Rankings #3

FriendS9 LogoWith the weight classes going +2 later this week, this will probably be the last time we see some of these wrestlers ranked at their current weight.  Who drops down?   Who decides to stay?  Heck… we may even have a few guys go up!  The cream is starting to rise.  Can it be true that the Eastern States Classic is only a few weeks away?!?!  It’s go-time boys!

Happy Holidays Everyone!!!

                        1                                         2                                            3                                             4                    99:    Anthony Stramiello (PB)   Jarred Greiner (MV)          Marco Vespa (MW)           Ian Houck (RV)
106:   Vinny Vespa (MW)           Pedro Rosales (Midd)         Tyler Lynch (VC)                Isaiah Gut-Ver (Mid)  113:   John Stramiello (PB)       Taylor Benson (RH)             Kevin Kelly (MW)              Mike Feliciano (High) 120:   Dylan Booth (PJ)              Austin Ingraham (High)    Evan Barczak (MW)           Gerard Daly (MV)    126:   Matt Rauch (RH)               PJ Smoot (MW)                  Da’mani Burns (NFA)        John Lerczak (Saug)  132:   Chris Truglio (MV)           Nick Sebesta (Wall)             Sean Foschini (NFA)         Hussain Hasan (VC) 138:   Mike Raccioppi (MV)       Brett Johnson (Corn)        Joe Ginley (War)                 Brandon Crespi (Wall) 145:   Tom Wightman (War)     Sean Cramsie (NP)              Frank Hernandez (MV)    Dan Storer (Corn)       152:   Ryan Ferro (War)              Brandon Lewis (MW)        Osman Hasan (VC)            Mohamed Shadid(Wash) 160:   Dan Decarlo (PJ)                AJ Aeberli (War)                Quinn Zsido (Corn)           Alec Guevara (Wall) 170:   Tanner Sexton (PJ)           Tyler Blasko (Wall)            Nick Wentland (MV)         Nick DiSessa Leon (Ell)182:   Kyle McGuire (NFA)         Deonte Moore(MV)          Nathan Donah (Saug)        Theodore Mapes (High)195:   Nick McShea (MW)           Erik Jessell (Corn)             Rob Cuomo (Saug)            Jake Wood (King)     220:  Rob Kelly (MW)                  James Bethel (Saug)          Dustin MacKenzie (Ont)  Eliot Marzano (King) 285:  Isaac Serrano (NFA)          Troy Grant (NP)                  Sam Weigner (Wash)       Brandon Mascaro (Wall)

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