Warrior Elite Pre-Season Prep Course

The Warrior Elite Wrestling Club will be starting its “Pre-Season Prep Course”.
October 12-November 16

Lead by former Division 1 Wrestler and Expert Grappling Champion, Heath Macaluso, the course will run 6 weeks on Friday nights from 6:30-7:30pm.

His workouts are non-stop with highly diverse training to ensure his students get in great shape, drill the important offensive & defensive techniques, and get a lot of live wrestling time.  His goal is to give Warrior Elite grapplers an edge when entering the season.  The 6 Week Program is only $99.

The Course is open to all wrestlers from all schools, ages 5-18. 

His Mixed Martial Arts facility is packed with tons of Core training equipment and the Only true OCTAGON in the area.  “Kids love grappling in the Octagon”, says Macaluso.  “It just adds an interesting twist. Makes kids wrestle more aggressive”.  The course also pushes proper strategy when battling your opponent.  “Kids do the right things at the wrong times.  Most of the younger kids can read a time clock or know the score.”  He goes on to say his training is very diverse, very consistent, focusing on fundamental and not flashy stuff.  “I’ve been able to bring kids from no wins to champion using a system covering all aspects of a match. And then we drill, drill, drill.”

Pre-Season Prep
1)       Drills
2)       Speed, Strength Training
3)       Live Wrestling
4)       Wrestling in the Octagon!

Starts October 12, ends November 16th.
Friday Night Mayhem 6:30-7:30pm
Former Division 1 Wrestler Coach Heath Macaluso
And great Guest Coaches to get a jump start on your 2012-2013 Season.


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