S11: Aiden Lee (John Glenn, So)‍
PSAL: Tysun Gillard (Eagle, Jr)‍
AIS: Toby Carmel (Collegiate, So)

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131 – Section 9 D2 Champion
Reese Greathouse – Marlboro

131 – Section 9 Champion
Reese Greathouse (Marlboro, senior)
Season Record: 29-4
Record Against the Bracket: 0-0
Results Against the Bracket: none

131 – Division 2 Tournament Preview
Section 11 champion Gavin Mangano was a state finalist last season and was the 2024 Eastern States Classic champion where he defeated 2X Division 1 state champ Matt Marlow. Mangano is clearly one of the favorites here, but he will have plenty of competition. Section 4 champion Jayden Duncanson placed 3rd in the state last season and has a 28-1 record this season. His only loss was to a wrestler in this bracket, Carmine Calimeri from Section 6! Section 3 champion Kolton Kelly was a state place winner last year and needs to be watched here and the same can be said for Esuar Ordonez who is the Section 1 champion. Section 2 champ Justin Mullis has a win over Ordonez and he placed 7th at the Eastern States so he’s in the mix as is Sawyer Bell from Section 7 who is undefeated at 44-0. Others to keep an eye on here are Scott Nicolella from Section 2, Zachary Rooks from Section 5, and Kenji Walters from Section 6.

131 Pound Division 2 State Qualifiers

S1: Esuar Ordonez (Put Val, Sr)
S2: Justin Mullis (Hudson Falls, So)
S2: Scott Nicolella (D-burg, Sr)
S3: Kolton Kelley (Camden, Jr)
S3: Santino Tubia (CVA, Sr)
S3: Jacob Strain (Adirondack, Sr)
S4: Jayden Duncanson (Tioga, So)
S4: Abdul-Jamil Zaggout (Unat, Fr)
S4: Hunter Boynton (Moravia, Jr)
S5: Zach Rooks (Pal Mac, Jr)
S5: Holden Kelly (Perry, Jr)

S6: Carmine Calimeri (S-west, So)
S6: Kenji Walters (Southwestern, Sr)
S7: Sawyer Bell (B-town, Sr)
S8: William Grassini (Clarke, Fr)
S8: Matteo Porres (North Shore, Jr)
S9: Reese Greathouse (Marl, Sr)
S10: Cyler Baer (Gouverneur, Fr)
S11: Gavin Mangano (SWR, Fr)
S11: Frank D`Elia (Port Jeff, Sr)
‍PSAL: Kenan Djokic (RKA, Sr)‍
AIS: Sacha MacAdam (Collegiate, So)

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138 – Section 9 D2 Champion
Thomas Shields – Onteora

138 – Section 9 Champion
Thomas Shields (Onteora, senior)
Season Record: 25-6
Record Against the Bracket: 0-0
Results Against the Bracket: none

138 – Division 2 Tournament Preview
In the opinion of almost every wrestling fan, 138 Division 2 the most “stacked” bracket in the tournament – either division! At 138 we have the top three place finishers from last year at 126 and the top two place finishers from last year at 132 – not to mention a few other returning state place winners! Let’s start with the three former state champs! Undefeated Brayden Fahrbach from Section 11 was the state titlist at 132 pounds last season, and he was this year’s Eastern States Classic champion. Jordan Joslyn was the state champ at 126 last year and he is a perfect 44-0 this season. To win last year’s state title Joslyn defeated a 2X state champ from Section 4, Gianni Sylvestri, who is also in this bracket and also happens to be undefeated! Aiden Gillins from Section 6 was a state finalist last season losing to Fahrbach in the finals. He is having another great year and will be in the hunt this year as will Trevor Bishop from Section 2 Tamarac whose only losses this year were at the Beast of the East and the Eastern States Classic. Cole Sands from Section 5, Patrick Grimsey from Section 3, and Alex Clancy from Section 7 are all returning state place winners and will definitely contend here. Did I mention that this bracket is loaded?

138 Pound Division 2 State Qualifiers

S1: Ethan Badillo (Nanuet, Jr)
S2: Trevor Bishop (Tamarac, Sr)
S2: Zachary Olden (W/LG, Sr)
S3: Patrick Grimsey (Lowville, Jr)
S3: Dylan Nolan (J-E-PB-US, Sr)
S3: Colin Scherer (Mar-On, Sr)
S4: Gianni Silvestri (Tioga, Sr)
S4: Tim Boyce (Windsor, Jr)
S4: Aiden Marcin (Ox-Gr, Jr)
S5: Cade Sands (Addison, Sr)
S5: Jacob McVige (HFL, So)

S6: Jordan Joslyn (Chau Lake, Sr)
S6: Aidan Gillings (Newfane, Jr)
S7: Alex Clancy (Saranac, Sr)
S8: Joseph Filocamo (Island Tr, Jr)
S8: Sebastian Barco (Clarke, Jr)
S9: Thomas Shields (Onteora, Sr)
S10: Ryan Mashaw (Gouv, So)
S11: Brayden Fahrbach (Mt. S, Sr)
S11: Jack Nastri (South, Sr)
‍PSAL: Marco Michielli (Petrides, So)
AIS: John Savin Nguyen (Colleg, Fr)

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145 – Section 9 D2 Champion
Justin Coiteux – New Paltz

145 – Section 9 Champion
Justin Coiteux (New Paltz, senior)
Season Record: 35-5
Record Against the Bracket: 1-1
Results Against the Bracket: Win over Cox 12-4; lost to Cullen 7-3

145 – Division 2 Tournament Preview
This is without a question a very solid weight class, but the favorite here is Casper Stewart from Section 5. Stewart is a multiple time Division 1 place winner, and he has been nationally ranked in the past. He has a 38-3 record this year with two of his losses coming at the Beast of the East where he placed 5th and the other coming up at 152 to 2023 state champion Caden Bellis from Tioga. Two of Bellis’s Tioga teammates are contenders to win a title here – Tyler Roe and Deakon Bailey have both qualified for the state tournament and will be in the medal hunt. Aiden Buttery from Section 6, Colton Havens from Section 5 and Kieren Cullen from Section 2 are all returning state place winners and will definitely contend here. All three Section 3 qualifiers – Ryley Monica, Matt Verri, and Cooper Reed who is a 2023 state placer – are legitimate medal contenders and we shouldn’t overlook Section 11 champ Kyle Barber. A few others to watch here are Section 9 champ Justin Coiteux, AIS champ Leo Tansey, and Section 8 champion Raymond McNulty.

145 Pound Division 2 State Qualifiers

S1: Rafael Rodriguez (Sle Hol, Fr)
S2: Kieran Cullen (Greenville, Sr)
S2: Ryker Cox (Coxs-Athens, Fr)
S3: Ryley Monica (South Jeff, Sr)
S3: Matt Verri (Little Falls, Jr)
S3: Cooper Reed (CVA, Jr)
S4: Tyler Roe (Tioga, Sr)
S4: Deakon Bailey (Tioga, Sr)
S4: Abdeen Zaggout (Unat-UF, So)
S5: Casper Stewart (Attica, Sr)
S5: Colton Havens (Can-Green, Jr)

S6: Ayden Buttery (Newfane, Jr)
S6: Ethan Coleman (Portville, Sr)
S7: Jacob Magiera (Beekman, Jr)
S8: Raymond McNulty (CSH, Jr)
S8: Sebastian Mejia (Clarke, So)
S9: Justin Coiteux (New Paltz, Sr)
S10: Turner Sochia (Gouv, Jr)
S11: Kyle Barber (Bayport-BP, Sr)
S11: Liam Squires (Southamp, So)
‍PSAL: Jason Consalvo (Petrides, Jr)‍
AIS: Leo Tansey (Collegiate, Jr)

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152 – Section 9 D2 Champion
Quinian Jones – Highland

152 – Section 9 Champion
Quinian Jones (Highland, junior)
Season Record: 37-10
Record Against the Bracket: 0-0
Results Against the Bracket: none

152 – Division 2 Tournament Preview
One of the definite favorites to win this bracket is defending state champion Caden Bellis from Section 4. The Tioga senior was a state titlist at 138 last year and has a 38-1 record this season. His one loss, however, is to a wrestler who is also in this bracket, Tavian Camper from Section 3. Camper defeated Bellis 9-7 in sudden victory in late December, but Bellis avenged the loss and beat Camper 1-0 in mid-January. Could round 3 take place on Saturday night in Albany? Section 10 champion Vandavian Way is a returning state place winner and will be in the mix and we should not overlook Section 1 champion Henry Martin or Section 3 finalist TJ O’Connor.

152 Pound Division 2 State Qualifiers

S1: Henry Martin (Croton-Har, Jr)
S2: Jacob Schweigard (Duane, Jr)
S2: Jaxon Torres (Granville, Jr)
S3: Tavian Camper (Copen, Sr)
S3: TJ O`Connor (Coop-Mil, Sr)
S3: Broden Enders (Cazenovia, Sr)
S4: Caden Bellis (Tioga, Sr)
S4: Wyatt Meade (Una-UV-F, Jr)
S4: Cadin Creeley (Newark, So)
S5: Waylan Winseman (HFL, Jr)
S5: Keegin Christian (Pal Mac, Sr)

S6: Caden Inkley (Randolph, Jr)
S6: Michael Horth (Gowanda, Sr)
S7: Dominick LaPier (Ausable, Sr)
S8: Justin Gonzalez (Clarke, Jr)
S8: Louis Cannata (Seaford, Sr)
S9: Quinlan Jones (Highland, Jr)
S10: Vandavian Way (Gouv, Sr)
S11: Chris Lotten (Port Jeff, Jr)
S11: Matt Cucciniello (Mt. Sin, Jr)
‍PSAL: Brandon Pacheco (Eagle, Sr)‍
AIS: Carlos Rohm (Dalton, So)

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160 – Section 9 D2 Champion
Ryan Ross – Port Jervis

160 – Section 9 Champion
Ryan Ross (Port Jervis, senior)
Season Record: 36-5
Record Against the Bracket: 2-0
Results Against the Bracket: Wins over Malfitano 4-0 and Bell 9-3.

160 – Division 2 Tournament Preview
The heavy favorite to repeat as 160-pound Division 2 state champion is Ousmane Duncanson from Section 4. The Tioga senior is undefeated this season sporting a perfect 29-0 record. His stiffest competition may come from Section 3 champion Mason Rowley from Little Falls. Rowley has a win over the top seeded Division 1 170 pounder Jonathan Clohecy and a few wins over Vandavian Way. Canisteo Greenwood’s Beu Zeh was a state place winner last season so he’s one to watch but he lost in the Section 5 finals to Noah Leitten from Perry HS who comes in with a 44-1 record. Duncanson’s teammate McCumber is tough and will be in the medal hunt as will Section 9 champion Ryan Ross and Section 6 winner Jacob Stevenson.

160 Pound Division 2 State Qualifiers

S1: Mike Malfitano (Pearl Riv, Sr)
S2: Joseph Davis (Greenville, Sr)
S2: Kyber Henry (Cobl-Rich, Jr)
S3: Mason Rowley (Little Falls, Sr)
S3: William Burnell (Phoenix, Sr)
S3: Wyatt Tinker (Cortland, Sr)
S4: Ousmane Duncanson (Tio, Sr)
S4: Drew Macumber (Tioga, Sr)
S4: Nicholas Plue (Moravia, Jr)
S5: Noah Leitten (Perry, Jr)
S5: Beau Zeh (Can-Green, Sr)

S6: Jacob Stephenson (Wilson, Jr)
S6: Ronan Klug (Roy-Hart/Bar, Jr)
S7: Parker Manor (N Adir, Jr)
S8: Robert Burns (Locust Vall, Jr)
S8: Aidan Smith (Cold SH, Jr)
S9: Ryan Ross (Port Jervis, Sr)
S10: Chase White (Franklin, Sr)
S11: Anthony Bell (John Glenn, Sr)
S11: Nick Reilly (Mt. Sinai, Sr)
‍PSAL: Lorenzo Lamattina (Pet, Jr)‍
AIS: Remy Becker (Hackley, Jr)

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170 – Section 9 D2 Champion
Michael Franco – Chester

170 – Section 9 Champion
Michael Franco (Chester, senior)
Season Record: 29-3
Record Against the Bracket: 1-0
Results Against the Bracket: win over Smithwick DQ

170 – Division 2 Tournament Preview
After missing the state tournament last season, Section 5 champion Braidon Woodward has been on a mission this season. The Pal-Mac senior is sporting a 50-1 record with his only loss being a 3-2 decision to Division 1 hammer Griff LaPlante. He won the Eastern States Classic and scored bonus points over nearly every opponent this year. Woodward’s toughest competition in Albany may be the wrestler he beat in the Section 5 finals, Tavyn MacDonell from Bolivar Richburg. MacDonell was a state finalist this year and has only lost to one Division 2 opponent all year – Woodward by a score of 10-2. Section 3 has a few solid entries here in Charles Foster and Jack Lamson who was a state place winner last year. Neves Hoose from Section 6, Drew Gates from Section 10, and Michael Franco from Chester could make some noise here at 170 in Division 2.

