Day 1 Match-By-Match Results For All Section 9 Wrestlers

Outbrackets/Round 16

99 D1: Brown (Monroe Woodbury) dec 17-11 Pagan (S3)
99 D1: Greco (Warwick) dec 4-1 Browning (S6)
99 D2: Tufano (Port Jervis) dec 4-3 Perlleshi (S1) – outbracket
99 D2: Silvestri (S4) wbf 5:04 Tufano (Port Jervis)

106 D1: Morales (Middletown) dec 9-4 Dellinger (S6)
106 D1: Esposito (PSAL) dec 5-0 Merli (NFA)
106 D2: Amedore (S2) wbf 4:45 Kirker (Red Hook)- outbracket

113 D1: Marchese (Washingtonville) maj 11-0 LaMorte (S11)
113 D2: Campbell (S2) maj 14-4 Ross (Port Jervis)

120 D1: Booth (S3) dec 2-0 Picariello (Minisink Valley)
120 D2: Leonard (S3) wbf 1:13 Curreri (Eldred)

126 D1: Ryder (Minisink Valley) maj 8-0 Matias (S11)
126 D2: Morris (Red Hook) dec 8-5 Murphey (S8)

132 D1: Witham (S4) wbf 2:16 Suarez (MV)
132 D1: Scott (S5) dec 7-1 Romano (VC)
132 D2: Bush (S3) wbf 1:01 Amato (Port Jervis)

138 D1: Bova (S1) dec 6-4 Savacool (MV)
138 D2: Caudill (S5) tf 4:14 Lopez (Red Hook)- outbracket

145 D1: Lobo (S11) dec 2-1 Palanca (NP)
145 D2: Ferro (S5) wbf 1:55 Benincasa (RH)

152 D1: Askey (Pine Bush) dec 9-3 Collings (S6)
152 D2: Nick Ross (Onteora) wbf 1:32 McKenna (S2)

160 D1: McGinty (Monroe Woodbury) wbf 1:14 Otero (S11)
160 D2: Pat Ross (Onteora) wbf 1:50 DiForte (PSAL)

170 D1: Velazquez (Middletown) dec 4-3 Dixon (CHSAA)
170 D2: Nate Ross (Onteora) wbf 1:03 Fraser (S6)

182 D1: Gallo (Minisink Valley) wbf 1:32 Rivell (S4)
182 D2: Monroe (S4) dec 7-2 Campolong (RH)

195 D1: Cascen (PSAL) dec 7-3 Giacchi (Midd)
195 D2: DeGroff (S5) tech 15-0 Roberts (Eldred)

220 D1: Semenenko (PSAL) wbf 2:17 Cabrera (MV)
220 D2: Oosterom (Port Jervis) tf 15-0 Smith (S5)

285 D1: Fenner (Minisink Valley) dec 8-4 Nolan (S1)
285 D2: Wilson (S6) dec 5-0 McGovern (Chester)


99 D1: Brown (MW) vs Adams (CHSAA)
99D1: Duke (S1) tf 21-5 Greco (War)

106 D1: Morales (Midd) dec 8-5 Berenson (S5)

113 D1: Poulin (S2) wbf :55 Marchese (Wash)

126 D1: Ryder (MV) dec 7-4 Camillaci (S5)
126 D2: Roes (S3) maj 11-3 Morris (RH)

152 D1: Askey (PB) dec 4-3 Robin (S1)
152 D2: Nick Ross (Ont) dec 6-4 Case (S3)

160 D1: McGinty (MW) dec 4-3 Artsisheusky (PSAL)
160 D2: Stotler (S4) wbf 1:07 Pat Ross (Ont)

170 D1: Velazquez (Midd) wbf 4:36 Araneo (S11)
170 D2: Squires (S4) dec 6-5 Nate Ross (Ont)

182 D1: Gallo (MV) dec 7-2 Behar (S1)

220 D2: Bouyer (S8) dec 10-3 Oosterom (PJ)

285 D1: Norris (S8) dec 2-1 2OT Fenner (MV)

Wrestleback Rd 1

99 D2: Tufano (PJ) dec 5-3 Devins (S7)

106 D1: Merli (NFA) dec 10-6 Randisi (S5)
106 D2: Florance (S4) tf 16-0 Kirker (RH) – outbracket consi

113 D2: Ryan Ross (PJ) fft over Woodward (S5)

120 D1: Picariello (MV) dec 7-6 Torres (PSAL)
120 D2: Smith (S4) dec 10-6 Curreri (Eldred)

132 D1: Catrambone (S2) dec 2-1 Suarez (MV)
132 D1: Herman (S1) dec 4-2 Romano
132 D2: Amato (PJ) tf 15-0 Martin (S10)

138 D1: Savacool (MV) dec 8-3 Carroll (S1)
138 D2: Kent (PSAL) maj 13-5 Lopez (Red Hook)

145 D1: Palanca (NP ) dec 3-0 Szylagyi (S8)
145 D2: Austin (S2) wbf 1:23 Benincasa (RH) – outbracket consie

182 D2: Campolong (RH) wbf 1:24 Thalheimer (S3)

195 D1: Davlyatov (PSAL) wbf :20 Giacchi (Midd)
195 D2: Roberts (Eld) wbf 5:43 Barrah (Ind) – outbracket consie
195 D2: Kennedy (S4) dec 5-1 Roberts (Eldred)

220 D1: Stein (S2) dec 3-1 Cabrera (MV)

285 D2: Marlborough (S11) dec 5-1 McGovern (Chester)

Wrestleback Rd #2 – Blood Round

99 D1: Greco (War) dec 7-3 Damiani (S1)
99 D2: Gomez (S2) dec 4-1 Tufano (PJ)

106 D1: Ziccardi (S11) dec 6-0 Merli (NFA)

113 D1: Marchese (Wash) dec 5-0 Dale (S4)
113 D2: Kirsch (S6) wbf 3:27 Ryan Ross (PJ)

120 D1: Wilkinson (S11) dec 3-2 Picariello (MV)

126 D2: Morris (RH) dec 5-3 Yates (S5)

132 D2: Post (S4) wbf :53 Amato (PJ)

138 D1: Damasco (S11) dec 6-2 Savacool (MV)

145 D1: Mulhauser (S3) maj 10-0 Palanca (NP)

160 D2: Kulp (S6) dec 4-1 Pat Ross (Onteora)

170 D2: Sibley (S4) dec 3-2 Nate Ross (Ont)

182 D2: Shippee (S10) dec 4-3 Campolong (RH)

220 D2: Oosterom (PJ) fft over Barnhardt (S4)

285 D1: Fenner (MV) wbf 4:15 Bogdanov (PSAL)

NYSPHSAA Championships – Division 2 Tournament Preview

Let’s take a weight by weight look at the 2020 NYSPHSAA Division 2 Championship tournament! The tournament takes place on Friday 2/28 and Saturday 2/29 at The Times Union Center in Albany, NY. Click here for tournament schedule!

2020 NYSPHSAA Wrestling – Official Brackets

Section 11 champ Brayden Fahrbach

99 Pounds
The lightweights are always fun to watch because it’s often a showdown between many of our young studs from around NYS. This year is no different. The top seed here is Trey Kimball from Section 3 Camden. Kimball is 39-2 and both of his losses were back in early December at 106. There are a few wrestlers on his side of the bracket who definitely have the potential to pick him off though. Avi Berg from Section 2 Glens Falls has been impressive this year as have Martin Ohlsson from Section 6 and Gavin Bob from Section 5. Gianni Silvestri from Section 4 Tioga is 36-1 with his only loss coming to wrestler he would beat later in the season, Brayden Fahrbach from Section 11 Mt. Sinai. Fahrbach is on the bottom half of the bracket and is one of the favorites to make it to the finals. To do so he’ll have to navigate through a tough half of the bracket which includes Section 6 7th grader Aiden Gillings and undefeated Section 5 champ Xavier Dejesus-Remch. Section 9’s entry is Trevor Tufano who is making his second trip to the state tournament.

2019 State Champ Jace Schafer

106 Pounds
This is a great weight class with plenty of talented wrestlers however all signs point towards a rematch of last year’s 99 pound state final – Jace Schafer vs Andy Lucinski. Schafer was last year’s state titlist. The Pal-Mac junior is 50-2 this season with both losses coming at ESC. One loss was to D1 wrestlers Rivera and the other to a wrestler from Wyoming Seminary, Dom Federici. Lucinski, a junior from Section 6 Newfane, is 45-2this season. One of his losses was an early season 5-2 decision to Schafer and the other came in the ESC finals to Brandon Cannon from Wyoming Seminary. Lucinski, however, had wins over both Rivera and Federici at ESC. A Schafer vs Lucinski rematch would be a tournament highlight however both wrestlers will need to beat some quality kids to get to the finals. Caden Bellis from Section 4 Tioga and Matt Gatto from PSAL Petrides are both having awesome season and will contend here as will Carl Santariello from Section 3 and Chris Pettys from Section 2!

2X NYS Champ Dante Geislinger

113 Pounds
Dante Geislinger from Section 4 Norwich is a 2X NYS champion and he is the heavy favorite to make it #3 this year. Geislinger is 31-2 this season with his two losses coming to Stevo Poulin in the ESC finals and to Mason Bush up at 120. Geislinger is the top seed and the favorite but will not go untested. Max Gallagher from Section 11 finished 3rd in NYS last year and is having a great year! He is 37-1 and finished 3rd at the ESC this year at 106 only losing to Cannon from Sem. Daniel Kirsch from Section 6 Pioneer is a perfect 43-0 and must definitely be watched as should Jackson Polo from Section 8 who placed 7th at ESC and Braidon Woodward from Section 5 who placed 4th in the state last year and is sporting a 43-3 record. A few others to keep an eye on here are Ryan Ross from Section 9, David Ball from Section 6 and Logan Campbell from Section 2.

Top seed Anthony Noto from Setion 5

120 Pounds
This weight class has an awesome mix of star power and balance. Let’s start with the start power – Anthony Noto! Anthony is a 3X NYS champion and 33-1 this season. His only loss came in the finals of the Eastern States Classic to nationally ranked 126 pounder Jordan Titus. Noto is without question the heavy favorite to pick up state title number four but this weight is loaded with talent. Let’s start with Mason Bush from Section 3; he’s 51-2 and is a 3X NYS place winner. Avery Leonard was the Section 3 runner-up and received a wildcard to Albany. He placed 3rd in NYS last year and has traded wins with Bush this year. Len Balducci from Section 1 Pleasantville is 43-3 this year and is a 2X NYS placewinner. Joe Contrastano is also no stranger to the podium in Albany and he’s having another great year with a 22-3 record and let’s not forget about fellow Long Islander Joe Sparacio who placed 4th in NYS last year. There are others to watch here too! Don’t sleep on Section 4 hammer Donovan Smith, Section 6 stud Carson Alberti, and the very dangerous Joe Curreri from Section 9!

Nationally Ranked Jordan Titus from Section 11

126 Pounds
This is another weight class with no shortage of talent however there is definitely a clear favorite! The top seed here is returning state champion Jordan Titus from Section 11 Center Moriches. Titus is having an incredible season which has seen him go 35-0 and win titles at the Walsh Ironman and the Eastern States Classic! He is currently ranked #12 in the nation at 126. Titus is awesome but he will be tested! Micah Roes from Section 3 Lowville is 40-4 this season and he finished 2nd in the state at 113 last season! Section 2 champion Caleb Svingala was a state finalist last year and is a perfect 42-0 this season! Section 9 champ Matt Morris from Red Hook placed 6th in the state last year and is very scrappy and we can’t overlook Jordan Soriano from Section 8 Clarke. Soriano is a perfect 19-0 with 18 pins and a tech fall! Others who will likely be in the medal hunt at 126 include Kyle Willard from S4, Hunter Devins from S7, Hunter White from S5, and Jack Bosco from the Independent Schools.

