Round of 16 Results

99:  Fay (FL) over Archer (RP)
Cuccolo (PB) over Altemer
Yankloski 9-4 over Fields
Vespa pins Van Vlack


Piccininni tech fall over Norman 16-1
Stramiello over Corsco
Lantry (Wayne) pins Booth (PJ)
Keough (War) over Mateo (Mid)
Ndiaye over Richard (HP)
Casella 1-0 over Ingraham (Highland) 1-0
Stowell (Gouv) by fall

Jack (Dan) maj over Oliveto (Suf) 9-1
Pasarro (ESM) by pin over Benderoth (NR)
Tolli (Arl) over #5 Michel (Lan) 7-5
#13 Cataldo (Mac) beats #4 Person (JFK) 11-9
Curatolo pins Aslanian
Delacruz pins Parker
Peacock pins Walker…100th career PIN

Realbuto (ESM) over Leach  5-1
Araoz over Thompson 11-3
Cooksey (Mac) over Russo (Fron) 4-2
West (Haup) over Deluco (Rome) 3-0
Fabian (SWR) over Wheeler (Greene) wbf 1:14
Raccioppi by pin over Snow
Koll teches Dillon
Gissendanner (Pen) wins by forfeit…only a 7th grader!!!

Lapi over Reina
Mauriello over Green
Ayen (Gouv) 1-0 over Aeberli (War)
Do over Brown

Kelley (Shen) pinned Johnson (Corn)
Kash (N. Rockland) over Butler
Lapresi over Pachette
Kropman over Deikel 10-5
Longo over Caputo
Tighe pins Dillon 3:00

Schmelzinger (GC) over Romagnoli (Jamesville)
Donohue over Aviles
Lewandowski over Klein
Hernandez 1-0 over Martin
Almaviva pins

Colgan wins
Mastro (Yorktown) over Stucke (KW)
Prior (Phoenix) wins
Joseph techs Nigro 16-0
Azzano 15-2 over Dickman

Psomas over Silverthorn
Beckwith over Vandercliff
Weigel (Ont) dec Gallagher (RP)
Paddock 6-3 over Garcia
Gallo 10-3 over Edwards (Port)

Seymour (Peru) over Sexton (PJ) 10-0
Aiello (West) over Fox (Mid)
Radonicic over Messinger 5-1
Deitrich pins Brancati
Piccollo over Anchaov
Voelker pins Nassivera
Perry (JJJEF) pins Guerrisi (RP)
McDevitt over Kleinsmith

Leavell (War) 10-2 over Martinez (Lib)
Corbett (Wan) wins 14-0
Roberts over Rebozo

Williams 12-11 over DuVall
Wymbs over Viedt
Sabella over Burt

Ragusa (Wan) over Johnson (Col)
Ortiz over Defofi
Hulbert pinned Fergerson
Kelly pinned Fragale
Gafney over McKee
Breit over Bonneau

Cheeks pins Tufano….100th win
VanHoesen over Strovink 1-0
Vitale pinned Wade
Varian over Williams
Lobein over Lulanaj (Eld/Falls)
Soutiere over Guterez by fall

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