Mid-Hudson Tournament

Day 2 Results for Section 9 Wrestlers

102 Pounds
Quarters: Satriano (VC) wbf 2:48 Bruno (Miller Place, S11)
Quarters: Merli (NFA) dec 4-2 Johnson (Mahopac, S1)
Semis: Satriano (VC) dec 3-2 Shabazz (Xavier, CT)
Semis: Merli (NFA) maj 11-3 Salazar (Hewlett, S8)
Finals: Satriano (VC) wbf 3:49 Merli (NFA)

110 Pounds
Quarters: Weeden (VC) maj 10-1 Aleci (Cornwall)
Quarters: Arrick (Arlington, S1) wbf 2:33 Clavell (Cornwall)
Quarters: Gabriele (John Jay CR, S1) tf 17-1 Celestine (Red Hook)
Semis: Weeden (VC) de 6-0 Ramirez (Mahopac, S1)
Consi 4: Clavell (Cornwall) wbf 2:37 Celestine (Red Hook)
Consi 4: Bloom (Miller Place) wbf 2:58 Aleci (Cornwall)
Consi Semis: Ramirez (Mahopac, S1) wbf 2:22 Clavell (Cornwall)
5th/6th Place: Gabriele (John Jay CR, S1) wbf 4:15 Gabriele (JJCR)
Finals: Arrick (Arlington, S1) dec 5-0 Weeden (VC)

118 Pounds
Quarters: Smith (Hewlett, S8) wbf 1:29 Futia (Wallkill)
Quarters: Levesque (Xavier, CT) tf 17-2 Kirker (Red Hook)
Consi 4: Futia (Wallkill) dec 11-4 Sinitiere (Carthage, S3)
Consi 4: Kirker (Red Hook) wbf 3:35 Przymysky (Mahopac, S1)
Consi Semis: Levesque (Xaviar, CT) maj 11-2 Futia (Wallkill)
Consi Semis: Kirker (Red Hook) wbf 3:41 Smith (Hewlett, S8)
5th/6th: Smith (Hewlett, S8) dec 11-6 Futia (Wallkill)
3rd/4th: Levesque (Xavier, CT) maj 12-1 Kirker (Red Hook)

126 Pounds
Quarters: Vidacovich (VC) wbf 1:30 Morrison (John Jay EF, S1)
Semis: Vidacovich (VC) dec 8-2 Yannucciello (Ward Melville, S11)
Finals: Fortugno (Briarcliff, S1) dec 6-0 Vidacovich (VC)

132 Pounds
Quarters: Sparacio (Mattituck, S11) tf 21-4 Segali (NFA)
Quarters: Colabattisto (John Jay EF, S1) dec 8-5 Massey (Red Hook)
Consi 4: Massey (Red Hook) dec 4-3 Segali (NFA)
Consi Semi: Grebe (Miller Place, S11) dec 7-5 Massey (Red Hook)
5th/6th: Connolley (Longwood, S11) maj 15-2 Massey (Red Hook)

138 Pounds
Quarters: Frustace (Arlington, S1) wbf 1:30 Aoili (Cornwall)
Consi 4: Bronzi (Arlington) dec 9-2 Aoili (Cornwall)

145 Pounds
Quarters: Centrone (Mahopac, S1) tf 17-2 Merli (NFA)
Quarters: Miller (Edgemont, S1) wbf 1:43 Kiluba (Kingston)
Consi 4: Merli (NFA) wbf 2:34 Kiluba (Kingston)
Consi Semis: Merli (NFA) dec 8-2 Ferrucci (Xavier, CT)
3rd/4th Place: Miller (Edgemont, S1) wbf 2:46 Merli (NFA)

152 Pounds
Quarters: Reed (Cornwall) wbf 1:15 Nelson (Red Hook)
Quarters: Loria (Xavier, CT) wbf 1:45 Patterson (VC)
Semis: Bova (Arlington, S1) wbf :48 Reed (Cornwall)
Consi 4: Patterson (Cornwall) dec 3-2 Syperski (Miller Place, S11)
Consi Semis: Reed (Cornwall) wbf 1:35 Patterson (Cornwall)
5th/6th Place: Leahy (Miller Place, S11) dec 7-4 Patterson (VC)
3rd/4th Place: Reed (Cornwall) dec 3-2 Zenny (Hewlett, S8)

160 Pounds
Quarters: Gendlin (Hewlett, S8) wbf 4:00 Lantos (Wallkill)
Quarters: Smith (Highland) wbf 5:05 Barnett (Wallkill)
Quarters: Manzi (NFA) dec 4-2 Peretta (Arlington, S1)
Semis: Manzi (NFA) dec 7-0 Smith (Highland)
Consi 4: Clark (Longwood, S11) maj 15-6 Lantos (Wallkill)
Consi Semi: Clarke (Longwood, S11) dec 4-3 Smith (Highland)
5th/6th Place: Smith (Highland) med for Gendlin (Hewlett, S8)
Finals: Cunningham (Miller Place, S11) dec 6-0 Manzi (NFA)

