Section 9 Preseason Rankings

S9sitelogoLet’s get the discussions going!!!  Keep in mind that these are preseason rankings.  These rankings are not based solely on past performance.  Previous results are clearly a huge factor but other factors, some subjective and some objective, were considered.  I realize that weight classes may be off, especially at the very beginning of the season.  If you don’t like your ranking, or if you think you were over-looked, prove me wrong….on the mat!!!  That’s enough chit-chat…here they are!

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                            1                                                 2                                               3                                       4
99:     Anthony Stramiello (PB)     Jarred Greiner (MV)         Marco Vespa (MW)          Ian Houck (RV)
106:   Vinny Vespa (MW)               Pedro Rosales (Midd)       Tyler Lynch (VC)               Isaiah Gut. Vera (Midd)
113:   Johnny Stramiello (PB)       Kevin Kelly (MW)               Mike Feliciano (High)      Jamie Pulver (Saug)
120:   Dylan Booth (PJ)                  Austin Ingraham (High)   Evan Barczak (MW)         Gerard Daly (MV) 
126:   Matt Rauch (RH)                  PJ Smoot (MW)                  Da’mani Burns (NFA)      Logan Losito (Wall)
132:   Nick Sebesta (Wall)              Sean Foschini (NFA)         Tyler Rodriguez (Midd)   Hussain Hasan (VC)
138:   Mike Raccioppi (MV)          Brett Johnson (Corn)         Joe Ginley (War)               Brandon Crespi (Wall)
145:   Thomas Wightman (War)   Sean Cramsie (NP)            Frank Hernandez (MV)    Dan Storer (Corn)
152:   Ryan Ferro (War)                 Brandon Lewis (MW)       Osman Hasan (VC)          Mohamed Shadid(Wash)
160:   Dan Decarlo (PJ)                  AJ Aeberli (War)                Quinn Zsido (Corn)          Alec Guevara (Wall)
170:   Tanner Sexton (PJ)              Tyler Blasko (Wall)            Nick Wentland (MV)        Alex Munoz (Saug)
182:   Kyle McGuire (NFA)           Andy Buchanan (High)      Nick DiSessa Leon (Ell)   Phil Kersting (War)
195:   Rob Cuomo (Saug)              Nick McShea (MW)             Jake Wood (King)             Juan Velazquez (Midd)
220:  Rob Kelly (MW)                   James Bethel (Saug)           Dustin MacKenzie (Ont)  Eliot Marzano (King)
285:  Isaac Serrano (NFA)           Troy Grant (NP)                  Sam Weigner (Wash)       Brandon Mascaro (Wall)

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6 Responses to Section 9 Preseason Rankings

  1. John Z says:

    Mike, I’m glad you are doing the rankings again. Thanks. I hope you update often throughout the season. Keep in mind people – the rankings aren’t official and everyone is entitled to their opinion.

    • Mike Carey says:

      Thank you and you are correct…rankings are for discussion…what truly matters is determined on the mat, not in a forum of a website!

  2. Eric c says:

    Are any rankings ever official?? Rankings and seeding for a tournament are two different things. Great job on these if you ask me, also d2 looks much improved from 5-10 years ago

    • Mike Carey says:

      Very good point and many people do not distinguish between the two. Seeding a tournament is based solely on past performance, it determines where wrestlers should be bracketed at the beginning of a tournament. Rankings, on the other hand, are basically a person’s (or group of people) opinion on where the wrestlers would finish at the end of a tournament. And yes, D2 is definitely improving in S9…great to see! There are some sections in NYS where D2 is actually as strong or stronger than D1!

  3. Anthony Forrest says:

    My s9 predictions 99-stramiello
    106- Rosales
    145- wightman
    195- mcshea
    220- Serrano
    285- weigner

    • Mike Carey says:

      Great list! Bold predictions leaving off two state place winners from last season in Vespa and DeCarlo! That’s what makes this fun though…thanks for the input!!!

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