Section 3 Champ
Marek Bush

132 Pounds
The Division 2 132 pound weight class is wide open and will be fun to watch unfold! There are at least a half of a dozen wrestlers who have the potential to come out on top! Section 8 champion Gage DeNatale is the top seed and definitely one of the favorites. DeNatale finished 4th in NYS last year and placed 4th at this year’s ESC. The next wrestler we should discuss is former NYS champion Marek Bush from Section 3 Central Valley Academy. Bush is 50-5 this year and placed 3rd in NYS last season. The wrestler Bush defeated in the S3 finals is also a contender here – Dean Shambo from Mexico. Shambo placed 4th in NYS last year and is sporting a 37-6 record this year. Three other wrestlers who will definitely be in the hunt are Alex Chrisman from S7, Aiden Cullen from S2, and Mitchell Gaiser from S5. All three have what it takes to place high here and we should also keep an eye on are Josh Post from S4, Luke Tomlinson from S6, and Joey Amato from S9!

2019 State Champ
Brady Worthing

138 Pounds
This is another good weight with a handful of returning state place winners however the favorite to win it all is Brady Worthing from Section 4. The Tioga senior was the state champion at 132 last year and he is a perfect 42-0 this season. Worthing dominated almost every opponent this year,however his closest match of the season was a 3-1 decision over Mike O’Brien from Section 11 Mt. Sinai who is also in this bracket. O’Brein is a former state placer and is 40-5 on the season. Another top conteder at 138 D2 is Kaleb Burgess from Section 5 Pal-Mac. Burgess is 50-4 this season and he is battle tested! His losses are to Beau Bartlett, Ryan Burgos, Nick Sanko, and Justin McDougald – he has wins over Gavis Damasco and Ben Rogers! Carter Baer from Section 10 is no stranger to Albany and he will contend here as well. He is 38-3 with no bad losses on his ledger – McDougald twice and Damasco once. A few other wrestlers to keep our eyes on at this weight are Greg Hotaling from Section 2, Riley McHale from Section 1, and Zach Harrington from Section 4.

#1 Seed Brody Oleksak from S4

145 Pounds
This will be one of the more wide open weight classes at this year’s state tournament. Top seeded Brody Oleksak from Section 4 lost his first match of the season back in early December. He dropped a 4-2 decision to Sean Malenfant from Section 2 who has finished the season undefeated. Since that match, Oleksak, a 5th place finisher at last year’s state tournament, has reeled of 35 consecutive wins. Eagle Academy senior Hector Rodriguez will also contend for a title here. The PSAL senior is 30-4 and is very scrappy. Section 5 champ Ethan Ferro is having a monster year at 49-3 as is Booby Treshock from Section 2 Tamarac who is 39-2. Section 7 champ Alijah Seymour is tough as nails Hi is 31-3 and will definitely contend here. We also shouldn’t look past Section 6’s two entries here in Ryan Nugent and Carmeron Riordan.

Section 3 Champ Keagan Case

152 Pounds
This weight class is stacked! Christian Hansen from Section 8 Cold Spring Harbor is your top seed and the favorite. Hansen 36-2 this season. He finished 3rd at ESC with his only loss coming in sudden victory to D1 stud Askey. His other loss was up at 170 to Matt Campo. Hansen is the favorite but this is not a one horse race. Keagan Case from Section 3 Central Valley Academy has a 50-3 record this season. All three of his losses came at the ESC where he finished 6th – two of those losses were competitive decisions to Hansen. Section 9 champ Nick Ross finished 3rd in NYS at 138 last year and will definitely contend for the title here. To do so however, Ross will need to avenge a loss to Bryce Smith from Section 7 Saranac who pinned Ross at ESC. Section 5 champ is undefeated at a perfect 37-0 and will definitely make some noise at this weight! Emmett Wood from Tioga is 36-6 and looks tough as does Aiden Canfield from Section 1 Pleasantville who is 33-3. This weight has several guys with very impressive records! A few others here to keep an eye on are Joe Cummings from S10, Hunter McKenna from Section 2, and Thomas Giaramita from S11.

NC State bound Jacob Null

160 Pounds
This weight class has plenty of talent however the heavy favorite is definitely Jacob Null from Section 3. The NC State bound junior finished 2nd in NYS last year and is a perfect 43-0 this year and won the Eastern States Classic at a very tough weight! One of Null’s biggest challenges will likely come from Section 6 champ Giovanni Schifano who is 42-1 this year. Section 1 champ Will Carano lost 7-2 to Null back in December and will certainly be in the mix here as will Section 9 champion Patrick Ross how is 35-3 and placed 6th at the ESC. Ethan Stotler from Section 4 has had an awesome season. He is 41-1 and his only loss was to nationally ranked Cooper Kropman. Section 5 wildcard Justin Smith is 40-4 and definitely can’t be over-looked but the whole bracket needs to look out for the S5 champion Andrew Englerth who is 47-0 with some absolutely dominating wins! A few others to watch here are Lucas Abatiello from Section 8 and Ryder Slayton from Section 5!

Section 11 Champ Matt Campo

170 Pounds
Section 4 senior Mikey Squires from Norwich is your top seed and favorite at 170. Squires was a state finalist at 152 last year and he is 45-2 this season and finished 3rd at the ESC. His only loss at ESC was a 6-3 decision to eventual champ Andrew Donahue from Wyoming Seminary. Squires will definitely be pushed though – and possibly soon! His quarterfinal opponent could wind up being Nate Ross from Section 9 Onteora. Ross placed 6th in NYS last year and also gave Donahue a great match at ESC losing 3-0 to the eventual champ. One of Squires closest matches this year was a 6-4 win over Matt Campo from Mt. Sinai. The Section 11 champ is 40-2 and seeded 2nd here. This weight is well balanced! Some others that we should keep an eye on are Alec Richards from Section 2, Kaul Runfola from Section 5, Jake Minier from Section 5, and Dean Sheinman from Section 8.

182 Finals – Eastern States Classic
Ethan Cooper (l) vs Brock Delsignore (r)

182 Pounds
This weight class has three undefeated wrestlers in the bracket – and none of them are the #1 seed! The top seed here is Ethan Cooper from Section 2 Colbeskill-Richmondville. Cooper is 36-3 this year and he was an ESC finalist. He finished in 3rd place in NYS at 170 last year. Now let’s talk about the undefeated guys. Anthony Rasmussen is your Section 3 champion. He is 33-0 this year and he finished 4th in NYS last year. Brock Conaway won the Section 5 title this year. He sports an impressive 51-0 record this year with 33 pins. Joe Goodrich is also undefeated. The Section 11 Mt. Sinai senior is 44-0 on the season and will definitely contend here. Jacob Shippee from Section 10 Gouverneur is tough as nails and can’t be overlooked and the same can be said for Mitch Knapp from Section 4 who placed 6th in NYS last year as well as sophomore Gabe Monroe from Section 4 Windsor. A few others to watch here are Ethan Eldred from Section 3 and Ceric Kristin from Section 6.

2X PA Placewinner Mousaw is the S3 Champ

195 Pounds
This is a solid weight with several very talented wrestlers but the favorite here is top seeded Tyler Mousaw from Section 3 South Jefferson/Sandy Creek. Mousaw is a perfect 31-0 on the season with 21 pins and he’s a 2X Pennsylvania state place winner. The #2 seed in this bracket is Hudson Evingham from Section 5 who is sporting an impressive 54-1 record this season. The only wrestler to pick off Evingham this season is the #3 seed Nate DeGroff from Section 5 Warsaw. Evingham avenged the loss with a 2-0 win over DeGroff in the Section 5 finals. Kolton Gagnon from Section 8 is 29-4 while Bryce Dare from Section 3 is 41-2. These two placed 5th and 6th in NYS respectively last season and will definitely be in the hunt here. Brandon Butler from Section 4 is 35-3 and will also contend here as will Noah Kennedy from Section 4 and Brenden Covey from Section 2. Also keep an eye on Hunter Roberts from Section 9 and Tim Gadway from Section 7.

Section 8 Champ Karl Osmond-Bouyer

220 Pounds
Last year’s 220 pound 3rd, 4th, and 5th place winners all return this year and will all contend for the top spot here. Carl Bouyer from Section 8 Clarke finished 3rd in NYS last year and is 39-1 this year. Who beat him? The kid who came in 4th in NYS last year – Jeff Crooks from Section 2 Colbeskill-Richmondville. Crooks has misses a good portion of the season and is only 13-0 but one of his wins was a 5-1 decision over Bouyer at the state duals in Syracuse. Bouyer also had a win in Syracuse against the James Oosterom from Section 9 Port Jervis. Oosterom finished 5th in NYS this year and is 35-2 for the season. His other loss was also at Syracuse and it was to Bouyer. Colby Suglia from Section 11 Mattituck is having a great season and will contend here as will Section 3 champ Sam Sorenson from Homer. Sorenson is a freshman 195 pounder who decided to bump up to 220 for Sections and the gamble paid off! The wrestler he defeated in the S3 finals, Alex Thompson, received a wildcard and will definitely be in he mix making his second trip to states! Tyler Smith from Section 5 is 50-3 this season and he hasn’t lost a match since the middle of December. A few others to watch here are Connor Walsh from Section 6 Olean, Collin Bidwell from Section 4 Windsor, and Scott Barnhart from Section 4 Walton.

Section 4 Champ Tyler Rice (left)

285 Pounds
The Division 2 heavyweights will be a hotly contested weight this year. There is no clear favorite and several wrestlers with the ability to come out on top on Saturday evening. Section 1 champion George Lebberes is 37-4 this year and he’s your top seed here. The Ardsley senior placed 6th at the ESC and has shown that he can wrestler with any wrestler in the state D1 or D2. His biggest competition coming out of the top half of this braket will likely be from Jaden Heers from Section 6 Newfane who is 42-2. The bottom half of the brakect is set up to gave a great semifinal if the seeds hold up! The #2 seed is Mike Leibl from Section 3 Canastota. Leibl is a perfect 42-0 this season and finished 5th in NYS last year and will likely meet up with Section 4 champ Tyler Rice in the semis. Rice is 31-5 this year however he has a win over top seeded Lebberes. A few other we need to keep an eye on here are Mike Raschiatore from Section 5, Jake Skinner from Section 6, and Devin McGovern from Section 9.

NYSPHSAA Championships – Division 1 Tournament Preview

Let’s take a weight by weight look at the 2020 NYSPHSAA Division 1 Championship tournament! The tournament takes place on Friday 2/28 and Saturday 2/29 at The Times Union Center in Albany, NY. Click here for tournament schedule!

2020 NYSPHSAA Wrestling – Official Brackets

Top Seed PJ Duke

99 Pounds
Section 1 Carmel 7th grader PJ Duke is looking to make history by becoming the first 7th grader to become a D1 NYS champion (Tristan Rifanburg from Section 4 Norwich won a D2 state title as a 7th grader.)! The middle school phenom is undefeated this season sporting a perfect 41-0 record which includes a first place finish at the Eastern States Classic. Duke has head to head wins over a few of the other contenders here however one wrestler he hasn’t yet met is Section 8 champ Joe Manfredi. The Herricks 8th grader is 43-2 and both of his losses are to kids from Wyoming Seminary. Section 11 has two studs in the tournament in Mikey Manta from Hauppauge and Christian Lievano from Ward Melville. Section 9 champ Jordan Brown placed 7th at the ESC and has a win over CHSAA champ Michael Adams who wound up finishing 6th at ESC. A few others to watch here are Cal Russo from Section 5 Spencerport, Gage LaPlante and Travis Browning from Section 6 and Alex Greco from Section 9 Warwick!