172 Pounds
Quarters: Goodman (Hewlett, S8) dec 5-2 Cavallo (Cornwall)
Consi 4: Cavallo (Cornwall) dec 6-0 Rettig (Ward Mellville, S11)
Consi Semis: Hucke (Miller Place, S11) wbf 2:14 Cavallo (Cornwall)
5th/6th Place: Cavallo (Cornwall) med for Goodman (Hewlett, S8)

189 Pounds
Quarters: Zoia (Longwood, S11) wbf 2:33 Scott (Cornwall)
Quarters: Ponesse (NFA) wbf 2:00 Anderson (Mattituck)
Quarters: Frye (Arlington, S1) wbf Khalil (Beacon)
Quarters: McGowan (Mamaroneck, S1) wnf 5:00 York (Kingston)
Semis: Zoia (Longwood, S11) wbf 4:50 Ponesse (NFA)
Consi 4: York (Kingston) wbf :59 Khalil (Beacon)
Consi 4: Anderson (Mattituck) dec 3-2 Scott (Cornwall)
Consi Semis: Ponesse (NFA) wbf 1:13 York (Kingston)
5th/6th Place: York (Kingston) med for MacGowan (Mamaroneck, S1)
3rd/4th Place: Ponesse (NFA) wbf 1:47 Anderson (Mattituck, S11)

215 Pounds
Quarters: Betcher (Wallkill) wbf 3:39 Hauser (Longwood, S11)
Quarters: Furst (Cornwall) wbf 5:29 Hammel (Longwood, S11)
Quarters: DelBianco (Beacon) wbf 1:17 Giron (Mattituck, S11)
Semis: Lunt (Xavier, CT) dec 4-1 OT Betcher (Wallkill)
Semis: DelBianco (Beacon) dec 8-5 Furst (Cornwall)
Consi Semis: Hammel (Longwood, S11) wbf 1:00 Betcher (Wallkill)
Consi Semis: Hauser (Longwood, S11) wbf 4:23 Furst (Cornwall)
5th/6th Place: Furst (Cornwall) wbf 4:13 Betcher (Wallkill)
Finals: Lunt (Xavier, CT) dec 4-3 DelBianco (Beacon)

285 Pounds
Quarters: Maiorino (Hewlett, S8) wbf :53 Haydt (Beacon)
Quarters: Summer (Mamaroneck, S1) dec 902 Lundsford (Beacon)
Quarters: Valenzano (Cornwall) wbf 2:24 Daniels (Red Hook)
Semis: Valenzano (Cornwall) wbf :41 Sommer (Mamaroneck, S1)
Consi 4: Daniels (Red Hook) wbf 4:45 Lundsford (Beacon)
Consi 4: Scillepi (Xaviar, CT) maj 10-1 Haydt (Beacon)
Consi Semis: Kender (Arlington) wbf :21 Daniels (Red Hook)
5th/6th Place: Scileppi (Xavier, CT) wbf 1:42 Daniels (Red Hook)
Finals: Maiorino (Hewlett) wbf 1:19 Valenzano (Cornwall)

Day 1 Recap for Section 9 Wrestlers

102 Pounds
The two topped ranked 102-pound wrestlers in Section 9, Cooper Merli from NFA and Luke Satriano from VC, went undefeated in Day 1 pools and are on opposite sides of the bracket for Day 2! Two other Section 9 wrestlers, Marco Futia from Wallkill and Lorenzo Caserto from Marlboro, went 1-2 in Day 1 pools.

110 Pounds
Section 9 has 4 wrestlers advancing to Day 2 here. Now down at 110, VC’s Nick Weeden led the way going 4-0 with 4 pins including a win by fall over Ewan Celestine from Red Hook who finished 3-1 and will wrestle in the quarters. Cornwall had two entries here, Kevin Aleci and Xavier Clavell – both finished 2nd in their pool and advance to Day 2! Other Section 9 wrestlers at 110 were VC’s Vincent Vidacovich (2-2), Kingston’s Logan Shultis (1-3) and Wallkill’s Liam McCarthy (0-2).

118 Pounds
Section 9’s top 2 ranked 118 pounders have advanced to Day 2! Red Hooks’ Rian Kirker looked very sharp in winning his pool going 4-0 while Wallkill’s Rocco Futia went 2-1 and will compete in the quarters. Highland’s Bradley Gallo went 3-1 but missed advancing to Day 2 by criteria. Kingston’s Angela Smith went 1-3 while Onteora’s Lily Kate Brosnan went 0-4 on the day.

126 Pounds
Valley Central’s Sebastian Vidacovich went 3-1 and was the only Section 9 wrestler to advance to Day 2 at 126. The other Section 9 wrestlers who competed on Day 1 were Kingston’s Domenic DeFelice (2-2), Highland’s Chris Gatto (2-2), Onteora’s Thomas Shield (1-3), Kingston’s Shane Cranna (1-3), Wallkill’s Viktor Banda (1-2), NFA’s Matthew Mercado (1-2), Beacon’s Brandon Martinez Henry (0-3), and Red Hook’s Kyran McCrudden (0-4).

