2012 US Olympic Team Trials – Day 2

Finals Match-Ups….Thanks again to Coach Gallagher and Tracy Sutera for providing matside updates!!!

                                        Men’s Freestyle
55kg:  Nick Simmons (Sunkist Kids) vs Sam Hazewinel (Sunkist Kids)
** Simmons defeated defending Olympic gold medalist Henry Cejudo in semis!!**

66kg:  Jared Frayer (Gator Wrestling Club) vs Brent Metcalf (NYAC)

84kg:  Jake Herbert (NYAC) vs Travis Paulson (Sunkist Kids/Cyclone Wrestling Club)
** Max Askren, who is being coached by Army coach Joe Heskett, lost in the quarter finals to Herbert 3-0, 6-0**

120kg:  Tervel Dlagnev (Sunkist Kids) vs Les Sigman (Nittany Lion Wrestling Club)

                                            Men’s Greco-Roman
60kg:  Joe Betterman (Sunkist Kids) vs Ellis Coleman (NYAC)
** If you’ve never seen Coleman’s “Flying Squirrel Takedown,” click here!!!

74kg:  Aaron Sieracki (US Army) vs Ben Provisor (Sunkist Kids)

96kg:  RC Johnson (Sunkist Kids) vs Pete Gounaridis (Sunkist Kids)

                                          Women’s Freestyle
48kg:  Clarissa Chun (Sunkist Kids) vs Alyssa Lampe (Sunkist Kids)

63kg:  Elena Pirozhkova (Gator WC) vs Adeline Gray (NYAC)

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