College Wrestling Results

Buffalo Brawl Invitational                   brackets
  Army Results:  Team 5th
                                  125:  Hunter Woods 6th place
                              cialis 50 mg dose     133:  Jordan Thome 4th place
                                  149:  Daniel Young 6th place
                                  157:  Chris Marchetti 4th place, Paul Hancock 5th place
                                  184:  Collin Wittmeyer 3rd place, Travis Mallo 6th place
                                  197:  Bryce Barnes 4th place
                                  285:  Steven Snyder 4th place

Minnesota 32   Hofstra 6
    Monroe Woodbury graduate Jamie Franco drops 9-5 decision to #5 Dardanes

Brockport/Oklahoma Invitational                            brackets
   Army Results:   Team 3rd Place
                                133:  Jordan Thome 3rd Place
                                141:  Tyler Rauenzahn 3rd place; Connor Hanafee 4th place
                                149:  Daniel Young 2nd place; Javier Rodriguez 6th place
                                157:  Patrick Marchetti 5th place; Brian Harvey 6th place
                                174:  Ryan Tompkins 4th place; Matthew Pennings 6th place
                                184:  Collin Wittmeyer 2nd place
                                197:  Bryce Barnes 2nd place; Robert Doyle 5th place
                                275:  Stephen Snyder 4th place

Wisconsin 18   Hofstra 13
   Franco, ranked 15th in the country, posts 9-7 victory

Binghamton Open                            brackets
   Warwick graduate Mitch Wightman places 3rd @ 165; Realbuto champion @ 157!!!

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