Section 3 Champ Hofmann

106 Pounds
This weight class is wide open!!! One of the things that will make this weight class interesting is that many of the top kids have not wrestled each other this year. Dominick Hofmann from Section 3 Fulton is 41-1 and has only lost to D2 hammer Lucinski. Section 4 champ Tyler Ferrara is 33-1 and has only lost to D2 state champ Gieslinger. Elijah Rivera from Section 11 is 33-3 and placed 6th at the ESC while Section 1’s Chris Crawford is 37-3 with his losses coming to Lucinski, Section 9 113 runner-up Jaden Hansen, and an out-of-state wrestler. Section 9 champion Justin Morales has only lost to 2 matches – both at ESC – one to an out-of-state wrestler and another to Owen Deutsch who is not in the tournament. Section 9 also had a wildcard entry here in NFA’s Jackson Merli. Others to watch here are Section 11 wildcard Vincent Ziccardi, CHSAA champ Sal Esposito, and Section 8 entries Matt Huggard and Isaiah Jackson.

Top seed Stevo Poulin from Shen

113 Pounds
Stevo Poulin is a 2X NYS champion and he is the 2nd ranked 113 pound wrestler in the nation. He is 40-0 this season and has won titles at the Beast of the East and the Eastern States Classic. He is the top seed here and the heavy favorite to take home state title #3! Last year Poulin was also the heavy favorite but was pushed to the brink in the 106 final by Minisink Valley 7th grader Zack Ryder. Can someone in this year’s field push Stevo? Jeremiah Echeverria from Section 8 has only lost two matches this year – both at ESC and both to an out-of-state wrestler. The Section 8 wildcard Killian Foy was a state finalist last year and has had a great year as has Dan Adams from Monsignor Farrell. Section 9 champ Andrew Marchese has three losses all year and two are to Poulin – he will definitely contend here as will Anthony Surace from Section 5. Don’t sleep on Angelo Centrone from S1 or Casey Carus0 from S3, both are having outstanding seasons!

4X NYS Champ Greg Diakomihalis

120 Pounds
This is an outstanding weight class with a lot of talent but the odds on favorite to win 120 is Greg Diakomihalis from Section 5 Hilton. Greg has missed the majority of the season recovering from off season knee surgery but he is back, he is healthy, and he is looking for state title #5! He would be only the 4th person in NYS history to be a 5X NYS champion joining Troy Nickerson, Jacori Teemer, and Adam Busiello in this very exclusive club! This field is loaded however and Diakomihalis could be tested. Josiah Encarnacion from Section 8 Wantagh was Greg’s opponent in the state finals last year. He is in this bracket however he needed a wildcard because he was defeated by another former state finalist Chase Liardi from Massapequa. Section 4 also has two hammers entered in Dante Rigal and Zach Levey and the same can be said for Section 3 with Alex Booth and Andru Walts. Section 9 champ Nick Picariello is having a great year as is Section 11 champ Jake Eckerle. Catrabone from Section 6 and Hoffman from Section 1 will contend here as well! Diakomihalis will likely come out on top but 2-8 will be a battle at 120!

Ryder battling Stevo in last year’s state final

126 Pounds
Most agree that 126 will be the marquee weight class to follow! There are at least a half of a dozen wrestlers with a legitimate chance of winning the gold! Minisink Valley 8th grader Zack Ryder put NYS wrestling on notice last year when he stormed into the 106 pound finals and lost a hard fought 4-3 decision to Stevo Poulin. Ryder is having another monster years however did suffer 2 losses at the Eastern States Classic to Section 11 champ Anthony DiBartolo from Hauppauge. DiBartolo punched his ticked to Albany by defeating his teammate Luke Smith in the S11 finals. Smith finished 3rd in NYS last year and will be a contender here as will Hilton’s Rocco Camillaci who also finished 3rd in last year’s state tournament. Sound like a tough field? Not done yet! The top seed at this weight class is Ivan Garcia from Section 1. Garcia finished 4th in NYS last year and was an ESC finalist this year where he picked up a win over DiBartolo in the semis before losing to the #1 126 pounder in the nation, Nic Bouzakis from Wyoming Seminary. Did I mention that Goerge Oroudjov from Syosset is also in this bracket? Oroudjav is the younger brother of Vito and Nick Arujau. He is undefeated this season and also has a win over DiBartolo and has defeated David Correa from PSAL who is another contender here. Logan Patterson from S3 and Michael Catanzaro from S6 should not be overlooked either! This weight is absolutely loaded!

Iowa State bound Zach Redding

132 Pounds
This is another weight that is loaded with talented wrestlers however the two favorites here are Zach Redding from Section 11 and Jayden Scott from Section 5. Both wrestlers finished 3rd in NYS last year – Redding was a state champ in 2018 and Scott was a finalist that year. Redding, an Iowa State commit, was this year’s ESC champ at 132 where he defeated the 2nd ranked 132 pounder in the nation, Ryan Jack from Danbury, CT, in the finals. Scott finished 3rd at the same tournament where he lost a 6-5 heart breaker to Ryan Jack in the semis. Several other kids in this bracket competed well at ESC including Jayden Cardenas from PSAL and Drew Witham from Section 4. Witham lost 3-2 to Scott and 4-3 to Cardenas in the tournament where Cardenas also lost a 5-4 decision to Scott. Section 9 champ Jordan Suarez is having a great year at 41-4 and will contend for a medal here as will Jake Schneider from Section 8. This weight is deep – Garofal from S1, Catrambone from S2, Wade from S3, and Forrest from S6 all have potential to place and we shouldn’t for get about Matt Romano who is a 3X state tournament qualifier.

2019 State Champ Ryan Burgos

138 Pounds
This is going to be another weight that will be a blast to watch! Ryan Burgos from Section 5 Hilton is the top seed here. He was the 126 pound state champion last year and he is 45-1 this year with his only loss coming in the ESC finals to Wyoming Seminary’s Beau Bartlett, the #1 ranked 138 pound wrestler in the nation. Burgos will definitely be tested though. In the semis of the ESC Burgos was pushed to the limit by Section 6’s Justin McDougald who finished 5th in the state last year. Also a contender here will be Gavin Damasco from Section 11 Commack. Damasco only lost 6-5 to Burgos in the ESC quarters however he needed a wildcard to get to Albany because he lost in the S11 finals to former NYS placer Logan Sciotto from Rocky Point. Ben Rogers from Section 8 Wantagh and Sean Savacool from Section 9 Minisink Valley are both tough as nails and will contend here as will Chase Daudelin from Section 4, Tim Bova from Section 1 and Section 4 wildcard Logan Gumble.

Section 6 Champ Willie McDougald

145 Pounds
This will be another very entertaining weight to watch unfold. There are several contenders here but let’s start with Section 6 stud Willie McDougald. The Niagara Falls senior was a state finalist last year and his only loss this year was a 5-4 loss in the ESC finals to Wyoming Seminary’s Lachlan McNeil, the top ranked 145 pound wrestler in the nation. McDougald is the top seed and favorite here but there are several wrestlers here that will test him. Section 3 champion Mulhauser finished 3rd at ESC. His only loss was to Nick Sanko who he later defeated in the medal match. Section 8 champ Lee Mauras is is undefeated this year and was a state placer as was Sanko from Section 5 Pittsford. Section 11 champ Lobo is a grinder who wins a lot of close matches and will be a factor here as will Section 5 wildcard Wersinger from Spencerport. Others to watch here are Section 9 champ Ethan Palanca, Section 2 champ Griskowitz, Section 1 winner Harrison, and Section 8 wildcard Szilaygi.

Eastern States Classic Champ Tommy Askey

152 Pounds
If the seeds hold up in this weight class, a 152 final between CHSAA’s AJ Kovacs and Section 9’s Tommy Askey will be one of the most anticipated matches of the tournament! Kovacs was the the 145 state champion last year and he is currently ranked 5th in the nation by InterMat Wrestling. Askey finished 4th in state last year but seems to have taken his game to the next level. He is a perfect 37-0 this season and won the 152 pound title at the Eastern States Classic. This bout could be worth the price of admission however in order for it to happen, both wrestlers will need to beat some very tough opponents. Section 11 has excellent wrestlers here. Hunter Hughes placed in the state last year and was undefeated until he lost the S11 finals to Wenchard Pierre Louis. Seam Malefant from Section 2 is also undefeated however hasn’t wrestled anyone in the bracket. Dennis Robin placed 4th in NYS last year and is 41-2 this year. Both of his losses were 5-3 decisions to Section 9 champs – Tommy Askey and Nick Ross. One of Robin’s wins was over another contender here, Karamvir Hothi from Section 5. Jason Scibek from Section 4 is talented and will make noise here as may Jeremy Scutellaro from S8 and Dylan Collins from S6.

Section 9 Champ Joe McGinty

160 Pounds
This definitely a solid weight class but the favorite to take home the title is Section 5 champ Cooper Kropman. The Penfield junior finished 2nd in NYS at this exact weight last year and is a perfect 38-0 on the season. This weight by no means will be a runaway as there are several wrestlers with the game to upend Kropman. One of those wrestlers is Section 9 champion Joe McGinty from Monroe Woodbury. The Hofstra bound senior finished 4th in NYS at 152 last season and has yet to lose to a D1 wrestler this season. The same can be said for S11 champ Jack Spahn – he is 39-3 but all of his losses are to D2 wrestlers. Section 3 champ Camrin Galvin placed 4th in NYS at this weight last year. This year he is 43-2 and both of his wrestlers were at the ESC and came from Section 9 wrestlers – Joe McGinty and Pat Ross. Another wrestler to keep an eye on here is Section 2 champ Colden Dorfman. The senior from Shenendehowa finished 5th in the state last year and is having a very good year.

2019 State Champ Danny Mauriello

170 Pounds
This is a wide open weight class with several wrestlers in the running for the top spot on the podium. The top seed here is Section 11 champ Danny Mauriello. The Hauppauge senior was the NYS champion at 160 last year which would normally make him a prohibitive favorite; however Mauriello missed most of the season recovering from an injury and may be susceptible to an upset! One of those in the running is James Araneo from Ward Melville who narrowly lost a 3-2 decision to Mauriello in the S11 finals. Fellow Long Islander JD Moore will be in the hunt. He is having a great year and his only two losses came at the ESC. Section 1 has two strong entries here in Quincy Downs from Fox Lane and Tyler Albis from John Jay East Fishkill. Adam Daghestani from Section 6 received an at-large bid after missing the qualifying tournament and he is definitely a contender. He finished 4th in NYS last year and has not lost a wrestled match all year – his two defeats at ESC were injury default. Section 9 champ Joe Velzquez placed at ESC and is someone to watch here as is Peter Meshkov from Section 2.

