NYSPHSAA Girls Invitational – Recap

Section 9 had an outstanding showing at the 2024 NYSPHSAA Girls Wrestling Invitational. We crowned two champions and had six other ladies place in the top-6 in their weight class. Huge congratulations to Monroe Woodbury’s Gigi Sullivan and New Paltz’s Rebecca Brennan for taking home gold medals! Sullivan entered the tournament as the #7 seed yet pinned her way through the entire bracket including her :48 win by fall in the finals over defending champ Zoey Jewett from Section 3 General Brown. Brennan, the #6 seed, had to grind her way through her bracket with a pin, a 7-5 sudden victory win, a 3-0 decision before notching a pin at the 5:37 mark in the finals over defending champ Madison Westerberg from Section 5 Waterloo! Great job Gigi and Rebecca!!!

Six other Section 9 ladies earned their way to the podium. At 107 pounds, Minisink Valley’s Keira Filip lost her opening round match but reeled off four straight wins before losing a 2-1 decision in her medal match and took home 4th place honors. Filip’s teammate Sara Pauls made a podium appearance for the second year in a row. The Minisink Valley freshman followed up last year’s championship performance with a gutty 3rd place finish at 114 pounds at this year’s tournament. Pine Bush senior Brooke Tarshis was a finalist at last year’s Girls Invitational and once again only lost one match at this year’s tournament and placed 3rd at 120. Tarshis’s only loss was in the semis to eventual champion Yianna Foufas from Section 8 Mepham. Minisink Valley had another 2X place winner in Jaida Macaluso who placed third at 132 pounds. Macaluso went 4-1 with her only loss coming in the semifinals to eventual champion Mia Collins from Ballston Spa. Liberty senior Zoe Kip went 3-3 at a very tough 152-pound bracket and took home 6th place honors. Minisink Valley’s Patricia Deslandes went 4-1 at 235 pounds and took home the bronze. Her only loss was in the semis to eventual champion Peyton Mullin from Section 5 Dundee.

Congratulations to all of our Section 9 girl wrestlers for laying it all on the line and making history! Girls Wrestling is the fastest growing sport in America and YOU are the reason why!!!

94: Gigi Sullivan (Monroe Woodbury) f :47 Z. Jewett (General Brown)
100: Barone (N. Wheatfield) f 5:19 Severin (Bethpage)
107: Hernandez (Rocky Point) dec 5-2 Sibble (Bol-Rich)
114: Drake (Shaker) f 5:00 Peterson (Bay Shore)
120: Foufas (Mepham) maj 12-3 Viera (Rocky Point)
126: Retell (Tamarac) dec 9-5 Satarino (Columbia)
132: Collins (Ballston Spa) f 3:58 Doxey (Newfane)
138: Griffith (Gouverneur) dec 6-0 Guilmette (Shen)
145: Brennan (New Paltz) f 5:36 Westerberg (Waterloo)
152: Shepardson (Little Falls) f 3:43 Gretzinger (Shen)
165: Palumbo (Pleasantville) f 5:05 Thomas (Iroquois)
185: Sutton (Columbia) f 3:55 Mangual (Carmel)
235: Mullin (Dundee) f 1:05 Laforest (Waverly)

3rd/4th Place – Section 9 Girls
107: Phelps (Sidney) dec 2-1 Filip (Minisink Valley)
114: Pauls (Minisink Valley) f 1:00 Gonzales (Hicksville)
120: Tarshis (Pine Bush) dec 4-2 Diaz (Seaford)
132: Macaluso (Minisink Valley) f 3:39 Maragioglio (Bellport)
235: Deslandes (Minisink Valley) dec 4-0 Durdon (Windsor)

5th/6th Place – Section 9 Girl
152: Gonzales (Phoenix) f 3:34 Kip (Liberty)

94: Gigi Sullivan (MW) f 1:03 F. Jewett (General Brown)
94: Z. Jewett (General Brown) f 1:58 Kelley (Camden)
100: Barone (N. Wheatfield) f 1:25 Bonnie (Phoenix)
100: Severin (Bethpage) dec 14-7 Cozzali (Harrison)
107: Sibble (Bol-Rich) f 1:13 Zucker (Jericho)
107: Hernandez (Rocky Point) f 1:49 Phelps (Sydney)
114: Peterson (Bay Shore) dec 4-2 Pauls (Minisink Valley)
114: Drake (Shaker) maj 12-4 Gonzalez (Hicksville)
120: Viera (Rocky Point) maj 8-0 Diaz (Seaford)
120: Foufas (Mepham) maj 11-2 Brooke Tarshis (Pine Bush)
126: Retell (Tamarac) dec 11-5 Paddock (Chatauqua)
126: Satarino (Columbia) maj 8-0 Hostetler (Warsaw)
132: Doxey (Newfane) dec 5-2 Bonilla (Great Neck South)
132: Collins (Ballston Spa) f 4:00 Jaida Macaluso (Minisink Valley)
138: Griffith (Gouverneur) f :45 Williams (Guilderland)
138: Guilmette (Shenendehowa) dec 8-1 Robles (Mepham)
145: Westerberg (Waterloo) f 2:36 Ortiz (RCS)
145: Rebecca Brennen (New Paltz) dec 3-0 Evans (West Seneca)
152: Gretzinger (Shen) f 1:45 Gonzales (Phoenix)
152: Shepardson (Little Falls) maj 13-5 Santiago (Cazenovia)
165: Palumbo (Pleasantville) f 5:26 Teppley (Harborsfield)
165: Thomas (Iroquois) dec 4-3 utb Sorenson (Homer)
185: Hutton (Columbia) f 4:33 Tamayo (Sweet Home)
185: Mangual (Carmel) f :37 Marshall (UE)
235: Mullin (Dundee) f :50 Patricia Deslandes (Minisink Valley)
235: Laforest (Waverly) maj 12-4 Gonzales (Valley Stream North)

