Fargo Results For NY Wrestlers

NY All Americans Plus Match Results For Section 9 Wrestlers

              Cadet Women Freestyle                           Junior Women Freestyle
                       NY All-Americans                                                NY All-Americans
Jennifer Juarez 3rd @ 108                                                               Kim Kardenas 7th @ 97
Alexis Bleau 2nd @ 143                                                                     Rachel Hale 1st @ 121   
Vivian Vu – 6th @ 154                                                                        Rosemary Flores 2nd @ 125
                                                                                                                Alexis Bleau 4th @ 139
                                                                                                                Alexis Porter 1st @ 148
                                                                                                                Kennedi Eddins 7th @ 159
                                                                                                                Mariana Olalde 8th @ 172
                                                                                                                Yunaris Tavares 6th @ 198

                                                         Cadet Greco Roman
Section 9 Results                                                                                     NY All-Americans

Oscar Lainez (Middletown) 88 lbs                                                         Jesse Porter 2nd @ 152
     Steven (OH) tech fall Lainez (NY) 8-0                                             James Bethel 3rd @ 220
     Lainez (NY) tech fall Winchell (WY) 8-0                                        Garyn Huntley 6th @ 220
     Koontz (WI) wbf Lainez (NY) 1:57…Koontz finished 4th            Nick Casella 7th @ 120
Evan Barczak (Monroe Woodbury)  113 lbs
     Rico (AZ) tech fall Barczak (NY) 11-3… Rico finished 7th
     Barczak (NY) tech fall Castle (WY) 9-2
     Libolt (OR) tech fall Barczak (NY) 8-0 … Libolt finished 6th 
     *Both of Evan’s losses were to All-Americans*
Aidan Mathews (Marlboro) 195 lbs
     Mathews (NY) tech fall Mendez (AZ) 7-0
     Frost (IL) tech fall Mathews (NY) 14-6
     Bartlett (WY) tech fall Mathews (NY) 8-0…Bartlett finished 3rd
James Bethel (Saugerties) 220 lbs
     Wood (PA) dec Bethel (NY) 6-5
     Bethel (NY) tech fall McWilliams (NC) 9-2
     Bethel (NY) tech fall Treptau (MN) 8-0
     Bethel (NY) wbf Spencer (AL) 1:42
     Bethel (NY) tech fall Ford (OH) 7-0 … Bethel is an All-American!!!
     Bethel (NY) wbf Childers (OK) 2:09…Bethel wrestles for bronze!!!
     Bethel (NY) tech fall Coombs (CO) 7-0 … Bethel finishes 3rd…congrats James!!!

                                                  Junior Greco Roman
Section 9 Results                                                                               NY All-Americans
Chris Cuccolo (Pine Bush) 106 lbs                                                   Chris Cuccolo 6th @ 106
Cuccolo (NY) tech fall Heng (NE) 8-0                                       Alpha Diallo 7th @ 106
     Cuccolo (NY) inj def Silva (IL)                                                    William Koll 3rd @ 126
     Cucolo (NY) tech fall Branson (OH)                                          Roland Zilberman 5th @ 195
     Staley (FL) tech fall Cuccolo (NY) 9-0
                                       Rafel Rososz 6th @ 220
     George (UT) wbf Cuccolo (NY) :52
     Bianchi (WI) dec Cuccolo (NY) 7-5 … Cuccolo finishes 6th… way to go Chris!!!                  
Pedro Rosales (Middletown) 120 lbs                                                                                                  
     Stewart (OH) tech fall Rosales (NY) 9-1                                                                                         
     Bunduka (VA) tech fall Rosales (NY) 8-0                                                                                

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