Goshen’s Fini Organizes Pin Cancer Event

This past Friday, Goshen finished up their regular season schedule by wrestling Washingtonville at Goshen High School. Washingtonville defeated Goshen by a score of 45-34, however that was not the headline of the evening! Goshen senior Christopher Fini and a few of his teammates were instrumental in making this dual meet a Pin Cancer event in order to raise money for cancer research. The event is best summarized Vision Wrestling founder Brian Vutianitis who is Fini’s club coach and a cancer survivor. Let’s take a look at Coach Vutianitis’ social media post following the event.

Washingtonville’s Andrew Marchese, Coach Vutianitis, and Goshen’s Chris Fini

“This weeks Vision Wrestler of the Week is a Senior from Goshen HS, Chris Fini. Although Chris won both of his matches this week the reason he has earned this honor shows that it’s not all about winning. Chris and his teammate worked with @pincancer in order to raise money for the foundation by putting on a dual event and raising nearly $2000 for the cause. A year after creating Vision Wrestling I was diagnosed with cancer and was told I may need a surgery that wouldn’t allow me to continue doing the exact thing that I love most, coaching wrestling. Having support from a community that kept me positive through everything was and is the reason I have never looked back on making it my mission to support and inspire every wrestler to chase their dreams and be the best person they can be, no matter what anyone says about it.

A wrestling community is built on more than just wins and loses, and bringing the community together to support a cause that so many people are affected by shows the type of people a strong wrestling community breeds.

Congrats to Chris on earning Vision Wrestler of the week! #visionwrestling #pincancer #section9wrestling @varsity845 @ Goshen Central High School”

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