Section 9 Rankings #2

Now that we are a few weeks into the season I think it’s time to post some updated Section 9 individual rankings.  Just a few notes about these rankings…

  1. I have only included wrestlers who have competed this year.  There are a few obvious omissions.  I think we can be pretty certain that wrestlers such as Kendall Elfstrum (4th in NYS last season) and Connor Greiner (2X defending Section 9 champ) find their way back on the board once they return to action.
  2. Wrestlers are only being ranked at the lowest weight class in which they have competed. There may be a situation where a wrestler has weighed in a certain weight but has only competed at the weight class above.  I have no way of knowing this so I’m basing these rankings on the weight they have actually wrestled.
  3. I have done my best to research all of the results that are entered into trackwrestling but yes I occasionally miss a result.  If I did, I apologize to the wrestler being slighted.

Without further ado….here are Rankings #2! (Yes that rhymed.)

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