2018 NYSPHSAA State Qualifier Results

Section 1:   D1    D2       Section 7:            D2
Section 2:   D1    D2       Section 8:   D1    D2
Section 3:   D1    D2       Section 9:   D1    D2
Section 4:   D1    D2       Section 10: D1    D2
Section 5:   D1    D2       Section 11: D1    D2
Section 6:   D1    D2       PSAL:          D1    D2
CHSAA:       D1

Section 9 D2 Championships

Port Jervis crowned 4 champions and racked up 228 points on their way to the team title at the 2018 D2 Section 9 Tournament.  Taking home top honors for the Red Raiders were Eric Tigue (113), Carson Sauschuck (132), William Harrison (152), and Jason Butler (182).  Red Hook finished 2nd in the team race with 176 points and also crowned 4 champs in Matt Morris (106), Tristen Schiafo (160), Ryan Hobson (195), and Liam Dietrich (285).  Onteora finished 3rd in the team race with 139.5 points and crowned 2 champs in Nick Ross (126) and Dillon Ross (170).  Other Champions included Nikko Walsh from Rondout Valley at 99, Ethan Palanca from New Paltz at 120, Mat Malherio from Highland at 138, Ian Houck from Rondout Valley at 145, and Devin Dixon from New Paltz at 220.  Congratulation to Ian Houck for being voted at the MOW for the tournament!

2018 Section 9 D2 Brackets and Team Scores

Section 9 Championships – Finals and Medal Rounds

Top 5 Teams:
1. Minisink Valley – 312.5
2. Monroe Woodbury – 209.5
3. NFA – 162
4. Warwick – 127.5
5. VC – 120


Terry Cody Award: Andrew Marchese (Wash)
Michael DeCapua Most Exciting Match: 285 (Fenner & Havison)
MOW: Marco Vespa (MW)

Finals and Medal Matches

1st 132: Greiner (MV) wbf 3:13 Askey (PB)
3rd 132: Heinlein (Saug) dec 7-4 Fischer (NFA)
5th 132: Sam (Midd) inj def Johnson (MW)

1st 138: D. Vetrano (MV) maj 15-2 McGinty (MW)
3rd 138: Magsamen (PB) wbf :17 Jenkins (Midd)
5th 138: Schmalfuhs (War) dec 7-5 Giumarra (Corn)

1st 145: V. Vetrano (MV) wbf 2:12 Albornoz (MV)
3rd 145: Gazzillo (Corn) dec 2-0 Florin (PB)
5th 145: Campofioro (MW) vs Mandic (Gosh)

1st 152: Serafini (NFA) dec 4-2 Pushman (Wall)
3rd 152: Stewart (MW) dec 12-0 Heffner (Corn)
5th 152: Velazquez (Midd) wbf 4:16

1st 160: Burgos (PB) tech fall 19-3 Cummings (VC)
3rd 160: Searle (War) dec 6-5 Morano (Midd)
5th 160: Doherty (Mont) dec 5-2 Pernnell (PB)

1st 170: Ganuncio (MV) wbf 4:16 Mascaro (Wall)
3rd 170: Bucci (Saug) wbf 1:38 Leggett (NFA)
5th 170: Noteboom (War) maj dec 9-1 Weigel (King)

1st 182: Yanis (MV) wbf 1:46 Temper (PB)
3rd 182: Santarpia (Wash) dec 7-3 Miller (NFA)
5th 182: Carney (War) inj def Knisell (Saug)

1st 195: Santander (MW) dec 3-1 Juncaj (MV)
3rd 195:DeCapua (NFA) dec 5-4 Wierzbicki (War)
5th 195: Keller (Corn) dec 11-3 Babb (Midd)

1st 220: Leonard (Corn) wbf 3:05 Crisfield (VC)
3rd 220: Fenner (MV) dec 4-3 Owen (Saug)
5th 220: Banegas (NFA) dec 4-2 Womack (NFA)