NC State bound Brock Delsignore

182 Pounds
This is without question one of the most highly anticipated weight classes on this year’s tournament! There are some extremely talented wrestlers here and a few of them have yet to lock horns this year! Brock Delsignore had an incredible performance in winning the Eastern States making him one of the favorites here. Delsignore is 41-4 this season with all four losses coming to out of state wrestlers at The Beast of the East where he placed 8th and the Bethlehem Holiday Classic where he took 2nd. Section 8 champion Matthew Rogers is definitely a top contender here. The Wantagh senior placed 5th in NYS last year at 170. He is 35-2 this year but both of his losses came to out-of-state wrestlers at the Walsh Ironman back in December. Section 6 champ Ryan Stencel is as tough as nails and will definitely make noise here as will Section 9 champ Ethan Gallo from Minisink Valley who is only a freshman. Section 11 has three hammers entered here in Joe LoPresti , Michael Tyrell, and Tyler Pelech. PSAL champ Andrew Grechko is as good as anyone in the field and we definitely can’t sleep on Section 1 champ Alex Behar both of whom placed at the ESC. Let’s also keep an eye on Pannell and Aina from S5 and Watterson from CHSAA!

Top seed Matt Kelly from Iona Prep

195 Pounds
Iona Prep senior Matt Kelly finished 3rd at 195 in NYS last year and is the heavy favorite to win the weight this year! Kelly is having a great year which includes a 38-3 record. All three of his looses came to out-of-state opponents at the Walsh Ironman and the Eastern States Classic. PSAL has two absolute hammers entered here in
Anthony Cascen and Azamat Davlyatov – both will be in the high medal hunt. Section 3 champ Fombo Azah is dangerous and we definitely should keep an eye on Section 5 champ Silas Eganlauf. Others to watch here are Section 9 champ Brian Giacchi and Section 6 champ Codie Scotland. Kelly is the definite favorite but this weight is wide open after him!

PSAL sophomore Alexander Semenenko

220 Pounds
This weight class is wide open! The top seed is a sophomore from PSAL Alexender Semenenko. He’s having a great year however he needed a wildcard to get into the tournament because he was defeated 7-5 sv in the PSAL finals by Mohammed Diop, a wrestler he pinned earlier this season. Section 11 has three outstanding wrestlers entered here in Mark Leftenant, who has a win over Semenenko, Peter Magiliocci, and Jashon Hines. Section 1 champ Sebastian Garabaldi was an ESC finalist and will defintely contend here as will Section 2 champ Ryan Stein. Keysin Cooper from Section 3 is undefeated and must be watch as well as Section 6 champ Beilec and Section 8 champ Funchess. Can Section 9 champ JC Cabrera keep his momentum rolling? Did I mention that this class is wide open.

Section 9 champ Adam Fenner

285 Pounds
With five returning state place winners plus an Eastern States Classic champion this weight class is absolutely stacked! Section 4 champion Lucas Scott was a state finalist at 220 last year and is the top seed here. He’s a perfect 33-0 this year and has the strength and athleticism to make himself a difficult match-up for anyone. Section 5 champ Colin Burns placed 3rd at this weight last year and is back this year. He has been out nearly the entire year but is definitely a contender here. Long Island has a couple wrestlers who will be in the medal hunt – Section 11 champ London Castillo and Section 8 champ Myles Norris are returning state placers and Section 8 wildcard Sam Khodaparast won the ESC. Minisink Valley junior Adam Fenner placed 5th at 285 last year and took 3rd at the ESC – he definitely has the chops to win it all here. We should also keep an eye on S11 wildcard Powell, PSAL champ Bogdanov, and S3 champ Null as all will be in the medal hunt.

Meet the Teams – 2020 Section 9 D1 & D2 State Qualifiers

All Division 1 Entries <————> All Division 2 Entries

99 – Section 9 D1 Champion
Jordan Brown (Monroe Woodbury, 9)
Season Record: 27-4
Record Against The Field: 3-1
Results Against The Field:
11/26 – Brown (S9) dec 5-1 Greco (S9)
1/10 – Brown (S9) dec 4-2 Adams (C)
1/10 – Lievano (S11) wbf 3:47 Brown (S9)
2/15 – Brown (S9) dec 3-0 Greco (S9)
What To Watch For…
PJ Duke from Section 1 is the heavy favorite here but Brown can wrestle with anyone in this field. The MW freshman can definitely place and do not be surprised if he ends up on one of the top 4 steps – and Brown is new to the sport so this probably won’t be his last trip to the state tournament!

99 – Section 9 D1 Wildcard
Alex Greco (Warwick, 9)

Season Record: 35-5
Record Against The Field: 1-2
Results Against The Field:
11/26 – Brown (S9) dec 5-1 Greco (S9)
1/21 – Greco (S9) dec 8-7 Damiani (S1)
2/15 – Brown (S9) dec 3-0 Greco (S9)
What To Watch For….
Greco lost a close 3-0 match to Jordan Brown in the finals and is now a 2X S9 placer at 99 pounds which was enough to earn him a 2020 wildcard to the state tournament. Greco is tough and has a win over another wrestler in the field. He can definitely win a few matches in Albany!

99 – Section 9 D2 Champion
Trevor Tufano (Port Jervis, 10)

Season Record: 29-7
Record Against The Field: 0-1
Results Against The Field:
1/10 – Devins (S7) wbf 3:17 Tufano (S9)
What To Watch For….
Tufano is making his second trip to Albany. He is now battle tested and is primed to improve on last year’s 0-2 showing. The PJ sophomore is having a great season which has included a Day 2 showing at the Eastern States Classic.

106 – Section 9 D1 Champion
Justin Morales (Middletown, 12)

Season Record: 35-2
Record Against The Field: 1-0
Results Against The Field:
2/15 – Morales (S9) wbf 3:28 Merli (S9)
What To Watch For….
Morales is now a 2X Section 9 champ and a 3X state tournament qualifier. He went 0-2 in Albany at 99 pounds in 2018 and 1-2 last year as a 106 pound wildcard. This year, however, Morales looks ready to break through and make it onto the podium!

106 – Section 9 D1 Wildcard
Jackson Merli (NFA, 10)

Season Record: 37-5
Record Against The Field: 1-2
Results Against The Field:
12/21 – Merli (S9) dec 2-0 Esposito (PSAL)
12/28 – Crawford (S1) maj 12-4 Merli (S9)
2/15 – Morales (S9) wbf 3:28 Merli (S9)
What To Watch For….
Merli earned his first trip to the state tournament via the wildcard. He is having a great season which includes a win over one of the wrestlers in the field. This will be a great learning experience for Merli and he is definitely capable of picking up a few wins up in Albany!

106 – Section 9 D2 Champion
Rian Kirker (Red Hook, 9)

Season Record: 25-13
Record Against The Field: 0-0
Results Against The Field: NA
What To Watch For….
Kirker is making his first trip to the state tournament. He’s a scrappy young wrestler but this is an extremely talented field. He will definitely learn from this experience and might even be able to pick up a win.

113 – Section 9 D1 Champion
Andrew Marchese (Washingtonville, 10)
Season Record: 36-3
Record Against The Field: 1-2
Results Against The Field:
12/14 – Poulin (S2) tech 18-3 Marchese (S9)
1/10 – Marchese (S9) maj 11-1 Schaefer (S6)
1/11 – Poulin (S2) tech 23-6 Marchese (S9)
What To Watch For...
Marchese is now a 2X Section 9 champion. Last year in Albany he went 1-2 as a 99 pounder. This year Marchese has been dominating the competition. He is 32-3 with one of his losses coming to an out-of-state wrestler and the other two to Stevo Poulin. Marchese is definitely capable of placing this year – possibly placing high on the podium!

113 – Section 9 D2 Champion
Ryan Ross (Port Jervis, 8)

Season Record: 31-3
Record Against The Field: 0-1
Results Against The Field:
12/21 – Wainwright (S1) dec 8-7 Ross (S9)
What To Watch For…..
Ross picked off defending Section 9 champ Peter Bender to capture his first Section 9 title! Why do I say “his first”??? Because Ross is only an 8th grader and will likely make several trips to the top of the Section 9 D2 podium!

120 – Section 9 D1 Champion
Nick Picariello (Minisink Valley, 12)

Season Record: 35-7
Record Against The Field: 2-1
Results Against The Field:
1/10 – Picariello (S9) f 3:28 Eckerle (S11)
2/1 – Walts (S3) dec 8-6 Picariello (S9)
2/1 – Picariello (S9) dec 3-1 Eckerle (S11)
What To Watch For….
The Minisink Valley senior is making his second trip to the state championships and is primed to improve on his 1-2 performance from last year’s tournament. He’s definitely battle tested having faced several in this bracket already this season as well as other hammers Stevo Poulin, Jordan Titus, Michael Schaefer, and Joe Sparacio.

120 – Section 9 D2 Champion
Joey Curreri (Eldred/Liberty/SW, 11)

Season Record: 26-8
Record Against The Field: 0-1
Results Against The Field:
1/10 – Contrastano (S8) f 4:41 Curreri
What To Watch For….
Curreri has had a very good year and is hoping to leave Albany with a few wins under his belt. 120 is D2 is loaded with Noto, Bush, Contrastano, Sparacio and Balducci but steel sharpens steel and Curreri will leave Albany a tougher wrestler than he arrived!

126 – Section 9 D1 Champion
Zack Ryder (Minisink Valley, 8)

Season Record: 44-3
Record Against The Field: 2-2
Results Against The Field:
1/10 – DiBartolo (S11) dec 3-2 Ryder (S9)
1/10 – Ryder (S9) wbf :50 Sanfillipo (C)
1/11 – DiBartolo (S11) dec 3-2 utb Ryder
1/18 – Ryder (S9) tech 15-0 Santore (S2)
What To Watch For….
Ryder put NYS on notice last year when he pushed Stevo to the limit in their 106 pound final. This season the MV 8th grader has adjusted well to the weight jump and has his sights set on a state title in an extremely tough weight class – arguably the toughest weight in the tournament!

126 – Section 9 D2 Champion
Matt Morris (Red Hook, 12)

Season Record: 36-5
Record Against The Field: 1-1
Results Against The Field:
12/28 – Morris (S9) dec 5-2 Murphy (S8)
2/1 – Svingala (S2) wbf 3:48 Morris
What To Watch For
Morris placed 6th in the state tournament last year and is looking to climb higher onto to podium this year. He’s a scrappy wrestler but is in a very tough weight which includes other state placers Titus, Roes, Svingala, and Merwin.

132 – Section 9 D1 Champion
Jordan Suarez (Minisink Valley, 12)

Season Record: 42-4
Record Against The Field: 3-1
Results Against The Field:
1/11 – Witham (S4) wbf 1:20 Suarez (S9)
1/24 – Suarez (S9) dec 4-2 Romano (S9)
2/1 – Suarez (S9) dec 7-0 French (S3)
2/15 – Suarez (S9) dec 7-2 Romano (S9)
What To Watch For….
The Minisink Valley senior is making his second appearance in the state tournament. Last year Suarez went 1-2 at 126 but this year he is laser focused on making it to the podium. This is a tough weight with wrestlers like Zach Redding and Jayden Scott but Suarez is very talented and can compete with anyone in the field!

132 – Section 9 D1 Wildcard
Matt Romano (Valley Central, 12)

Season Record: 32-7
Record Against The Field: 0-2
Results Against The Field:
1/24 – Suarez (S9) dec 4-2 Romano (S9)
2/15 – Suarez (S9) dec 7-2 Romano (S9)
What To Watch For….
Romano has received a wildcard birth into the state tournament and is now a 3X state qualifier. He has had another great season and is hoping the third time is a charm as he is trying to make his first trip to the medal stand in Albany.

132 – Section 9 D2 Champion
Joey Amato (Port Jervis, 12)

Season Record: 32-6
Record Against The Field: 0-0
Results Against The Field: NA
What To Watch For….
Amato took home one half of the “Most Exciting Match” award at the Sections after he overcame an early deficit to defeat Marlboro’s John Antonelli in the finals. The Port Jervis senior is scrappy and could definitely win some matches up in Albany.

