Results from MAWA Nationals

Congratulations to all of the local wrestlers who qualified and competed at the 2017 MAWA Nationals this past weekend!  Special thanks to Dave Fenner for keeping us up-to-date throughout the weekend and compiling these results for our website!
Joseph Uhrig  ( MV )     4th Place  went 3-2   Bantam 73lbs
Luke Satriano  ( VC )    2nd Place  went 3-1  Midget 58 lbs
Jayden Brown ( Midd )  4th Place went 3-2   Junior 108 lbs
Adam Fenner ( MV )     3rd place went 5-1    Int. 220lbs
Andrew Fenner ( MV )   2nd Place went 3-1  Elite 285lbs
Stephen Lynch              5th place went 3-2  Open 125lbs
Pedro Morales (Midd)   7th place  went 3-2  Open 135lbs
Paul Green (Midd)        7th place went 1-2   Open 177lbs
J. Lichtenstein (Midd)    3rd place  went 3-1  Open 295lbs
Also competed but did not place:
Jacob Chenier (Kingston)  Adv 100lbs  0-2
Justin Morales (Midd)  Adv 115lbs   0-2
Elijah Babb ( Middletown) Adv 189lbs  0-2
Nathaniel Garcia (Goshen )  Elite 160lbs 0-2
Austin Brock (Goshen )  Open 125   0-2

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