Phil Portuese Northeast Freestyle Tournament

**Barczak Champion at 145lbs**

A handful of locals took the short trip to East Stroudsburg, PA to compete in this weekend’s Phil Portuese Freestyle Tournament.  The event serves as a Fargo qualifier for the Cadet and Junior Divisions as well as a qualifier for the University Nationals which takes place in June in Akron, OH.

Junior Division
Evan Barczak (Monroe Woodbury) 145 lbs
R32: Barczak tech fall Brandon Doffemire (VA) 11-0
R16: Barczak dec Conligiaro (MA) 11-6
Quarters: Barczak tech fall Bentz (PA) 10-0
Semis: Barczak tech fall Pipa (PA) 11-1
Finals: Evan Barczak dec Brock Wilson (PA) 8-3

Noah Curreri (Eldred) 2-2 @ 160 lbs
R32:  Curreri pin Max Martin (Lancaster, PA) 3:16
R16: Curreri tech fall Scwartz (PA) 19-9
Quarters: Bolen (VA) pin Curreri 1:08
Consies: DeMalle (MD) tech fall Curreri 10-0

Timmy Ganuncio (Minisink Valley) 1-2 @ 170
Rd. 1: Leonard (CT) tech fall Ganuncio 11-1
Consies: Ganuncio pin Riggin (NY) :59
Consies: Banish (VA) pin Ganuncio 5:01

Kendall Elfstrum (Monroe Woodbury)  2-2 @ 182 lbs
Rd. 1: Brett Donner (Wall, NJ) tech fall Elfstrum 10-0
Consies: Elfstrum pin Shepard (NC) 1:17
Consies: Elfstrum pin Bennicoff (PA) 2:35
Consies: Parker (Shen, NY) tech fall Elfstrum 10-0

Nick McShea (Monroe Woodbury) 1-2 @ 220 lbs
R32: McShea pin Forschner (MD) :56
R16: bye
Quarters: Zane Black (PA) tech fall McShea 19-9
Consies: Kober (PA) pin McShea :29

Cadet Division
Joey Yanis (Minisink Valley) 0-2 at 182 lbs
Rd. 1: Kyle Lightner (DV Regional, NJ) dec Yanis 11-6
Consie 1: Michael Wazsen (Holy Spirit, NJ) tech fall Yanis 10-0

University Division
Michael Raccioppi (E. Stroudsburg, Minisink Valley) 0-2 at 80kg
Rd. 1:  Drew Longo (Lehigh) tech fall Raccioppi 14-3
Consie 1: Jordan Juliano (Middlesex) dec Raccioppi 13-8
*Raccioppi’s 1st ever freestyle tournament… Congrats for stepping out of your comfort zone…Great Job!*


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