138 – Section 9 D1 Champion
Sean Savacool (Minisink Valley, 12)

Season Record: 30-3
Record Against The Field: 0-1
Results Against The Field:
1/10 – Rogers (S8) dec 3-2 Savacool (S9)
What To Watch For……
Savacool won his 2nd Section 9 title this year by defeating teammate Brian Lombardi 4-3 in the finals. Savacool went 0-2 at the state tournament last year but he’s as tough and as scrappy as they come. We should not be surprised at all if we see him standing on the podium on Saturday night in Albany.

138 – Section 9 D2 Champion
Alex Lopez (Red Hook, 12)

Season Record: 26-7
Record Against The Field: 0-0
Results Against The Field: NA
What To Watch For….
The Red Hook senior is making his first trip to the state tournament in Albany. Lopez is having a great year and he’s a very good wrestler but he’s in a very tough bracket in Albany!

145 – Section 9 D1 Champion
Ethan Palanca (New Paltz, 11)

Season Record: 30-4
Record Against The Field: 0-1
Results Against The Field:
1/10 – Joseph (S1) dec 5-4 Palanca (S9)
What To Watch For….
This will be Palanca’s 2nd trip to the state tournament. He was the D2 champ at 120 two years ago as a freshman. Palanca is the first S9 wrestler to win titles in both D1 and D2. 145 is always a tough weight in Albany and this year is no exception but Palanca is crafty and can hang with almost anyone.

145 – Section 9 D2 Champion
Tyler Benincasa (Red Hook, 12)

Season Record: 29-13
Record Against The Field: 0-1
Results Against The Field:
2/1 – Treshock (S2) tech 16-0 Benincasa (S9)
What To Watch For….
Benincasa is a tough wrestler who isn’t afraid to go for a big move. This weight is pretty loaded but Tyler has a chance to grab a win or two! That’s why we shake hands and blow the whistle!

152 – Section 9 D1 Champion
Tommy Askey (Pine Bush, 12)

Season Record: 37-0
Record Against The Field: 3-0
Results Against The Field:
1/10 – Askey (S9) maj 15-7 Burlingham(S3)
1/11 – Askey (S9) dec 8-4 Scutellaro (S8)
1/11 – Askey (S9) dec 5-3 Robin (S1)
What To Watch For
Askey is making his second trip to Albany and this year he is laser focused on one thing – a state title! The Pine Bush senior finished 4th in NYS last year at 145. The champ at 145 was AJ Kovacs and he’s in this bracket this year. An Askey vs Kovacs final will be one of the most anticipated matchups of this year’s tournament!

152 – Section 9 D2 Champion
Nicholas Ross (Onteora, 11)

Season Record: 24-3
Record Against The Field: 0-1
Results Against The Field:
1/10 – Smith (S7) f 4:26 Ross (S9)
What To Watch For
Ross is no stranger to Albany – this will be his 4th trip to the state tournament! Ross finished 3rd at 138 last year and he’s having a very good year. If he has his “A Game” going, Ross could make it to the top of the podium this year!

160 – Section 9 D1 Champion
Joey McGinty (Monroe Woodbury, 12)

Season Record: 33-4
Record Against The Field: 1-0
Results Against The Field:
1/10 – McGinty (S9) dec 6-0 Galvin (S3)
What To Watch For
McGinty is now a 2X Section 9 champion.He placed 4th in NYS last year at 152 and he is definitely one of the favorites to take the gold at this year’s tournament. He has 4 losses this season but none are to a D1 wrestler.

160 – Section 9 D2 Chmapion
Patrick Ross (Onteora, 11)

Season Record: 32-3
Record Against The Field: 0-1
Results Against The Field:
1/10 – Ross (S9) dec 3-1 sv Carano (S1)
What To Watch For
Patrick is making trip #2 to the state tournament and this time he’s looking for a spot near the top of the medal stand! Ross is having an awesome year and already has a win over one of the other top contenders here Carano.

170 – Section 9 D1 Champion
Joe Velazquez (Middletown, 12)

Season Record: 40-6
Record Against The Field: 2-1
Results Against The Field:
12/6 – Velzquez (S9) wbf Massangale (S4)
1/10 – Velazquez (S9) dec 11-5 Downes (S1)
1/11 – Araneo (S11) maj 18-4 Velazquez (S9)
What To Watch For
Velazquez is a senior who is making his first trip to the state tournament however he will not be content making this “a learning experience” – he’s looking to place! Velazquez placed 6th at an ultra tough 170 at ESC and has a few wins over guys in the bracket!

170 – Section 9 D2 Champion
Nathan Ross (Onteora, 12)

Season Record: 27-4
Record Against The Field: 0-0
Results Against The Field: NA
What To Watch For
Nathan is making his 4th trip to the state tournament and the Buffalo bound senior has a legitimate shot at finishing on top! He took 5th at last year’s tournament and is on a collision course with Section 4 champ Mikey Squires this year!

182 – Section 9 D1 Champion
Ethan Gallo (Minisink Valley, 9)

Season Record: 39-4
Record Against The Field: 1-2
Results Against The Field:
1/10 – Behar (S1) dec 3-2 Gallo (S9)
1/10 – Gallo (S9) dec 4-3 LoPresti (S11)
1/11 – Stencel (S6) wbf 3:50 Gallo (S9)
What To Watch For
The Minisink Valley freshman has an extremely bright future ahead of him – and that future might start this year in Albany! Gallo has proven he can wrestle with many of the guys in this bracket and could definitely end up on the medal stand on Saturday night!

182 – Section 9 D2 Champion
Hayden Campolong (Red Hook, 11)

Season Record: 21-7
Record Against The Field: 0-0
Results Against The Field: NA
What To Watch For
The Red Hook junior has improved week after week and it all came together at the Section 9 D2 tournament. Campalong is scrappy and not afraid to open up so a win or two in Albany would not be a big surprise.

195 – Section 9 D1 Champion
Brian Giacchi (Middletown, 12)

Season Record: 31-6
Record Against The Field: 0-1
Results Against The Field:
1/10 – Bold (S11) dec 4-3 Giacchi (S9)
What To Watch For
Giacchi was the 3rd seed in the Section 9 tournament and he defeated the #2 and #1 seeded wrestlers to take home the title! He’s a tough wrestler who leaves it all on the mat. He could definitely surprise a few people up in Albany!

195 – Section 9 D2 Champion
Hunter Roberts (Eldred/Liberty/SW, 12)

Season Record: 26-6
Record Against The Field: 0-0
Results Against The Field: NA
What To Watch For
Roberts battled some injuries this season but he seems to be healthy and peaking at the right time. His win over Boyer in the S9 D2 final was impressive so let’s see if his momentum carries over to Albany.

220 – Section 9 D1 Champion
JC Cabrera (Minisink Valley, 12)

Season Record: 18-4
Record Against The Field: 0-1
Results Against The Field:
1/18 – Stein (S2) maj 16-2 Cabrera (S9)
What To Watch For
Cabrera was arguably the biggest surprise of the 2020 Section 9 D1 Tournament! The Minisink Valley senior saw limited action throughout the season but really turned it on late and got hot when it matters most. Cabrera is strong and athletic. He could definitely win some matches in Albany!

220 – Section 9 D2 Champion
James Oosterom (Port Jervis, 12)

Season Record: 35-2
Record Against The Field: 0-2
Results Against The Field:
2/1 – Bouyer (S8) wbf 3:54 Oosterom (S9)
2/1 – Clark (S2) wbf 1:26 (S9)
What To Watch For
Oosterom is making his 2nd trip to Albany after placing 5th at the state championships last year! The Port Jervis is having a great year however both of his losses came to wrestlers in this bracket. Let’s see if the Oosterom can exact revenge when it really matters!

285 – Section 9 D1 Champion
Adam Fenner (Minisink Valley, 11)

Season Record: 43-1
Record Against The Field: 2-1
Results Against The Field:
1/10 – Fenner (S9) wbf :40 Iodice (S1)
1/11 – Fenner (S9) dec 3-2 Null (S3)
1/11 – Castillo (S11) dec 7-6 Fenner (S9)
What To Watch For
Fenner is making his 2nd trip to the state tournament and his hoping to improve upon his 5th place finish from last year! He is having a great year – literally one point away from having an undefeated record! This weight class is tough but so is Fenner. This will be a fun one to follow!

285 – Section 9 D2 Champion
Devin McGovern (Chester, 12)

Season Record: 20-4
Record Against The Field: 0-0
Results Against The Field: NA
What To Watch For
McGovern wrestled a great Section 9 D2 tournament and will enjoy every moment of the big stage at the Times Union Center. There are a few hammers in his bracket however there are also a few kids that could provide interesting matches for McGovern.

2020 Section 9 Division 1 Team
2020 Section 9 Division 2 Team

Wildcards Now Official!!!

Congratulations to the following Section 9 wrestlers for receiving at large bids into the 2020 NYSPHSAA Wrestling Championships!!!

Wildcard Entries:
99 – Alex Greco (Warwick)
106 – Jackson Merli (Newburgh Free Academy)
132 – Matthew Romano (Valley Central)

113 – Jaden Hansen (Newburgh Free Academy)
182 – Darwin Banegas (Newburgh Free Academy)

Complete List of Division 1 Entries

Complete List of Division 2 Entries

NYSPHSAA Division 2 Tournament Qualifiers

99 Pounds
Section 1 – Christian Perlleshi (Pleasantville)
Section 2 – Jair Gomez (Ichabod Crane)
Section 3 – Trey Kimball (Camden)
Section 4 – Gianni Silvestri (Tioga)
Section 5 – Xavier DeJesus-Remchuk (Canisteo-Greenwood)
Section 6 – Aidan Gillings (Newfane)
Section 7 – Ryan Devins (Saranac)
Section 8 – Erick Velasquez (Oyster Bay)
Section 9 – Trevor Tufano (Port Jervis)
Section 10 – Zoe Griffith (Gouverneur)
Section 11 – Brayden Fahrbach (Mt. Sinai)
PSAL – Cameron Mayfield (Eagle Academy)
At Large #1 – Gavin Bob (Canisteo-Greenwood, S5)
At Large #2 – Martin Ohlsson (Chautauqua Lake, S6)
At Large #3 – Avi Berg (Glens Falls, S2)
At Large #4 – Chace Nevills (Copenhagen, S3)
At Large #5 – Teddy Raes (Midlakes, S5)

106 Pounds
Section 1 – Matthew Shaw (Pearl River)
Section 2 – Chris Petteys (Hudson Falls)
Section 3 – Carl Santariello (MAR/OCS)
Section 4 – Caden Bellis (Tioga)
Section 5 – Jace Schafer (Palmyra Macedon)
Section 6 – Andrew Lucinski (Newfane)
Section 7 – Ashton Seymour (Peru)
Section 8 – Gabe Cubero (Clarke)
Section 9 – Rian Kirker (Red Hook)
Section 10 – Brayden Wall (Ogdensbug)
Section 11 – Craig Jablonski (Shoreham Wading River)
PSAL – Matt Gatto (Petrides)
Independents – Nick Moreira (Horace Mann)
At Large #1 – Joey Florance (BGAH, S4)
At Large #2 – Brayden Newman (Falconer, S6)
At Large #3 – Kieran Cullen (Greenvile, S2)
At Large #4 – Mark Amedore (Schalmont, S2)

