Section 9 Preseason Rankings

S9sitelogoLet’s get the discussions going!!!  Keep in mind that these are preseason rankings.  These rankings are not based solely on past performance.  Previous results are clearly a huge factor but other factors, some subjective and some objective, were considered.  I realize that weight classes may be off, especially at the very beginning of the season.  If you don’t like your ranking, or if you think you were over-looked, prove me wrong….on the mat!!!  That’s enough chit-chat…here they are!

                            1                                                 2                                               3                                       4
99:     Anthony Stramiello (PB)     Jarred Greiner (MV)         Marco Vespa (MW)          Ian Houck (RV)
106:   Vinny Vespa (MW)               Pedro Rosales (Midd)       Tyler Lynch (VC)               Isaiah Gut. Vera (Midd)
113:   Johnny Stramiello (PB)       Kevin Kelly (MW)               Mike Feliciano (High)      Jamie Pulver (Saug)
120:   Dylan Booth (PJ)                  Austin Ingraham (High)   Evan Barczak (MW)         Gerard Daly (MV) 
126:   Matt Rauch (RH)                  PJ Smoot (MW)                  Da’mani Burns (NFA)      Logan Losito (Wall)
132:   Nick Sebesta (Wall)              Sean Foschini (NFA)         Tyler Rodriguez (Midd)   Hussain Hasan (VC)
138:   Mike Raccioppi (MV)          Brett Johnson (Corn)         Joe Ginley (War)               Brandon Crespi (Wall)
145:   Thomas Wightman (War)   Sean Cramsie (NP)            Frank Hernandez (MV)    Dan Storer (Corn)
152:   Ryan Ferro (War)                 Brandon Lewis (MW)       Osman Hasan (VC)          Mohamed Shadid(Wash)
160:   Dan Decarlo (PJ)                  AJ Aeberli (War)                Quinn Zsido (Corn)          Alec Guevara (Wall)
170:   Tanner Sexton (PJ)              Tyler Blasko (Wall)            Nick Wentland (MV)        Alex Munoz (Saug)
182:   Kyle McGuire (NFA)           Andy Buchanan (High)      Nick DiSessa Leon (Ell)   Phil Kersting (War)
195:   Rob Cuomo (Saug)              Nick McShea (MW)             Jake Wood (King)             Juan Velazquez (Midd)
220:  Rob Kelly (MW)                   James Bethel (Saug)           Dustin MacKenzie (Ont)  Eliot Marzano (King)
285:  Isaac Serrano (NFA)           Troy Grant (NP)                  Sam Weigner (Wash)       Brandon Mascaro (Wall)

6 thoughts on “Section 9 Preseason Rankings”

  1. Mike, I’m glad you are doing the rankings again. Thanks. I hope you update often throughout the season. Keep in mind people – the rankings aren’t official and everyone is entitled to their opinion.

    1. Thank you and you are correct…rankings are for discussion…what truly matters is determined on the mat, not in a forum of a website!

  2. Are any rankings ever official?? Rankings and seeding for a tournament are two different things. Great job on these if you ask me, also d2 looks much improved from 5-10 years ago

    1. Very good point and many people do not distinguish between the two. Seeding a tournament is based solely on past performance, it determines where wrestlers should be bracketed at the beginning of a tournament. Rankings, on the other hand, are basically a person’s (or group of people) opinion on where the wrestlers would finish at the end of a tournament. And yes, D2 is definitely improving in S9…great to see! There are some sections in NYS where D2 is actually as strong or stronger than D1!

  3. My s9 predictions 99-stramiello
    106- Rosales
    145- wightman
    195- mcshea
    220- Serrano
    285- weigner

    1. Great list! Bold predictions leaving off two state place winners from last season in Vespa and DeCarlo! That’s what makes this fun though…thanks for the input!!!

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