Section 9 Individual Rankings # 3

S9sitelogoAll wrestlers now have an extra 2 pounds so many of them have made their cut….the question is will they stay there???  Rankings are supposed to get easier as the season progresses.  The results of the matches should basically dictate who gets ranked where.  For some reason, it’s not working out that way so far!  I spent more time on this ranking than any previous one.  Special thanks to my good friend Tim Monahan as well as a few other contributors who would prefer to remain anonymous.  Their opinions and insight are truly appreciated…plus it allows me to share the blame when people yell at me!!!  Enjoy!

wt             1st                                    2nd                                3rd                                   4th
99      Vinny Vespa (MW)              Chris Cuccolo (PB)               Kevin Kelly (MW)                Jamie Pulver (Saug)
106    Pedro Rosales (Midd)         Evan Barczak (MW)            Isiaah Gutierrez Vera (Midd)            Tyler Lynch (VC)
113    Johnny Stramiello (PB)      Austin Ingraham (High)     Dylan Booth (PJ)                  Gabe Campbell (VC)
120    Matt Rauch (RH)                PJ Smoot (MW)                     Eric Januszkiewicz(NP)     Da’mani Burns (NFA)
126    Mike Raccioppi (MV)         Joe Ginley (War)                   Alex Baum (MW)                Hussain Hasan (VC)
132    AJ Aeberli (War)                Bryan Mongiello (Wash)      Dan Storer (Corn)                Ryan Ferro (War)
138    Tom Wightman (War)       Mark Milisci (Wash)             Nick Truglio (MV)               Brett Johnson (Corn)
145    Ray Isales (Corn)                Evan Psathas (MW)              Frankie Hernandez(MV)    Alec Guevara (Wall)
152    Dan

Decarlo (PJ)                Drake Barczak (MW)            Dante Gianetta (Corn)        Tyler Carlyon (NFA)
160    Austin Weigel (Ont)          Travis Edwards (PJ)              JP Vandercliff (MW)            Quinn Zsido (Corn)
170    AJ Voelker (MW)               Kyle McGuire (NFA)             Tanner Sexton (PJ)               Nick Wentland (MV)
182    Connor Leavell (War)       Andy Martinez (Lib)              Robert Cuomo (Saug)          Randy Wislon (PJ)
195    Deon Edmond (King)        Dustim Mackenzie (Ont)      Michael Byrne (MV)             James Bethel (Saug)
220   Rob Kelly (MW)                  Alex Ortiz (Midd)                  Jesse Corcoran (Eld/Falls)  Josh Bonneau (MV)
285   Terrence Cheeks (NFA)     Tim Wade (Midd)                 Kevin Rivera (High)              Eden Lulanaj (Eld/Falls) 

7 thoughts on “Section 9 Individual Rankings # 3”

  1. Some good possible match ups tonight

    Minisink vs. Wallkill
    145-Frankie Hernandez (MV) vs. Alec Guevara (Wall)
    NFA vs. Kingston
    170-Kyle McGuire (NFA) vs. Jacob Wood (King)
    285-Terrence Cheeks (NFA) vs. Christian Gage (King)
    M-W vs. Pine Bush
    99-Vinny Vespa (MW) vs. Chris Cuccolo (PB)
    145- Evan Psathas (MW) vs. Ryan Sause (PB)
    160-JP Vandercliff (MW) vs. Chris Weston(PB)

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