Local Wrestlers @ NCAA Qualifying Tournaments

EIWA Championships @ Penn
125: Jamie Franco (Hofstra, Monroe Woodbury)
         Prelims: Franco 4-0 over Bing (Franklin & Marshall)
         Quarters: Franco 4-1 over White (Binghamton)
         Semis: Terao (American) wbf 2:00 over Franco
         Consy semis: Cruz (Lehigh) 3-2 over Franco
         Medal Round 5/6: Franco med over Petrov (Bucknell)
         Franco finishes 5th and automatically qualifies for the NCAA Championships!!!
133: Logan Everett (Army)
         Prelims: Dellafave (Rutgers) 5-3 over Everett
         Wrestlebacks: Everett 11-0 over Finocchiaro (Brown)
         Wrestlebacks: Ott (Harvard) 7-2 over Everett
141: Tyler Rauenzahn (Army)
         Outbracket: Rauenzahn 8-2 over Lapresi (Bucknell)
         Prelims: Rauenzahn 7-3 over Bystol (Columbia)
         Quarters: Nevinger (Cornell) 8-1 over Rauenzahn
         Wrestlebacks: Rauenzahn 9-3 over Laster (Princeton)
         Consy quarters: Dippery (Rutgers) 19-4 tech fall over Rauenzahn
         Medal Round 7/8: Bystol (Columbia) 1-0 over Rauenzahn…Tyler finishes 8th
149: Cody Ruggirello (Hofstra, Valley Central)
         Prelims: Ruggirello wbf 2:15 Lenzi (Penn)…rematch of 2010 NYS finals where Lenzi won 2-1
         Quarters: Ruggirello wbf 1:41 over Lopez (Bucknell)
         Semis: Minotti (Lehigh) 12-5 over Ruggirello
         Consy semis: Ruggirello 7-4 over Krop (Princeton)
         Medal Round 3/4: Theobold (Rutgers) med. over Ruggirello
         Cody finishes 4th and automatically qualifies for the NCAA Championships!!!
149: Mark Marchetti (Army) 
         Outbracket: Ponte (Columbia) 2-0 over Marchetti
         Wrestleback: Marchetti 7-5 over Galiardo (Brown)
         Wrestleback: Marchetti wbf 3:57 over Townshend (Franklin & Marshall)
         Wrestleback: Lopez (Bucknell) 8-4 over Marchetti
157: Paul Hancock (Army)
        Prelims: Hancock 2-0 over Boyle (American)
        Quarters: Sommer (Drexel) 8-7 over  Hancock
        Wrestleback: Hancock 6-2 over Johnson (Navy)
        Consy quarters: Perotti (Rutgers) wbf 1:25 over Hancock
        Medal Round 7/8: Hancock 13-5 over Moylan (Princeton) 
165: Mitchell Wightman (Boston University, Warwick)
        Prelims: Wightman 11-3 over Vrasidas (Sacred Heart)
        Quarters: Palacio (Cornell) 7-6 over Wightman
        Wrestleback: Wightman 6-1 over Haas (Lehigh)
        Consy quarters: Wightman 2-1 over Grella (Binghamton)
        Consy semis: Kent (Penn) 5-0 over Wightman
        Medal Round 5/6: Wightman 3-2 over Gobbo (Harvard)
        Mitch finishes 5th and automatically qualifies for the NCAA Championships!!!
165: Chandler Smith (Army)
        Prelims: Smith 7-3 over Haas (Lehigh)
        Quarters: Kent (Penn) 5-3 over  Smith 
        Wrestleback: Visicaro (Rutgers) 4-3 over Smith
174: Brian Harvey (Army)
        Prelims: Harvey 18-0 tech fall over Gironda (Franklin & Marshall)
        Quarters: Harvey 3-0 over Pickett (Cornell)
        Semis: Wukie (Penn) 6-3 over Harvey
        Consy semis: Riddick (Lehigh) 11-4 over Harvey
        Medal Round 5/6: Harvey med. over Hughes (Columbia)…Brian finishes 5th
184: Ryan Tompkins (Army)
        Prelims: Croy (Harvard) 5-2 over Tompkins
        Wrestlebacks: Tompkins wbf :36 over Schuster (Sacred Heart)
        Wrestlebacks: Tompkins 6-2 over Grimes (American)
        Consy quarters: Hernandez (Columbia) 5-2 over Tompkins
        Medal Round 7/8: Tompkins 5-3 over Wallace Binghamton…Ryan takes 7th
197: Bryce Barnes (Army)
        Prelims: Barnes 8-0 maj. dec. over Bolich (Lehigh)
        Quarters: Barnes 8-6 over Palik (Drexel)…Palik was #1 seed!
        Semis: Reed (Binghamton) 5-2 over Barnes
        Consy semis: Mitchell (American) 8-1 over Barnes
        Medal Round 5/6: Ayala (Princeton) med over Barnes
        Bryce finishes 5th and automatically qualifies for the NCAA Championships!!!
285: William Smith (Rutgers, High Point NJ)
        Prelims: Smith (Rutgers) wbf :54 over Cavey (Brown)
        Quarters: Smith (Rutgers) 10-2 over Graziano (Penn)
         Semis: Smith (Rutgers) 2-1 over Herrin (American)
285: Trevor Smith (Army)
        Outbracket: Ng (Harvard) 3-2 over Smith (Army)
        Wrestleback: Cook (Navy) 2-1 over Smith (Army)

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