1st 285: Fenner (MV) dec 3-2 utb Havison (MW)
3rd 285: Williams (NFA) dec 1-0 Kuster (King)
5th 285: Moore (VC) inj. def. Kissack (Wash)

1st 99: Morales (Midd) wbf 5:59 Prokosch (Corn)
3rd 99: Filip (MV) 10-9 utb Hewitt (MV)
5th 99: Marchese (Wash) maj 14-2 Davis (Wall)

1st 106: Fischer (NFA) dec 6-4 Picariello (MV)
3rd 106: Chenier (King) wbf 3:46 Greco (War)
5th 106: Tierney (Gosh) dec 6-4 sv Kohrs (MW)

1st 113: Earl (MW) dec 7-3 Suarez (MV)
3rd 113: Brown (War) wbf :44 Ocasio (MW)
5th 113: Ferro (King) dec 14-9 sv Diaz (Midd)

1st 120: Vespa (MW) tech fall 22-6 MacDougall (War)
3rd 120: Minnies (MW) dec 9-4 Phillips (VC)
5th 120: DeLaRosa (NFA) wbf :39 Muller (King)

1st 126: Romano (VC) dec 5-0 Savacool (MV)
3rd 126: Maddox (Wash) wbf 3:45 Warneke (King)
5th 126: Ricciuto (VC) inj def Faison (Wall)



Section 9 Championships – Division 1 Day 2

Minisink Valley advances 13 wrestlers into the semifinal round and lead the field in the team race after Day 1 at the Section 9 Wrestling D1 Championships. The Warriors hold a 87 – 72 lead over host Monroe Woodbury who have 7 wrestlers in the semis.  NFA (60), Warwick (53.5), and Cornwall (49) round out the top 5 teams. 

Consolation Semifinals

99: Hewett (MV) dec 2-1 Marchese (Wash)
99: Filip (MV) maj 11-2 Davis (Wall)

106: Chenier (King) dec 3-1 Tierney (Gosh)
106: Greco (War) dec 6-0 Kohrs (MW)

113: Brown (War) wbf :41 Ferro (King)
113: Ocasio (MW) wbf 5:49 Diaz (Midd)

120: Phillips (VC) dec 9-4 DeLaRosa (NFA)
120: Minnies (MW) wbf 4:30 Muller (King)

126: Maddox (Wash) maj 18-6 Ricciuto (VC)
126: Warneke (King) inj def Faison (Wall)

132: Fischer (NFA) inj def Johnson (MW)
132: Heinlein (Saug) wbf 3:56 Sam (Midd)

138: Jenkins (Midd) wbf 3:56 Giumarra (Corn)
138: Magsamen (PB) dec 6-3 Schmalfuhs (War)

145: Florin (PB) dec 3-2 Mandic (Gosh)
145: Gazzillo (Corn) dec 8-4 Campofioli (MW)

152: Stewart (MW) dec 8-4 Napolitano (VC)
152: Heffner (Corn) dec 11-9 Velazquez (Midd)

160: Morano (Midd) wbf :45 Doherty (Mont)
160: Searle (War) wbf :56 Pennell (PB)

170: Bucci (Saug) dec 5-0 Weigel (King)
170: Leggett (NFA ) dec 3-2 Noteboom (War)

182: Miller (NFA) wbf 1:58 Carney (War)
182: Santarpia (Wash) inj def Knisell (Saug)

195: Wierzbicki (War) dec 4-0 Babb (Midd)
195: DeCapua (NFA) dec 2-1 Keller (Corn)

220: Owen (Saug)  dec 6-5 Womack (NFA)
220: Fenner (MV) dec 5-0 Banegas (NFA)

285: Williams (NFA) dec 2-1 Moore (VC)
285: Kuster (King) inj def Kissack (Wash)

Semifinals Match Ups / Results

99: Morales (Midd) dec 5-4 Filip (MV)
99: Prokosch (Corn) maj 11-1 Marchese (Wash)

