Minisink Valley Dominant in Winning NYS Duals Championship

Minisink Valley – 2022 NYSPHSAA Dual Meet Champions

With their absolutely dominating performance at the NYSPHSAA Dual Meet Championship tournament on Saturday, Minisink Valley left no doubt about who is the best wrestling team in New York. The Warriors have now won this tournament twice in a row (no tournament last year due to COVID). Minisink Valley went 2-0 in their pool then smothered their opponents in both the semifinals and finals! Let’s take a look at the match-by-match results for each dual meet in the Warriors march towards NYS supremacy!

Pool – Round 1: Minisink Valley 66 Horseheads 6
102: Joseph Uhrig (Minisink) over Joel Scibek (Horseheads) Fall 0:52
110: Wyatt Boice (Minisink) over Brian Park (Horseheads) Fall 1:45
118: Sofia Macaluso (Minisink) over R. Massengale (Horseheads) Fall 1:19
126: Anthony Tresch (Minisink) over Cody Dale (Horseheads) Maj 13-0
132: Zackary McKernan (Minisink) over Cael Owen (Horseheads) Dec 9-7
138: PJ Duke (Minisink) over Zachary Evans (Horseheads) Fall 0:52
145: Luke Greiner (Minisink) over William Lotocky (Horseheads) TF 16-1
152: Eric Tigue (Minisink) over Liam Levantovich (Horseheads) Fall 2:29
160: Zackary Ryder (Minisink) over Luis Bohan (Horseheads) Fall 0:26
172: Mike Altomer (Minisink) over B. Massengale (Horseheads) Fall 0:31
189: Andrew Filip (Minisink) over Hunter Lavigne (Horseheads) Fall 1:54
215: Ethan Gallo (Minisink) over Jacob Bennett (Horseheads) Fall 0:36
285: Gannon Johnston (Horseheads) over Aiden Gove (Minisink) Fall 0:33

Match Notes:
At 118, Sofia Macaluso pinned Ryan Massengale who was the Section 4 champion at 99 pounds in 2020! Tresch had a nice win over Dale who is ranked #2 in Section 4 and McKernan knocked off Cael Owen, the top ranked kid in Section 4!

Pool – Round 2: bye

Pool – Round 3: Minisink Valley 50 Pittsford 12
126: Anthony Tresch (Minisink) over Scott Karpovich (Pittsford) Fall 3:46
132: Zackary McKernan (Minisink) over Evan Smith (Pittsford) Dec 7-1
138: PJ Duke (Minisink) over Ignat Fomin (Pittsford) Fall 1:32
145: Luke Greiner (Minisink) over Samuel Renica (Pittsford) Maj 12-2
152: Eric Tigue (Minisink) over Ryan Sanko (Pittsford) Maj 17-5
160: Zackary Ryder (Minisink) over Nick Sanko (Pittsford) Dec 8-1
172: George Racz (Minisink) over James Cook (Pittsford) Fall 0:55
189: Nicholas Smith (Pittsford) over Andrew Filip (Minisink) SV-1 6-4
215: Ethan Gallo (Minisink) over John Santowski (Pittsford) Fall 1:50
285: Bobby Foltz (Pittsford) over Aiden Gove (Minisink) SV-1 8-6
102: Joseph Uhrig (Minisink) over Mason Brown (Pittsford) Fall 1:59
110: Zach Gerby (Pittsford) over Wyatt Boice (Minisink) Fall 5:41
118: Sofia Macaluso (Minisink) over Jackson Ciocca (Pittsford) Fall 3:30

Match Notes:
In a battle between the two top-ranked 160 pounders in NYS, Ryder left little doubt of who is favored to win a state title next month in Albany with a controlling 8-1 win over Sanko. Gallo continues to march toward his first state title with a wbf over Santowski who is currently ranked #5 in NYS! Filip drops a close one in a battle of top-10 ranked NYS 189-pound wrestlers. Gove wrestled well against Foltz who is currently ranked #10 in NYS. Boice was winning his match against Zerby when he fell victim to a defensive pin.

