Mia Mac and Grace Pauls Earn Fargo AA in Junior Division!!!

Heath Macaluso, Grace Pauls, Sofia Mac, Mia Mac, Matt Nicholas

Congratulations to rising Minisink Valley seniors Mia Macaluso and Grace Pauls for taking home All-American honors at the USA Wrestling National Championships in Fargo, ND! Mia Mac navigated her way through a brutal 63-girl bracket at 127 pounds and finished in 4th place! Pauls took 6th place in an absolute meat-grinder of a bracket at 132 which had 50 girls entered!

This caps off an incredible trip to Fargo for the Minisink Valley/Venom Girls Wrestling programs as Sofia Macaluso won the 122 lb title in the 16U Division just a few days earlier! Special congrats to Team NY Coach and Venom Girls founder Heath Macaluso and his assistant coach Matt Nicholas….great job coaches!!! Let’s take a look at the match-by-match results for Mia and Grace!

Mia Macaluso – 4th Place @ 127 (6-2)
Rd 64: Macaluso tech 10-0 Gray (KS)
Rd 32: Macaluso tech 11-1 Carrasquillo (VA)
Rd 16: Macaluso pin 1:39 Holman (AK)
Quarters: Harper (TX) dec 6-6 criteria Macaluso
Consi 8 #2: Macaluso dec 12-7 Archuleta (TX)
Consi 4: Macaluso pin 2:16 Schlabach (OH)
Consi Semis: Macaluso tech 10-0 Tuttle (MN)
3rd/4th: Beauchamp (HI) pin :15 Macaluso

Grace Pauls – 6th Place @ 132 (5-3)
Rd 64: bye
Rd 32: Pauls wbf 1:00 Schafer (ND)
Rd 16: Bibeau (PA) wbf 1:55 Pauls
Consi 16 #2: Pauls pin 2:40 Souza (WA)
Consi 8 #1: Pauls pin 2:06 Amaro (OR)
Consi 8 #2: Pauls pin 1:48 Carlson (HI)
Consi 4: Pauls pin 2:40 Justice (MO)
Consi Semis: Schwab (IL) pin 2:37 Pauls
5th/6th: Bibeau (PA) pin 1:13 Pauls

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