113 Pounds
Section 1 – Jackson Wainwright (Lourdes)
Section 2 – Logan Campbell (Coxsackie Athens)
Section 3 – Bryar Croniser (Adirondack)
Section 4 – Dante Geislinger (Norwich)
Section 5 – Braidon Woodward (Canisteo-Greenwood)
Section 6 – Daniel Kirsch (Pioneer)
Section 7 – Collin Clancy (Saranac)
Section 8 – Jackson Polo (Cold Spring Harbor)
Section 9 – Ryan Ross (Port Jervis)
Section 10 – Matt Haycook (Canton)
Section 11 – Max Gallagher (Bayport-Blue Point
PSAL – Steven Sereno (Petrides)
Independents – Cole Joseph (Hackley)
At Large #1 – David Ball (Fredonia, S6)
At Large #2 – Dominic Affronti (Pal-Mac, S5)
At Large #3 – Michael Schifhauer (Iroquois, S6)
At Large #4 – Torin Bishop (Tamarac, S2)

120 Pounds
Section 1 – Len Balducci (Pleasantville)
Section 2 – John Freebern (Corinth)
Section 3 – Mason Bush (Central Valley Academy)
Section 4 – Donovan Smith (Tioga)
Section 5 – Anthony Noto (Honeoye Falls-Lima)
Section 6 – Carson Alberti (Depew)
Section 7 – Kadin Johnson (Peru)
Section 8 – Joe Contrastano (Wheatley)
Section 9 – Joey Curreri (Eldred/Liberty/Sullivan West)
Section 10 – Trayton Tupper (Gouverneur)
Section 11 – Joe Sparacio (Bayport-Blue Point)
PSAL – Joe Ferrara (Petrides)
Independents – Dano Tyrell (Martin Luther)
At Large #1 – Avery Leonard (Cooperstown, S3)
At Large #2 – Donovan Bukaczeski (Iroquois, S6)
At Large #3 – Andrew Walseman (Beaver River, S3)
At Large #4 – Mason Welsh (Tioga, S4)

126 Pounds
Section 1 – Hunter Lundberg (Putnam Valley)
Section 2 – Caleb Svingala (Maple Hill)
Section 3 – Micah Roes (Lowville)
Section 4 – Cody Merwin (Walton)
Section 5 – Dawsen Yates (Bolivar-Richburg)
Section 6 – Alex Skowronski (East Aurora)
Section 7 – Hunter Devins (Saranac)
Section 8 – Jordan Soriano (Clarke)
Section 9 – Matt Morris (Red Hook)
Section 10 – Vandavian Way (Gouverneur)
Section 11 – Jordan Titus (Center Moriches)
PSAL – Brandon Fallon (Petrides)
Independents – Jack Bosco (Hackley)
At Large #1 – Kyle Willard (Groton, S4)
At Large #2 – Hunter White (Hannibal-Cato, S3)
At Large #3 – Jake Murphy (Seaford, S8)
At Large #4 – Kyle Burback (Vernon-Verona-Sherrill, S3)

132 Pounds
Section 1 – Sander Miller (Edgemont)
Section 2 – Aidan Cullen (Greenville)
Section 3 – Marek Bush (Central Valley Academy)
Section 4 – Josh Post (Newark Valley)
Section 5 – Mitchell Gaiser (Alexander)
Section 6 – Ryan Sweeney (Iroquois)
Section 7 – Alex Christman (Saranac)
Section 8 – Gage DeNatale (Locust Valley)
Section 9 – Joe Amato (Port Jervis)
Section 10 – Lucas Martin (Malone)
Section 11 – Brendan Goodrich (Mt. Sinai)
PSAL – Mitchell Barcus (Eagle Academy)
Independents – Tyler Wyman (Hackley)
At Large #1 – Dean Shambo (Mexico, S3)
At Large #2 – Luke Tomlinson (Maple Grove, S6)
At Large #3 – Jullian Martin (Lake Shore, S6)
At Large #4 – Patrick Moore (Watervliet, S2)

138 Pounds
Section 1 – Riley McHale (Lourdes)
Section 2 – Greg Hotaling (Cobleskill Richmondville)
Section 3 – Dylan Price (MAR/OCS)
Section 4 – Brady Worthing (Tioga)
Section 5 – Kaleb Burgess (Palmyra Macedon)
Section 6 – Brendon Ramsey (Chautauqua Lake)
Section 7 – Robert Foley (Saranac)
Section 8 – Tom Lynch (Seaford)
Section 9 – Alex Lopez (Red Hook)
Section 10 – Carter Baer (Gouverneur)
Section 11 – Mike O’Brien (Mt. Sinai)
PSAL – Edwin Kent (Eagle Academy)
Independents – Jonathan Ho (Collegiate)
At Large #1 – Dawson Mower (Central Valley Academy, S3)
At Large #2 – Zachary Harrington (Sydney, S4)
At Large #3 – Ryan Caudill (Pavillion/York, S5)
At Large #4 – Davis O’Neill (General Brown, S3)

145 Pounds
Section 1 – Ian Schwam (Irvington)
Section 2 – Bobby Treshock (Tamarac)
Section 3 – Ande Klosner (CVA)
Section 4 – Brody Oleksak (BGAH)
Section 5 – Ethan Ferro (Palmyra Macedon)
Section 6 – Ryan Nugent (Newfane)
Section 7 – Alijah Seymour (Peru)
Section 8 – Michael Leandrou (Oyster Bay)
Section 9 – Tyler Benincasa (Red Hook)
Section 10 – Tristan Richardson (Ogdensburg)
Section 11 – Willy Kraus (Hampton Bays)
PSAL – Hector Rodriguez (Eagle Academy)
Independents – Sean Tansey (Collegiate)
At Large #1 – Kameron Riordan (Pioneer, S6)
At Large #2 – David Austin (White Hall-Ft. Ann, S2)
At Large #3 – Seamus Costello (Rochester, S5)
At Large #4 – Bobby Brotherson (Dryden, S4)

152 Pounds
Section 1 – Aidan Canfield (Pleasantville)
Section 2 – Hunter Mckenna (Warrensburg/Bolton)
Section 3 – Keagen Case (Central Valley Academy)
Section 4 – Emmitt Wood (Tioga)
Section 5 – Zach Hannan (Byron-Bergen)
Section 6 – Dakota Mascho (Portville)
Section 7 – Bryce Smith (Saranac)
Section 8 – Christian Hansen (Cold Spring Harbor)
Section 9 – Nick Ross (Onteora)
Section 10 – Joseph Cummings (Gouverneur)
Section 11 – Thomas Giaramita (John Glenn)
PSAL – Xavier Giles (Eagle Academy)
Independents – Liam Futterman (Horace Mann)
At Large #1 – Branton Carpenter (South Lewis)
At Large #2 – Bryce Baglia (Falconer)
At Large #3 – Justin Hoffman (Hadley Luzerne-Lake George)
At Large #4 – Kade Slayton (Hornell)

160 Pounds
Section 1 – Will Carano (Putnam Valley)
Section 2 – Nick Pino (LaSalle)
Section 3 – Jacob Null (Dolgeville)
Section 4 – Ethan Stotler (Waverly)
Section 5 – Andrew Englerth (Leroy)
Section 6 – Giovanni Schifano (Eden)
Section 7 – Zach Swyers (Peru)
Section 8 – Lucas Abbatiello (Clarke)
Section 9 – Patrick Ross (Onteora)
Section 10 – Alfred MacNeil (Malone)
Section 11 – Jackson Cantelmo (Mattituck)
PSAL – Mike DiForte (Petrides)
Independents – Colin Southwood (Trinity)
At Large #1 – Justin Smith (Marcus Whitman/Pen Yan, S6)
At Large #2 – Gavin Kulp (Olean)
At Large #3 – Ryder Slayton (Canisteo-Greenwood)
At Large #4 – David Leon (Schalmont, S2)

170 Pounds
Section 1 – Mason Watkins (Pawling)
Section 2 – Alec Richards (Corinth)
Section 3 – Ethan Randall (Dolgeville)
Section 4 – Mike Squires (Norwich)
Section 5 – Jake Minier (North Rose Wolcott)
Section 6 – Jason Frazer (Tonawanda)
Section 7 – Devin Blake (Peru)
Section 8 – Dean Sheinman (Wheatley)
Section 9 – Nathan Ross (Onteora)
Section 10 – Tyler Tupper (Gouverneur)
Section 11 – Matt Campo (Mt. Sinai)
PSAL – Patrick Tellewoyan (Petrides)
Independents – Henry Morris (Poly Prep)
At Large #1 – Cam Bundy (Owego)
At Large #2 – Karl Runfola (Letchworth)
At Large #3 – Langdon Sibley (Windsor)
At Large #4 – Jayden Lassiter (Portville)

182 Pounds
Section 1 – Joe Krauza (Lourdes)
Section 2 – Ethan Cooper (Cobleskill Richmondville)
Section 3 – Anthony Rasmussen (SJSC)
Section 4 – Gabe Monroe (Windsor)
Section 5 – Brock Conaway (Perry)
Section 6 – Hudson Johnson (Falconer)
Section 7 – Tyler Trombley (Northern Adirondack)
Section 8 – Max Deleon (Clarke)
Section 9 – Hayden Campolong (Red Hook)
Section 10 – Jacob Shippee (Gouverneur)
Section 11 – Joe Goodrich (Mt. Sinai)
PSAL – Ethan Cregin (Petrides)
Independents – Joshua Khoshayev (Poly Prep)
At Large #1 – Mitchell Knapp (Susquehanna Valley)
At Large #2 – Ceric Kristan (Fredonia)
At Large #3 – Ethen Eldred (Sherburne-Earlville)
At Large #4 – Tyler Goodemote (Berne-Knox-Westerlo)

195 Pounds
Section 1 – Edison Scutari (Croton)
Section 2 – Brendan Covey (Whitehall/Ft Ann)
Section 3 – Tyler Mousaw (SJSC)
Section 4 – Brandon Butler (Windsor)
Section 5 – Hudson Evingham (Bolivar-Richburg)
Section 6 – Dontae Hoose (Southwestern)
Section 7 – Tim Gadway (Saranac)
Section 8 – Kolton Gagnon (Cold Spring Harbor)
Section 9 – Hunter Roberts (Eldred/Liberty/Sullivan West)
Section 10 – Connor House (Canton)
Section 11 – Justin Vega (John Glenn)
PSAL – Isaac Levy (Longwood Prep)
Independents – Eze Barrah (Stony Brook)
At Large #1 – Nate Degroff (Warsaw)
At Large #2 – Bryce Dare (Holland Patent)
At Large #3 – Noah Kennedy (Oxford-Greene)
At Large #4 – Nick McNulty (Watervliet)

220 Pounds
Section 1 – Billy Fon (Ardsley)
Section 2 – Jeff Crooks (Cobleskill Richmondville)
Section 3 – Sam Sorenson (Homer)
Section 4 – Scotty Barnhart (Walton)
Section 5 – Tyler Smith (Bolivar-Richburg)
Section 6 – Connor Walsh (Olean)
Section 7 – Dustin Goddeau (Peru)
Section 8 – Osmond Bouyer (Clarke)
Section 9 – James Oosterom (Port Jervis)
Section 10 – Archie Green (Ogdensburg)
Section 11 – Colby Suglia (Mattituck)
PSAL – Angelo Sereno (Petrides)
Independents – Luke Shank (Long Island Lutheran)
At Large #1 – Alex Thompson (Sherburne-Earlville)
At Large #2 – Collin Bidwell (Windsor)
At Large #3 – Mario Fidanza (Lyndonville)
At Large #4 – Alex Christy (Fredonia)