Semifinals: Minisink Valley 55 Starpoint 7
102 Joseph Uhrig (Minisink) over Kole Haseley (Starpoint) Maj 12-2
110 James Leuer Jr. (Starpoint) over Wyatt Boice (Minisink) Maj 9-1
118 S. Macaluso (Minisink) over C. Freundschuh (Starpoint) Fall 0:24
126 A. Tresch (Minisink) over Christopher Uptegrove (Starpoint) Dec 8-4
132 G. LaPlante (Starpoint) over Zackary McKernan (Minisink) Dec 8-2
138 PJ Duke (Minisink) over Zach Caldwell (Starpoint) Fall 1:13
145 Luke Greiner (Minisink) over Gage LaPlante (Starpoint) Dec 3-1
152 Eric Tigue (Minisink) over Peyton Lyness (Starpoint) Fall 1:35
160 George Racz (Minisink) over Keith Coleman (Starpoint) Fall 0:46
172 Zackary Ryder (Minisink) over Landon Grainy (Starpoint) Fall 0:20
189 Andrew Filip (Minisink) over Thomas Browne (Starpoint) Fall 3:40
215 Ethan Gallo (Minisink) over Matt Caldwell (Starpoint) Fall 1:24
285 Aiden Gove (Minisink) over Jeremiah Verstreate (Starpoint) Dec 3-1

Match Notes:
Boice and McKernan both battled hard against kids who are ranked in the top 15 in NYS. Leuer is sitting at #9 at 110 while Griffith LaPlante is ranked 13th at 126. Greiner picks up a nice win over Gage LaPlante who is currently HM in NYS at 145.

Championship Finals: Minisink Valley 49 Wantagh 13
138 PJ Duke (Minisink) over Andrew Montagano (Wantagh) Fall 0:34
145 Luke Greiner (Minisink) over Jesse Vanorden (Wantagh) Dec 6-4
152 Ben Rogers (Wantagh) over Eric Tigue (Minisink Valley) Dec 7-5
160 George Racz (Minisink) over Daniel Pettinato (Wantagh) Maj 10-1
172 Zackary Ryder (Minisink) over Luke Janosko (Wantagh) Fall 0:15
189 Andrew Filip (Minisink) over Noah Corwin (Wantagh) Fall 1:07
215 Ethan Gallo (Minisink) over William Balitsos (Wantagh) Fall 0:42
285 Aiden Gove (Minisink) over Richie Benkovic (Wantagh) Fall 1:17
102 Joseph Uhrig (Minisink) over Darren Santucci (Wantagh) Fall 1:26
110 Anthony Clem (Wantagh) over Wyatt Boice (Minisink) Dec 7-2
118 Joseph Clem (Wantagh) over Sofia Macaluso (Minisink) Maj 13-0
126 Ryan Arbeit (Wantagh) over Anthony Tresch (Minisink) TB-1 6-5
132 Zackary McKernan (Minisink) fft

Match Notes:
Nationally ranked PJ Duke returned to action for the Warriors this week. He notched a tech fall against 2X S9 champ Ryan Ross in a dual on Tuesday against Port Jervis and totally dominated all four of his opponents at the NYS Duals! Welcome back PJ! Greiner picked up a huge win over NYS HM Van Orden – this match set the tone for the rest on the dual! Tigue versus Rogers was a war! Rogers is currently ranked #2 in NYS. Tigue was winning for most of the match and has proven that he is as good as any wrestler in NYS at 152! Racz steps up with another big win for the Warriors! Filip picks up a pin over a top 15 NYS opponent! Joseph Urig went 4-0 with 4 pins for the Warriors! Boice and Sofia Mac both battle tough in losses to the Clem brothers. Tresch vs Arbeit was a great match – would love to see a rematch!

Congratulations Minisink Valley
2022 NYSPHSAA Dual Meet Champions

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  1. Thanks for all your hard work Mike. We were present for every match at the NYS Dual Meet Championships yesterday but we just learned a whole lot more than what was happening in front of our eyes. Always anxious to read your posts about our Section IX wrestlers. Great Job!

  2. Mike, a great job as usual. Thank you for the recap. This is an insight that many of us do not have. There were no losers on Minisink. The wrestlers who came up short were spectacular in their effort. What a team performance. And missing one of the ‘top guns’ showed what the rest of the team had.

  3. All 13 of your wrestlers were recruited….

    You are a totally store bough team…

    You should be ashamed of yourselves for dishonoring the sport…

    Why can’t you be more like Fulton

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