Thursday’s Results….Shocker at 285 as Cheeks upsets Stanley

Newburgh Free Academy 46 Saugerties 24 In one of the biggest upsets of the year, NFA’s Terrence Cheeks upended Saugerties’ defending S9 Champion Ethan Stanley 6-5!!!  How did it happen?  Here is a match summary provided by the NFA coaches:

In a scramble off the initial takedown in the first 15 sec Cheeks put Stanley on his back.
He kept him there for the rest of the period.  Nearly everyone in the gym thought he had pinned him.
Stanley chose down in 2nd, Cheeks immediately put him neutral 5-1.
Stanley took Cheeks down about 1 min in 5-3.  Stanley rode him out.
Cheeks chooses neutral to start the 3rd.  With about 45 sec left, Stanley took Cheeks down to tie it at 5-5.
With about 15 sec left Cheeks escaped and held on for the 6-5 win.

NFA Coach Jeff Cuilty had this to say about Cheeks’ stunning performance.

“Stanley is a great wrestler, a hard worker and a great kid. I felt bad for him as it was his last home match as a senior.  He battled for 1:45 to get off his back and that took a lot out of him.

This is HUGE for CHEEKS.  The fact that he didn’t get the pin and was still able to get the win going the full 6 min is even more impressive.  As great kids go, and guys you want to have on your team to be able to coach, he jumps to the top of the list.  Everyone I know likes Cheeks.  This will be a tremendous boost to his confidence.  It probably doesn’t change a thing with respect to S9 seedings,…. but the night belongs to Cheeks.  He beat possibly the best kid in the state and you cant help but be happy for him.” 

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  1. Cheeks is huge and a good wrestler. If Stanley had to fight him off for that long, I am sure it took alot out of him. I am sure Stanley learned something from this match and has to regroup for the sections. It should be interesting!!!

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