7 thoughts on “Section 9 Individual Rankings – Week #3”

  1. Monticello at Walton
    113 Patrick Owens 2nd
    120 Caleb McCallien 4th
    132 Michael laruffa 6th
    138 Ben Ulrich 3rd
    195 Travis Kelly 2nd
    220 Brian Stickle 6th
    220 Frank smith 3rd

  2. McLee before Moore ? I wouldn’t be suprised to see that reversed they both had a battle with Zsido this past week and I think Moore was the stronger of the 2 but McLee is not too far behind.Another great battle to watch will be Wightman and Aeberli.A.J. is looking dominant this season for Minisink and seems to be a good fit for that lineup.Cant wait to see both match ups MV V.S. Warwick on 1/23 and MV against Washingtonville on 02/04

  3. Great job Mike. I had a question though. Do you only rank 1 wrestler per school for a weight class? I saw that you had Formato (walkill) ranked #4 but according to the results from sec 9 duals he was beaten by Eckerson from MW at 126lbs. Thanks

    1. Actually I will double enter…I have McShea and Gennaro both at 195….I missed the Eckerson results…nice catch…I’ll leave Formato for this week and adjust next Rankings (probably in 2 weeks)

  4. Thanks .And I missed the fact you had both McShea and Gennaro ranked at 195. Ranking 75 wrestlers a week can’t be easy and soon with kids dropping down it will be even tougher! Good luck

    1. Yeah next ranking will be a nightmare…it’s all good though…the kids enjoy it…most of the parents and coaches realize that the rankings are just for fun and keep things in perspective…all that matters is the final ranking, the one done after the Section 9 tournament!

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