2021 Journeymen Fall Classic

The 2021 Journeymen Fall Classic has over 35 nationally ranked wrestlers in the field. This year’s tournament is taking place in Manheim, PA at Spooky Nook! Day 1 will feature the OverFlo, Middle School, and Girls divisions while Sunday’s action will showcase some of the top wrestlers in the nation for the main event!

All of the matches can be watched live on FloWrestling and brackets are available on FloArena! Below I will post all of the results for all of our local wrestlers! Good luck to all!

The Main Event
PJ Duke (Minisink Valley, 130A)
RR1: Duke maj 9-1 Sloan
RR2: Duke tech 23-4 Corbin
RR3: Duke dec 4-0 Conlin
1st-4th Semi: Duke dec 4-0 Barnhart
1st/2nd: Duke dec 2-1 2OT Vasquez…PJ is your JMen Fall Classic Champion!!!

Andrew Marchese (Washingtonville, 130A)
RR1: Taylor 3-1 utb Marchese
RR2: Marchese maj 9-0 Ziccardi
RR3: Barnhart maj 14-2 Marchese
9th-12th Semi: Corbin dec 7-0 Marchese
11th/12th: Langley wbf 1:00 Marchese…Drew takes 12th

Jordan Brown (Monroe Woodbury, 130B)
RR1: Paulino dec 1-0 Brown
RR2: Brown 8-7 Horsey
RR3: bye
9th-12th Semi: Brown dec 4-1 Avedissian
9th/10th: Brown dec 5-2 Harns…JB takes 9th!!

Jackson Merli (NFA, 140B)
RR1: Casey wbf 2:17 Merli
RR2: Evanitsky maj 17-4 Merli
RR3: Weaver dec 6-3 Merli
13th-16th Semi: bye
13th/14th: Roberts dec 4-3 Merli…Jackson finishes 14th

Eric Tigue (Minisink Valley, 170A)
RR1: Naylor maj 12-1 Tigue
RR2: bye
RR3: Lawrence wbf 4:06 Tigue
9th-12th Semi: Tuttle maj 16-3 Tigue
11th/12th: Tigue wins by forfeit…Eric takes 11th

Luke Satriano (Valley Central, 100)
RR 1: Desena dec 7-1 Satriano
RR 2: bye
RR 3: Filipos dec 3-0 Satriano
RR 4: Satriano maj 10-2 Olivo
RR 5: Satriano wbf 3:30 Hood..Luke takes 4th!

Mason Ketcham (Washingtonville – Don Bosco, 120)
Rd 16: Ketcham dec 3-0 Leischner
Quarters: Duncan wbf 3:30 Ketcham
Consi 8 #2: Ketcham maj 11-2 Sichelstiel
Consi 4: Ketcham maj 11-2 Oakes
Consi Semis: Ketcham dec 5-2 Adams
3rd/4th: Ketcham dec 4-2 Lucchiano…Mason takes 3rd!!

Matthew Mercado (NFA, 135)
Rd 32: Iamunno wbf :22 Mercado
Consi 16 #1: Reall wbf Mercado

Jackson Brady (Goshen, 140)
Rd 32: Thorpe dec 7-0 Brady
Consi 16 #1: Krystopa dec 5-2 Brady

Luke Greiner (Minisink Valley, 145)
Rd 32: Greiner bye
Rd 16: Greiner maj 9-0 Stubbs (Malvern Prep, PA)
Quarters: Ortega (NJ) dec 5-3 sv Greiner
Consi 8 #2: Butler (PA) dec 3-2 Greiner

Brooke Tarshis (Pine Bush, 122)
RR 1: bye
RR 2: Tarshis wbf 1:38 Simoes
RR 3: Tarshis tech 15-4 Swaim
RR 4: Mahan wbf 4:07 Tarshis
RR 5: McNulty tech 14-3 Tarshis…Brooke take 3rd!

Sofia Macaluso (Minisink Valley, 127)
RR 1: Macaluso over Brown
RR 2: Macaluso bye
RR 3: Macaluso pin :17 Morris
RR 4: Macaluso tech 11-0 Fouse
RR 5: Macaluso tech 10-0 Quitt…Sofia is your Jmen Fall Classic Champ!!!

Middle School
William Soto (Newburgh, 75)
RR 1: Soto wbf 3:17 Lemovitz
RR 2: bye
RR 3: Soto maj 16-2 Galipeau
Semi: Catrabone dec 4-2 Soto
3rd/4th: Soto wbf :41 Bailey…William takes 3rd!

Cooper Merli (Newburgh, 90)
RR 1: bye
RR 2: Merli maj 10-0 Beckwith
RR 3: Merli dec 4-0 Davidheiser
Semi: Wilcox wbf 1:26 Merli
3rd/4th: Deputy maj 16-7 Merli…Cooper takes 4th!

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