D1 Section 9 Tournament Seeds Released!

Below are the top 8 seeds in each weight class for this weekend’s Division 1 Section 9 Wrestling Tournament taking place at the Monroe Woodbury High School.  Wrestling will get underway on Friday at 4:45 with outbrackets, Round of 16, and wrestlebacks.  Saturday’s schedule has the quarter-finals beginning at 9:30, semis at 11:45 and finals should begin at 6:30.

99:    1. Daly(MV)  2. Cuccolo(PB)  3. Vespa(MW)  4. North(PB)  5. Barzack(MW)  6.Gutierrez(Mid)  7. Slepoy(NFA)  8. Greenlaw(War)
106:  1. Stramiello(PB) 2. Raccioppi(MV) 3. Booth(PJ) 4. Bastone(NFA) 5. Sweeney(Corn) 6. Lewis(Mid) 7. Campbell(VC) 8. Burns(NFA)
113:  1. Kreider(Corn) 2. Smoot(MW) 3. Ferro(War) 4. Rambrose(MV) 5. Baum(MW) 6. Jackson(Mid) 7. Andreakis(Wash) 8. Hasan(VC)
120:  1. Corradino(War) 2. Mongiello(Wash) 3. Rodriguez(Mid) 4. Truglio(MV) 5. Bolger(VC) 6. Storer(Corn) 7. Sebesta(Wall) 8. Vargas(Mont)
126:  1. Murphy(MW) 2. Brown(Mid) 3. Gomez(Mont) 4. Johnson(Corn) 5. Golubinski(Gosh) 6. Lewis(MW) 7. Lendle(VC) 8. Yaeger(Saug)
132:  1. Roth(Corn) 2. Derham(NFA) 3. Circelli(MW) 4. Robles(PB) 5. Isales(Corn) 6. Wightman(War) 7. McGuire(NFA) 8. Lumbrazo(MV)
138:  1. Connolly(War) 2. Muller(PJ) 3. Milisci(Wash) 4. Curley(MW) 5. Evans(Mont) 6. Zsido(Corn) 7. Fracasse(NFA) 8. Owen(Wall)
145:  1. Sauschuck(PJ) 2. Wierzbicki(War) 3. Fennell(MV) 4. Giannetta(Corn) 5. Barzack(MW) 6. Ginley(War) 7. Carlyon(NFA) 8. Blasko(Wall)
152:  1. Bedross(War) 2. Vandercliff(MW) 3. Voelker(MW) 4. Edwards(PJ) 5. Cuilty(NFA) 6. Pichardo(Wash) 7. Smith(VC) 8. Grandson(Midd)
160:  1. DeCarlo(PJ) 2. Sause(PB) 3. Hoffman(MV) 4. Weston(PB) 5. Zsido(Corn) 6. Bragado(Wash) 7. Milano(MW) 8. Rogers(War)
170:  1. Casey(Wash) 2. Nelson(Midd) 3. McGuire(NFA) 4. Mayo(MV) 5. Mentz(Saug) 6. Gagnon(Corn) 7. Sliter(War) 8. Porter(VC)
182:  1. Sannella(MV) 2. Hasan(VC) 3. Giese(Corn) 4. Wilson(PJ) 5. McWeeney(King) 6. Mann(Corn) 7. Merenyi(Gosh) 8. Farrell(Saug)
195:  1. Edmond(King) 2. Gorelov(War) 3. Kelly(MW) 4. Armstrong(Midd) 5. Curreri(PJ) 6. Mascaro(Wall) 7. Nastro(Gosh) 8. Rispoli(PB)
220:  1. Leavell(War) 2. Ortiz(Midd) 3. Vasco(MW) 4. Hanlon(MV) 5. Nakapaahu(Saug) 6. Weinger(Wash) 7. Bonneau(MV) 8. Giordano(War)
285:  1. Stanley(Saug) 2. Stauble(King) 3. Cheeks(NFA) 4. Ortiz(Midd) 5. Wade(Midd) 6. Melgar(Wash) 7. Connors(Wall) 8. Lawrence(Saug)


7 thoughts on “D1 Section 9 Tournament Seeds Released!”

  1. I know there can be multiple entries for the same weight class and school now but how can a wrestler who won JV sections then be entered in the Varsity sections? It seems to me that either he has wrestled enough Varsity matches to be entered into Varsity sections or he hasn’t and is wrestling JV sections. If he has wrestled that many varsity matches and is good enough to be seeded in sections, then in my humble opinion he should have not been entered into JV sections.

  2. I agree Helen. If you have met the criteria to wrestle at Varsity Sections and plan on doing it you should not be allowed to wrestle at JV Sections.

    Back in the day you had to place in the top 4 of counties to earn a trip to Sections.

  3. The varsity sections allows for double entry in a weight class. If the JV wrestler is good enough then he can also wrestle in he varsity sections. This allows good wrestlers who are “stuck behind” very good wrestlers a chance to compete at a higher level.

    1. Coach, I understand that philosophy but if that JV wrestler who is “stuck behind” a very good wrestler is good enough to win matches at the varsity level and be seeded fairly high in sections, then maybe he should have by-passed JV sections and left that to the true JV wrestlers. Once again, this is only my humble opinion.

      1. so let me get this straight you want a good wrestler that can not beat a great wrestler;
        but is young enough to wrestle jv to by-pass the jv sections because he i not a “true jv wrestler”.

        and you would like the coach to take the heat for making that decision? all decisions are made on the mat !!! Boys are not made by young men by manipulating their competition.

        1. Okay…the white flag is being waved here…didn’t think my comments were going to cause such a commotion. I went back to look at the JV sectionals and realized that the only weight class that appeared to have a number of kids who wrestled varsity was at 99. Since most of those kids were probably young (7 th – 9th graders), I do understand the logic behind having them wrestle at the JV sections. Good luck to all the wrestlers in sections!!

  4. Coach.. I see your point, but if you look at double entries for todays Section 9 Tournament, they are surprising. Win/ loss records of 4-18, 3-10 in one weight class, 14-21, 8-11 in another and this is at a quick glance.

    Another weight class has a wrestler seeded at 4th seed and they have another team member entry with a record of 0-1 (according to THR). I wish other coaches would follow your thought, as you can see they don’t. To me this really waters down wrestling.

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