NHSCA High School Nationals in VA Beach 2015

Section 9 Wrestlers In The Field

Freshman Division
Ahmani Roman (Cornwall, 106)
– Luke Cotton (LA) maj dec 14-0 over Roman
– Chris Horton (PA) dec 4-3 over Roman…Ahmani is out
Derrick Magsamen (Pine Bush, 120)
– Magsamen dec 3-2 over Dylan Bailey (SC)
–  Jason Vitrit (CT) dec 4-1 over Magsamen
– Magsamen dec 7-6 over Keanan McClennen (SC)
– Srisupa (FL) dec 6-2 over Magsamen…Derrick is out
Dillon Ross (Onteora, 126)
– Ross dec 5-0 over Perry Maio (NJ)
– Ross wbf 1:54 over Davis Montez (NV)
– Marshall Keller (VA) wbf :30 over Ross…Keller is a VA state champ
– Ross dec 4-2 over Christian Trimble (SC)
– Zach Hartman (PA) dec 2-0 over Ross… Dillon is out
Dylan Greer (Pine Bush, 132)
– Mathew Dallara (NJ) dec 5-4 over Greer
– Eddie Hay (PA) dec 7-3 over Greer … Dylan is out
Tim Ganuncio (Minisink Valley, 145)
– Ganuncio dec 10-7 over Paul Pierce (WV)
– Homit (PA) wbf :18 over Ganuncio
– Jake Hendricks (PA) wbf 3:23 over Ganuncio… Tim is out
Joseph Yanis (Minisink Valley, 152)
– Yanis wbf 3:02 over Derrick Young (VA)
– Ryan Karoly (NJ) tech fall 15-0 over Yanis
– Yanis wbf 1:25 over Wilson Sternad (OH)
– Yanis wbf 3:38 over Tyler Burgess (VT)
– Sean Petty (OH) wbf 1:20 over Yanis…Joey is out
Andrew Fenner (Minisink Valley, 285)
– Fenner wbf 5:19 over John Davis (VA)
– Brey Walker (OK) wbf 1:07 over Fenner
– Fenner dec 7-6 over Jayson Gomez (NY)… Andrew is an All-American!!!
– Derrek Crider (WV) wbf 1:49 over Fenner – Andrew going for 7th

Sophomore Division
Evan Barczak (Monroe Woodbury, 132)
– Nick Santos (NJ) dec 5-3 over Barczak
– Barczak wbf :15 over Kyle Plunkett (VA)
– Barczak wbf 2:21 over Noel Fuentes (FL)
– Barczak dec 3-1 over Taylor Catoe (SC)
– Noah Mattin (OH) dec 4-3 over Barczak … Evan is out
Noah Curreri (Eldred/Liberty/Fallsburg, 152)
– Curreri maj dec 14-4 over Alejandro Illescas (NC)
– Jarod Swank (IN) tech fall 19-3 over Curreri
– Curreri dec 8-5 over Darius Joyce (PA)
– Curreri dec 4-2 over Roger Graham (VA)
– Chayce Loveless (UT) wbf 2:06 over Curreri…Noah is out
Kendall Elfstrum (Monroe Woodbury, 170)
– Eric Kohlins (GA) dec 4-3 over Elfstrum
– Elfstrum dec 9-0 over Chris Milligan (VA)
– Elfstrum dec 9-3 over Jeremy Spangler (TN)
– Elfstrum dec 10-4 over Aaron Huff (OH)
– Elfstrum dec 6-2 over Zachary Kornberg (NY)…Kendall is an All-American!!!
– Elfstrum dec 6-5 over Frankie Guida (PA)

Junior Division
Anthony Stramiello (Pine Bush, 106)
– Stramiello wbf :18 over Keygan Nacos (NH)
– Trevor Mello (VA) dec 6-2 over Stramiello
– Stramiello dec 7-0 over Dylan Cook (NC)
– Stramiello dec 7-3 over Sean Redington (NJ)
– Parker Walton (NC) dec 4-3 over Stramiello…Anthony is out
AJ Aeberli (Minisink Valley, 160)
– Aeberli dec 9-3 over Zach Diaz (TX)…Diaz is a TX state champ!
– Aeberli inj. def. over Dalton Ray (PA)
– Aeberli dec 7-5 over Benjamin Bullins (NC)…Bullins is a NC state champ!
– Dan Bullard (GA) dec 8-4 over Aeberli…Bullard is a 3X GA state champ
– Aeberli dec 6-3 over Garret Neff (MD) …AJ is an All-American!!!!
– Aeberli dec 8-4 over Eliias Vega (NJ)

Nick McShea (Monroe Woodbury, 195)
– McShea wbf 3:45 over Nicholas Lemeshuk (NJ)
– McShea wbf 2:26 over Josh Green (VA)
– McShea dec 6-5 over Hunter Yeargan (MO)…Yeargan is a MO state champ!
– Blake Rypel (IN) wbf 2:10 over McShea…Rypel is a IN state champ!
– McShea dec 6-3 over Reinhold (PA)…Nick is an All-American!!!
– Kevin Snyder (MD) dec 3-1 SV over McShea…Nick going for 7th
– McShea dec 12-3 over Ben Stacey (TN)…Nick finishes 7th!

Senior Division
Gerard Daly (Minisink Valley, 120)
– Daly dec 9-3 over Matt Asper (VA)
– Cole Verner (WY) dec 8-3 over Daly…Verner is a 2X WY state champ
– Mike Stewart (OH) dec 1-0 over Daly…Gerard is out
Matt Lopez (Minisink Valley, 120)
– Collin Anderson (AZ) 10-5 over Lopez…Anderson is an AZ state champ
– Lopez dec 1-0 over Nicholas Villamil (FL)
– Denzel Tovar (NJ) dec 5-3 over Lopez…Matt is out
Chris Truglio (Minisink Valley, 138)
– Truglio dec 5-3 over Riley Loveless (UT)…Loveless is a 2X UT state champ!
– Truglio inj time over Jacob Butler (NC)…Truglio was up 12-0 at the time
– Truglio dec 4-1 over Anthony Juckes (NM)…Juckes is a 4X NM state champ!!!
– Mike D’Angelo (NY) dec 7-4 over Truglio
– Truglio dec 8-1 over Max Nauta (NJ)…Chris is an All-American!!!
– Truglio dec 10-3 over Nathan Smalling (IL)
Michael Raccioppi (Minisink Valley, 145)
– BC Laprade (VA) inj time over Raccioppi…Laprade is a 2X VA state champ….Raccioppi was up 2-1 when injury occurred…he cannot continue and is out of the tournament.
Nick Wentland (Minisink Valley, 170)
– Wentland wbf :50 over Anthony Williamson (NJ)
– Cody Cordes (PA) maj dec 11-0 over Wentland
– Ronald Watkins (VA) dec 6-4 SV over Wentland…Nick is out

5 thoughts on “NHSCA High School Nationals in VA Beach 2015”

  1. Hey Mike! Thanks for the support of all our S9 wrestlers even in the off season! Great action today at HS Nationals! Though I don’t know the exact details, I do believe Barczak and McShea wrestled against a couple of guys who were state champions and nationally ranked, as well.

  2. I should know better that you’re so knowledgeable, Mike. I might have gotten mixed up in a few details, and in my attempt to be helpful, spoke too soon! Sorry about that. Hope you know my intentions were good! Thanks for always supporting and following our S9 wrestlers so well! Your efforts are appreciated!

  3. Just and update:
    Sean Petty (OH) wbf 1:20 over Yanis…Joey is out
    He actually injuried out of the tournament I dont know why they have it as a pin.

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