170 Pound Division 2 State Qualifiers

S1: Fred Smithwick (Crot-Har, Sr)
S2: Joseph Martinez (Coxsackie, Sr)
S2: Skyler Sturdevant (Glens F, Sr)
S3: Charles Foster (Vernon VS, Sr)
S3: Jack Lamson (J-E-PB-US, Sr)
S3: Kayleb Martin (Sackets Har, Jr)
S4: John Johnston 3rd (SVEC, Jr)
S4: Mark Winchell (Maine-End, Jr)
S4: Bobby Struble (Owego, Jr)
S5: Braidon Woodward (P Mac, Sr)
S5: Tavyn MacDonell (Bol Rich, Jr)

S6: Neves Hoose (South, Sr)
S6: Evan Leonard (Frank, Sr)
S7: Jack Brown (Beek, Jr)
S8: Ethan Eoanidis (Cold SH, Sr)
S8: Bryan Araujo (Clarke, Fr)
S9: Michael Franco (Chester, Sr)
S10: Drew Gates (Gouv, Sr)
S11: Preston Biedenkapp (PJ, Sr)
S11: Nate Spuhler (SWR, Sr)
‍PSAL: Aiden Brito (RKA, So)‍
AIS: Sasha Amato (Collegiate, Jr)

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190 – Section 9 D2 Champion
Maddox McCormick – Port Jervis

190 – Section 9 Champion
Maddox McCormick (Port Jervis, junior)
Season Record: 29-2
Record Against the Bracket: 0-1
Results Against the Bracket: Lost to Meak f 5:42

190 – Division 2 Tournament Preview
Some very tough wrestlers and a few returning state medalists but all signs point towards a rematch of last year’s 172-pound state final with Tavio Hoose from Section 6 and Greyson Meak from Section 8. The 2023 tilt was won by Hoose who is having another monster year and notched another win over Meak this year in the Eastern States Classic semifinals by a score of 6-5. The Southwestern sophomore is 43-1 on the season with his only loss coming in the finals of the ESC to Elijah Diakomihalis. Meak is also having a great year. The Cold Spring Harbor junior’s only loss this year was the aforementioned loss to Hoose in the ESC semis. The Section 2 champion Jesse Mullis will definitely be a contender here. Mullis was a state place winner last year and he took 8th at this year’s Eastern States Classic. Section 4 champ Mason McCombs is a former state placer and is undefeated this year so he’ll be in the hunt as will both Section 5 entries – Malachi Smith from Byron Bergen and Luke Van Gorden from Pal-Mac. Section 9 champ Maddox McCormick is very tough and could surprise a few people in Albany and let’s keep an eye on Section 3 champion Trent True!

190 Pound Division 2 State Qualifiers

S1: Asa Nunberg (P-ville, Sr)
S2: Jesse Mullis (Hud Falls, Sr)
S2: Chad Monty (Whitehall, So)
S3: Trent True (Holl Patent, So)
S3: Avery Canzano (Cortland, Sr)
S3: Keeran Timerman (Can, Jr)
S4: Mason McCombs (Windsor, Sr)
S4: Logan McGuire (ME, Jr)
S4: Titus Callahan (New Val, So)
S5: Malachi Smith (Byron Berg, Sr)
S5: Luke VanGorden (Pal Mac, Jr)

S6: Tavio Hoose (S-western, So)
S6: Jayden Malecki (Ch Lake, Sr)
S7: Warren Pray (Ausable, So)
S8: Greyson Meak (Cold SH, Jr)
S8: Marcus Rosario (Clarke, So)
S9: Maddox McCormick (Port, Jr)
S10: Charlie Rossner (Canton, Sr)
S11: James Felakos (Mattituck, Jr)
S11: Cole Fox-Bathon (South, Sr))
‍PSAL: Denzel Perez (Eag Acad, Sr)‍
AIS: Ivan Dolphan (Hor Mann, Sr)

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215 – Section 9 D2 Champion
Matt Oosterom – Port Jervis

215 – Section 9 Champion
Matthew Oosterom (Port Jervis, senior)
Season Record: 40-1
Record Against the Bracket: 1-0
Results Against the Bracket: Win over Weaver f 1:01

215 – Division 2 Tournament Preview
This weight class should come down to a showdown between two wrestlers who finished 4th in NYS last season – Matt Oosterom from Section 9 and Sean Kelly from Section 3. Oosterom, a senior from Port Jervis, placed 4th at 215 in 2023. He is having another great season sporting a 40-1 record with his only loss coming at the Eastern States to one of the ESC finalists. If Oosterom win on Saturday night, he will be the first Section 9 Division 2 wrestler to ever win a state title since the state went to a 2-division system back in 2009. Kelly, a senior from Lowville, is up a few weights from last year when he took 4th place at 172 pounds. He also is having a great season and was an Eastern States Classic place winner in January. Section 4 champ Dominick Weaver and PSAL champ and 2023 state placer Christian Solano should do well here, and we should also keep an eye on state placer Caden Allen from Section 5 and both Section 6 entries – Matt Trim and Mason Maring. Section 1 champion Thomas Kellas is only an 8th grader. It’s not often that we see an 8th grader qualify for the state tournament at 215 pounds – he could be fun to follow.

215 Pound Division 2 State Qualifiers

S1: Thomas Kellas (Sleepy Hol, 8th)
S2: Ben Nania (Mech/Still, Sr)
S2: Violence Sturdevant (GF, Jr)
S3: Sean Kelly (Lowville, Sr)
S3: Dominic Jones (Mt Mark, Sr)
S3: Matt Marks (South Lewis, Sr)
S4: Dom Weaver (Windsor, Sr)
S4: Matthias Welles (Waverly, Fr)
S4: Jayden Zakala (Oneonta, Sr)
S5: Caden Allen (Bol Rich, Sr)
S5: Jared Haers (Pal Mac, Jr)

S6: Matt Trim (Maple Grove, Sr)
S6: Mason Maring (Chaut Lake, Jr)
S7: Trey McGee (N Adiron, Sr)
S8: Charles Kelly (Locust Val, Sr)
S8: Issac Bratter (North Shore, Sr)
S9: Matt Oosterom (Port Jervis, Sr)
S10: Chase Bandy (Canton, Sr)
S11: Carmine Gerbino (John Gl, Jr)
S11: Adrian Daci (Babylon, Sr)
‍PSAL: Christian Solano (Eagle, Sr)‍
AIS: Alex Wlodarczak (Dalton, Jr)

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285 – Section 9 D2 Champion
Mark Paschal – Red Hook

285 – Section 9 Champion
Mark Paschal (Red Hook, senior)
Season Record: 35-5
Record Against the Bracket: 0-1
Results Against the Bracket: Lost to Keilitz f 3:12

285 – Division 2 Tournament Preview
This is one of the most wide-open weight classes in the tournament. There is one Eastern States Classic place finisher and one former state place winner. Section 3 champion Landon Andrade placed 2nd at this year’s Eastern States Classic and is definitely considered one of the favorites here. Another contender is Section 6’s Hamza Merrick who placed 8th in NYS last year, Merrick, however, was defeated in the Section 6 finals by his teammate Willam Wortkoetter so he’s definitely in the hunt as is Section 5’s Luke Herendeen who is 44-4 on the season. Section 7 champ Dylan Cogswell could make some noise here and let’s keep an eye on Alex Kielitz from Section 11.

285 Pound Division 2 State Qualifiers

S1: Jaden Tesher (Put Val, Jr)
S2: Jakob Pregent (Glens Falls, Sr)
S2: Dalton Cooper (Duan-Sch, Sr)
S3: Landon Andrade (Sher-Ear, Jr)
S3: Jeremy McRedmond (CVA, Jr)
S3: Mason Sturtevant (Adir, Jr)
S4: Troy Beeman (Waverly, So)
S4: Gabe Soundararaj (Wind, Jr)
S4: Joe Maraski (Maine-End, Sr)
S5: Luke Herendeen (Pal Mac, Sr)
S5: Hunter Jewell-Smith (Holl, Jr)

S6: Will Wortkoetter (Wilson, So)
S6: Hamza Merrick (Wilson, Jr)
S7: Dylan Cogswell (Saranac, Sr)
S8: Daniel Harooon (Wheatley, Jr)
S8: Jahrell Troncoso (CP, Sr)
S9: Mark Paschal (Red Hook, Sr)
S10: Thi Vanguilder (Canton, Sr)
S11: Alex Keilitz (Babylon, Jr)
S11: Zack Wilson (SWR, Sr)
‍PSAL: Josiah Maye (Petrides, Sr)‍
AIS: Sammi Uyanik (Dalton, Jr)

NYSPHSAA Wrestling Championships – Section 9 Division 1 Team and Tournament Preview

Let’s take a look at the Section 9 Division 1 wrestlers who will be competing at the 2024 NYSPHSAA Wrestling Championships in Albany, NY. The tournament takes place at the MVP Arena on Friday February 23rd and Saturday February 24th. I have also included a weight class by weight class preview of the tournament. Section 9 has won the intersectional team title for the past two seasons and Minisink Valley has won the school team title for the past two seasons … can we make it three in a row!!!! Special thanks to Fred Perna and Perna Imaging for the photos!

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2024 Section 9 Division 1 Team
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101 Pound S9 Champ
Willam Soto – NFA

101 – Section 9 Champion
William Soto (NFA, freshman)
Season Record: 47-0
Record Against the Bracket: 4-0
Results Against the Bracket: Defeated Vass 12-4, 9-2, 7-1, and 13-3.

101 – Section 9 Runner-Up
EJ Vass (Valley Central, 8th grade)
Season Record: 32-4
Record Against the Bracket: 7-4
Results Against the Bracket: Wins over Andreula 5-2, Sullivan 12-0, Mannello 11-5, DiCaprio 6-0, DiCaprio 4-0, Jones f 3:12, and Sullivan 10-0; Losses to Soto 12-4, 9-2, 7-1, and 13-3.

101 – Section 9 3rd Place
Kelly Sullivan (Monroe Woodbury, 8th grade)
Season Record: 30-8
Record Against the Bracket: 2-3
Results Against the Bracket: Wins over Mannello 5-3 and Jones 10-5; Losses to DiCaprio 2-0, Vass 12-0, and Vass 10-0.

101 Pound Tournament Preview
All signs point towards an all Section 9 final and the fifth meeting of the season between local hammers William Soto from NFA and EJ Vass from Valley Central. Soto, who finished 3rd in NYS last season, has won all 4 matches this season but you cannot sleep on Vass. He’s scrappy, he knows how to finish, and he has seven wins over wrestlers in this bracket – so he’s battle tested! Kelly Sullivan from Monroe Woodbury keeps getting better and he also has a few wins over wrestlers in this field. Do not be shocked if he makes it to the podium on Saturday! Brady Maneri from Section 3 needs to be watched here. He is currently undefeated and has scored bonus points in nearly every match this season. Both Section 8 entries at this weight, Ethan Andreula, who placed 7th in the state last season, and Vincent Orandello, are extremely tough and likely to place and let’s keep an eye on Dario Guglielmo who has not lost a match since dropping down to 101 pounds.

101 Pound Division 1 State Qualifiers

S1: Vincent Mannello (Briar., 7th)
S2: Brody DiCaprio (B. Hills, Fr)
S2: Daniel Jones (B. Hills, 7th)
S3: Brady Maneri (Auburn, So)
S3: Kasey Kalfass (Cicero-NS, 8th)
S4: Josh Knapp (Horseheads, So)
S4: Maddox Hubbard (C-Forks, Fr)
S5: Lukas Yeager (Hilton, Fr)
S5: Koray Kocaoglu (Pittsford, Fr)
S6: Tanner Catrabone (W-NE, 8th)
S6: Cameron Crumpler (NF, 8th)

S8: Ethan Andreula (L. Beach, 8th)
S8: Vincent Orandello (MacA, So)
S9: William Soto (NFA, Fr)
S9: EJ Vass (Valley Central, 8th)
S9: Kelly Sullivan (MW, 8th)
S11: Dario Guglielmo (WM, So)
S11: Tyler Conzo (S-town W., 8th)
S11: Rocco DeStefano (EI, So)
CHSAA: Lucas Griffin (Cham, Jr.)
PSAL: Matthew Velez (Jamaica, Jr.)

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108 Pound S9 Champ
Cooper Merli – NFA

108 – Section 9 Champion
Cooper Merli (NFA, sophomore)
Season Record: 46-4
Record Against the Bracket: 6-2
Results Against the Bracket: Wins over Levin f 3:39, Manta 2-1, Sheridan 6-0, Popolizio f:48, Milmore f:25, and Futia 10-0; Losses to Lagala-Ryan 9-7 and Sibomana 9-2.

108 – Section 9 Runner-Up
Marco Futia (Wallkill, So)
Season Record: 39-5
Record Against the Bracket: 2-5
Results Against the Bracket: Wins over Gummow 11-4 and Popolizio 9-4; Losses to Lagala-Ryan 20-9, Levin 3-2, Edwards f 4:51, Lagala-Ryan 5-3, and Merli 10-0.

