The Amazing Recovery of Aaron Paddock

Aaron (l) and Burke Paddock

Last year, as a 7th grader, Warsaw’s Aaron Paddock compiled a 50-5 record and placed 6th at the NYS Championships.  This year, Aaron has not stepped onto the mat.  Back in August, he and some family members were cutting down trees on their property when a 14lb. branch fell 50 feet and struck Aaron in the head.  Click on the link below for a wonderful story about how perseverence, a loving family, and the wrestling mentality have contributed to this young man’s amazing recovery.

 Family and the Wrestling Mentality: The “Miracle” Story of Aaron Paddock

One thought on “The Amazing Recovery of Aaron Paddock”

  1. Mike and Tim,

    I know you have heard this already but you guys are doing a great job with the website and the Section IX Wrestling Radio show. The articles that you have posted the last 2 days, brings it to a new level. The passion you guys have for the sport of wrestling and pride you both have in Section IX wrestling shows though every week.
    Thanks again for giving our young men a chance to be recognized locally and Statewide, on the webpage and on your show. I am sure all the Section IX wrestlers appreciate all your hard work.

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