285 Pounds
Section 1 – George Lebberes (Ardsley)
Section 2 – Spencer Dickinson (Whitehall/Ft Ann)
Section 3 – Mike Leibl (Canastota)
Section 4 – Tyler Rice (Norwich)
Section 5 – Mike Raschiatore (East Rochester)
Section 6 – Jaden Heers (Newfane)
Section 7 – Connor Bushey (Beekmantown)
Section 8 – Ethan Burdo (Cold Spring Harbor)
Section 9 – Devin McGovern (Chester)
Section 10 – Brody Fountain (Malone)
Section 11 – Tyler Marlborough (Mattituck)
PSAL – Erijon Skenderi (Petrides)
At Large #1 – Isaiah Trago (Mt. Markham)
At Large #2 – Cody Wilson (Albion)
At Large #3 – Jake Skinner (Fredonia)
At Large #4 – Jacob Clear (Warrensburg)
At Large #5 – Josh Miles (Haverling, S5)

NYSPHSAA Division 1 Tournament Qualifiers

99 Pounds
Section 1 – PJ Duke (Carmel)
Section 2 – Clayton O’Connor (Mohonasen)
Section 3 – Freddy Pagan (Fulton)
Section 4 – Ryan Massengale (Horseheads)
Section 5 – Cal Russo (Spencerport)
Section 6 – Gage LaPlante (Starpoint)
Section 8 – Joseph Manfredi (Herricks)
Section 9 – Jordan Brown (Monroe Woodbury)
Section 11 – Mikey Manta (Hauppauge)
PSAL – Jacob Levin (Tottenville)
CHSAA – Michael Adams (Monsignor Farrell)
At Large #1 – Christian Lievano (Ward Melville)
At Large #2 – Travis Browning (Frontier)
At Large #3 – Cosmo Damiani (Suffern)
At Large #4 – Joseph Clem (Wantagh)
At Large #5 – Alex Greco (Warwick Valley)

106 Pounds
Section 1 – Chris Crawford (Beacon)
Section 2 – Nick Palso (Ballston Spa)
Section 3 – Dominick Hoffman (Fulton)
Section 4 – Tyler Ferrara (Chenango Forks)
Section 5 – Joe Berenson (Webster Schroeder)
Section 6 – Brendan Dellinger (Williamsville North)
Section 8 – Matthew Huggard (MacArthur)
Section 9 – Justin Morales (Middletown)
Section 11 – Elijah Rivera (Bay Shore)
PSAL – Sal Esposito (Tottenville)
CHSAA – Shane Meenaghan (Chaminade)
At Large #1 – Vincent Ziccardi (Kings Park)
At Large #2 – Isaiah Jackson (Glen Cove)
At Large #3 – Lucas Randisi (Webster Schroeder)
At Large #4 – Jackson Merli (Newburgh)
At Large #5 – Amarfio Reynolds (Niagara Falls)

113 Pounds
Section 1 – Angelo Centrone (Mahopac)
Section 2 – Stevo Poulin (Shenedehowa)
Section 3 – Casey Caruso (New Hartford)
Section 4 – Tommy Dale (Horseheads)
Section 5 – Anthony Surace (Webster Schroeder)
Section 6 – Michael Schaefer (Lancaster)
Section 8 – Jeremiah Echeverria (Long Beach)
Section 9 – Andrew Marchese (Washingtonville)
Section 11 – Nick Lamorte (Rocky Point)
PSAL – Joshua Correa (Tottenville)
CHSAA – Dan Adams (Mons. Farrell)
At Large #1 – Killian Foy (MacArthur)
At Large #2 – Casper Stewart (Attica-Batavia)
At Large #3 – Justin Fortugno (Byram Hills)
At Large #4 – Ashton Thompson (Rome Free Academy)
At Large #5 – Kevin Lopez (Long Beach)

120 Pounds
Section 1 – Jake Hoffman (Fox Lane)
Section 2 – Tyler Rossini (Burnt Hills)
Section 3 – Alex Booth (Indian River)
Section 4 – Dante Rigal (Johnson City)
Section 5 – Greg Diakomihalis (Hilton)
Section 6 – Cameron Catrabone (Williamsville North)
Section 8 – Chase Liardi (Massapequa)
Section 9 – Nick Picariello (Minisink Valley)
Section 11 – Jake Eckerle (Commack)
PSAL – Isaias Torres (Grand Street)
CHSAA – Sean Flick (St Anthonys)
At Large #1 – Josiah Encarnacion (Wantagh)
At Large #2 – Zach Levey (Horseheads)
At Large #3 – Andrew Finateri (Yorktown)
At Large #4 – Andru Walts (Fulton)
At Large #5 – Steven Wilkinson (Connetquot, S11)

126 Pounds
Section 1 – Ivan Garcia (Port Chester)
Section 2 – Michael Santore (Shaker)
Section 3 – Logan Patterson (Indian River)
Section 4 – Daniel Parker (Ithaca)
Section 5 – Rocco Camillaci (Hilton)
Section 6 – Michael Catanzaro (Williamsville North)
Section 8 – George Oroudjav (Syosset )
Section 9 – Zack Ryder (Minisink Valley)
Section 10 – Colden Hardy (Massena)
Section 11 – Anthony Dibartolo (Hauppauge)
PSAL – David Correa (Tottenville)
CHSAA – Michael Sanfilippo (Chaminade)
At Large #1 – Luke Smith (Hauppauge)
At Large #2 – Kai Yudelson (Brooklyn Tech)
At Large #3 – Jack Randle (Grand Island)
At Large #4 – Evan Matias (Rocky Point, S11)

132 Pounds
Section 1 – Sean Garofal (North Rockland)
Section 2 – Ben Catrambone (Niskayuna)
Section 3 – Nate Wade (West Genesee)
Section 4 – Drew Witham (Corning)
Section 5 – Jayden Scott (Rush Henrietta)
Section 6 – Ryan Forrest (Hamburg)
Section 8 – Jake Schneider (MacArthur )
Section 9 – Jordan Suarez (Minisink Valley)
Section 11 – Zach Redding (Eastport-South Manor)
PSAL – Jayden Cardenas (Grand Street)
CHSAA – Rocco DeMartino (Chaminade)
At Large #1 – Matthew Romano (Valley Central)
At Large #2 – Collin Coughenour (Niagara Wheatfield)
At Large #3 – James Sullivan (Clarkstown North)
At Large #4 – Cole French (Fulton)
At Large #5 – Beckett Herman (Hendrick Hudson)

138 Pounds
Section 1 – Tim Bova (Arlington)
Section 2 – Jake Dequire (Mohonasen)
Section 3 – Luca Pirozzolo (Auburn)
Section 4 – Chase Daudelin (Corning)
Section 5 – Ryan Burgos (Hilton)
Section 6 – Justin McDougald (Niagara Wheatfield)
Section 8 – Ben Rogers (Wantagh Sr High)
Section 9 – Sean Savacool (Minisink Valley)
Section 10 – Ethan Donnely (Massena)
Section 11 – Logan Sciotto (Rocky Point)
PSAL – Guy Rozenman (Tottenville)
CHSAA – Stephen Crisci (St John The Baptist)
At Large #1 – Brendan Carroll (Ketcham)
At Large #2 – Ryan Stern (Clarkstown North)
At Large #3 – Gavin Damasco (Commack)
At Large #4 – Tommy Dell’Aera (Eastchester)
At Large #5 – Logan Gumble (Chenango Forks)

145 Pounds
Section 1 – Tyler Joseph (Harrison)
Section 2 – Eric Griskowitz (Saratoga Springs)
Section 3 – Kole Mulhauser (Central Square)
Section 4 – Ethan Hart (Corning)
Section 5 – Nick Sanko (Pittsford)
Section 6 – Willie McDougald (Niagara Falls)
Section 8 – Lee Mauras (Hempstead)
Section 9 – Ethan Palanca (New Paltz)
Section 10 – Mac LaPage (Massena)
Section 11 – Marvin Lobo (Copiague)
PSAL -Marquis Larmond (Grand Street)
CHSAA – Ramon Perez (Mons. Farrell)
At Large #1 – Mason Wersinger (Spencerport)
At Large #2 – Aiden Rabideau (Clarence)
At Large #3 – Thomas Szilaygi (MacArthur)
At Large #4 – Francis Whitehouse (Islip)

152 Pounds
Section 1 – Dennis Robin (Arlington)
Section 2 – Sean Malenfant (Averill Park)
Section 3 – Peyton Rupracht (Central Square)
Section 4 – Jacob Scibek (Horseheads)
Section 5 – Karamvir Hothi (Rush Henrietta)
Section 6 – Dylan Collins (Hamburg)
Section 8 – Jeremy Scutellaro (Massapequa)
Section 9 – Tommy Askey (Pine Bush)
Section 11 – Wenchard Pierre Louis (Brentwood)
PSAL – Jack Reusing (Brooklyn Tech)
CHSAA – AJ Kovacs (Iona Prep)
At Large #1 – Hunter Hughes (Newfield)
At Large #2 – Cuinn Burlingham (Fulton)
At Large #3 – CJ Riccobono (Sewanhaka East)
At Large #4 – Max Yahre (Plainview Old Bethpage)
At Large #5 – Isaiah Rodriguez (Brockport)

160 Pounds
Section 1 – Gavin Fiacco (John Jay-Cross River)
Section 2 – Colden Dorfman (Shenendehowa)
Section 3 – Camrin Galvin (Fulton)
Section 4 – Jarrett O’Connell (Horseheads)
Section 5 – Cooper Kropman (Penfield)
Section 6 – Brian Bielec (Grand Island)
Section 8 – Tyler DeSena (Garden City Sr High)
Section 9 – Joey McGinty (Monroe Woodbury)
Section 11 – Jack Spahn (Islip)
PSAL – Adrian Artsisheuskiy (Midwood)
CHSAA – Ryan Siller (Mons. Farrell)
At Large #1 – Steven Burrell (New Rochelle)
At Large #2 – Tyler Roa (Mahopac)
At Large #3 – Jalees Briggs (Farmingdale)
At Large #4 – Daniel Cassera (Ward Melville)
At Large #5 – Nicholas Otero (Copiague)

170 Pounds
Section 1 – Quincy Downes (Fox Lane)
Section 2 – Peter Meshkov (Niskayuna)
Section 3 – Aiden Poe (Indian River)
Section 4 – Jack Massengale (Horseheads)
Section 5 – Derek Woodall (Irondequoit)
Section 6 – Dylan Wojciechowski (Frontier)
Section 8 – J.D. Moore (Levittown Division HS)
Section 9 – Joe Velazquez (Middletown)
Section 11 – Danny Mauriello (Hauppauge)
PSAL – Max Gwertzman (Brooklyn Tech)
CHSAA – Elias Emery (Xavier)
At Large #1 – Tyler Albis (John Jay East Fishkill)
At Large #2 – Adam Daghestani (Grand Island)
At Large #3 – Jack McCusker (Manhasset)
At Large #4 – James Araneo (Ward Melville)
At Large #5 – Jackson Hulse (Westhampton Beach)
At Large #6 – Joseph Dixon (Canisius)

182 Pounds
Section 1 – Alex Behar (Byram Hills/Briarcliff/Westlake/Valhalla)
Section 2 – Brock Delsignore (Shenendehowa)
Section 3 – Tyriq Block (JD/CBA)
Section 4 – Cole Rivell (Union Endicott)
Section 5 – Chris Pannell (Webster Thomas)
Section 6 – Ryan Stencel (Lancaster)
Section 8 – Matthew Rogers (Wantagh Sr High)
Section 9 – Ethan Gallo (Minisink Valley)
Section 11 – Joe Lopresti (Sayville)
PSAL – Andrew Grechko (Brooklyn Tech)
CHSAA – James Watterson (Kellenberg)
At Large #1 – Michael Tyrell (Hauppauge)
At Large #2 – Tyler Pelech (Longwood)
At Large #3 – Nicholas Thomas (New Rochelle)
At Large #4 – Josh Leidig (Bellport)
At Large #5 – Jake Aina (Spencerport)
At Large #6 – Frank Kempton (Massapequa)