108 – Section 9 3rd Place
Owen Milmore (Washingtonville, freshman)
Season Record: 27-5
Record Against the Bracket: 0-1
Results Against the Bracket: Lost to Merli f: 25.

108 Pound Tournament Preview
NFA’s Cooper Merli was the NYS champion at 102 last year and is definitely one of the favorites here however his road to the top step of the podium goes through a few wrestlers who have defeated him this year. Long Beach sophomore Dunia Sibomana was a state champion in 2022 and finished 3rd in the state last year. Sibomana and Merli locked horns in the Eastern States Classic finals where the Section 8 champ won by a score of 9-2. Anthony Lagala-Ryan from Section 11, 5th in NYS 2023, defeated Merli in the Mid-Hudson semis however he lost in the S11 finals to last year state finalist at 102 Connor Sheridan by a score of 6-2. Merli beat Sheridan 6-0 at the Eastern States Classic. Will Russell from Section 8 has lost two very close matched to Sibomana and will contend here as will Gino Manta from Section 11. Section 2 champ Ralph Keeney, who placed 4th in NYS last year, only has one loss this year and that was at the semis of the ESC to Sibomana so he’ll be in the mix as will Manta from S11 and Edwards from CHSAA. Marco Futia from Wallkill and Tristin Levin from PSAL could surprise some folks here.

108 Pounds Division 1 State Qualifiers

S1: Nick Fortugno (Briarcliff, So)
S1: Ethan Steuber (Somers, So)
S2: Ralph Keeney (Ballston Spa, Sr)
S2: Luca Popolizio (CBA, Fr)
S3: Kymah Gummow (IR, 8th)
S4: Peyton Hubbard (C-Forks, Jr)
S4: Tanner Knapp (Horseheads, So)
S5: Jon Testa (Hilton, So)
S5: Connor Guffey (Webster, Fr)
S6: Seam McDonald (Starpoint, So)
S6: Zach Little (Jamestown, So)

S8: Dunia Sibomana (LB, So)
S8: Will Russell (Manhasset, So)
S9: Cooper Merli (NFA, So)
S9: Marco Futia (Wallkill, So)
S9: Owen Milmore (Wash, Fr)
S11: Connor Sheridan (Haup, So)
S11: Ant. Lagala-Ryan (Long, Fr)
S11: Gino Manta (Haup, Jr)
CHSAA: Cullen Edwards (St. Fr, So)
PSAL: Tristan Levin (T-ville, So)

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116 Pound S9 Champ
Brady Judd – Warwick

116 – Section 9 Champion
Brady Judd (Warwick, junior)
Season Record: 30-3
Record Against the Bracket: 4-0
Results Against the Bracket: Wins over Busby 6-0, Busby 7-0, Chrisjohn 5-0, and Chrisjohn 10-6.

116 – Section 9 Runner-Up
Jordan Busby (NFA, junior)
Season Record: 35-9
Record Against the Bracket: 0-3
Results Against the Bracket: Losses to Judd 7-0, Vargas 8-6, and Judd 6-0.

116 – Section 9 3rd Place
Santiago Chrisjohn (Saugerties, freshman)
Season Record: 27-6
Record Against the Bracket: 0-2
Results Against the Bracket: Losses to Judd 5-0 and 10-5.

116 Pound Tournament Preview
Evin Gursoy form Midwood PSAL is the clear favorite to win this weight. Gursoy finished 2nd in the state last year at 110 to Luke Satriano, and this year he was the Eastern States Classic champion! He is undefeated and has scored bones points in nearly every match this season. One of the wrestlers most capable of testing Gursoy is Austin Zimmerman from CHSAA. Zimmerman placed 5th in the state last year and is primed to move higher on the podium. Section 8 champ Salazar has a win over Zimmerman and will definitely contend here as will both Donohue and Severino from Section 11. Section 9 champion Brady Judd from Warwick could make the podium here and we can’t look past Ryan Ball from Section 1, Greg Walpole from Section 8, or Brayden Kellison from Section 6.

116 Pound Division 1 State Qualifiers

S1: Ryan Ball (Somers, So)
S2: Vin Mastrianni (Colonie, So)
S2: Xaviar Vargas (Schen, Jr)
S3: Jaxon Perkins (Central Sq, Jr)
S3: Aaron Westcott (Cicero, So)
S4: Ryan DePadua-Reese (Elm, Fr)
S4: Rasheed Scott (Bing, So)
S5: Teague Wolcott (Fairport, Jr)
S5: Ryan Cieslinski (Spen, Jr)
S6: Brayden Kellison (Will N/E, Fr)
S6: Eian Peterson (Niag Wheat, Jr)

S8: Carlos Salazar (Hewlett, Fr)
S8: Greg Walpole (Long Beach, Jr)
S9: Brady Judd (Warwick, Jr)
S9: Jordan Busby (NFA, Jr)
S9: Santiago Chrisjohn (Saug, Fr)
S11: Anthony Severino (Lind, So)
S11: Aidan Donohue (RP, Sr)
S11: Matt McDermott (Smith E, 8)
CHSAA: A. Zimmerman (St. Joe, Sr)
PSAL: Evin Gursoy (Midwood, Jr)

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124 Pound Section 9 Champ
Luke Satriano – Valley Central

124 – Section 9 Champion
Luke Satriano (Valley Central, junior)
Season Record: 36-6
Record Against the Bracket: 4-0
Results Against the Bracket: Wins over Rivera 7-0, Arrick 6-0, Clem 5-0, and Banda 3:23

124 – Section 9 Runner-Up
Viktor Banda (Wallkill, senior)
Season Record: 45-5
Record Against the Bracket: 3-2
Results Against the Bracket: Wins over Brown f 5:01, f 3:19, 9-4; Losses to Rivera 5-1 and Satriano 3:23.

124 – Section 9 3rd Place
Elijah Brown (Monroe Woodbury, 8th grade)
Season Record: 33-9
Record Against the Bracket: 0-4
Results Against the Field: Losses to Banda f 5:01, f 3:19, 9-4, and Witko med fft.

124 Pound Tournament Preview
With two defending state champions and no fewer than five other wrestlers in the mix, the 124-pound weight class is absolutely loaded! Section 11’s Matt Marlow is a 2X state champ and definitely one of the favorites here however he has suffered a few setbacks this season. Section 9 champion Luke Satriano was the NYS champ at 110 last season and has not lost to a New York wrestler all season. Section 8 hammers Anthony Clem, 2023 state finalist, and Shane Dobbins will definitely be in the title hunt as will Dillon Arrick from Section 1 who placed 3rd in NYS last year. State placer Richard Wood from Section 5, Tomah Gummow from Section 3 and Nico Rivera from Section 2 are all tough as nails and will also contend here. Wrestlers like Viktor Banda from Section 9 and state placer Mason Mangialino from Section 11 are very solid and definitely add depth to an already stacked weight class.

124 Pound Division 1 State Qualifiers

S1: Dillon Arrick (Arlington, Sr)
S1: Dylan LaRocco (C-town N, Sr)
S2: Nico Rivera (Mohonasen, Jr)
S2: Dom Witko (Schen, Sr)
S3: Tomah Gummow (IR, Sr)
S4: Jonathan Guyette (Elmira, Sr)
S4: Ben Ruffo (Union Endicott, Jr)
S5: Rich Wood (Brockport, Jr)
S5: Trey LeChase (Fairport, So)
S6: Dylan Castiglia (Grand Isl, Jr)
S6: Sam Beri (Hamburg, Sr)

S8: Anthony Clem (Wantagh, Sr)
S8: Shane Dobbins (Plainedge, Sr)
S9: Luke Satriano (VC, Jr)
S9: Viktor Banda (Wallkill, Sr)
S9: Elijah Brown (MW, 8th)
S11: Matt Marlow (Northport, Sr)
S11: Mason Mangialino (Com, Jr)
S11: Colten Ford (Smith West, So)
CHSAA: Justin Castillo (St. A, Jr)
PSAL: Jordan Lee (James Mad, Jr)

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131 Pound Section 9 Champ
Matthew Mercado – NFA

131 – Section 9 Champion
Matthew Mercado (NFA, junior)
Season Record: 42-3
Record Against the Bracket: 3-0
Results Against the Bracket: Wins over Roger 5-4, 6-4, and 9-2

131 – Section 9 Runner-Up
Jacob Roger (Middletown, senior)
Season Record: 28-7
Record Against the Bracket: 4-3
Results Against the Bracket: Wins over Dale f :52, Copley 13-4, Racz 12-5 and f 1:40; Losses to Mercado 5-4, 6-4, and 9-2.

131 – Section 9 3rd Place
Nate Racz (Minisink Valley, sophomore)
Season Record: 27-14
Record Against the Bracket: 0-3
Results Against the Bracket: Losses to Roger 12-5, Roger f 1:40, and Nieto 18-2

131 Pound Tournament Preview
Section 5 champion Samson McKissick-Staley is the favorite here. The Pittsford sophomore placed 6th in NYS last season, is currently undefeated, and was this year’s champion at the Eastern States Classic where he defeated Iona Prep’s Vincent Tripaldi in the finals. Tripaldi’s only loss this year was to McKissick-Staley. Section 8 has two legitimate contenders here in 2023 state finalist Joe Clem from Wantagh and Jake Nieto from Plainedge. Section 2 champion Jacob Hanlon and Section 11 champion Tyler Visciano can definitely make some noise here and we should also keep an eye on Section 9 champion Matt Mercado and Section 11’s Michael Giugliano who was a state place winner in 2023.

131 Pound Division 1 State Qualifiers

S1: Neil Paulercio (Briar, Jr)
S2: Jacob Hanlon (Averill Park, Jr)
S2: Taylor Beaury (Sar Springs, Jr)
S3: Landon Copley (Carthage, Sr)
S3: Logan Wills (W. Genesee, So)
S4: Cody Dale (Horseheads, Sr)
S4: Joey Mastrantonio (Elm, Jr)
S5: Sam McKissick-Staley (Pitt, So)
S5: Joe Trieste (Spencerport, Sr)
S6: Trevor Mueller (Clarence, 8th)
S6: Tyler Zwald (Jamestown, Jr)

S8: Joe Clem (Wantagh, Sr)
S8: Jake Nieto (Plainedge, Fr)
S9: Matt Mercado (NFA, Jr)
S9: Jacob Roger (Midd, Sr)
S9: Nate Racz (Minisink, So)
S11: Tyler Visciano (SE, Sr)
S11: Michael Giugliano (MP, Sr)
S11: Jake DiBenedetto (SW, Jr)
CHSAA: Vin Tripaldi (Iona P, Jr)
PSAL: Leo Gao (Brook Tech, Sr)

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138 Pound Section 9 Champ
DJ Aviles – Middletown

138 – Section 9 Champion
DJ Aviles (Middletown, sophomore)
Season Record: 31-5
Record Against the Bracket: 3-3
Results Against the Bracket: Wins over Boice 7-4, and Petzold 4-2 and f 4:47; Losses to Boice 3-0, Tornambe med fft, Sinitiere 9-0.

138 – Section 9 Runner-Up
Wyatt Boice (Minisink Valley, freshman)
Season Record: 27-9
Record Against the Bracket: 2-6
Results Against the Bracket: Wins over Aviles 3-0 and Petzold f 3:18; losses to Aviles 7-4, Nieto 16-8, Shay 5-2, Nieto 8-6, Nieto 7-1, and Tornambe 6-2.

138 – Section 9 3rd Place
Griffin Petzold (Warwick, junior)
Season Record: 32-6
Record Against the Bracket: 0-5
Results Against the Bracket: Losses to Boice f 3:18, Aviles 4-2, Shay 13-3, Raines f 1:44, and Aviles f 4:47.

138 Pound Tournament Preview
With no clear-cut favorite and at least six wrestlers with a legit title shot, 138 will be a great weight class to follow up in Albany. Section 8 champion and returning state 5th Luke Nieto has a 41-1 record with his only loss coming against Joe Tornambe at the Eastern States Classic. Tornambe only has two wrestled losses – both at ESC – one to a Division 2 wrestler and the other to the PSAL champ Amir Avazov who is entered here. Avazov, who placed 4th in NYS in 2023, has losses to Nieto, and one another contender here – Section 8 finalist Eric Gendlin. One of the definite favorites here is state placer Camryn Howard from Section 11 and he is only in 8th grade! Howard’s opponent in the S11 finals, Leo Mongiello, will also be in the mix here as will AJ Didas from Section 6!

