Wrestling Still Happening in NJ & PA

Sad but true….the high school wrestling season has come to an end in NY.  So I guess we’re just going to put our heads in the sand and wait until next year’s Section 9 Duals…..not!!!!  There is plenty of regional wrestling still going on and SectionIXWrestling.com is going to be following it every step of the way!

Let’s start in New Jersey were the state championship tournament is taking place this weekend in Atlantic City.  Off the top of my head, I’m aware of 5 wrestlers from Kittatinny and 3 from High Point that are attending.  Unfortunately I will not be attending the tournament personally but I am going to provide a link to the online arm of The Star Ledger.  They do an outstanding job of providing developing stories, live updates as well as videos.
                                    The 2012 New Jersey State Wrestling Championships 

Pennsylvania’s state tournament does not take place until next week in Hershey, PA.  In order to qualify for the “big dance,” wrestlers need to finish in the top-3 of their respective regional tournaments which take place this weekend.  Of local interest, Delaware Valley High School, located in Milford, PA, is sending 10 wrestlers to the Northeast Regional AAA Tournament in Allentown, PA.  The brackets are set for this region so I will post them below.  I am assuming they will be kept up-to-date.  If not, I will search for another source to post.

                                                 2012 NE Pennsylvania Bracket

4 thoughts on “Wrestling Still Happening in NJ & PA”

  1. Been following CT wrestling for a while now. I think their post-season has a much more dramatic buildup to their State and then New England championships. 4 consectutive weekend tourneys starting with conference (regional) tournaments, followed by statewide class (by school size, in CT there are 4) tourneys. Top few wrestlers in each class qualify for CT state open championships where one state champ is crowned per wt class regardless of school size. Finally, top couple finishers per wt class go to NE champ tourney, competing against MA, VT, ME, RI, and NH. Each week drama builds, wrestling and competition gets better. Wish NY would consider changing its post-season system.

  2. If you need a CT correspondent let me know. I don’t follow it extremely closely but I will if I must. I currently live in Ledyard which just won its 18th state class title. Their success was part of the reason I chose to live here just in case the kids wanted to wrestle.

    1. Thank you and I’ll definitely keep this in mind….Ledyard obviously has a heck of a program!!!

  3. Let me know if you need a CT correspondent. I currently live in Ledyard which just won its 18th state class tourney.

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