NYSPHSAA Tournament Preview 170-285


Last but not least, let us take a look at the heavyweights!  Year in and year out we are treated to exciting matches from the big guys!  Who could forget the finals match between Ryan Ellefsen and Terron Robinson last year….that bout had the Times Union Center rocking!  Who knows, we might even see a rematch this weekend!

Tyler Barnes – Section 2

170 Pounds – Division 1
The Field:
S1: Jordan Wallace (New Rochelle, 12)
S2: Tyler Barnes (Ballston Spa, 11)
S3: Andrew Yablonski (Fulton, 12)
S4: Chris Eames (Horseheads, 11)
S5: Sammy Deprez (Hilton, 10)
S6: Jacob Smeader (Hamburg, 12)
S8: Joe Giolando (Long Beach, 12)
S9: Adonis Morano (Middletown, 11)
S10: Zane Atchie (Canton. 11)
S11: Zach Ancewicz (John Glenn, 12)
CHSAA: David Flynn (Monsignor Farrell, 12)
PSAL: Feras Zedeia (WC Bryant, 12)
At-Large 1: Joe Eiden (Sachem East, 12)
At-Large 2: Darrin Simmons (Farmingdale, 12)
At-Large 3: Jake Logan (New Rochelle, 10)
At-Large 4: Jacob Ferriera (Horace Greeley, 11)

What To Watch For….
There are several here with the ability to claim the top step but Barnes is probably the slight favorite.  He was 5th in NYS last year and he is undefeated this year including an ESC title.  He’s also a Fargo All-American.  There is, however, another undefeated wrestler in the bracket.  Ancewicz is 27-0 and he has scored bonus points in every match except his S11 final where he beat Eiden 3-1.  Both New Rochelle wrestlers, Wallace and Logan, have the potential to medal high here – Wallace’s only loss was to Barnes at ESC.  Giorlando is extremely tough and Deprez and Smeader definitely could medal.  Middletown’s Adonis Morano is making his 1st trip to Albany and he has the potential to open some eyes here.

Jason Hoffman – Section 2

170 Pounds – Division 2
The Field:
S1: Anthony Malfitano (Pearl River, 12)
S2: Jason Hoffman (HL/LG, 12)
S3: Connor Fredericks (Chittenango, 11)
S4: Austin Carr (BGAH, 12)
S5: Matt Gaiser (Alexander, 11)
S6: Trevor Micek (Maple Grove, 12)
S7: Austin Trombley (Northern Adirondack, 12)
S8: Sean Mosca (Carle Place-Wheatley, 12)
S9: Jeffrey Kiluba (Red Hook, 12)
S10: Kyle Jenkins (Gouverneur, 11)
S11: Jason Shlonsky (Mt. Sinai, 12)
PSAL: Serjey Thomas (Eagle Academy, 12)
At-Large 1: Micah Miller (Maine Endwell – S4, 12)
At-Large 2: Trevor Snow (General Brown – S3, 12)
At-Large 3: Eric Bartnik (Cheektowaga – S6, 12)
At-Large 4: Ryan Slater (Salem – S2, 12)

What To Watch For…
We could see a battle of unbeatens for the 170 D2 final as Hoffman and Shlonsky both have unblemished records however many people feel that Gaiser is the wrestler to beat here.  Both Hoffman and Shlonsky have pinned nearly every opponent they have faced yet neither attended the Eastern States Classic and therefore have not faced the level of competition that Gaiser has seen. One of his wins at ESC was a pin over Mosca who was a state finalist last year and may definitely get there again this year. Kiluba is a raw talent who is making his first trip to Albany and definitely has the ability to win matches.