138 Pound Division 1 State Qualifiers

S1: Joe Tornambe (Yorktown, Jr)
S1: Parker Trento (Tappan Zee, Jr)
S2: Dave Ensminger (Shen, Sr)
S2: Luke Stoutenburg (Sar Spr, So)
S3: Shay Sinitiere (Carthage, Sr)
S4: Quentin Getzin (Ithaca, So)
S4: Max Collins (Elmira, Jr)
S5: William Wood (Brockport, So)
S5: Cael Raines (Chur Chili, Sr)
S6: AJ Didas (Clarence, Jr)
S6: Garrett Chase (NW, Jr)

S8: Luke Nieto (Plainedge, Jr)
S8: Eric Gendlin (Hewlett, Sr)
S9: DJ Aviles (Middletown, So)
S9: Wyatt Boice (Minisink, Fr)
S9: Griffin Petzold (Warwick, Sr)
S11: Camryn Howard (Bell, 8th)
S11: Leo Mongiello (Sayville, Jr)
S11: Chris Holm (Northport, Sr)
CHSAA: Chris Gliaos (St J, Jr)
PSAL: Amir Avazov (JM, Sr)

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145 Pounds Section 9 Champ
Mason Ketcham – Washingtonville

145 – Section 9 Champion
Mason Ketcham (Washingtonville, junior)
Season Record: 44-1
Record Against the Bracket: 4-0
Results Against the Field: Wins over Parker 4-3, Parker 14-5, Tresch 3-1, and Tresch 3-1.

145 – Section 9 Runner-Up
Anthony Tresch (Minisink Valley, junior)
Season Record: 39-5
Record Against the Bracket: 5-2
Results Against the Bracket: Wins over Dacey 14-5, Carter 5-3, Carter 2-1, Carter 5-1, and Gerby 2-1; Losses to Ketcham 3-1 and Ketcham 3-1

145 – Section 9 3rd Place
Jayce Goldberg (Washingtonville, senior)
Season Record: 21-5
Record Against the Bracket: 0-0
Results Against the Bracket: none

145 Pound Tournament Preview
A season ending injury to Eastern States Classic champion Joe Manfredi from Section 8 has turned 145 into a wide-open weight class. Section 9 champion Mason Ketcham, who has wrestled at a private school in NJ for the past few years, is definitely one of the favorites. Ketcham has a 44-1 record on the season and his only loss was at the Eastern States Classic and it was to an out-of-state wrestler. Liam Carlin, from Burnt Hills in Section 2, is also one of the favorites here. Carlin only has three losses this season – two at the ultra-tough Powerade Tournament and the other at the ESC semis where he finished 3rd at 152 pounds. Section 11 champion Anthony Avitabile’s only loss this year has been to NYS and ESC champion Fahrbach so he’s definitely one to watch and we definitely shouldn’t look past Section 4 champ Daniel Parker who is having another great season. Anthony Tresch from Minisink Valley has lost two 3-1 decisions to Ketcham so he’ll definitely be in the mix as will Battisti from Section 5, returning state placer Te’Shaun Mathews from Section 6, George Johnson from the CHSAA and returning NYS placer Jared Spahn from Section 11.

145 Pound Division 1 State Qualifiers

S1: Tom Iasiello (Scarsdale, Jr)
S2: Liam Carlin (Burnt Hills, Jr)
S2: Danny Dacey (Sar Spr, So)
S3: Kennedy Thomas (Cicero, Jr)
S3: Logan Munn (Carthage, Sr)
S4: Daniel Parker (Ithaca, Sr)
S4: Logan Bruce (Corning, Sr)
S5: Dino Battisti (Brockport, Sr)
S5: Zach Gerby (Pittsford, Jr)
S6: Te’Shaun Mathews (NW, Sr)
S6: Chase Richards (NW, So)

S8: Kyle Carter (Plainedge, Jr)
S8: Luke Burke (MacArthur, Jr)
S9: Mason Ketcham (Wash, Jr)
S9: Anthony Tresch (Minisink, Jr)
S9: Jayce Goldberg (Wash, Sr)
S11: Anthony Avitabile (EI, Sr)
S11: Jared Spahn (Islip, Sr)
S11: Jayden Medina (Conn, Sr)
CHSAA: George Johnson (Iona, So)
PSAL: Dave Khodzhaev (Tott, So)

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152 Pound Section 9 Champ
Luke Greiner – Minisink Valley

152 – Section 9 Champion
Luke Greiner (Minisink Valley, senior)
Season Record: 41-4
Record Against the Bracket: 5-1
Results Against the Bracket: Wins over Pennell f 5:30, Accardo 4:54, Testa 8-2, Accardo f 4:11, and Pennell f 1:48; lost to Kwaak f :32.

152 – Section 9 Runner-Up
Logan Pennell (Pine Bush, junior)
Season Record: 28-5
Record Against the Bracket: 3-2
Results Against the Bracket: Wins over Accardo 3-0, O’Connor 11-1, and Losee 5-1; Losses to Greiner f 5:30 and Greiner f 1:48.

152 – Section 9 3rd Place
Michael Accardo (Warwick, senior)
Season Record: 31-9
Record Against the Bracket: 0-4
Results Against the Bracket: Losses to Pennell 3-0, Greiner f 4:54, Greiner f 4:11 and St. John f 5:11.

152 Pound Tournament Preview
There is plenty of talent at this weight class but the heavy favorite going into the tournament is Cameron Catrabone from Section 6. Catrabone is currently ranked #8 in the nation by FloWrestling. He is a returning state champ and made it to the Eastern States Classic finals at 160 where he lost a 2-1 battle to PJ Duke from Minisink Valley who is ranked #1 in the nation! There are definitely a few wrestlers who will push Catrabone and one of them is, without question, Griffin LaPlante from the CHSAA. LaPlante, only a sophomore at St. Francis, won the Eastern States at 152 this year and he also placed top-8 at the ultra-tough Powerade Tournament in PA. The wrestler he defeated to win the ESC was Section 11 champ Jason Kwaak who will definitely contend for a high medal as will Section 8 champion Jesse Vanorden from Wantagh who placed 3rd in NYS at 145 last year. Minisink Valley senior Luke Greiner will be in the mix here as will Anthony Lofaro from Section 1 and Jackson Koppers from Section 5.

152 Pound Division 1 State Qualifiers

S1: Anthony Lofaro (Ossining, Sr)
S1: Nikita Rusnack (Carmel, So)
S2: William O’Connor (B. Spa, Jr)
S2: Joey Losee (Shen, So)
S3: Bailey Grubb (Fulton, Sr)
S4: Lucas Mosher (Horseheads, Jr)
S4: William Ackley (J. City, So)
S5: Jackson Koppers (Rush Hen, Jr)
S5: Philip Testa (Hilton, Jr)
S6: Cameron Catrabone (W NE, Sr)
S6: Zak Saeed (Amherst, Sr)

S8: Jesse Vanorden (Wantagh, Sr)
S8: Shane Moore (Division, Sr)
S9: Luke Greiner (Minisink, Sr)
S9: Logan Pennell (Pine Bush, Jr)
S9: Michael Accardo (Warwick, Sr)
S11: Jason Kwaak (Brentwood, Jr)
S11: Christian St. John (Hunt, Jr)
S11: Brendan Knapp (Bay Sh, Sr)
CHSAA: Griff LaPlante (St. F, So)
PSAL: Dwayne Harris (GSC, Sr)

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160 Pounds Section 9 Champ
PJ Duke – Minisink Valley

160 – Section 9 Champion
PJ Duke (Minisink Valley, junior)
Season Record: 35-0
Record Against the Bracket: 2-0
Results Against the Bracket: Wins over Hockx f 2:52 and Grant f :40.

160 – Section 9 Runner-Up
Isaiah Hockx (Saugerties, senior)
Season Record: 23-1
Record Against the Bracket: 0-1
Results Against the Bracket: Lost to Duke f 2:42

160 – Section 9 3rd Place
Isaiah Grant (Monroe Woodbury, senior)
Season Record: 23-9
Record Against the Bracket: 0-3
Results Against the Bracket: Losses to Schrage 9-5, Milone f 1:28, and Duke f :40.

160 Pound Tournament Preview
The biggest favorite to win his weight class in this tournament is Section 9 champion PJ Duke. The Minisink Valley junior is already a 2X state champion, a Fargo champion, and Ironman champion, and a 2X Super 32 Challange champion. Duke is currently ranked #1 in the nation at his weight class and is ranked as the #8 pound-for-pound wrestler in the country. He has only been tested once all season and that was by Catrabone in the ESC finals. Catrabone is at 152 for the state tournament. After Duke, there are several other very talented wrestlers who will be competing for spots on the podium. Section 1 champ Sam Szerlip placed 3rd in Albany last year and will definitely be in the high medal hunt. Some of the other wrestlers we should keep an eye on here are Koufalis from CHSAA, Beksultan from PSAL, Schreck from Section 11, Rodriguez from Section 9, and Welcome from Section 2.

160 Pound Division 1 State Qualifiers

S1: Sam Szerlip (Nyack, Sr)
S2: John Welcome (Averill Park, Sr)
S2: Lucas Schell (Queensbury, Sr)
S3: Maxx Fesinger (W. Gen, Jr)
S3: Brady Lynch (Indian River, Sr)
S4: Zach Schrage (Horseheads, So)
S4: Coleton Owen (Horseheads, Jr)
S5: Casey Liess (McQuaid, So)
S5: Rudy Antonucci (Pittsford, Sr)
S6: Joe Cicco (Niagara Wheat Sr.)
S6: Dylan Gagnon (N. Tona, Sr)

S8: Matt Rodriguez (E Mead, Sr)
S8: Greg Milone (Long Beach, Sr)
S9: PJ Duke (Minisink, Jr)
S9: Isaiah Hockx (Saugerties, Sr)
S9: Isaiah Grant (MW, Sr)
S11: Brian Schreck (Miller Pl, Sr)
S11: Lee Faber (Northport, Sr)
S11: Charles Olaechea (Haup, Sr)
CHSAA: K. Koufalis (Iona Prep, Sr)
PSAL: Timur Beksultan (B Tech, Sr)

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170 Pound Section 9 Champ
Quinten Morgan – Minisink Valley

170 – Section 9 Champion
Quinten Morgan (Minisink Valley, senior)
Season Record: 33-7
Record Against the Bracket: 4-3
Results Against the Bracket: Wins over Annacone 9-2, Hoxie f 2:05, Annacone 3-2, and Aljamal f 1:16; losses to Downes 3-0, Venables f 1:20, and Downes 14-0.

170 – Section 9 Runner-Up
Musa Aljamal (Washingtonville, senior)
Season Record: 25-9
Record Against the Bracket: 1-1
Results Against the Bracket: Win over Annacone 9-7; lost to Morgan f 1:16.

170 – Section 9 3rd Place
Anthony Annacone (Wallkill, senior)
Season Record: 42-7
Record Against the Bracket: 0-3
Results Against the Bracket: losses to Morgan 9-2, Morgan 3-2, and Aljamal 9-7.

170 Pound Tournament Preview
This weight class is loaded with talented wrestlers and has no heavy favorite, so it should be a great bracket to follow at the MVP Arena in Albany! Gage LaPlante from CHSAA is definitely one of the favorites. He took 4th at the ESC and is primed for a title run after missing out on last year’s state tournament. Section 1 champ Leo Venables placed 4th at 172 in NYS last year, Landon Lazarek from Section 5 took 4th at 152 and Jonathan Clohecy from Section 3 placed 5th at 160 – all three are contenders here. Section 11 champ Christopher Reddy is undefeated so he’s certainly one to watch as in Devin Downes from Section 8. Zane Kropman from Section 5 will be fun to watch here. He’s only a freshman and his only two losses for the season were to state placer Lazarek – scores of 4-2 and 2-1 – he can open some eyes in Albany. A few other to keep on the radar here are Quinten Morgan from Minisink Valley and Section 6 champion Michael Schaefer from Lancaster.

170 Pound Division 1 State Qualifiers

S1: Leo Venables (Carmel, Sr)
S1: Vincent DiRenno (Suffern, Sr)
S2: Matt Hoxie (Columbia, Sr)
S2: Gianni Delgado (Sar Sr, Jr)
S3: Jonathan Clohecy (Fulton, Jr)
S4: Dokota Hamiton (Ithaca, Jr)
S4: Jaxson Burchand (Horse, Fr)
S5: Landon Lazarek (Hilton, Sr)
S5: Zane Kropman (Penfield, Fr)
S6: Mike Schaefer (Lancaster, Sr)
S6: Evan Braunscheidel (Ham, Jr)

S8: Devin Downes (Plainedge, So)
S8: Shafeer McMillan (Want, Jr)
S9: Quinten Morgan (Minisink, Sr)
S9: Musa Aljamal (Wash, Sr)
S9: Anthony Annacone (Wall, Sr)
S11: Chris Reddy (Bay Shore, Sr)
S11: Brandon Ridge (HHHW, Sr)
S11: Aidan Barry (Rocky Point, Jr)
CHSAA: Gage LaPlante (St. F, Sr)
PSAL: Pat Alfarano (JM, Sr)

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190 Pound Section 9 Champ
Zach Filip – Minisink Valley

190 – Section 9 Champion
Zachary Filip (Minisink Valley, sophomore)
Season Record: 38-7
Record Against the Bracket: 5-1
Results Against the Bracket: Wins over Herriman f 4:04, Herriman 12-0, Herriman 13-2, Accardo 9-0, and Accardo 5-0; lost to Caldwell 5-1.