106: Fischer (NFA) maj 10-0 Greco (War)
106: Picariello (MV) wbf 3:40 Chenier (King)

113: Earl (MW) wbf 1:21 Diaz (Midd)
113: Suarez (MV) dec 9-4 Brown (War)

120: Vespa (MW) wbf :38  Minnies (MW)
120: MacDougall (War) dec 6-2 DeLaRosa (NFA)

126: Romano (VC) inj def Faison (Wall)
126: Savacool (MV) dec 10-3 Maddox (Wash)

132: Greiner (MV) tec fall 15-0 Heinlein (Saug)
132: Askey (PB) dec 7-0 Fischer (NFA)

138: D. Vetrano (MV) wbf 3:42 Schmalfuhs (War)
138: McGinty (MW) wbf 1:23 Giumarra (Corn)

145: Albornoz (MV) dec 6-2 Gazzillo (Corn)
145: V. Vetrano (MV) dec 7-0 Florin (PB)

152: Serafini (NFA) wbf 4:22 Heffner (Corn)
152: Pushman (Wall) wbf 2:41 Stewart (MW)

160: Burgos (PB) maj 13-4 Searle (War)
160: Cummings (VC) dec 11-7 Morano (Midd)

170: Mascaro (Wall) wbf 4:55 Noteboom (War)
170: Ganuncio (MV) dec 5- 3 sv Bucci (Saug)

182: Yanis (MV) wbf 1:56 Santarpia (Wash)
182: Tremper (PB) dec 1-0 Miller (NFA)

195: Santander (MW) wbf 4:26 DeCapua (NFA)
195: Juncaj (MV) dec 12-5 Babb (Midd)

220: Leonard (Corn) decc 1-0 Fenner (MV)
220: Crisfield (VC) 3-2 dec utb Owen (Saug)

285: Havison (MW) dec 8-1 Kissack (Wash)
285: Fenner (MV) wbf 4:27 Moore (VC)

Section 9 D1 Tournament Results – Day 1


Top 5 Team Scores After Day 1
1. Minisink Valley – 87 points
2. Monroe Woodbury – 72 points
3. Newburgh Free Academy – 60 points
4. Wawrwick – 53.5
5. Cornwall – 49 points

Wrestleback Winners – Guaranteed to Place Top-6
99: Hewitt (MV), Davis (Wall)
106: Tierny (Gosh), Kohrs (MW)
113: Ferro (King), Ocasio (MW)
120: Phillips (VC), Muller (King)
126: Riccito (VC), Warneke (King)
132: Johnson (MW), Sam (Midd)
138: Magsamen (PB), Jenkins (Midd)
145: Mandic (Gosh), Campofiori (MW)
152: Napolitano (VC), Vasquez (Midd)
160: Doherty (Mont), Pennell (PB)
170: Weigel (King), Leggett (NFA)
182: Knisell (Saug), Carney (War)
195: Wierzbicki (War), Keller (Corn)
220: Womack (NFA), Banegas (NFA)
285: Williams (NFA), Kuster (King)

Quarterfinals Match Ups/Results

99: Morales (Midd) wbf 3:20 Toledo (MW)
99: Filip (MV) dec 4-3 Hewitt (MV)
99: Marchese (Wash) dec 6-0 Davis (Wall)
99: Prokosch (Corn) wbf 1:07 Maddox (Wash)

106: Fischer (NFA) wbf 1:21 Chauncey (Saug)
106: Greco (War) dec 6-5 Tierney (Gosh)
106: Chenier (King) maj 10-0 Kohrs (MW)
106: Picariello (MV) dec 4-0 Ricciuto (VC)

113: Earl (MW) wbf 1:52 Ferro (King)
113: Diaz (Midd) dec 12-11 Weinstein (Gosh)
113: Brown (War) wbf 5:26 Ellison (Wall)
113: Suarez (MV) wbf 1:45 Ocasio (MW)

