Section 9 Week #6 Individual Rankings

One would think that rankings would become easier as the season progressed….not always the case.  For the first time this year I will add some comments to the weekly rankings. I hope these comments help explain some of the decisions.  Keep in mind, rankings mean nothing!  They are nothing more than the opinion of a small group of people.  The only ranking that mean anything is the final ranking…the one that is posted after the Section 9 tournament!

99 – Pretty straight forward…Lainez jumps Vespa with the head to head win.
106– Stramiello is a returning S9 champ…Greiner has a common opponent victory (Loew)…I basically flipped a coin.
113 – Pedro one match away from placing at ESC…no change here
120 – Vespa, Daly drop down to 120 and are 1 & 2…Ginley enters here at 4
126 – Kelly now #1 here…Lopez at 3 behind Benson
132 – Da’mani was on fire at ESC!
138 – Would have been nice to see Truglio compete with the 138 studs at ESC
145 – Ferro drops down but Raccioppi keeps #1 with a common win over Murphy
152 – Wightman drops down and takes top spot; Cuppett from New Paltz looking tough
160 – Tully new #2 with win over Matos; Cohen beats Russo for 5th slot
170 – no change….could be great semis at S9 D1
182 – Morgans went 0-2 at ESC and I almost moved him to #1…sv losses to two studs plus a 5-3 loss at Windsor to #1 NYS Marszal…I kept it “as is” for now but KM may be #1 soon!
195 – Masterson moves up to #3 with strong effort at ESC…could have easily moved him up higher…he looked tough!
220 – Humphrey new #1 with win over Mascaro; Montolino cracks top 5
285 – no change…Serrano looked great at ESC



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