190 – Section 9 Runner-Up
Christopher Herriman (FDR-Hyde Park)
Season Record: 32-8
Record Against the Bracket: 0-4
Results Against the Bracket: Losses to Filip f 4:04, Filip 12-0, Filip 13-2, and Sutherland f 1:20.

190 – Section 9 3rd Place
Johnny Accardo (Warwick, senior)
Season Record: 35-4
Record Against the Bracket: 0-2
Results Against the Bracket: Losses to Filip 9-0 and Filip 5-0

190 Pound Tournament Preview
There are some very tough wrestlers in this bracket but the odds-on favorite to make it to the top step of the podium on Saturday night is Elijah Diakomihalis from Section 5. The Hilton junior finished 2nd in the state last year and won the Eastern States Classic in January. Elijah is a perfect 42-0 this season and has wins over several of the other top contenders at this weight including Ian Sutherland from Section 1 and Zach Caldwell from the CHSAA. Sutherland placed 4th at the Eastern States Classic and Caldwell finished 7th. Minisink Valley sophomore Zach Filip is having a great season and will definitely be in the medal hunt here as will Zach Miller from Islip and Angel Flores from Section 8. A few other to watch here are Section 8 runner-up Jared Marine and Section 11 finalist Bryan Aulino whose only loss was to Miller in the Section 11 finals.

190 Pound Division 1 State Qualifiers

S1: Ian Sutherland (Brewster, Sr)
S2: Tanner Scaccia (Columbia, Jr)
S2: Paul Harley (Shaker, Jr)
S3: Ryan Brown (Syracuse, So)
S3: Judson Ferris (Baldwin, Sr)
S4: Hunter Lavigne (Horse, Jr)
S4: Jacob Bennett *Horseheads, Sr)
S5: Elijah Diakomihalis (Hilton, Jr)
S5: Mason Depew (Canand, Jr)
S6: Liam Whalen (Lockport, sr)
S6: Iain O’Donnell (Niagara W, Sr)

S8: Angel Flores (Westbury, Sr)
S8: Jared Marine (Oceanside, Jr)
S9: Zach Filip (Minisink, So)
S9: Chris Herriman (FDR, Sr)
S9: Johnny Accardo (Warwick, Sr)
S11: Zach Miller (Islip, Sr)
S11: Bryan Aulino (Linden, Sr)
S11: Izaiah Green (Bellport, Sr)
CHSAA: Zach Caldwell (St. F, So)
PSAL: Aidan Gubarev (JM, Sr)

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215 Pound Section 9 Champ
Bryson Tibbs – Middletown

215 – Section 9 Champion
Bryson Tibbs (Middletown, senior)
Season Record: 41-1
Record Against the Bracket: 7-1
Results Against the Bracket: Wins over Loor fall, Leggett f 2:35, Berisha f 1:34, Miller f 1:20, McKinley 6-0, Leggett f 4:18. and Dejesus f 1:25; lost to Raines f 1:25.

215 – Section 9 Runner-Up
Jacob DeJesus (Washingtonville, junior)
Season Record: 25-3
Record Against the Bracket: 1-1
Results Against the Bracket: Win over Leggett 12-6; Lost to Tibbs f 1:25.

215 – Section 9 3rd Place
Christopher Leggett (Newburgh Free Academy, junior)
Season Record: 42-6
Record Against the Bracket: 2-5
Results Against the Bracket: Wins over Lore f 3:39 and Whyte f :53; losses to Lore DQ, Raines 5-1, Tibbs f 2:35, Tibbs f 4:18, DeJesus 12-6.

215 Pound Tournament Summary
This is another great weight class with plenty of talent and no clear-cut favorite! Coy Raines from Section 5 won the Eastern States Classic this year so he will definitely be one of the favorites as will Section 9 champion Bryson Tibbs who placed 3rd at SUNY Sullivan. Tibbs also placed 6th in NYS at 220 last season! Section 11 champ Chris Ayala has only one loss this year and that was an injury time loss so he’s one to watch as is Kamdim Bembry from Section 3 who is currently undefeated. Section 1 champion Alex Berisha has only two losses this year – both at the ESC and the losses were to the 2nd and 3rd place finishers – Berisha placed 5th. Section 9 wrestlers Chris Leggett and Jacob Dejesus could contend for a medal here. Leggett placed 4th at the Eastern States but he was defeated in the Section 9 semis by Dejesus who seems to be peaking at the right time.

215 Pound Division 1 State Qualifiers

S1: Alex Berisha (Fox Lane, Jr)
S1: Rocco Lore (Yorktown, So)
S2: Pat McKinley (Saratoga, Sr)
S2: Nick Whyte (Shaker, Sr)
S3: Kamdin Bembry (Cicero, Sr)
S4: Jaylon Yearwood (UE, Sr)
S4: Zahkye Jenkins (Elmira, Jr)
S5: Coy Raines (Churchville, Sr)
S5: Philip Noyes (Pittsford, Sr)
‍S6: Kahmari Cook(Lafayette, Sr)
S6: Jack MacDonald (Orchard, Sr)

S8: Ben Rivezzo (Oceanside, Sr)
S8: Juan Ramos (Freeport, Sr)
S9: Bryson Tibbs (Middletown, Sr)
S9: Jacob Dejesus (Wash, Jr)
S9: Chris Leggett (NFA, Jr)
S11: Chris Ayala (Brentwood, Sr)
S11: Elijah Myers (N Babylon, Sr)
S11: Nate Gsell (Sachem North, Sr)
CHSAA: Connor Miller (St. F, Sr)
PSAL: Amin Ibrahim (JM, Jr)

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285 Pound Section 9 Champ
Stephan Monchery – Middletown

285 – Section 9 Champion
Stephan Monchery (Middletown, senior)
Season Record: 38-0
Record Against the Bracket: 6-0
Results Against the Bracket: Wins over Carroll f:30, Dorchester 3-1, Belmonte 2-1, Crowe-Bailey f: 39, Dorchester 5-2, and Bradley 9-2.

285 – Section 9 Runner-Up
Rahmiere Bradley (Middletown, Sr)
Season Record: 19-4
Record Against the Bracket: 1-2
Results Against the Bracket: Win over Crowe-Bailey f 1:45; losses to Dorchester 5-2 and Monchery 9-2

285 – Section 9 3rd Place
Kevin Crowe-Bailey (Minisink Valley, junior)
Season Record: 33-11
Record Against the Bracket: 1-6
Results Against the Bracket: Win over Donnelly f 1:45; losses to Bradley f 1:45, Monchery f :39, Petzold f 3:03, Petzold f 1:51, Petzold 3:48, and Sanchez 4-2.

285 Pound Tournament Preview
The heavyweight division always provides the crowd with some of the most exciting matches of the state tournament and this year should be no different. There are several wrestlers capable of winning it all, but the favorite is definitely Stephan Monchery from Middletown. The Section 9 senior is a perfect 38-0 this season and won the Eastern States Classic. Monchery also was a state finalist at the 2023 state tournament. Monchery’s teammate Rahmiere Bradley is making his 2nd trip to Albany, and he also placed last year taking 7th at 285 pounds. Section 3 champ Kamdyn Dorchester is having a monster year. Two of his three losses on the season were close decisions to Monchery and he has a win over Bradley. Section 8 champion Vincent Petzold will also be in the running. His only two losses this year were at ESC and one of those losses was to Section 3’s Chris Belmonte. Section 1 champion Michael Mauro could be in the hunt – he has three losses this year but all three were at 215 so he’s undefeated at 285. Section 11 finalists Albertelli and Pompeii are both medal contenders and so is PSAL champ Joseph Christian who has pinned every opponent this season so far!

285 Pound Division 1 State Qualifiers

S1: Michael Mauro (JJEF, So)
S2: Billy Pokeda (Guilderland, Sr)
S2: Cole Donnelly (Ballston Spa, Jr)
S3: Kamdyn Dorchester (Carth, Jr)
S3: Chris Belmonte (New Hart, So)
S4: Qymani Viera-Powell (UE, Sr)
S4: Seamus Carroll (Horse, Jr)
S5: Gael Sanchez (Churchville, Sr)
S5: Blaze Waters (Fairport, Jr)
‍S6: Bryce Hawes (Clarence, Sr)
S6: Mike Welsh (Frontier, Jr)

S8: Vincent Petzold (Plainedge, Sr)
S8: Brandon Goldstein (Bell, Sr)
S9: Stephan Monchery (Midd, Sr)
S9: Rahmiere Bradley (Midd, Sr)
S9: Kevin Crowe-Bailey (MV)
S11: Matt Pompeii (ESM, Sr)
S11: Dom Albertelli (Islip, Sr)
S11: Chase Frole (Lindenhurst, Jr)
CHSAA: Hopeton James (HT, Sr)
PSAL: Joseph Christian (BC, Sr)

Section 9 Championships – Recap

Boys – Division 1

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2024 Section 9 Championships
Division 1 Champions – Minisink Valley

In another absolutely dominating performance, Minisink Valley placed 15 wrestlers in the top-6, qualified 8 for the state tournament in Albany, and crowned four champions on their way to the team title for the 5th consecutive year (no tournament in 2021 due to COVID-19). Taking home top honors for the Warriors were Luke Greiner at 152, PJ Duke at 160, Quinten Morgan at 170, and Zach Filip at 190. Duke was voted Most Outstanding Wrestler of the tournament. The Minisink Valley junior is a 2X NYSPHSAA champion, an Ironman champion, a Fargo champion, and a 2X Super 32 champion. He is currently ranked #1 in the nation by both FloWrestling and MatScouts. Minisink Valley ran away with the team race scoring 291.5 points followed by Middletown with 177 points, NFA and Washingtonville with 157 points, and Warwick rounded out the top-5 with 133 points.

Middletown Heavyweights
Stephan Monchery & Rahmiere Bradley

Middletown and NFA both crowned three individual champs and both programs had two others qualify for the state tournament in Albany. Middletown was led by 2X champions Stephan Monchery at 285 and Bryson Tibbs at 215. DJ Aviles was the Middies other champion. He and his finals opponent at 138, Wyatt Boice of Minisink Valley, received the Michael DeCapua Award for the most exciting finals match. Aviles was trailing by a point with only a few seconds left before hitting a headlock and scoring two back-points to secure the 7-4 victory. NFA’s three champions were William Soto at 101, Cooper Merli at 108, and Matthew Mercado at 131. Merli was a 2023 state champion at 102 and Soto placed 3rd at the same weight in Albany last year. Another 2023 state champion, Luke Satriano from Valley Central, will be making his 3rd trip to the state tournament. Satriano pinned his way through the tournament this year and looking to add state title #2 in a few weeks! Warwick 116-pound junior Brady Judd was workmanlike in earning his 2nd trip to Albany and our other Section 9 champion was Mason Ketcham from Washingtonville who defeated returning champion Anthony Tresch from Minisink Valley in the finals.

Because of the tremendous success which our Section 9 Division 1 team has experienced over the past few seasons, our top three place finishers from the Section 9 Tournament qualify for the 2024 NYSPHSAA Championships in Albany. The tournament will take place at the Times Union Center on February 23rd and 24th. Here is a list of all of our Section 9 Division 1 state qualifiers.

101 W. Soto (NFA)
108 C. Merli (NFA)
116 B. Judd (War)
124 L. Satriano (VC)
131 Mercado (NFA)
138 DJ Aviles (Midd)
145 Ketcham (Was)
152 L. Greiner (MV)
160 PJ Duke (MV)
170 Q. Morgan (MV)
190 Zach Filip (MV)
215 B. Tibbs (Midd)
285 Monchery (Mid)

EJ Vass (VC)
Marco Futia (Wall)
Jordan Busby (NFA)
Viktor Banda (Wall)
Jacob Roger (Midd)
Wyatt Boice (MV)
Anthony Tresch (MV)
Logan Pennell (PB)
Isaiah Hockx (Saug)
Musa Aljamal (Wash)
C. Herriman (FDR)
Jacob Dejesus (Wash)
R. Bradley (Midd)

Kelly Sullivan (MW)
O. Milmore (Wash)
S. Chrisjohn (Saug)
Elijah Brown (MW)
Nate Racz (MV)
Griff Petzold (War)
J. Goldberg (Wash)
Mike Accardo (War)
Liam Dakin (FDR)
A. Annacone (Wall)
J. Accardo (War)
Chris Leggett (NFA)

K. Crowe-Bailey (MV)

Boys – Division 2

2024 Section 9 Championships
Division 2 Champions – Port Jervis

For the 5th time in the last six years, Port Jervis has won the Section 9 Division 2 Championship tournament. The Raiders placed 11 wrestlers in the top-4, had nine finalists, and crowned three champions on their way to the team title. Earning title for Port Jervis were Ryan Ross at 160, Maddox McCormick at 190, and Matt Oosterom at 215. Ross is already a 2X Section 9 champ winning in 2020 and 2022 and is hoping his 3rd trip to Albany will end with him standing on the podium. His teammate Matt Oosterom has also been to the state tournament twice – and he placed both times! Oosterom finished 7th in the state as a sophomore and took 4th last season. This year he is looking to cap off his high school career by becoming Section 9’s first ever Division 2 state champion! McCormick will be making his 2nd trip to the state capitol and has a great shot of making it to the medal stand! Port Jervis won the team title handily amassing 242 points followed by Red Hook with 160.5, Chester with 136, Onteora with 119 and Highland rounding out the top-5 with 118 points.