2X NYS Champ Louie Deprez

182 Pounds – Division 1
The Field:
S1: Evan Frank (JJCR, 1)
S2: Jake Cook (Ballston Spa, 11)
S3: Max Emond (Central Square, 12)
S4: Logan Wiland (Vestal, 12)
S5: Louie Deprez (Hilton, 12)
S6: Matt Cicco (Niagara Wheatfield, 12)
S8: Brandon Vancooten (Sew. West, 12)
S9: Mike Fekishazy (Wallkill, 12)
S10: Angus Johnson (Canton, 11)
S11: Joe Franzese (John Glenn, 11)
CHSAA: TJ Toles (Chaminade, 12)
PSAL: Leo Rabinovich (Tottenville, 11)
At-Large 1: Tyreek Bromley (Long Beach – S8, 12)
At-Large 2: Joey Yanis (Minisink Valley – S9, 11)
At-Large 3: Jhavon Innocent (East Ramapo – S1, 12)
At-Large 4: Joe Andreesen (Lancaster – S6, 11)

What To Watch For….
Louie Deprez is a 2X NYS champion and is currently ranked #1 in the nation by FloWrestling and Intermat.  He is probably the heaviest favorite to win in the entire tournament.  Section 9 champ Fekishazy was scheduled to wrestle him in the ESC finals but had to medically forfeit out of the tournament after his semifinal win.  Fek has two wins over last year’s #3 at 182 Evan Frank and notched a razor close sudden victory win over Yanis in the Section 9 finals.  Yanis beat Cicco at ESC but lost to Bromley. Bromley has been pinned by Franzese and Vancooten. Emond is 38-1 and Rabinovich is 28-1.  Deprez may be the favorite, but this will be a great weight class for wrestling fans to follow!

Clifton Wang – Section 1

182 Pounds – Division 2
The Field:
S1: Clifton Wang (Edgemont, 12)
S2: Dillon Warner (Shoharie, 12)
S3: Doug Simmons (Canastota, 11)
S4: Brennan Slater (Norwich, 11)
S5: Will Thompson (Byron Berg, 12)
S6: Zak Trim (Maple Grove, 11)
S7: Chance Lapiere (Ausable Valley, 11)
S8: John Deridder (Carle Place-Wheatley, 11)
S9: Ben Cuppett (New Paltz, 12)
S10: Tanner Donaldson (Gouverneur, 11)
S11: Mike Sabella (Mt. Sinai, 10)
PSAL: Robert Frias (RFK, 12)
At-Large 1: Corey Keefe (Falconer – S6, 11)
At-Large 2: Naphtali Steward (Ravena – S2, 12)
At-Large 3: Dylan Dunham (Whitney Point – S4, 11)
At-Large 4: Mike Sutliff (HL/LG – S2, 11)

What To Watch For…
Clifton Wang came in 3rd in NYS at 170 last year and finished 3rd at this year’s ESC making him one of the favorites here.  One of his wins at ESC was a 9-7 sudden victory win over S3 entry Simmons.  Lapiere is 40-1 and Thompson is 39-1 so both should contend here along with Warner who is 30-2.  Section 9 champ Cuppett has been hampered by injuries this season but he’s been to Albany twice before and the senior is poised to make a run for the medal stand.

Elijah Rodriguez – Section 8

195 Pounds – Division 1
The Field:
S1: Kyle Davis (Beacon, 12)
S2: Dylan Dubuque (Columbia, 12)
S3: Isaac Havens (Central Square, 12)
S4: LaDarron Tutton (Horseheads, 12)
S5: Mike Spallina (Hilton, 12)
S6: Lawrence Jenkins (Lake Shore, 12)
S8: Elijah Rodriguez (Long Beach, 11)
S9: Kendall Elfstrum (MW, 12)
S10: Michael Gardner (Massena, 11)
S11: Sam Schuyler (Kings Park, 12)
CHSAA: Freddie Nixon (St. Joe’s Collegiate, 12)
PSAL: Simon Chee (Benjamin Cardoza, 12)
At-Large 1: Greg Hodulick (Islip – S11, 12)
At-Large 2: William Nerich (William Bryant – P, 11)
At-Large 3: Dillon Knoll (Hamburg – S6, 12)
At-Large 4: Jack Rosen (Farmingdale – S8, 12)

What To Watch For…
This is without question one of the most wide open weight classes in the entire tournament! Rodriguez is undefeated and the ESC champion so he’s definitely one of the favorites however a case can be made for several others! Dubuque and Elfstrum both came in 4th at their weight in NYS last year, and they are both undefeated this year. Schuyler is also undefeated at 37-0 and he defeated Hodulick in the S11 finals by a score of 10-6.  Hodulick came in 3rd at ESC and had a win over Davis. Spallina’s only wrestled loss was 2-1 utb to Rodriguez at ESC – his other two losses were injury default. Nixon is 49-1, Jenkins is 36-2, and Havens is 38-3…yeah 195 D1 is loaded!

