Match by Match Results from Fargo

Section 9 sent five wrestlers to Fargo to compete in the 2018 US Marine Corps USA Wrestling Cadet and Junior Nationals.  Take a look at the match by match results for Sofia, Mia, Grace, Jacob, and Joey!


3 MV Girls All- Americans in Fargo!!!

Cadet Girls
Sofia Macaluso (Minisink Valley, 122) – ALL- AMERICAN
Rd 32: S. Macaluso dec 15-13 London Houston (WA)
Rd 16: S. Macaluso wbf 1:06 Angelina Baltazar (TX)
Quarters: Nanea Estrella (HI) wbf 2:00 S. Macaluso
Consi Rd 8 #2: S. Macaluso tf 13-3 Kenedi Walker (NV)
Consi Rd 4: Melanie Mendoza (CA) dec 16-7 S.Macaluso
7th/8th Place: S. Macaluso dec 11-4 Aki Choates (GA)

Mia Macaluso (Minisink Valley, 127) – NATIONAL CHAMP
Rd 16: M. Macaluso wbf 4:11 Claire DiCugno (WA)
Quarters: M. Macaluso wbf :19 Sara Schmoker (MT)
Semis: M. Macaluso wbf 1:27 Jessi Johnson (NJ)
Finals: Mia Macaluso dec 11-8 Naomi Henry (NY)

Grace Pauls (Minisink Valley, 132) – ALL-AMERICAN
Rd 32: G. Pauls wbf :37 Naleah Hedges (WI)
Rd 16: G. Pauls wbf :42 Allyson Arrington (CA)
Quarters: Hannah Strauss (IL) tech 10-0 G. Pauls
Consi Rd 8 #2: G. Pauls wbf 1:52 Tiera Jimerson (CA)
Consi Rd 4: G. Pauls wbf 3:40 Madison Matta (PA)
Consi Semis: G. Pauls tech 10-0 Nallely Rivadeneira (CA)
3rd/4th Place: G. Pauls wbf 2:23 Hannah Strauss (IL)
*Grace won the award for Most Falls in Least Amount of Time*

Cadet Boys Freestyle
Jacob Chenier (Kingston, 113)
Rd 128: Derrick Cardinal (MN) tech 10-0 J.Chenier
Consi Rd 64 #2: Ty Finn (CT) tech J. Chenier 12-2

Cadet Boys Greco Roman
Jacob Chenier (Kingston, 113)
Rd 64: J. Chenier vs Kanin Hable (MN)

Junior Boys Freestyle
Joey Yanis (Minisink Valley, 195)
Rd 64: Matt Cover (OH) tech 10-0 J. Yanis
Consi Rd 64 #2: J. Yanis wbf 2:27 James Scott (WA)
Consi Rd 32 #1: J. Yanis vs Ethan Seeley (PA)
Consi Rd 32 #2: J. Yanis tech 12-1 Aiden Hicks (OK)
Consi Rd 16 #1: Steve Elwell (MO) over J. Yanis

Junior Girls
Grace Pauls (Minisink Valley, 138)
Rd 64: G. Pauls wbf 1:40 MacKenzie Jessop (UT)
Rd 32: Cassandra Smith (OH) wbf :41 G.Pauls
Consi Rd 32 #2: G. Pauls wbf 1:23 Daisy Scholz (CO)
Consi Rd 16 #1: G. Pauls wbf :49 Jolette Miner-Ho (HI)
Consi Rd 16 #2: Mika Walters (NY) tech 10-0 G. Pauls

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