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Division 2 Tournament MOW
Justin Coiteux – New Paltz

Red Hook and Highland both had two champions. Red Hook’s Ewen Celestine, who is now a 2X Section 9 champion, won the title at 124 by defeating Port Jervis’ Justin Harrison in a match that was voted as the Most Exciting Finals Match by the coaches. Heavyweight Mark Paschal was Red Hook’s other champion. Highland had champions at 116 in Bradley Gatto and 152 in Quin Jones. Reese Greathouse, who is a Marlboro HS student but trains and competes with Highland, won the title at 131 pounds. Justin Coiteux from New Paltz is now a 3X Section 9 Division 2 champion and for the 2nd year in a row he was selected as the tournament’s Most Outstanding Wrestler! Thomas Shields from Onteora is now a 2X Section 9 champ winning the crown at 138 pounds. Chester 170 pounder Michael Franco needed to defeat a returning Section 9 champion, Ivan Figueroa from Port Jervis, in order to win his crown and punch his ticket to Albany. In a battle of 7th graders in the 101-pound final, Rondout Valley’s Matteo Walsh was victorious and will be heading to Albany as will Our Lady of Lourdes 108-pound sophomore Bryce Reilly who is his school’s first ever Section 9 champion.

Let’s take a look at the 13 Division 2 wrestlers who will be representing Section 9 at the state tournament in Albany!

101: Matteo Walsh – Rondout
108: Bryce Reilly – OLL
116: Bradley Gatto – Highland
124: Ewen Celestine – Red Hook
131: Reese Greathouse – Marlboro
138: Thomas Sheilds – Onteora
145: Justin Coiteux – New Paltz

152: Quin Jones – Highland
160: Ryan Ross – Port Jervis
170: Michael Franco – Chester
190: Maddox McCormick – Port
215: Matt Oosterom – Port Jervis
285: Mark Paschal – Red Hook

Girls Division

2024 Section 9 Championships
Girls Division Champions – Minisink Valley

It was a great weekend for Minisink Valley Wrestling! Much like the boys ran away with the Division 1 title on Saturday, the girls of Minisink Valley dominated the competition and took home the team title at the 2024 Section 9 Girls Wrestling Championships! The Lady Warriors sent nine wrestlers to the finals and crowned three champions enroute to 207 points and the team title. Saugerties finished 2nd in the team race with 85 points followed by Middletown (79 points), Port Jervis (72 points), and Monroe Woodbury (49 points). Minisink was led by now 2X Section 9 champion Jaida Macaluso who won the crown at 132 pounds. The two other Lady Warriors to take home “Gold” were Victoria Barbarini at 100 pounds and Leah Lofstedt at 165 pounds. The other Minisink Valley finalists were Amelia Patzelt (94), Makenna Matone (100), Peyton Matone (114), Sara Pauls (120), Ryleigh Jennings (126), and Patricia Deslandes (235).

Girls Division MOW
Alyssa Reed – Port Jervis

In one of the more anticipated matchups of the tournament, Alyssa Reed from Port Jervis defeated Minisink Valley’s Sara Pauls in the finals at 120. Pauls was a Section 9 champion last year and also won the 2023 Girls Invitational in Syracuse. For her efforts Reed, who pinned all three of her opponents, was voted Most Outstanding Wrestler in a nearly unanimous vote. Valley Central’s Olivia Schmidt had to defeat returning champ Keira Filip from Minisink in the semis before beating Noelle Luke from Saugerties to with the title at 107 pounds. Savannah Tittelback (114) and Meredith Mills (145) helped Saugerties to their 2nd place team finish by winning their weight classes in convincing fashion! Liberty also had two champs as Zoe Kip won the crown at 152 and Cheyenne Graham took home the title at 165. Norma Avila from Middletown avenged her Eastern States Classic finals loss to MV’s Deslandes and won the bracket at 235 while Warwick’s Victoria Alvarado came all the way from the 8-seed to win the crown at 138. FDR’s Natalia Quinteros Tejada was the winner at 94 pounds and Jada Lee won gold at 126 for Monroe Woodbury.

Starting in the 2024-2025, Girls Wrestling will no longer be considered an emerging sport by the NYSPHSAA and will have a state championship tournament in Albany! Congratulations to all of the wrestlers who competed in yesterday’s tournament. You are paving the way for one of the fastest growing sports in the nation. Let’s take a look at the 2024 Section 9 Girls Wrestling champions.

94 Natalia Quinteros Tejada (FDR)
100 Victoria Barbarini (Minisink)
107 Olivia Schmidt (VC)
114 Savannah Tittelback (Saug)
120 Alyssa Reed (Port Jervis)
126 Jada Lee (Monroe Woodbury)
132 Jaida Macaluso (Minisink)

138 Victoria Alvarado (Warwick)
145 Meredith Mills (Saugerties)
152 Zoe Kip (Liberty)
165 Leah Lofstedy (Minisink)
185 Cheyenne Graham (Liberty)
235 Norma Avila (Middletown)

Section 9 Championships – Division 2 and Girls Tournaments

Boys Division 2 – Finals

101: Matteo Walsh (RV) dec 4-2 Justin Jones (PJ)
108: Bryce Reilly (OLL) maj 14-1 Lorenzo Caserto (Mar)
116: Bradley Gatto (High) dec 11-4 Rich Olena (PJ)
124: Owen Celestine (RH) dec 6-4 Justin Harrison (PJ)
131: Reese Greathouse (Marlboro) maj 10-1 Nick Laskowski (RV)
138: Thomas Sheilds (Onteora) f 4:53 Shane Cranna (Red Hook)
145: Justin Coiteux (NP) f 1:50 Anthony Theodore (PJ)
152: Quin Jones (High) dec 5-3 Connor Wilson (OLL)
160: Ryan Ross (PJ) maj 16-4 Ivan Heunis (OLL)
170: Michael Franco (Chester) dec 8-5 Ivan Figueroa (PJ)
190: Maddox McCormick (PJ) f :42 Cole Matteson (Ont)
215: Matt Oosterom (PJ) f :26 Logan Storey (Ont)
285: Mark Paschal (RH) f 3:36 Nick Oosterom (PJ)

Girls Division – Finals

94: Natalia Quinteros Tejada (FDR) f 2:49 Amelia Patzelt (MV)
100: Victoria Barbarini (MV) f 4:45 Makenna Matone (MV)
107: Olivia Schmidt (VC) f 2:58 Joelle Luke (Saugerties)
114: Savannah Tittelback (Saugerties) f 1:09 Peyton Matone (MV)
120: Alyssa Reed (PJ) f :49 Sara Pauls (MV)
126: Jada Lee (MW) f :50 Ryleigh Jenning (MV)
132: Jaida Macaluso (MV) f 1:45 Niya Drake (PJ)
138: Victoria Alvarado (Warwick) f :54 Ashlin Garcia (Mont)
145: Meredith Mills (Saugerties) f 5:02 Kaitlyn Eisentraut (Midd)
152: Zoe Kip (Liberty) f :51 Hailey Lichtenstein (Midd)
165: Leah Lofstedt (MV) f 2:46 Alison McGovern (Chester)
185: Cheyenne Graham (Liberty) f 2:50 Faith Villanueva (Chester)
235: Norma Avila (Midd) f 2:36 Patricia Deslandes (MV)

Girls Semifinals

94 Pounds
Patzelt (MV) – bye
Quinteros Tejada (FDR) – bye

100 Pounds
Barbarini (MV) – bye
Matone (MV) – bye

107 Pounds
Schmidt (VC) dec 2-1 Filip (MV)
Luke (Saug) f :56 Digiantommaso (PJ)

114 Pounds
Tittelback (Saug) f :46 Tepper (MV)
Matone (MV) maj 9-1 Polanis (PJ)

120 Pounds
Pauls (MV) f :28 Walsh (RV)
Reed (PJ) f :47 Franco-Coehlo (MV)

126 Pounds
Lee (MW) f 1:59 Aucanelo (Chester)
Jennings (MV) f 2:05 Talaniec (Saug)

132 Pounds
Macaluso (MV) f 1:42 Kinsley (VC)
Drake (PJ) f 2:45 Albornoz (MV)

138 Pounds
Alvarado (Warwick) f :28 Barham (MW)
Garcia (Mont) dec 13-7 Rahmkissoon (Midd)

145 Pounds
Mills (Saug) – bye
Eisentraut (Midd) dec 5-3 Piper (MW)

152 Pounds
Kip (Liberty) f :45 Cartuche Morocho (Midd)
Lichtenstein (Midd) f :16 Besson (MV)

165 Pounds
McGovern (Chester) -bye
Lofstedt (MV) – bye

185 Pounds
Graham (Liberty) f 2:40 Binder (Saug)
Villanueva (Chester) f :48 Ruiz (Fallsburg)

235 Pounds
Deslandes (MV) f :52 Seward (PJ)
Avila (Middletown) f :42 Monchery (Middletown)

Boys Division 2 – Semifinals

101 Pounds
Jones (PJ) f 1:23 Moore (RH)
Walsh (RV) dec 7-0 Thonus (Chester)

108 Pounds
Caserto (Marl) dec 10-8 Massey (RH)
Reilly (OLL) f 3:20 Giorgio (RH)

116 Pounds
Gatto (High) f :39 Abbate (Chester)
Olena (PJ) dec 2-0 Corcoran (PJ)

124 Pounds
Harrison (PJ) f :44 Chavez (Chester)
Celestine (RH) f 1:38 McCarthy (OLL)

131 Pounds
Greathouse (Marl) f 1:10 Theil (Ont)
Laskowski (RV) f 1:58 Edwards (Chester)

138 Pounds
Shields (Ont) dec 5-2 Gianakis (RH)
Cranna (RH) dec 11-6 Ferrara (PJ)

145 Pounds
Coiteux (NP) f :52 Collins (OLL)
Theodore (PJ) f 3:13 McCormack (OLL)

152 Pounds
Wilson (OLL) f 5:18 Fox (PJ)
Jones (High) dec 8-2 Curreri (PJ)

160 Pounds
Ross (PJ) f 1:22 Perez (RV)
Heunis (OLL) f :22 Weiss (Ont)

170 Pounds
Figueroa (PJ) dec 11-5 Shaw (Burke)
Franco (Chester) f 1:23 Momani (Chester)

190 Pounds
McCormick (PJ) f 1:25 Bickham (Lib)
Matteson (Ont) f 3:40 King (RV)

215 Pounds
Oosterom (PJ) f :20 Alexander (RH)
Storey (Ont) dec 4-3 Osei-Kwanin (Chester)

285 Pounds
Paschal (RH) f :35 Santangelo (Chester)
Oosterom (PJ) f 3:46 Cozzupli (Highland)

Boys Division 2 – Quarterfinals

101 Pounds
Jones (PJ) f 3:31 Caserto (Marl)
Moore (RH) f 2:41 Vett (Highland)
Walsh (RV) tf 16-0 Faulkner (Ont)
Thonus (Chester) 2:51 Kessler (RH)

108 Pounds
Caserto (Marl) – bye
Massey (RH) fft over Roberts (PJ)
Giorgio (RH) 2:54 Blakely (Ont)
Reilly (OLL) fft over Rodriguez (Liberty)

116 Pounds
Gatto (Highland) f :45 VanLuven (RV)
Abbate (Chester) f 5:40 Mayer (NP)
Corcoran (PJ) f 5:03 Francisco (Burke)
Olena (PJ) f :55 De La Rosa (OLL)

124 Pounds
Harrison (PJ) – bye
Chavez (Chester) dec 7-2 Paynter (Onteora)
McCarthy (OLL) f 1:21 Ford Owens (RH)
Celestine (RH) fft over Secore (RV)

131 Pounds
Greathouse (Marl) f 2:21 Kothe (Ont)
Thiel (Ont) f 3:22 Lonstein (Burke)
Laskowski (RV) dec 9-2 Thomas (Highland)
Edwards (Chester) f 3:03 Natale (PJ)

138 Pounds
Shields (Ont) 3:35 Wilder (OLL)
Gianakis (RH) maj 10-1 Barcone (RV)
Ferrara (PV) f 2:45 Declaire (Highland)
Cranna (RH) f :37 Sweeney (RV)

145 Pounds
Coiteux (NP) f 1:02 Hutchins (RV)
Collins (OLL) dec 5-2 Jean-Pierre (Chester)
McCormack (OLL) 3:23 Hubert (Sullivan West)
Theodore (PJ) f 2:54 Huggins (Marl)

152 Pounds
Wilson (OLL) f 3:11 Merck (RV)
Fox (PJ) f 4:28 Curci (Chester)
Curreri (PJ) f 3:38 Nolan (Ellenville)
Jones (Highland) f 1:57 Wood (Ont)

