Updated Section 9 Rankings – December 20, 2021

The Christmas “+2” is right around the corner, so I figured we should update the rankings before we see a lot of wrestlers change weights. I am still going to keep D1 and D2 together however they will eventually be separated. As always, please feel free to reach out to me at sectionixwrestling@gmail.com if you feel I have overlooked anyone.

102 Pounds
1. Cooper Merli – Newburgh Free Academy
2. Luke Satriano – Valley Central
3. Joseph Uhrig – Minisink Valley
4. Charlie Wylie – Port Jervis
5. Brady Judd – Warwick
No changes at 102. Merli and Satriano are undefeated and Luke had an impressive win over Wylie at the Port Jervis Holiday Tournament. Satriano versus Merli will be highly anticipated but we can’t overlook #3 Uhrig from MV who keeps improving! Wylie beat Judd 2-1 in a dual meet.

110 Pounds
1. Trevor Tufano – Port Jervis
2. Wyatt Boice – Minisink Valley
3. Liam Hayes – Monroe Woodbury
4. Cooper Grossi – Wallkill
5. Joe Sullivan – Minisink Valley
Tufano is still undefeated and picked up a nice win over Rian Kirker who is #1 at 118. Boice has looked tough and is improving every day. Hayes looked great at Long Beach before having to med fft out of the tournament. Grossi has looked good so we move him up to #4 and Sullivan from MV slides back to #5.

118 Pounds
1. Rian Kirker – Red Hook
2. Rocco Futia – Wallkill
3. Nicholas Weeden – Valley Central
4. Max Javorsky – Monroe Woodbury
5. Logan Pennell – Pine Bush
Kirker’s only loss was to #1 100 pounder Tufano so he’s staying #1 at 118. Futia has looked great and remains #2 while VC’s Weeden jumps up to #3 after beating #4 Javorsky 1-0 in a dual. Giumarra drops out of the rankings for now and our new #5 is Logan Pennell from Pine Bush.

126 Pounds
1. Alex Greco – Warwick
2. Sebastian Vidacovoch – Valley Central
3. Anthony Tresch – Minisink Valley
4. Sofia Macaluso – Minisink Valley
5. Chris Gatto – Highland
2019 state placewinner Greco is the clear #1 at this point but this weight is wide open and has some depth. Vidacovich, Tresch, and Macaluso are 2-4 and are all undefeated. Our new #5 is Gatto from Highland who’s only loss this year is to a very tough Santore fron Section 2 Shaker. Others to watch here are Norris from Middletown, Ospina from Rondout Valley, and Hockx from Saugerties!

132 Pounds
1. Andrew Marchese – Washingtonville
2. Richie Degon – Valley Central
3. Zack McKernan – Minisink Valley
4. Grant Barczak – Monroe Woodbury
5. Rocco DeVeiro – Rondout Valley
Marchese has looked awesome and has his sights set on finishing on top of the podium in Albany. Degnon is still undefeated and has a win over #4 Barczak. McKernan is now at 132 and he’s our new #3 here and Rocco DeVeiro from Rondout has cracked the rankings and sits at #5 at 132! Keep your eye on Kevin Segali from NFA and Griffin Petzold from Warwick here!

138 Pounds
1. PJ Duke – Minisink Valley
2. Jordan Brown – Monroe Woodbury
3. Jackson Brady – Goshen
4. Justin Coiteux – New Paltz
5. Michael Franco – Chester
After finishing 2nd at Ironman, MV freshman PJ Duke has shown that he’s one of the top 138 pounders in the entire nation. MW state placer Jordan Brown is undefeated and looks very strong here. The next three, Jackson Brady, Justin Coiteux, and Michael Franco, are having great seasons and new to the rankings!

