Day 1 Recap From Albany

15 Section 9 Wrestlers Advance to Day 2! 

section9Congratulations to the 11 Division 1 and 4 Division 2 Section 9 wrestlers who have advanced to Day 2 of the NYS Wrestling Championships.  Section 9 advanced 6 D1 and 1 D2 wrestlers to Saturday morning’s semifinal round.  The remaining 8 wrestlers (5 D1, 3 D2) are still alive for placement in the consolation bracket.

Action will begin at 10:00 tomorrow.  The Saturday morning round is usually the most exciting round of the tournament.  The center mats will hold the semifinal matches while the consolation quarter finals – the blood round – will take place on the outer mats! will continue to post live updates on all of our Section 9 wrestlers.  Good luck boys…Let’s bring home some hardware!!!

Division 1 – Semifinals
152 – Ryan Ferro (War) vs Tristan Almeter (S6)
160 – AJ Aeberli (MV) vs Adan Santoro (C)
182 – Kendall Elfstrum (MW) vs Alex Melikian (S1)
220 – Nick McShea (MW) vs Ryan Ellefsen (Goshen)
285 – Joe Humphrey (Midd) vs Edwin Rubio (S11)

Division 2 – Semifinal
152 – Noah Curreri (ELSW) vs Dakota Gardner (S6)

Division 1 – Blood Round
126 – Kevin Kelly (MW) vs Jake Shore (S1)
138 – Charlie Johnson (War) vs Matt Swanson (S8)
145 – Evan Barczak (MW) vs Charlie Spada (S8)
170 – Mike Fekishazy (Wall) vs Stephen Lauro (S1)
195 – Garrett Betcher (Wall) vs Alex Bowen (S3)

Division 2 – Blood Round
160 – Liam Heslin (Chester) vs Josh Farrar (S3)
182 – Theo Chazkel (NP) vs Will Thompson (S5)
195 – Kevin Morgans (ELSW) vs Kevin Digney (S8)

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