160 Pounds
Ross (PJ) f 3:22 Farley (Chester)
Perez (RV) dec 3-0 Cruz (Sull West)
Weiss (Ont) f 4:45 Holifield (High)
Heunis (OLL) f 5:23 Matteson (Ont)

170 Pounds
Shaw (Burke) f 3:28 Kay (New Paltz)
Figueroa (PJ) f 2:58 Bickham (Liberty)
Momanyi (Chester) maj 18-5 Pak Anderson (RH)
Franco (Chester) maj 11-0 Flores Reyes (RH)

190 Pounds
McCormick (PJ) f :27 Cobey (Ont)
Bickham (Liberty) f 1:59 Swart (High)
Matteson (Ont) f :57 Zheng (OLL)
King (RV) vs Miralle (Burke)

215 Pounds
Oosterom (PJ) f :07 Schieder (High)
Alexander (RH) f 1:44 Marqueno (NP)
Osei Kwanin (Chester) f :28 Morton (NP)
Storey (Ont) f 1:32 Morales (Chester)

285 Pounds
Paschal (RH) – bye
Santangelo (Chester) f :23 Bennett (Burke)
Cozzupli (Highland) dec 6-2 Lavariega (RH)
Oosterom (PJ) – bye

Section 9 Championships – Division 1 – Day 2 Results


Finals Live Stream Link

101: William Soto (NFA) maj 13-3 EJ Vass (VC)
108: Cooper Merli (NFA) maj 10-0 Marco Futia (Wallkill)
116: Brady Judd (Warwick) dec 6-0 Jordan Busby (NFA)
124: Luke Satriano (VC) f 3:23 Viktor Banda (Wallkill)
131: Matt Mercado (NFA) dec 9-2 Jacob Roger (Middletown)
138: DJ Aviles (Middletown) dec 7-4 Wyatt Boice (Minisink)
145: Mason Ketcham (Wash) dec 3-1 Anthony Tresch (Minisink)
152: Luke Greiner (Minisink) f 1:48 Logan Pennell (Pine Bush)
160: PJ Duke (Minisink) f 2:52 Isaiah Hockx (Saugerties)
170: Quinten Morgan (Minisink) f 1:16 Musa Aljamal (Wash)
190: Zach Filip (Minisink) maj 13-2 Chris Herriman (FDR)
215: Bryson Tibbs (Middletown) f 1:39 Jacob Dejesus (Wash)
285: Stephan Monchery (Midd) dec 9-2 Rahmiere Bradley (Midd)

Team Scores
1. Minisink Valley 291.5
2. Middletown 177
3. Newburgh 157
4. Washingtonville 157
5. Warwick 133
6. Wallkill 129
7. Monroe Woodbury 101.5
8. Saugerties 96
9. Valley Central 91
10. Pine Bush 89.5

MOW – PJ Duke (Minisink Valley)
Michael DeCapua Most Exciting Finals – 138 – Aviles (Midd) vs Boice (MV)

Medal Matches

101 3rd: Sullivan (MW) dec 5-1 Judd (War)
101 5th: Noboa (Midd) dec 3-1 Alfalla (PB)

108 3rd: Milmore (Wash) dec 2-1 Simpson (MV)
108 5th: Shultis (King) dec 8-2 Venarchick (Corn)

116 3rd: Chrisjohn (Saugerties) dec 8-2 Gennaro (Wash)
116 5th: McNally (Pine Bush) pin McCarthy (Wall)

124 3rd: Brown (MW) f 4:32 Dakin (FDR)
124 5th: Burgos (Wash) med fft Strother (Wall)

131 3rd: Racz (Minisink) dec 8-1 Perales (Goshen)
131 5th: Urena (PB) dec 2-1 Wickrath (Minisink)

138 3rd: Petzold (Warwick) dec 6-2 Uhrig (MV)
138 5th: Duran (NFA) dec 12-9 Smith (VC)

145 3rd: Goldberg (Wash) maj 11-2 Caufaglione (Wall)
145 5th: Carcaterra (MW) f 1:42 Weeden (Goshen)

152 3rd: Accardo (War) dec 5-3 Bucci (Saugerties)
152 5th: Tzezailidid (War) fft Betancourt (Beacon)

160 3rd: Grant (MW) f 2:56 Weeden (Goshen)
160 5th: Garcia (MV) dec 5-1 Dakin (FDR)

170 3rd: Annacone (Wall) f 4:38 Davis (Beacon)
170 5th: Cafaldo (Saugerties) f 1:18 Conrow (PB)

190 3rd: Accardo (Warwick) f 2:28 Henry (MV)
190 5th: Calfe (VC) f 2:28 Badawy (Wash)

215 3rd: Leggett (NFA) dec 8-3 Graham (Midd)
215 5th: Duke (MV) dec 3-1 Presley (MV)

285 3rd: Crowe-Bailey (MV) dec 4-0 Curran (PB)
285 5th: Aviles (Wall) f 1:34 Florin (PB)

Consolation Semifinals

Jude Betancourt (Beacon) vs 101 Pounds
Kelly Sullivan (Monroe) f 1:39 Alfalla (Pine Bush)
Judd (Warwick) maj 12-1 Anthony Noboa (Middletown)

108 Pounds
Simpson (Minisink Valley) dec 4-2 Keaton Venarchick (Corn)
Owen Milmore (Wash) over Shultis (Kingston)

116 Pounds
Gianni Gennaro (Wash) dec 2-1 McCarthy (Wallkill)
Santiago Chrisjohn (Saug) over McNalley (Pine Bush)

124 Pounds
Elijah Brown (Monroe) f 4:34 Burgos (Washingtonville)
Dakin (FDR) inj time Devin Strother (Wallkill)

131 Pounds
Nate Racz (Minisink Valley) vs Wickrath (Minisink Valley)
Jacob Perales (Goshen) dec 4-1 Urena (Pine Bush)

138 Pounds
Griffin Petzold (Warwick) f 2:48 Duran (NFA)
Joseph Uhrig (Minisink) maj 11-1 Smith (Valley Central)

145 Pounds
Goldberg (Washingtonville) over Weeden (Goshen)
Caufaglione (Wallkill) fall over Carcaterra (MW)

152 Pounds
Bucci (Saugerties) fall Jude Betancourt (Beacon)
Michael Accardo (Warwick) over Tzezailidis (Warwick)

160 Pounds
Dakin (FDR) over Dan Weeden (Goshen)
Isaiah Grant (Monroe) dec 5-1 Garcia (Minisink Valley)

170 Pounds
Anthony Annacone (Wallkill) dec 3-1 Cafaldo (Saugerties)
Davis (Beacon) over Ethan Conrow (Pine Bush)

190 Pounds
Keith Henry (Minisink Valley) pin Badawy (Washingtonville)
Johnny Accardo (Warwick) fall Calfe (Valley Central)

215 Pounds
Christopher Leggett (NFA) pin Presley (Minisink Valley)
Julani Graham (Middletown) pin Duke (Minisink Valley)

285 Pounds
Kevin Crowe-Bailey (Minisink) dec 4-0 Florin (Pine Bush)
Curran (Pine Bush) pin Julian Aviles (Wallkill)


101 Pounds
William Soto (NFA) tf 15-0 Anthony Noboa (Middletown)
EJ Vass (Valley Central) maj 10-0 Kelly Sullivan (Monroe)

108 Pounds
Cooper Merli (NFA) f :25 Owen Milmore (Wash)
Marco Futia (Wallkill) f 2:23 Keaton Venarchick (Corn)

116 Pounds
Brady Judd (Warwick) dec 10-6 Santiago Chrisjohn (Saug)
Jordan Busby (NFA) de 14-7 Gianni Gennaro (Wash)

124 Pounds
Luke Satriano (VC) f 2:23 Devin Strother (Wallkill)
Viktor Banda (Wallkill) dec 9-4 Elijah Brown (Monroe)

131 Pounds
Matthew Mercado (NFA) maj 11-1 Jacob Perales (Goshen)
Jacob Roger (Middletown) dec 12-5 Nate Racz (Minisink)

138 Pounds
Wyatt Boice (Minisink) maj 11-3 Joseph Uhrig (Minisink)
DJ Aviles (Middletown) f 4:47 Griffin Petzold (Warwick)

145 Pounds
Mason Ketcham (Wash) f 1:00 Brandon Carcaterra (MW)
Anthony Tresch (Minisink Valley) maj 19-6 Evan Weeden (Goshen)

152 Pounds
Luke Greiner (Minisink Valley) f 4:11 Michael Accardo (Warwick)
Logan Pennell (Pine Bush) tf 18-2 Jude Betancourt (Beacon)

160 Pounds
PJ Duke (Minisink Valley) f :40 Isaiah Grant (Monroe)
Isaiah Hockx (Saugerties) f 5:43 Dan Weeden (Goshen)

170 Pounds
Quinten Morgan (Minisink) dec 4-0 Ethan Conrow (Pine Bush)
Musa Aljamal (Washingtonville) dec 9-7 sv Anthony Annacone (Wall)

190 Pounds
Zach Filip (Minisink Valley) dec 5-0 Johnny Accardo (Warwick)
Chris Herriman (FDR) dec 10-9 Keith Henry (Minisink Valley)

215 Pounds
Bryson Tibbs (Middletown) dec 7-1 Julani Graham (Middletown)
Jacob Dejesus (Wash) dec 11-5 Christopher Leggett (NFA)

285 Pounds
Stephan Monchery (Middletown) f 1:01 Julian Aviles (Wallkill)
Rahmiere Bradley (Middletown) f 1:45 Kevin Crowe-Bailey (Minisink)

Section 9 Championships – Division 1 – Day 1 Results

Blood Round – Quarterfinals Losers

101 Pounds
Alfalla (PB) dec 1-0 G. Sullivan
Judd (Warwick) f 1:51 Rosales (Middletown)

108 Pounds
Simpson (MV) maj 9-0 Landa-Cruz (Saugerties)
Shultis (King) f :15 Lupian Reyes (Midd)

116 Pounds
McCarthy (Wallkill) dec 4-3 Smith (Midd)
McNally (PB) dec 2-0 Schaefer (Goshen)

124 Pounds
Burgos (Washingtonville) f 1:48 Bradley (Warwick)
Dakin (FDR) maj 11-2 Noboa (Midd)

131 Pounds
Wickrath (MV) f 2:06 Nieves (Middletown)
Urena (PB) maj 10-0 Clavell (Cornwall)

138 Pounds
Duran (NFA) maj 17-4 Lombardi (Goshen)
Smith (VC) maj 15-6 Furst (Cornwall)

145 Pounds
Goldberg (Wash) f 2:48 Giannoni (VC)
Caufaglione (Wall) dec 3-0 Turingan (Corn)

152 Pounds
Bucci (Saugerties) f 2:44 Simon (Midd)
Tzezailidis (War) dec 6-1 Hayes (MW)

160 Pounds
Dakin (FDR) tf 15-0 Morell (NFA)
Garcia (MV) dec 5-1 Cosgrove (Cornwall)

170 Pounds
Cafaldo (Saugerties) dec 6-3 Finnerty (Mont)
Davis (Beacon) maj 14-4 Bilyou (FDR)

190 Pounds
Badawy (Wash) dec 5-1 Lamparillo (Goshen)
Calfe (VC) tf 16-0 Coughlin (NFA)

215 Pounds
Presley (MV) dec 5-1 Capen (MW)
Duke (MV) f 2:01 Lemus (Wallkill)

285 Pounds
Florin (PB) f 4:56 Curtis (FDR)
Curran (PB) f 2:48 Hernandez Rosa (MW)


101 Pounds
Soto (NFA) tf 16-0 Alfalla (PB)
Noboa (Midd) dec 1-0 G. Sullivan (MW)
K. Sullivan (MW) maj 12-2 Rosales (Midd)
Vass (VC) f 1:48 Judd (War)

108 Pounds
Merli (NFA) f :27 Landa-Cruz (Saug)
Milmore (Wash) dec 4-1 Simpson (MV)
Venarchick (Corn) f 5:48 Lupian (Midd)
Futia (Wall) tf 17-1 Shultis (King)

116 Pounds
Judd (War) dec 6-3 Smith (Midd)
Chrisjohn (Saug) dec 7-1 McCarthy (Wall)
Busby (NFA) maj 16-2 Schaefer (Goshen)
Gennaro (Wash) dec 5-1 McNalley (Pine Bush)

124 Pounds
Satriano (VC) f 2:19 Bradley (War)
Strother (Wall) f 1:56 Burgos (Wash)
Brown (MW) dec 5-0 Dakin (FDR)
Banda (Wall) over Noboa (PB)

131 Pounds
Mercado (NFA) f 3:55 Wickrath (Wash)
Perales (Goshen) f 4:35 Nieves (Midd)
Racz (MV) maj 8-0 Urena (Pine Bush)
Roger (Midd) f 1:34 Clavell (Cornwall)

