Askey Wins Journeymen OverFlo…Advances to Classic!!!

Pine Bush junior Askey

Congratulations to Pine Bush junior Tommy Askey for grinding his way through the 145 bracket at the Journeymen OverFlo Tournament!  By winning his weight class, Askey has earned the right to compete in Sunday’s main event, The Journeymen Classic!  Congratulations Tommy….Great job and best of luck!!!


145 Champion: Tommy Askey (Pine Bush, junior)
Rd 16: Askey wbf 1:45 Alvez (CT)
Quarters: Askey maj. dec 10-2 Smith (NC)
Semis: Askey maj. dec. 13-2 Dickerson (MI)
Finals: Askey dec 6-3 Thompson (IL)

Other Section 9 Participants:
106: Andrew Marchese (Washingtonville, freshman) 3-2 DNP
Rd. 16: Harrington (CT) wbf 3:29 Marchese
Consie: Marchese tech. fall 17-2 Seymour (PA)
Consie: Marchese dec. 5-0 Bodie (PA)
Consie: Carter (NJ) wbf 1:24 Marchese

130: Tommy Maddox (Washingtonville, senior) 2-2 DNP
Rd 16: Maddox wbf 1:35 Nichols (CT)
Quarters: Maddox dec 12-7 DiGiovanni (NJ)
Semis: Demasco (NY) dec 9-2 Maddox
Consie: Coleman (PA) wbf :23 Maddox

130: Jordan Suarez (Minisink Valley, junior) 1-2 DNP
Rd 16: Cullen (NY) wbf 1:34 Suarez
Consie: Suarez dec 5-3 Passanmante (RI)
Consie: Digiovanni (NJ) wbf 1:52 Suarez

135: Pat Ross (Onteora, sophomore) 2-2 DNP
Rd 16 – bye
Quarters: Leon (NJ) maj. dec 8-0 Ross
Consie: Ross dec 11-5 Matiella (CA)
Consie: Smith (NJ) tech fall 4:21 Ross

140: Nick Ross (Onteora, sophomore) 1-2 DNP
Rd 16: Laurie (CT) dec 7-2 Ross
Consie: Ross wbf :53 Welch (CT)
Consie: Marko (NJ) maj. dec 10-2 Ross

160: Kraig Thomas (Wallkill, senior) 2-2 DNP
Rd 16: Thomas – bye
Quarters: Thomas dec 3-2 Anderson (UT)
Semis: Cordio (MA) dec 4-0 Thomas
Consie: Morgan (NJ) wbf :40 Thomas

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