195 Pounds
Section 1 – Desmond Kivlehan (Tappan Zee)
Section 2 – Cameron Durant (Guilderland)
Section 3 – Fombo Azah (Carthage)
Section 4 – Isaiah Colon (Elmira)
Section 5 – Silas Egenlauf (Spencerport)
Section 6 – Codie Scotland (Lancaster)
Section 8 – Matt Hegi (Mepham)
Section 9 – Brian Giacchi (Middletown)
Section 10 – Preston Guynup (Massena)
Section 11 – Christopher Bold (Miller Place)
PSAL – Anthony Cascen (Harry S Truman)
CHSAA – Matt Kelly (Iona Prep)
At Large #1 – Azamat Davlyatov (James Madison)
At Large #2 – Nicholas Franco (Farmingdale)
At Large #3 – Ericson Velasquez (Mineola)
At Large #4 – Michael Altomer (Columbia)

220 Pounds
Section 1 – Sebastian Garibaldi (White Plains)
Section 2 – Ryan Stein (Shaker)
Section 3 – Keyshin Cooper (Auburn)
Section 4 – John Robyck (Elmira)
Section 5 – Louis Rocca (Pittsford)
Section 6 – Blake Bielec (Grand Island)
Section 8 – Jeremiah Funchess (Westbury Sr High)
Section 9 – JC Cabrera (Minisink Valley)
Section 10 – Bailey O’Leary (Massena)
Section 11 – Malik Leftenant (Copiague)
PSAL – Muhamed Diop (MLK)
CHSAA – Brian Holder (Holy Trinity)
At Large #1 – Josh Barber (Attica-Batavia)
At Large #2 – Alex Semenenko (McKee-SIT)
At Large #3 – Jashon Hines (North Babylon)
At Large #4 – Peter Magiliocco (Northport)

285 Pounds
Section 1 – Nino Prisco (Fox Lane)
Section 2 – Camrin Russell (Mohonasen)
Section 3 – Collin Null (Carthage)
Section 4 – Lucas Scott (Chenango Forks)
Section 5 – Collin Burns (Hilton)
Section 6 – Ryan Bitka (Amherst)
Section 8 – Myles Norris (Freeport)
Section 9 – Adam Fenner (Minisink Valley)
Section 10 – Nathan Rourke (Massena)
Section 11 – London Castillo (Brentwood)
PSAL – Daniel Bogdanov (James Madison)
CHSAA – Caleb Lesswing (St. Joe’s Collegiate)
At Large #1 – Sam Khodaparast (Massapequa)
At Large #2 – Joe Nolan (Ossining)
At Large #3 – Chris Powell (Centereach)
At Large #4 – Salvatore Iodice (Clarkstown South)

Section 9 Division 2 Championships – Full Results and Recap

Port Jervis
Team Champions 3 Years Running!

Port Jervis Crowns 4 Champs; Takes Team Title for 3rd Straight Year
Congratulations to the Port Jervis wrestling program for capturing their 3rd consecutive team title at the Section 9 Division 2 Championships on Sunday! The Red Raiders crowned four champions and finished with 262.5 points! Red Hook finished 2nd in the team race with 226 points and they crowned five champions! Onteora took home three individual titles and placed 3rd as a team with three champions and 157 points followed by Highland and Chester!

Onteora 152 pound junior Nick Ross was voted MOW of the tournament. Ross finished 3rd in NYS last season and will be a legitimate contender to win it all up in Albany in two weeks!

The Mike DeCapua Most Exciting Match went to our 132 pound finalists – Joey Amato from Port Jervis and John Antonelli from Marlboro. Congratulations to both wrestlers for putting on a great show for fans and then ending the match with a great display of respect and sportsmanship – well deserved recognition!

Championship Finals and Consolation Finals Results

99 Pounds
1st – Trevor Tufano (Port Jervis) wbf 3:30 Isaiah Hockx (Saugerties)
3rd – Thomas Shields (Onteora) wbf 2:28 Anthony Theodore (PJ)

106 Pounds
1st – Ryan Kirker (Red Hook) wbf 5:45 Brandon McKay (Red Hook)
3rd – Alyssa Reed (Port Jervis) wbf 2:40 Quinton Herzog (ELSW)

113 Pounds
1st – Ryan Ross (Port Jervis) dec 7-2 Peter Bender (Highland)
3rd – Lucas Ospina (Rondout Valley) wbf 3:53 Robert Drost (Saugerties)

120 Pounds
1st – Joey Curreri (ELSW) wbf :49 Maddox McCormick (Port Jervis)
3rd – Chris Gatto (Highland) wbf 4:00 Brenon Thiel (Onteora)

126 Pounds
1st – Matt Morris (Red Hood) wbf 3:44 Caleb Harrison (Port Jervis)
3rd – Wyatt Konjas (Onteora) maj 8-0 Cole Nelson (Red Hook)

132 Pounds
1st – Joey Amato (Port Jervis) dec 7-6 John Antonelli (Marlboro)
3rd – Mark Bruckenstein (Chester) maj 10-0 Nate Van Kleek (PJ)

138 Pounds
1st – Alex Lopez (Red Hook) wbf 1:06 Walter Evans (Ellenville)
3rd – Crew Belnap (Saugerties) wbf 4:55 James Melitski (Red Hook)

145 Pounds
1st – Tyler Benincasa (Red Hook) wbf 2:30 Logan Zehr (Highland)
3rd – Dan Klotz (Port Jervis) wbf 4:36 Avery Burns (Onteora)

152 Pounds
1st – Nick Ross (Onteora) wbf 1:28 Logan Smith (Highland)
3rd – Owen Allison (Onteora) dec 8-5 DJ Perrin (Port Jervis)

160 Pounds
1st – Pat Ross (Onteora) wbf 1:45 Bryce Horner (Port Jervis)
3rd – Nick Dicurcio (Chester) wbf 2:01 Nick Tsironis (Red Hook)

170 Pounds
1st – Nate Ross (Onteora) wbf :36 Kwalin Gonzalez (Chester)
3rd – Maverick Sanchez (Red Hook) maj 10-1 Danny Fratz (Highland)

182 Pounds
1st – Hayden Campolong (Red Hook) maj 15-4 Aiden Maduro (Highland)
3rd – Henry Peters (ELSW) dec 7-3 Brendan Douthit (Burke)

195 Pounds
1st – Hunter Roberts (ELSW) wbf 1:00 Connor Boyer (James I. O’Neill)
3rd – Erik Quick (Port Jervis) dec 6-1 Teddy Szymanski (Chester)

220 Pounds
1st – James Oosterom (Port Jervis) wbf 1:24 Jacob Southard (Port Jervis)
3rd – Dylan Bullock (Chester) wbf 3:32 Jimmy Bucci (Saugerties)

285 Pounds
1st – Devin McGovern (Chester) dec 5-2 Shammar Gittens (Highland)
3rd – Christian Kuster (Rondout Valley) wbf :35 Jon Perez (Highland)

Section 9 Division 1 Championships – Finals and Medal Matches

99 Pounds
1st – Jordan Brown (MW) dec 3-0 Alex Greco (War)
3rd – Mason Ketham (Wash) wbf 2:02 Rocco Futia (Wall)
5th – Marco Giumarra (Corn) dec 3-2 Anthony Tresch (MV)

106 Pounds
1st – Justin Morales (Midd) wbf 3:28 Jackson Merli (NFA)
3rd – Zak McKernan (MV) wbf 4:11 S. Vidacovich (VC)
5th – Cole Cuppett (NP) wbf 3:54 Jacob Roger (Midd)

113 Pounds
1st – Andrew Marchese (Wash) dec 7-0 Jaden Hansen (NFA)
3rd – Giumarra (Corn) dec 1-0 Ricciuto (VC)
5th – Reed (Corn) dec 4-2 Greiner (MV)

120 Pounds
1st – Nick Picariello (MV) dec 2-1 2OT Santos Ocasio (MW)
3rd – Chenier (King) wbf 1:47 Norris (Midd)
5th – Austin Maddox (Wash) wbf 2:03 Matt Davis (Wall)

126 Pounds
1st – Zack Ryder (MV) wbf :44 Moises Diaz (Midd)
3rd -Drew Greco (War) dec 9-2 Mia Macaluso (MV)
5th – Steve Armendariz (NFA) dec 5-0 Ferro (King)

132 Pounds
1st – Jordan Suarez (MV) dec 7-2 Matt Romano (VC)
3rd – Josh Sam (Midd) dec 5-1 Travis Phillips (VC)
5th – Braydon Pennell (PB) dec 10-6 Eli Weinstein (Gosh)

138 Pounds
1st – Sean Savacool (MV) dec 4-3 Brian Lombardi (MV)
3rd – Dan Downs (MW) dec 13-9 Liam Eberlein (War)
5th – Francisco (King) dec 6-4 Gibson (NP)

145 Pounds
1st – Ethan Palanca (NP) 5-4 utb Gabe Galarza (PB)
3rd – Jaccob Gonzalez (MV) dec 8-4 Aiden Cuppett (NP)
5th – Burgos (PB) wbf 2:01 Richter (King)

152 Pounds
1st – Tommy Askey (PB) maj 15-6 Andrew Filip (MV)
3rd – Zrelak (MW) dec 6-5 Gordon (King)
5th – Ponesse (NFA) inj def Wyns (NP)

160 Pounds
1st – Joe McGinty (MW) wbf 4:37 Jace Hirsch (MV)
3rd – Gibbons (War) dec 5-3 Paulino (MW)
5th – Manzi (NFA) wbf 2:40 Tibbs (Midd)

170 Pounds
1st – Joe Velazquez (Midd) dec 7-3 Marcus Brown (MW)
3rd – Wernicki (MW) dec 5-0 Paterson (NFA)
5th – McLaughlin (MV) wbf 1:56 Karystinakis (Gosh)

182 Pounds
1st – Ethan Gallo (MV) wbf 2:25 Darwin Banegas (NFA)
3rd – Michael (NP) dec 5-2 Mazzella (War)
5th – Felice (MW) dec 4-2 Harvey (Midd)

195 Pounds
1st – Brian Giacchi (Midd) dec 2-1 2OT Joe Russell (NFA)
3rd – Bennet (King) wbf 2:41 Burgoa (NFA)
5th – Wilkins (PB) inj def over Geysen (MV)

220 Pounds
1st – JC Cabrera (Minisink Valley) dec 9-4 Armel Duke (Midd)
3rd – Maxx DeCapua (NFA) dec 8-2 Carson Henry (MV)
5th – Holmes (King) wbf 3:36 Augustus (Wall)

285 Pounds
1st – Adam Fenner (MV) wbf 1:33 Stephan Monchery (Midd)
3rd – Hernandez (MW) wbf 4:54 Garcia (Wash)
5th – Jansen (NP) dec 6-5 Nguyen (NFA)

Top 5 Teams
1. 369 Minisink Valley
2. 217.5 Monroe Woodbury
3. 217 Middletown
4. 179.5 NFA
5. 110.5 New Paltz

Mike DeCapua Most Exciting Match: 145 – Palanca & Galarza
MOW: 152 – Tommy Askey (Pine Bush)