2023 USMC Women’s National Championship

5 FOR 5
Section 9 had five women entered in the 2023 USMC Women’s National Championship in Spokane, Washington …. All FIVE ARE COMING HOME AS ALL-AMERICANS!!!! Congratulations to GiGi Sullivan, Sara Pauls, Charlie Wylie, Sofia Macaluso, and Mia Macaluso for making it to the podium at this year’s tournament!

Gigi Sullivan (Monroe Woodbury – 14U, 85 pounds) – CHAMPION
Quarters: Gigi Sullivan f :36 Caitlyn Kendall (Oregon)
Semis: Gigi Sullivan tf 11-0 Emma Grimes (Pennsylvania)
Finals: Gigi Sullivan tf 10-0 Zoe Roddis (Oregon)

Sara Pauls (Minisink Valley – 14U, 110 pounds) – 7th Place
Rd 16: Sara Pauls dec 16-13 Kezra McKenzie (Nevada)
Quarters: Olivia Bezdicek (Idaho) tf 10-0 Sara Pauls
Blood Round: Sara Pauls f 3:24 Malia Riojas (Washington)
Consi 4: Malia Ottow (Washington) tf 10-0 Sara Pauls
7th/8th Place: Sara Pauls f 1:29 Noemi Cordero (California)

Charlie Wylie (Port Jervis – 17U, 46 KG) – 4th Place
Rd 16: Charlie Wylie tf 10-0 Eyvori Jacquez (Colorado)
Quarters: Carlie Wylie tf 10-0 Monee Cordero (California)
Semis: Rianne Murphy (Indiana) dec 8-2 Charlie Wylie
Consi Semis: Charlie Wylie dec 12-4 Joely Slyter (Idaho)
3rd/4th Place: Nakayla Dawson (Michigan) fft over Charlie Wylie

Sofia Macaluso (Minisink Valley/East Stroudsburg – 20U, 57 KG) – 3rd Place
Rd 16: Sofia Macaluso dec 7-0 Joanna Vanderwood (Washington)
Quarters: Sofia Macaluso dec 7-5 Jaclyn Dehney (New Hampshire)
Semis: Christelle Rodriguez (California) dec 10-6 Sofia Macaluso
Consi Semis: Sofia Macaluso tf 11-0 Joanna Vanderwood (Washington)
3rd/4th Place: Sofia Macaluso dec 6-4 Jennifer Soto (California)
**Sofia qualifies for the 20U World Team**

Mia Macaluso (Minisink Valley/East Stroudsburg – 23U, 55 KG) – 4th Place
Quarters: Mia Macaluso tf 12-2 Alisha Narvaez (California)
Semis: Elana Evaldi (California) f 4:07 Mia Macaluso
Consi Semis: Mia Macaluso DQ over Vayle Baker (Pennsylvania)
3rd/4th Place: Gabrielle Skidmore (Wisconsin) dec 10-1 Mia Macaluso

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