120: Vespa (MW) wbf 1:10 Vega (Corn)
120: Minnies (MW) wbf 3:03 Phillips (VC)
120: MacDougall (War) wbf 2:33 Muller (King)
120: DeLaRosa (NFA) wbf :58 Pinsky (War)

126: Faison (Wall) maj 19-9 Wentland (Corn)
126: Romano (VC) wbf 2:36 Ricciuto (VC)
126: Maddox (Wash) wbf 1:19 Warneke (King)
126: Savacool (MV) wbf 3:48 Gibbons (War)

132: Greiner (MV) wbf 2:41 Johnson (MW)
132: Heinlien (Saug) dec 19-10 Francisco (King)
132: Fischer (NFA) dec 7-3 Sam (Midd)
132: Askey (PB) wbf 3:31 Manzi (NFA)

138: D. Vetrano (MV) wbf 1:52 Chico (Mont)
138: Schmalfuhs (War) wbf 5:08 Jenkins (Midd)
138: Guimarra (Corn) dec 6-4 Magsamen (PB)
138: McGinty (MW) wbf 1:49 Straker (King)

145: Gazzillo (Corn) wbf 2:00 Hathaway (Wall)
145: Albornoz (MV) wbf 2:26 Mandic (Gosh)
145: Florin (PB) tech fall 16-0 Huffins (Midd)
145: V. Vetrano (MV) wbf 4:45 Campofiori (MW)

152: Serafini (NFA) wbf 1:10 Patterson (NFA)
152: Heffner (Corn) dec 4-2 Napolitano (VC)
152: Pushman (VC) wbf 2:19 Velazquez (Midd)
152: Stewart (MW) wbf 2:27 Hirsch (MV)

160: Burgos (PB) wbf 1:10 Doherty (Mont)
160: Searle (War) wbf :50 Schuyler (Corn)
160: Morano (Midd) wbf :38 Reyes (Mont)
160: Cummings (VC) wbf 1:01 Pennell (PB)

170: Mascaro (Wall) maj dec 9-1 Weigel (King)
170: Notebloom (War) dec 7-1 Paravati (MW)
170: Bucci (Saug) wbf 1:23 Moody (Midd)
170: Ganuncio (MV) wbf :24 Leggett (NFA)

182: Yanis (MV) wbf :36 Carney (War)
182: Santarpia (Wash)  maj 10-0 Wojehowski (Corn)
182: Miller (NFA) maj 9-0 Cassidy (Corn)
182: Tremper (PB) wbf 2:27 Knisell (Saug)

195: DeCapua (NFA) wbf 3:29 Hoffman (VC)
195: Santander (MW) wbf :33 Wierzbicki (War) dec
195: Babb (Midd) dec 3:15 Laurey (Saug)
195: Juncaj (MV) wbf :33 Keller (Corn)

220: Leonard (Corn) wbf 1:54 Womack (NFA)
220: Adam Fenner (MV) wbf 5:47 Parrelli (War)
220: Crisfield (VC) dec 1-0 Banegas (NFA)
220: Owen (Saug) wbf 2:36 Hawkins (Wall)

285: Havison (MW) wbf 3:13 Langer (War)
285: Kissack (Wash) dec 3-1 Williams (NFA)
285: Moore (VC) wbf 3:25 Kuster (King)
285: Andrew Fenner (MV) dq over Duke (Midd)

Section 9 Wrestling Championships – Division 2 Tournament Preview by Ken Walsh

Thank you very much to Ken Walsh for putting together the below tournament preview for Division 2.  The small school tournament takes place at SUNY Ulster on Sunday 2/11 and action will begin at 11:15.

99 Pounds
The favorite here is freshman Nikko Walsh (26-3) from Rondout Valley. Walsh is the defending champion at this weight and is ranked 4th in the state. He has never lost to a Section 9 D2 wrestler. Walsh will likely meet Joey Curreri (25-9) from Eldred-Liberty- Sullivan West in the finals.

