There will be a capacity limit at Monroe Woodbury High School this year.
There will be NO gate list for any school.

Who will be guaranteed entry for free:
Teams arriving by bus: All boys and girls who are entered in the tournament.
Coaching Staffs, managers, and stat people.
Officials, tournament staff, and host school staff.
One Superintendent and Athletic Director per school (who will enter via: Parents Line).

Who will be guaranteed paid entry:
Two spectators per each wrestler who is competing on the day of entry and Each of the D1 Schools Athletic Director and Superintendent. Athletic Directors will receive a list of wrestlers that coaches have entered in the tournament. AD’s/Coaches will produce to Section 9 the names shown on the ID’s of the spectators that wish to come to the event for each wrestler no later than the Thursday morning following the Wednesday seeding meeting. Anyone on this list will not need an online ticket purchase. They will enter the event and go to the “Parent’s Line”.
Upon arrival, they will give the name of the school, and the wrestler’s name that they are with. Once their names are located on the list, they will need to show ID that matches the names given on the list. They will then each pay a $10 entry fee, receive a hand stamp, and be allowed to enter.

Saturday Policy: The same list of names will be used for Saturday, but any wrestler who was eliminated from the tournament Friday night will have their names crossed off the list. Parents of wrestlers still eligible on Saturday will follow the same procedure they did on Friday. (Parents line, Show ID, Pay $10, receive hand stamp for entry). Parents of eliminated wrestlers who want to return on Saturday must follow the on-line ticketing procedure.

All others who wish to attend will need an online ticket purchase for entry.
There will be NO ticket sales at the door to the public.
All ticket sales must be purchased online from GoFan.
A separate link exists for Friday 2/11 and Saturday 2/12 purchases:

Friday purchases use: https://gofan.co/app/events/518794?schoolId=NYSPHSAA9
Saturday purchases use: https://gofan.co/app/events/518842?schoolId=NYSPHSAA9
Tickets for both days go on sale Monday Feb 7 at 8:00 am

There will be a limit of 2 tickets per transaction.
A separate ticket will be needed for Friday and Saturday.
Tickets for each day will be $10 per ticket.
(A $ 1.50 service charge will be added to each ticket).

Once tickets are purchased on-line, they will be emailed to the purchaser’s cell phone. The purchaser (and other member of their party if 2 tickets were purchased) will enter together. When they show their phone, the tickets will be validated, they will be granted entry, and receive a hand stamp. NO SCREENSHOTS of TICKETS are PERMITTED.

Tickets will be sold on-line on a First Come-First Serve basis.
700 tickets will be made available for sale on both Friday and Saturday. Once parents’ tickets have been allocated for sale, the remainder will become available to the general public.

Those who are not able to obtain tickets will have an on-line viewing option.
Friday-Arial camera will all 4 mats on one screen
Saturday-Arial Camera will all 3 mats on one screen, changing to one mat for finals.
Link for free online viewing Friday: https://events.locallive.tv/events/72976
Link for free online viewing Saturday: https://events.locallive.tv/events/72977
Link for NFHS paid viewing: D1 Finals (5:30 pm) *:
Saturday: https://www.nfhsnetwork.com/events/nysphsaasix/gam077c676e3d
Link for NFHS paid viewing: D2 Finals (on Sunday 5:30 pm) *:
Sunday: https://www.nfhsnetwork.com/events/nysphsaasix/game28b200865

*-Finals streaming Fee: $10.99 (Monthly fee that will include the NYS tournament)

Please share this information with anyone you know that would normally want to attend the event, so they have an opportunity to purchase tickets

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