19 thoughts on “2014-2014 Section 9 Preseason Rankings”

  1. @ 160 there is no mention of nick russo who took 6th place last year. @ 170 you have andrew tully ranked 4th. nick beat him twice last year!

    1. I was told that Nick would be starting the season at 182. He had a great year last year and I am confident he will end up being ranked top 4 by the end of the month; I just couldn’t slide him in at 182 this early.

      1. if I came off as offensive I apologize. your effort to wrestling is needed and appreciated. you also have great influence with your articles and reviews.

  2. as always mike well thought out job.not easy to do with all the variable you have to consider.keep up the good work

      1. Mike…you do a fantastic job…we appreciate everything you do. Thank you for all of your time and efforts in keeping us up to date on everything our boys are doing.

    1. No problem…I enjoy it…I just hope the kids don’t take it too seriously…the only ranking that counts is the one at the end of the season!

      1. Thanks Mike, for all your time and hard work. Looking forward to the rest of the season. Happy New Year Section 9 family!

    1. There is a lot of guess work in the beginning…I consider all of the following: 1) where they certify, 2) what they actually weigh at the time of certification, and 3) what I am being told about where they will likely start the season…once the season gets rolling, the weight classifications get more accurate

  3. Happy New Year to you and your family ! And thanks for all the info you bring to section 9 wrestling family . To everyone have a Happy & Healthy New Year ! Once again thanks Mike without you were all in the dark .

  4. Just heard terrible news,The passing of Mickey Desimone long time coach of the Suffern wrestling team.I don’t have any peticulars but please keep him and the Suffern wrestling family in your thoughts and prayers.

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