Joe Benedict – Section 3

195 Pounds – Division 2
The Field:
S1: Eoghan Murphy (Hastings, 10)
S2: Jake Pines (Hoosick Falls, 12)
S3: Joe Benedict (SJ/SC, 11)
S4: Richie Knapp (Susq. Valley, 11)
S5: Jeff Uveino (Perry, 12)
S6: Tyler Smith (Pioneer, 12)
S7: Sean Ahearn (Saranac, 12)
S8: Anthony Buffolino (Clarke, 12)
S9: Brody Harris (Chester, 12)
S11: James Hoeg (Mattituck, 12)
PSAL: Francis Tawiah (Petrides, 11)
At-Large 1: Robert Middlebrook (Midlakes – S5, 12)
At-Large 2: Ryan Harper (Duanesburg – S2, 12)
At-Large 3: Jody Hermance (Granville – S2, 12)
At-Large 4: Brandon Gracey (Mexico – S3, 12)
At-Large 5: Chase Toal (Byron Bergen – S5, 12)

What To Watch For…
All signs point towards a showdown between Benedict and Hoeg! Benedict finished 4th at ESC and was a NYS finalist at this weight last year.  Hoeg and took 3rd at ESC at 182 and had some very impressive wins over Frank, Wang, and Bromley but has decided to go 195 for the post-season. Look for Knapp, Smith, and Uveino to contend here as well.  Section 9 entry Harris put in some great off season work and is improving every day.  He might surprise someone up in Albany!

NYS Champ Robinson

220 Pounds – Division 1
The Field:
S1: Halil Gecaj (JJCR, 11)
S2: Jake Stangle (Ballston Spa, 10)
S3: Caleb Null (carthage, 12)
S4: Trentyn Ruppert (Newark valley, 10)
S5: Jason Cunningham (Brighton, 12)
S6: Mason Mastrangelo (Lancaster, 12)
S8: Zach Knighton Ward (Uniondale, 12)
S9: Ryan Ellefsen (Goshen, 12)
S10: Robert Gordan (Canton, 10)
S11: Terron Robinson (Walt Whitman, 12)
CHSAA: Mason Hoose (Canisius, 12)
PSAL: George Grigalshvili (James Madison, 11)
At-Large 1: Damien Caffrey (John Glenn – S11, 12)
At-Large 2: Matt DeFrancis (Eastport SM – 11, 12)
At-Large 3: Mark Rivera (Long Beach – S8, 12)
At-Large 4: Joshua Jean Baptiste (East Ramapo – S1, 12)

What To Watch For…
Robinson and Ellefsen provided fans with one of the most exciting finals last year however a rematch at this year’s tournament is far from guaranteed! Both wrestlers dropped matches at this year’s ESC to kids who are going to be in the bracket at Albany.  Robinson was defeated by Caffrey in the ESC finals and Ellefsen came in forth suffering losses to Caffrey and Gecaj. Let’s not forget about Knighton Ward who is a perfect 39-0 this year and DeFrancis and Mastrangelo both placed at ESC and will be in the hunt for medals.