106 Pounds
Sophomore Matt Morris (23-10) from Red Hook is the favorite here. Morris was a finalist at 99 last year and has beaten everyone in the section at this weight. He could be challenged by Timmy Pereira from Rondout Valley who is looking stronger as the year goes on.

113 Pounds
Freshman Aidan Cuppett (25-8) from New Paltz is the #1 seed based on his 3rd place finish in the sections last year but the favorite has to be the 2nd seed, 8th grader Eric Tigue (25-8) from Port Jervis. Tigue is undefeated in Section 9 D2 and also has a victory over Jon Charles from Central Valley Academy a former NYS champ.

120 Pounds
120 is going to be very interesting to watch! The top seed here is Onteora freshman Pat Ross (30-7) who is the defending Section 9 D2 champion at 106, but he will definitely be challenged by the #2 seed, 9th grader Ethan Palanca ( 32-2) from New Paltz. Palanca’s only two losses this season have been to the top 2 120 pounders  in the S9 D1 tournament, Marco Vespa from Monroe Woodbury and Brandon DeLaRosa from NFA.

126 Pounds
Freshman Nick Ross from Onteora won the Section 9 D2 title at 113 last year and is the favorite to win here. He will get pressed by the #2 seed Liam Bullock (15-2) from Chester-Tuxedo.

132 Pounds
Port Jervis senior Carson Sauschuck (30-5) from Port Jervis has been solid at this weight all year and is the #1 seed. Nanuk McBride from Red Hook is the second seed and he has a head-to-head win over Ceaser Luna (21-11) from Highland, the #3 seed.  However we shouldn’t overlook Onteora senior Trevor Faveron (22-9) who could challenge for the top spot on the podium.

138 Pounds
Onteora’s Nate Ross (22-5) is the defending Section 9 D2 champ at 126 is the favorite here having victories over both second seeded Nicholas Curreri (24-8) from Eldred-Liberty- Sullivan West and Mat Malheiro (28-5) from Highland who is the #3 seed. Malherio is the defending Section 9 D2 champ at this weight and is 1-1 against Curreri so this could get very interesting! This is one of two weight classes in the tournament that has two defending Section 9 champs – 145 is the other.

145 Pounds
Ian Houck (28-5) in the defending Section 9 D2 champion at 132, the # 8 ranked wrestler in the state and the active wins leader in Section 9! He is definitely the favorite here but he will certainly get pressed by Onteora’s Zack Chartrand (22-10) who is the defending champ at 145. Houck beat Chartrand in a close match earlier this season. Also in the mix at 145 is Port Jervis senior Joseph Mahaney who is 17-7.

152 Pounds 
The favorite here is William Harrison (32-3) from Port Jervis who has a win over the #2 seed Luke Jones (21-9) from Eldred-Liberty-Sullivan West. Logan Michael (20-14) from New Paltz is having a very nice season and could also be in the hunt.

160 Pounds
Tristen Schiafo (28-6) the #1 seed from Red Hook has dominated everyone in Section 9 D2 at this weight – no D2 wrestler has made it out of the first period against him thus far! He could, however be challenged by the #2 seed Griffin Roddy (24-9) from Port Jervis who has a head-to-head win over the #3 seed Caesar Santiago (21-8) from Eldred-Liberty-Sullivan West.

170 Pounds
Dillion Ross (41-2) is the defending champion at 152, the #2 ranked wrestler in the state, and is having a dominating season with the best chance of any Section 9 wrestler to place or win a title in Albany in two weeks. One of his two losses was a 5-4 decision to Ross McFarland of Phoenix who was second in the state at 152 last year. Dominic Zappolo Port Jervis is the #2 seed but James DeAveiro (23-11) from Eldred-Liberty-Sullivan West could make things interesting.

