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As most of you are aware, Monroe Woodbury freshman wrestler Vinny Vespa has recently been diagnosed with stage 4 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.  The support his family has been receiving from the community has been incredible.  The wrestling community, specifically, has been amazing!  Vinny and his family have been and remain in the thoughts and prayers of a tight-knit wrestling “family” that knows no boundaries.  Well-wishes and contributions have been delivered by wrestlers from NY to California, Minnesota to Texas and every state in between.

Our work is not done!  As Vinny continues to receive chemotherapy, the expenses associated with his treatments continue to mount.  Below is a summary of a some of the upcoming #TeamVinnyV fundraisers.  Any support you can offer, financial or spiritual, is truly appreciated.

June 13 & 14 – Chicago Pizzeria Uno in Central Valley – 20% of your bill will be donated to the Vespa family if you dine at Pizzeria Uno on either night.

June 20 – Captian’s Table in Monroe – The Captain’s Table is hosting an adult only gathering at $40 per person….half will go directly to the Vespa family.  Your $40 will get you beer, soda, and appetizers.  Tee shirts and wristband will be for sale at the event.

June 30 – Victory for Vinny Takedown Tournament – MW High School – This is going to be huge!!!  Youth, HS and Open divisions…honor weigh-ins.  In conjunction with the tournament there will be a Family Fun Day… BBQ, face-painting, bouncy apparatus, etc.  Let’s come out in force for this one!!!

                               Vinny Vespa Takedown Tournament Flyer

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  1. If everyone doesn’t mind I am going to speak from the heart for a moment. I’m a little disappointed in the number of Section 9 kids that have signed up for the tournament. More kids from New Jersey have signed up by almost a 2-1 ratio and personally I find this disheartening. Maybe everyone is waiting until the last minute to sign-up but there is a family and wrestler in need of our help and now is when they need it. Please spread the word and get signed up so we can all come together and help Vinny win this battle. We have a great day planned for everyone and it will be so much easier for everyone involved if we know in advance the kind of numbers we are going to have. Every cent that we raise is going to help Vinny and this is a great opportunity to get some great mat time for a great cause. Let’s go Section 9, stop sitting around and LET’S GET WRESTLING!!!!

    1. Hi. I am Nancy . My son wrestles. He actually has wrestled against Vinnie. I would like to speak to someone about donating some decals for this weekend so you can sell them….. Please call 457-5671 or email a number and name

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