Tanner Zagarino – Section 11

220 Pounds – Division 2
The Field:
S1: Chris Colombo (Croton, 12)
S2: Michael Gaudette (Mechanicville, 12)
S3: Luke Rogers (General Brown, 12)
S4: Garyn Huntley (Unatego, 12)
S5: Hammond Raes (Midlakes, 12)
S6: Jordan McLaughlin (Olean, 12)
S7: Cole McKee (Peru, 11)
S8: Tareq Ibrahim (Clarke, 12)
S9: John Goodell (E/L/SW, 11)
S11: Tanner Zagarino (Mattituck, 12)
PSAL: Justin Lorenzo (Petrides, 11)
At-Large 1: George Williams (Waterloo – S5, 12)
At-Large 2: Antonio Cutrie (Chittenango – S3, 11)
At-Large 3: Charlie Valone (Gowanda – S6, 12)
At-Large 4: Matt Edridge (Depew – S6, 12)
At-Large 5: Jack Binder (Warrensburg – S2, 11)

What To Watch For….
Zagarino looked great at 195 at the ESC making it to the finals before losing in sudden victory to Rodriguez.  He has decided to bump to 220 for postseason however and will definitely be tested by several wrestlers looking for the title. Luke Rodgers gave D1 stud Robinson all he can handle and will definitely contend here.  Huntley had a late start to the season but is 20-0 and will definitely make noise at 220.  Keep an eye on Raes.  He’s 45-1 with his only loss being a 3-2 utb decision during the first week of the season. McLaughlin, Colombo, and Cutrie need to stay on the radar as well.

William Bolia – Section 5

285 Pounds – Division 1
The Field:
S1: Benji Gecaj (JJCR, 12)
S2: Jake Warren (Burnt Hills, 12)
S3: Mike Spicer (Baldwinsville, 12)
S4: Jacob Broder (Union Endicott, 12)
S5: William Bolia (Fairport, 12)
S6: Shaerod Rodgers (Lake Shore, 12)
S8: Ryan O’Shea (MacArthur, 12)
S9: Horace Duke (Middletown, 12)
S10: Kyle Wood (Malone, 11)
S11: Deonte Wilson (Amityville, 11)
CHSAA: Nicholas Greer (St. Anthony’s, 11)
PSAL: Matt Feliciano (Grand St. Campus, 12)
At-Large 1: John Munroe (Hauppauge – S11, 12)
At-Large 2: Jacquez Poole (Arlington – S1, 12)
At-Large 3: Jared Crucitti (Fulton – S3, 12)
At-Large 4: Sean Kloss (Clarence – S6, 12)

What To Watch For…
Bolia is a perfect 43-0 and had a 5-0 win over Gecaj at UE Duals.  Wilson is 32-2 and he was the highest placing NY wrestler at ESC (all PA final). Gecaj finished 4th at ESC and has been tough all year as has O’Shea who is 30-1.  This is a very deep weight as all 4 wildcards have a shot at placing and we shouldn’t overlook Duke who bumped up from 220 to win the Section 9 title.

NYS Champ Tanner

285 Pounds – Division 2
The Field:
S1: Constantine George (Putnam Val, 12)
S2: Lucas Sanders (Glens Falls, 12)
S3: Andrew Tanner (Adirondack, 12)
S4: Jacob Morrison (Unatego, 12)
S5: Brendan Marsocci (Byron Bergen, 12)
S6: Lath Alsous (Lewiston Porter, 12)
S7: Clay Watts (Beekmantown, 12)
S8: Joe Libretti (Cold Spring Harbor, 11)
S9: William Sutherland (Rondout Valley, 12)
S10: Kelly Moore (Gouverneur, 12)
S11: Robert Christ (Mt. Sinai, 12)
PSAL: Jayson Gomez (Eagle Academy, 11)
At-Large 1: Nick Jones (Dunkirk – S6, 12)
At-Large 2: Daniel Hayner (Mechanicville – S2, 12)
At-Large 3: Jacob London (Alfred Almond – S5, 12)
At-Large 4: Kyle Fitzgerald (South Lewis – S3, 12)

What To Watch For…
Tanner is the defending state champ and was nationally ranked at times during the year making him one of the favorites here.  He did, however, drop a few matches early this year to Spicer and Watts so this weight is wide open!  Morrison is a perfect 34-0 and will certainly be in the hunt and we need to definitely watch both S6 entries as potential medalists.  Sutherland has been coming on strong at the end of the year and will definitely represent Section 9 quite well!

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