S9 @ NYS Tournament – Wrestleback #2

Below are the S9 results for the Section 9 wrestlers who have made it to the second round of wrestlebacks.  This round pits the a winner from the first round of wrestlebacks against a quarterfinal loser.

106 D1: Earl (MW) wbf 2:25 Ebanks (C)
113 D1: Gonyea (S2) dec 7-1 Romano (VC)
120 D1: Lynch (MV) dec 3-1 Ebanks (C)
120 D2: Poff (S6) dec 6-1 Conetta (Chester)
126 D1: Tepperman (S11) maj 12-3 Wernicki (MW)
126 D1: McDougald (S6) dec 4-1  Davis (Wall)
126 D2: Flaitz (S3) dec 5-0 Nate Ross (Onteora)
132 D1: King (S3) dec 6-4 sv V. Vetrano (MV)
132 D2: Houck (RV) fft Runfolo (S5)
138 D1: Stencel (S6) dec 9-6 D. Vetrano (MV)
152 D2: Nolan (S7) dec 4-2 Ross (RV)
182 D1: Yanis (MV) wbf 2:07 Wiland (S4)
220 D1: Ellefsen (Goshen) wbf 1:20 Mastrangelo (S6)
220 D2: Cutrie (S3) wbf Goodell (E/L/SW)
285 D1: Duke (Middletown) wbf :22 Cricutti (S3)

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