Consi 4 – AKA Blood Round – Section 9 Girls
107: Keira Filip (Minisink Valley) dec 2-1 utb Singh (Shen)
114: Sutton (Marathon) dec 6-5 Savannah Tittleback (Saugerties)
152: Zoe Kip (Liberty) dec 4-2 Carrion (Harborfields)
235: Sochia (Gouverneur) f 2:37 Norma Avila (Middletown)

Consi Semis – Section 9 Girls
107: Filip (Minisink Valley) f 2:37 Zucker (Jerhico)
114: Pauls (Minisink Valley) f 3:20 Sutton (Marathon)
120: Tarshis (Pine Bush) f 2:48 Craft (Owego)
132: Macaluso (Minisink Valley) dec 7-0 Thuman (Lake Shore)
152: Santiago (Cazenovia) f 1:43 Kip (Liberty)
235: Deslandes (Minisink Valley) dec 7-2 Sochia (Gouverneur)

Round of 16Section 9 Girls
94: Gigi Sullivan (Monroe Woodbury) f 3:27 Murdie (Columbia)
94: Jewett (General Brown) f :54 Amelia Patzelt (Minisink Valley)
107: Fanning (SVEC) dec 7-4 Keira Filip (Minisink Valley)
114: Savannah Tittleback (Saugerties) f 1:23 Greene (Niagara Wheatfield)
114: Sara Pauls (Minisink Valley) f 1:55 Paone (Shenendehowa)
120: Brooke Tarshis (Pine Bush) f 2:25 Zorich (Sweet Home)
126: Retell (Tamarac) f 1:55 Kyra Talaniec (Saugerties)
132: Jaida Macaluso (Minisink Valley) f 3:42 Smith (Chautauqua)
138: Santana (Maple Hills) inj over Meredith Mills (Saugerties)
145: Rebecca Brennan (New Paltz) f 1:00 Cogan (Johnson City)
145: Landon (Granville) f :18 Brooke Besson (Minisink Valley)
152: Zoe Kip (Liberty) maj 15-3 Quinn (Gowanda)
185: Vasquez (Bay Shore) f 1:48 Cheyenne Graham (Liberty)
235: Patricia Deslandes (Minisink Valley) dec 8-6 Gregg (Shaker)
235: Norma Avila (Middletown) f 1:38 O’Malley (Tonawanda)

Quarterfinals – Section 9 Girls
94: Gigi Sullivan (MW) f :53 Duro (Shaker)
114: Gonzalez (Hicksville) dec 6-4 Savannah Tittleback (Saugerties)
114: Sara Pauls (Minisink Valley) f 3:59 McCarley (Tonawanda)
120: Brooke Tarshis (Pine Bush) f 1:38 Hodkin (Fredonia)
132: Jaida Macaluso (Minisink Valley) f 3:51 Owen (Horseheads)
145: Rebecca Brennan (New Paltz) dec 7-5 sv Moore (SE)
152: Gonzalez (Phoenix) f 3:14 Zoe Kip (Liberty)
235: Patricia Deslandes (Minisink Valley) f :35 Crofoot (Fulton)
235: LaForest (Waverly) f 1:48 Norma Avila (Middletown)

Consi 8 #1 – Section 9 Girls
94: Amelia Patzelt (Minisink Valley) tf 16-1 Karn (Oneonta)
107: Keira Filip (Minisink Valley) f 3:40 Waite (Fredonia)
126: Toomey (Tioga) f 1:56 Kyra Talaniec (Saugerties)
138: Kennedy (Guilderland) f :37 Meredith Mills (Saugerties)
145: Hidalgo (Walt Whitman) f 1:47 Brooke Besson (Minisink Valley)
185: Duers (Warrensburg) f :17 Cheyenne Graham (Liberty)

Consi 8 #2 – Section 9 Girls
94: Duro (Shaker) f :38 Amelia Patzelt (Minisink Valley)
107: Keira Filip (Minisink Valley) dec 2-0 Moore (Penfield)
114: Savannah Tittleback (Saugerties) tf 17-2 Paone (Shen)
152: Zoe Kip (Liberty) dec 8-2 Van Wormer (Cobleskill)
235: Norma Avila (Middletown) f 1:43 VanGuilder (Hadley)

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