138 Pounds
Boice (MV) tf 20-3 Lombardi (Goshen)
Uhrig (MV) dec 7-2 Duran (NFA)
Petzold (Warwick) f :46 Smith (VC)
Aviles (Midd) f 3:22 Furst (Corn)

145 Pounds
Ketcham (Wash) f 1:25 Giannoni (VC)
Carcaterra (MW) f 1:32 Goldberg (Wash)
Weeden (Goshen) dec 7-2 Caufaglione (Wall)
Tresch (MV) f 1:16 Turingan (Cornwall)

152 Pounds
Greiner (MV) f 2:59 Simon (Midd)
Accardo (War) dec 8-7 Bucci (Saugerties)
Betancourt (Beacon) f 1:41 Tzezailidis (Warwick)
Pennell (Pine Bush) dec 7-2 Hayes (MW)

160 Pounds
Duke (MV) f :22 Dakin (FDR)
Grant (MW) dec 10-7 Morell (NFA)
Weeden (Goshen) dec 4-1 Cosgrove (Cornwall)
Hockx (Saugerties) f 4:51 Garcia (MV)

170 Pounds
Morgan (MV) f 4:57 Cafaldo (Saugerties)
Conrow (PB) dec 3-0 Finnerty (Mont)
Aljamal (Wash) f 2:35 Bilyou (FDR)
Annacone (Wall) maj 8-0 Davis (Beacon)

190 Pounds
Filip (MV) f 3:42 Badawy (Wash)
Accardo (Warwick) f 1:22 Lamparillo (Goshen)
Herriman (FDR) f 5:35 Coughlin (NFA)
Henry (MV) f :28 Calfe (VC)

215 Pounds
Tibbs (Midd) f 1:01 Presley (MV)
Graham (Midd) maj 10-1 Capen (MW)
Dejesus (Wash) maj 13-0 Lemus (Wall)
Leggett (NFA) maj 11-1 Duke (MV)

285 Pounds
Monchery (Midd) f 1:35 Curtis (FDR)
Aviles (Wall) dec 3-1 Florin (PB)
Crowe Bailey (MV) f 1:30 Hernandez Rosa (MW)
Bradley (Midd) f 2:16 Curran (PB)

101 Pounds – Round 16

Soto (NFA) – bye
Alfalla (PB) f 2:58 Patterson (Wal)
Noboa (Midd) f :41 Smith (Saug)
G. Sullivan (MW) f 1:56 Wright (War)

108 Pounds – Round 16

Merli (NFA) – bye
Cruz (Saug) f 4:46 Sotan (FDR)
Milmore (Wash) – bye
Simpson (MV) – bye

116 Pounds – Round 16

Judd (War) f 3:04 Goldberg (Was)
Smith (Midd) dec 6-3 Matone (MV)
McCarthy (Wall) f 1:09 Pettitt (Saug)
Chrisjohn (Saug) f 3:38 Merritt (FDR)

124 Pounds – Round 16

Satriano (VC) f 1:28 Larusso (Mo)
Bradley (War) f 3:22 Charles (MW)
Burgos (Was) f 4:12Corbett (NFA)
Strother (Wall) f :17 Flynn (Bea)

131 Pounds – Round 16

Merc (NFA) f 1:25 McIntosh (Mo)
Wickrath (MV) f 1:25 Bell (NFA)
Nieves (Midd) dec 5-2 Rubino (PB)
Perales (Go) dec 4-1 Miceli (War)

138 Pounds – Round 16

Boice (MV) f 3:01 Kinsley (VC)
Lomb (Go) f 5:46 McGahan (Ki)
Duran (NFA) f 1:40 Golds (FDR)
Uhrig (MV) f 1:41 Hern (Saug)

145 Pounds – Round 16

Ketcham (Was) f :45 Moor (Sa)
Giannoni (VC) f 1:10 Smith (Bea)
Carca (MW) tf 18-1 Thomas (Mi)
Goldberg (Wash) f 3:01 Kak (FDR)

152 Pounds – Round 16

Greiner (MV) f 1:36 Colsant (Corn)
Simon (Midd) maj 9-0 Baden (VC)
Accardo (War) dec 13-2 Walker (NFA)
Bucci (Saug) f 3:58 Delson (MW)

160 Pounds – Round 16

Duke (MV) f :29 Cumas (Go)
Dakin (FDR) f 5:02 Paulsen (War)
Morell (NFA) f 1:17 Lowe (VC)
Grant (MW) f 3:22 Bolde (Saug)

170 Pounds – Round 16

Morgan (MV) – bye
Cafal (Saug) f 3:50 Haines (NFA)
Finnerty (Mont) f 5:22 Desotle (War)
Conrow (PB) dec 10-7 Berna (Wash)

190 Pounds – Round 16

Filip (MV) f 1:26 Zaimov (MW)
Badawy (Was) f 5:54 Salinas (Bea)
Lampa (Gosh) f 3:27 Trozzi (Wall)
Accardo (War) f :38 Depew (Wall)

215 Pounds – Round 16

Tibbs (Midd) f :25 Weaver (War)
Presley (MV) dec 5-3 Lynch (Beacon)
Capen (MW) dec McFarland (High)
Graham (Mi) f 1:04 Santiago (Mont)

285 Pounds – Round 16

Monchery (Midd) – bye
Curtis (FDR) vs Scott (FDR)
Florin (PB) f 3:43 Ricci (King)
Aviles (Wall) vs Deentremont (Go)

Vass (VC) – bye
Judd (War) – bye
Rosales (Midd) f :19 Pfetzing (Bea)
K. Sullivan (MW) – bye

Lupian (Midd) – bye
Veranc (Co) f 1:08 Mendez (Go)
Shultis (King) f 5:05 Doty (Corn)
Futia (Wall) – bye

Gennaro (Wash) f 3:48 Leder (Go)
Busby (NFA) f 2:21 Brigman (Mo)
Schaefer (Go) f 3:45 Brown (MW)
McNally (PB) f 2:46 Pickett (VC)

Brown (MW) – bye
Dakin (FDR) de 12-2 Afir (Gosh)
Noboa (Mi) dec 11-6 Tarshis (PB)
Banda (Wall) f 3:54 Gilbonio (Co)

Roger (Mi) f 1:26 Kakish (FDR)
Clavell (Corn) dec 8-4 Papa (Gosh)
Urena (PB) dec 10-0 Tripaldi (Beac)
Racz (MV) f :44 Pipken (FDR)

Petzold (War) f 1:23 Alenca (Bea)
Smith (VC) f 4:43 Spirig (NFA)
Furst (Corn) f 1:21Stipik (Wall)
Aviles (Mi) f 4:23 Goldberg (Was)

Tresch (MV) f 1:48 Brannon (Sau)
Weeden (Gosh) f 3:04 Cantania (VC)
Caufagl (Wall) f 5:02 Derrick (Ki)
Turingan (Corn) dec 6-2 Paul (FDR)

Pennell (PB) f :59 Carbone (Gosh)
Betan (Bea) maj 15-5 Ehlers (NFA)
Hayes (MW) f 1:42 Waddell (King)
Tzezal (War) f 2:12 Carbone (Go)

Hockx (Saug) f 4:25 Kham (War)
Garcia (MV) dec 11-4 Estevez (Mi)
Cosgrove (Corn) f 3:54 Sanchez (MW)
Weeden (Gosh) f :48 Benedicto (Mo)

Annacone (Wal) tf 16-1 Hame (War)
Davis (Beacon) dec 9-1 Galvan (Midd)
Bilyou (FDR) f 3:28 Kroemer (Corn)
Aljamal (Wash) f :26 Morrow (Bea)

Henry (MV) f 1:45 Fiscaletti (Sau)
Calfe (VC) f 3:06 Rodas (MW)
Coughlin (NFA) f 5:51 MacD (Sau)
Herriman (FDR) f :28 Knight (Mo)

Leggett (NFA) f :53 Willi (Wall)
Dejesus (Wash) vs Martinez (Co)
C. Lemus (Wall) f 1:01 Luna (Gosh)
Duke (MV) f 3:36 R. Lemus (King)

Bradley (Midd) – bye
Bailey (MV) f :45 Basso (Gosh)
Rosa (MW) vs Dayton (Corn)
Curran (PB) vs Hennessey (War)

Section 9 Championships – Division 2 and Girls Tournament Seeds

Here are the top four seeds in every weight class for the Section 9 Wrestling Division 2 Championships and the Section 9 Girls Championships! The tournament takes place on Sunday at FDR Hyde Park. Division 2 Boys will get under way at 10:30 and the Girls Division will begin at 1:30. There will be a 1-mat final alternating boys and girls matches beginning at approximately 4:30.

Boys – Division 2

101 Pounds
1. Charlie Wylie – Port Jervis
2. Justin Jones – Port Jervis
3. Matthew Thonus – Chester
4. Matteo Walsh – Rondout

108 Pounds
1. Lorenzo Caserto – Marlboro
2. Bryce Reilly – OLL
3. Everett Giorgio – Red Hook
4. Carmello Massey – Red Hook

116 Pounds
1. Bradley Gatto – Highland
2. Richard O’Lena – Port Jervis
3. Cole Corcoran – Port Jervis
4. Max Mayer – New Paltz

124 Pounds
1. Justin Harrison – Port Jervis
2. Owen Celestine – Red Hook
3. Will Ford Owens – Red Hook
4. Dereck Chavez – Chester

131 Pounds
1. Reese Greathouse – Marlboro
2. Trent Edwards – Chester
3. Nick Laskowski – Rondout
4. Aaron Lonstein – Burke

138 Pounds
1. Thomas Shields – Onteora
2. Shane Cranna – Red Hook
3. Markus Ferrara – Port Jervis
4. Jackson Barcone – Rondout

145 Pounds
1. Justin Coiteux – New Paltz
2. Anthony Theodore – Port Jervis
3. Tristan McCormack – OLL
4. Grady Collins – OLL

152 Pounds
1. Connor Wilson – OLL
2. Quin Jones – Highland
3. Owen Curreri – Port Jervis
4. Nick Curci – Chester

160 Pounds
1. Ryan Ross – Port Jervis
2. Ivan Heunis – OLL
3. Sparrow Weiss – Onteora
4. Joe Perez – Rondout Valley

170 Pounds
1. Frankie Shaw – Burke
2. Michael Franco – Chester
3. Elvin Momanyi – Chester
4. Ivan Figueroa – Port Jervis

190 Pounds
1. Maddox McCormick – PJ
2. Mica King – Rondout Valley
3. Cole Matteson – Onteora
4. Shawn Bickham – Liberty

215 Pounds
1. Matt Oosterom – Port Jervis
2. Logan Storey – Onteora
3. Kwadwo Osei-Kwanin – Chester
4. Mason Alexander – Red Hook

285 Pounds
1. Mark Paschal – Red Hook
2. Nick Oosterom – Port Jervis
3. Mark Cozzupli – Highland
4. Tyler Santangelo – Chester

Girls Division

94 Pounds
1. Amelia Patzelt – Minisink
2. Natalia Tejada – FDR
3. —
4. —

100 Pounds
1. Victoria Barbarini – Minisink
2. Makenna Matone – Minisink
3. —
4. —

107 Pounds
1. Keira Filip – Minisink
2. Joelle Luke – Saugerties
3. Madyson Thorpe – Minisink
4. Arianna Gonzalez – Fallsburg

114 Pounds
1. Savannah Tittelback – Saug.
2. Kaleigh Polanis – Port Jervis
3. Peyton Matone – Minisink
4. Ely Menses – Highland

120 Pounds
1. Sara Pauls – Minisink
2. Sophia Franco-Coehlo – MV
3. Alyssa Reed – Port Jervis
4. Alexah Walsh – Rondout

126 Pounds
1. Ashley Aucancela – Chester
2. Ryleigh Jennings – Minisink
3. Kyra Talaniec – Saugerties
4. Avery Wingen – Minisink

132 Pounds
1. Jaida Macaluso – Minisink
2. Ni’ya Drake – Port Jervis
3. Anastasia Albornoz – Minisink
4. Rilee Kinsley – Valley Central

138 Pounds
1. Arica Pearsonleary – VC
2. Mckenzie Cooper – OLL
3. Ashlin Garcia – Monticello
4. Kalyani Ramkissoon – Midd.

145 Pounds
1. Meredith Mills – Saugerties
2. Kaitlyn Eisentraut – Midd.
3. Kyla Piper – MW
4. —

152 Pounds
1. Zoe Kip – Liberty
2. Brooke Besson – Minisink
3. Hailey Lichtenstein – Midd.
4. Carol Morocho – Middletown

165 Pounds
1. Alison McGovern – Chester
2. Leah Lofstedt – Minisink
3. —
4. —

185 Pounds
1. Cheyenne Graham – Liberty
2. Faith Villaneuva – Chester
3. Alexandra Ruiz – Fallsburg
4. Gianna Binder – Saugerties

235 Pounds
1. Patricia Deslandes – Minisink
2. Norma Avila – Middletown
3. Madeira Monchery – Midd.
4. Destinee Seward – Port Jervis