Live from Albany

NYSPHSAA Wrestling Championships

2nd Rd. Wrestlebacks – 
106: Feliciano lost.
113: Stramiello and Benson are now out.
120: Ingraham, Booth and Barczak are out.
126: Rauch, Smoot are out…Burns still alive!
132: Truglio is out.
138: Raccioppi is out.
145: Wightman is out.
152: Ferro won.
160: Morse lost
170: Zsido won.
182: Morgans lost. 
195: Mackenzie won, Cuomo won!!
220:  Kelly, Bethel won… Grant lost.
285: Weinger won.

1st Rd. Wrestlebacks – losers of this round are eliminated
D1 99 lbs. Arena (S6) 9-2 over Stramiello (S9)
D1 99 lbs. Artip loses
D2 106 lbs. Feliciano (S9) wins
D1 113 lbs. Daly loses to Twomey
D1 113 lbs. Stramiello wins
D2 113 lbs. Benson wins
D1 120 lbs. Booth wins
D1 120 lbs. Barczak wins
D2 120 lbs. Ingraham wins
D1 126 lbs. Smoot wins
D1 126 lbs. Burns wins
D1 132 lbs. Truglio wins
D2 132 lbs. Suleiman loses
D2 138 lbs. Santiago loses
D2 145 lbs.  Linneman loses
D1 152 lbs. Ferro wins
D2 152 lbs. Cruz loses
D2 160 lbs. Morse wins
D2 170 lbs Mapes loses
D1 182 lbs. McShea loses
D2 182 lbs. Morgans wins
D1 195 lbs. Cuomo wins
D1 220 lbs. Kelly wins

Quarter Finals
D1 106 lbs. Vespa (S9) 7-1 over Carter (S6)
D2 126 lbs. Devlin (S6) tech fall Rauch (S9) 17-2
D1 138 lbs. Eibinder (S8) 4-3 over Raccioppi (S9)
D1 145 lbs. Restrepo (S11) over Wightman (S9)
D1 160 lbs. DeCarlo (S9) 6-4 sv over Parfiryev (P)
D1 170 lbs. Schneider (S8) over Zsido (S9)
D1 195 lbs. Jessell (S9) over Ashley (S2) fft
D2 195 lbs. Rose (P) over Mackenzie
D1 220 lbs. Sisti (C) 9-4 over Bethel (S9)
D2 220 lbs. Grant (S9) loses in OT
D1 285 lbs. Manna (S8) 8-3 over Weinger (S9)

Round 16
D1 99 lbs.  Sparacio (S11) 9-2 over Stramiello (S9)
D2 99 lbs. Nolan (S7) 6-0 over Artrip (S9)
D1 106 lbs. Vespa 8-4 (S9) over Abbey (S4)
D2 106 lbs. Cirigliano (S4) 14-0 over Feliciano (S9)
D1 113 lbs. Calderone (S11) 3-0 over Daly (S9)
D1 113 lbs. Quinn (S8) 1-0 over Stramiello (S9)
D2 113 lbs. Recco (S5) pin over Benson (S9)
D1 120 lbs. Lainhart (S2) 8-6 over Booth (S9)
D1 120 lbs. Marcano (S5) 6-3 over Barczak (S9)
D2 120 lbs. Marra (S6) 3-1 over Ingraham (S9)
D1 126 lbs. Orefice (S6) 12-2 over Smoot (S9)
D1 126 lbs. Russ (C) 3-2 over Burns (S9)
D2 126 lbs. Rauch (S9) 7-0 over Powwell (P)
D1 132 lbs. Reina (S8) 5-4 over Truglio (S9)
D2 132 lbs. Acquard (S6) tech fall 16-0 over Suleiman (S9)
D1 138 lbs. Raccioppi (S9) pin over Saimbeau (P)
D2 138 lbs. Woodard (S5) 7-1 over Santiago (S9)
D1 145 lbs. Wightman (S9) 6-2 over Devine (S2)
D2 145 lbs. Hoeg (S11) 12-0 over Linneman (S9)
D1 152 lbs. Bell (S5) 3-2 over Ferro (S9)
D2 152 lbs. Garcia (S4) pin over Cruz (S9)
D1 160 lbs. Decarlo (S9) pin over Porello (S11)
D2 160 lbs. Bushey (S7) pin over Morse (S9)
D1 170 lbs. Zsido (S9) 6-0 over Huang (P)
D2 170 lbs. Cole (S10) over Mapes (S9)
D1 182 lbs. Davis (S4) pin over McShea (S9)
D2 182 lbs. Pinckney (S3) 6-0 over Morgans (S9)
D1 195 lbs.  Eganlauf (S5) pin over Cuomo (S9)
D1 195 lbs. Jessell (S9) 5-4 over Lange (S11)
D2 195 lbs. Mackenzie (S9) pin over Sabada (S4)
D1 220 lbs. Bethel (S9) 8-7 over Nasoni (S3)
D1 220 lbs. Hermida (S1) pin over Kelly (S9)
D2 220 lbs. Grant (S9) 1-0 over Naranjo (S5)
D1 285 lbs. Weinger (S9) 3-0 over Holton (S2)
D2 285 lbs. Hallett (S4) 8-2 over Friedel (S9)

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