2012 London Summer Olympics – Wrestling Schedule

Summer Olympics Will Provide Huge Test For USA Wrestling

Opening Ceremonies have taken place marking the official beginning for the games of the 2012 London Summer Olympics.  For the next 17 days, we will watch thousands of athletes from across the globe compete for the most coveted prize in their respective sport – the Olympic Gold Medal.  Wrestling action from all three divisions (Men’s Freestyle, Women’s Freestyle, and Men’s Greco-Roman) will take place from August 5 through August 12.  Prior to each day of competition, sectionixwrestling.com will post profiles of the US Olympic wrestlers who are set to compete on the following day.  The profiles will be presented in the order which the division and weight class is scheduled to compete.  Below is an overview of the wrestling schedule.  Click on the below link for a comprehensive schedule from NBCOlympics.com. The link will also provide updated results as each weight class is wrestled. The Unites States qualified a wrestler in every weight class and division with the exception of 96kg in Men’s Greco-Roman.

       2012 Summer Olympics Wrestling Schedule from NBCOlympics.com

8/5                                8/6                                8/7                                  8/8             
55kg M-GR                           60kg M-GR                            66kg M-GR                              48kg W-FS
(Spenser Mango)                (Ellis Coleman)                     (Justin Lester)                        (Clarissa Chun)             
74kg M-GR                           84kg M-GR                            96kg M-GR                              63kg W-FS
(Ben Provisor)                     (Chas Betts)                           (no entry)                                (Elena Pirozhkova)             

                                                120kg M-GR 
                                                (Dremiel Byers)  

8/9                                                      8/10                                                                8/11                                              8/12
55kg W-FS                              55kg M-FS                                     60kg M-FS                         66kg M-FS
(Kelsey Campbell)                (Sam Hazewinkle)                        (Coleman Scott)               (Jared Frayer)                  

72kg W-FS                              74kg M-FS                                     84kg M-FS                         96kg M-FS
(Ali Bernard)                         (Jordan Burroughs)                     (Jake Herbert)                  (Jake Varner)

                                                                                                           120kg M-FS
                                                                                                          (Tervel Dlagnev)

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