145 Pounds
1. Jackson Merli – Newburgh Free Academy
2. Luke Greiner – Minisink Valley
3. Ryan Ross – Port Jervis
4. Dominic Gennaro – Washingtonville
5. Logan Zehr – Highland
With Brown moving down to 138, Merli is our new #1 at 145. Greiner has looked impressive and is at #2 while undefeated Ryan Ross from Port is at #3. Gennaro from Washingtonville moves up to #4 and our new #5 is Logan Zehr from Highland who is down from 152. We need to keep our eyes on Marlboro’s Reese Greathouse and Wallkill’s George Thomas who are off to great starts!

152 Pounds
1. Eric Tigue – Minisink Valley
2. Tyler Reed – Cornwall
3. Cole Cuppett – New Paltz
4. Walter Evans – Ellenville
5. Erik Nilson – Warwick
Tigue made it to the blood round at Ironman and looks great, so he stays #1 at 152. Reed has been equally impressive as has Cuppett, so they are 2 and 3. Walter Evans from Ellenville is at 152 but only has a few matches so we put him at #4 for now. The #5 spot wasn’t easy because Nilson beat Aljamal from Washingtonville but lost to Christian Hockx from Saugerties. Hockx beat Nilson but lost to Almajal while Almajal lost to Nilson but beat Hockx. We are going with Nilson for now but this one will be fun to watch.

160 Pounds
1. Zack Ryder – Minisink Valley
2. Avery Burns – Onteora
3. George Racz – Minisink Valley
4. Logan Smith – Highland
5. Logan Serafin – Washingtonville
Ryder finished 3rd at Ironman and is the clear #1 at 160! Burns only has a few matches but looks good and we’ll put him at #2 followed by Ryder’s teammate Racz who has been a pinning machine. Logan Smith is down at 160 and comes in at #4 with an impressive pin over #5 Serafin from Washingtonville. A wrestler to watch here is Mazzella from Warwick.

172 Pounds
1. Mike Zrelak – Monroe Woodbury
2. Myles Gordon – Kingston
3. Anthony Manzi – Newburgh Free Academy
4. Wyatt Konjas – Onteora
5. Nick DiCurcio – Chester
Zrelak’s only loss is out of Section 9 so he stays top dog at 172. Myles Gordon beat Manzi in a close match, so they slot in at #2 and #3 respectively. Konjas from Onteora is off to a great start while DiCurcio, whose only loss is at 189, stays at #5.

189 Pounds
1. Mikey Altomer – Minisink valley
2. Brayden Pennell – Pine Bush
3. Joseph Ponesse – Newburgh Free Academy
4. Max Winkler – Goshen
5. Bryson Tibbs – Middletown
Altomer is still up at 189 and remains #1 here after a very impressive performance at the Jim Wilson Duals including a pin over the top ranked 172 pounder from Section 8. Pennell looks great and remains our #2 here, Ponesse is up to #3 and Goshen’s Max Winkler takes over #4 via his pin over #5 Tibbs from Middletown. Others to watch here are Figueroa from Port Jervis and Bucci from Saugerties!

215 Pounds
1. Andrew Filip – Minisink Valley
2. Teddy Szymanski – Chester
3. Matthew Oosterom – Port Jervis
4. Justin Callahan – Washingtonville
5. Jake McVey – Washingtonville
Filip is still undefeated and is a very solid #1 at 215. Szymanski pinned Oosterom but they are both having great seasons so we have them at 2 and 3. Callahan beat his teammate McVey up at Bethlehem so we have them at 4 and 5 respectively. We should also keep an eye on Betcher from Wallkill and Gavin Hurst here at 215.

285 Pounds
1. Ethan Gallo – Minisink Valley
2. Stephan Monchery – Middletown
3. Dominick Siracusa – Goshen
4. Nick Valenzano – Cornwall
5. Daniel Jabbour – Monroe Woodbury
Gallo is a returning state place winner and is the clear #1 at 285. Monchery has looked tough and is our #2 followed by undefeated Dom Siracusa from Goshen who is up to #3 here. Valenzano had a win by pinfall over Callahan from Washingtonville and is our new #4 at 285 while Jabbour from Monroe Woodbury rounds out our top 5.

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