Section 9 D1 Tournament Seeds

Top 4 Seeds in Each Weight                      Complete List of Seeds

wt            1st                              2nd                          3rd                            4th
99:      Cuccolo (PB)             Vespa (MW)              Kelly (MW)               Ginley (War)
106:    Rosales (Midd)         Barczak (MW)          Lynch (VC)                Losito (Wall)
113:     Stramiello (PB)        Booth (PJ)                 Clavell (Wash)          Campbell (VC)
120:    Smoot (MW)             Burns (NFA)             Baum (MW)              Hasan (VC)
126:    Raccioppi (MV)        Ginley (War)             Foschini (NFA)         Guarno (Wash)
132:    Aeberli (War)            Hasan (VC)               Mongiello (Wash)     Storer (Corn)
138:    Lewis (MW)               N. Truglio (MV)      Wightman (War)       Johnson (Corn)
145:    Milisci (Wash)           Isales (Corn)            Hernandez (MV)       Psathas (MW)
152:    Decarlo (PJ)               Barczak (MW)         Q. Zsido (Corn)          Gianetta (Corn)
160:    Edwards (PJ)             Vandercliff (MW)   Weston (PB)              Gervais (MV)
170:    Voelker (MW)           McGuire (NFA)        L. Zsido (Corn)          Sexton (PJ)
182:    Leavell (War)             Cuomo (Saug)         Wilson (PJ)                Freyre (MW)
195:    Edmond (King)          McShea (MW)         Byre (MV)                   Bethel (Saug)
220:   Bonneau (MV)            Ortiz (Midd)            Kelly (MW)                Weinger (Wash)
285:   Cheeks (NFA)             Wade (Midd)           Gage (King)                Lawrence (Saug)

One thought on “Section 9 D1 Tournament Seeds”

  1. These are my predictions on the finals.
    99-Vespa Dec Cuccolo 4-1
    106-Barczak Dec Rosales 7-3
    113-Booth Dec Stramiello 3-2
    120-Burns Dec Smoot 5-2
    126-Raccioppi Dec Ginley 14-3
    132-Ferro Dec Aeberli 6-4
    138-Johnson Dec Wightman 4-0
    145-Milisci Dec Hernandez 7-5
    152-DeCarlo fall Barczak 2nd period
    160-Edwards Dec Vandercliff 8-2
    170-Sexton Dec Zsido 5-4
    182-Leavell Dec Cuomo 5-3
    195-Edmond Dec McShea 8-1
    220-Bonneau Dec Kelly 6-3
    285-Wade Dec Cheeks 4-3
    MOW-DeCarlo 152

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