S9 Youth States Qualifier Results

Team Champions:                                                              Individual Results:
Bantam Division – Pine Bush                                                   Complete Brackets
Intermediate Division – Monroe Woodbury
Novice Division – Pine Bush
Schoolboy Division – Monroe Woodbury


2 thoughts on “S9 Youth States Qualifier Results”

  1. Great Job to all those who competed! It is amazing to see some of the talent that exists at our youth level.

    Is there a satellite weigh-in for youth states (has there been one in the past)? The registration form states that weigh ins are the day previous to wrestling. Are wrestlers expected to go to Long Island for a weigh in the previous day?

    Just my personal opinion….However, I think the state loses a lot of participants due to this type of location; particularly those who live in areas upstate. It would make sense to have a ‘state championship’ in a more central location.

    Best of luck to all youth and high school wrestlers representing section 9!


    1. Gianni, there are no satellite weigh-ins and never have been (in recent history). Also, I share your opinion, as do many others, on the inconvenience of Kids States on the Island.

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