132 Pounds
Section 9 has two wrestlers in the Day 2 quarters – NFA’s Kevin Segali and Red Hook’s Demetrius Massey. Segali went 1-1 and advanced via criteria while Massey went 3-1 in his pool! Other locals who competed here were Beacon’s Daniel Way (1-2), Wallkill’s Logan Stipak (0-3), Onteora’s Harrison Hughes (1-3), and Highland’s Michael Thomas (0-4).

138 Pounds
Cornwall’s Aaron Caoili went 2-1 and finished second in his pool so he advances to Day 2! Highland’s Logan Zehr went 2-1 in his pool but just missed out on advancing by criteria. Others Section 9 wrestlers who competed at 138 were Red Hook’s Jonathan Melitski (1-3), Onteora’s Steven Blakely (0-3), Kingston’s Zachary Waddell (0-4), and Wallkill’s Matt Rizzo (0-3).

145 Pounds
Section 2 advanced two to Day 2 at 145 – Jackson Merli from NFA and Simon Kiluba from Kingston. Both Jackson and Simon finished 2nd in their pool. Other locals who wrestled at 145 were Onteora’s Brenon Thiel (1-2), Red Hook’s Christian Totman (1-2), Cornwall’s Theo Ballentine (1-2), and Wallkill’s George Thomas (0-3).

152 Pounds
With three wrestlers advancing to Day 2, Section 9 is well represented at 152! Leading the way is Cornwall’s Tyler Reed who won his Day 1 pool going 5-0 with 4 pins and a tech fall! Reed’s quarterfinal opponent will be Cole Nelson from Red Hook who went 4-1 and took second in his pool. Valley Central’s Shawn Patterson also took second in his pool by going 4-1 and also makes it to Day 2. Other locals at 152 were Wallkill’s Marco Martini (3-2), Highland’s Joe Carpico (3-2), Kingston’s Leo Burns (2-3), Onteora’s Jack Longyear (1-4), NFA’s Alec Grogan (1-4), Beacon’s Brody Timm (1-4), Onteora’s Jacob Wood (0-5), and Highland’s Nick Violaris (0-5).

160 Pounds
Four of the eight quarterfinalists at 160 are from Section 9! Highland’s Logan Smith and NFA’s Anthony Manzi both won their pools while Wallkill teammates Brandon Lantos and Jai Barnett took second in their pools to advance to the quarters. Others competing at 160 were Onteora’s Avery Burns (2-2), Cornwall’s Patrick Cosgrove (3-2), Cornwall’s Kyle Grant (2-3), NFA’s Hunter Hecht (1-4), Onteora’s Cole Mastesson (1-3), Onteora’s Riley Hegeman (0-4), Beacon’s Isaac Hansen (0-5), and Highland’s Gunnar Smith (0-4).

172 Pounds
Cornwall’s Nick Cavallo’s was the only Section 9 wrestler to advance to Day 2. Nick won his pool by going 4-0 with 2 pins. Other locals who competed during Day 1 at 172 were Onteora’s Wyatt Konjas (2-2), NFA’s Chris Leggett (2-2), Wallkill’s Anthomy Annacone (1-3), Onteora’s Griffin Alterio (1-2), Wallkill’s Christian Lemus (1-3), Beacon’s Sean Heath (0-4) and Cornwall’s Shane Babcock (0-4).

189 Pounds
Section 9 also performed well at 189 with four of the eight quarterfinalists being local wrestlers! NFA’s Joe Ponesse led the way by winning his pool going 4-0 with four first period pins! One of his victims was Beacon’s Alex Khalil who took second in the pool so he also advances. Cornwall’s Liam Scott and Kingston’s Nick York both took second in their pools so they will wrestle in the quarters as well! The other Section 9 wrestlers at 189 were Beacon’s Aaron Pegues (1-2), Red Hook’s Tiernan Moran (0-3), Cornwall’s Harvey Mathis (0-4).

215 Pounds
Beacon’s Louis DelBianco won his pool so he, along with Cornwall’s Gavin Furst and Wallkill’s Chris Betcher, all advance to the Day two quarterfinal brackets. The other local 215 pounders who competed during Day 1 were Highland’s Danny Odell-Fratz (2-2), Beacon’s Jayden Calloway (2-2), NFA’s Aiden Harrison (1-3), Highland’s Mark Cozzupli (1-2), Onteora’s Logan Storey (1-3), Cornwall’s Gabriel Dayton (0-4), and Kingston’s Willaim Nekos (0-4).

285 Pounds
Our local boys also did well at heavyweight with 4 of the 8 quarterfinalists coming from Section 9! Nick Valenzano from Cornwall went 2-0 and won his pool while Beacon’s Tyler Haydt, Red Hook’s Luke Daniels, and Beacon’s Sam Lundsford all took 2nd in their pool. The other Section 9 wrestlers who competed at 285 were Cornwall’s Hezekiah Hill, Wallkill’s Matt Starr, Onteora’s Ronan Hegeman, Red Hook’s Mark Paschal, Beacon’s Niko Smith.

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