182 Pounds
Jason Butler (33-5) from Port Jervis is the #1 seed and a clear favorite here with his only losses in Section 9 coming at the hands of Dillon Ross. The #2 seed Jack Purcell (14-8) from New Paltz and the #3 seed Drew Bendy (19-12) from Eldred-Liberty-Sullivan West will have their hands full at this weight.

195 Pounds
Raven Aumick (25-5) from Port Jervis is the #1 seed while Ryan Hobson (21-10) from Red Hook  sits at the #2 seed. The two have battled once this season with Aumick coming out on top 5-2.

220 Pounds
Devin Dixon (25-8) from New Paltz is the #1 seed with Nicholas Rekuc from Ellenville the #2 seed. Dixon has a sudden victory 7-5 win over Rekuc and a win by fall over the #3 Jovane Dennis from Eldred-Liberty-Sullivan West. This is still one of the most wide open weights in the tournament!

285 Pounds
This weight has 3 wrestlers entered with 20+ wins! Liam Dietrich (26-5) from Red Hook is the #1 seed, James Oosterom (23-6) from Port Jervis is the #2 seed, and Casey Maynard (22-15) from Highland is the #3 seed. Dietrich, who won the Mid Hudson Tournament and was second at this weight last year, has a win by fall over #2 Oosterom and the #3 Maynard making him the clear favorite here.

Division 2 Pre-Seeds

Below are the top-4 seeds for the 2018 Section 9 Division 2 Championships.  The tournament takes place on Sunday 2/11 at SUNY Ulster.

99 Pounds
1. Nikko Walsh – Rondout Valley
2. Joey Curreri – Eldred/Liberty/Sullivan West
3. Peter Bender – Highland
4. Jack Hyland – New Paltz

106 Pounds
1. Matt Morris – Red Hook
2. Timmy Pereira – Rondout Valley
3. Elliot Crocco – New Paltz
4. Summer Conetta – Chester/Tuxedo

113 Pounds
1. Aiden Cuppett – New Paltz
2. Eric Tigue – Port Jervis
3. James Long – Chester/Tuxedo
4. Logan Zehr – Highland

120 Pounds
1. Pat Ross – Onteora
2. Ethan Palanca – New Paltz
3. Alex Lopez – Red Hook
4. Walter Evans – Ellenville

126 Pounds
1.Nick Ross – Onteora
2. Liam Bullock – Chester/Tuxedo
3. John Antonelli – Marlboro
4. Joey Amato – Port Jervis

132 Pounds
1. Carson Sauschuck – Port Jervis
2. Nanuk McBride – Red Hook
3. Ceasar Luna – Highland
4. Trevor Faveron – Onteora

138 Pounds
1. Nate Ross – Onteora
2. Nick Curreri –  Eldred/Liberty/Sullivan West
3. Mat Malherio – Highland
4. Brad Acvedo – Highland

145 Pounds
1. Ian Houck – Rondout Valley
2. Zach Chartrand – Onteora
3. Joe Mahaney – Port Jervis
4. Logan Smith – Highland

152 Pounds
1. William Harrison – Port Jervis
2. Luke Jones – Eldred/Liberty/Sullivan West
3. Logan Michael – New Paltz
4. Henry Peter – Eldred/Liberty/Sullivan West

160 Pounds
1. Tristen Schiafo – Red Hook
2. Griffin Roddy – Port Jervis
3. Anthony Buchanan – Highland
4. Caesar Santiago – Eldred/Liberty/Sullivan West

170 Pounds
1. Dillon Ross – Onteora
2. Dominic Zappolo – Port Jervis
3. James Deaviero – Eldred/Liberty/Sullivan West
4. Aidan Maduro – Highland

182 Pounds
1. Jason Butler – Port Jervis
2. Jack Purcell – New Paltz
3. Drew Bendy – Eldred/Liberty/Sullivan West
4. Hayden Campolong – Red Hook

195 Pounds
1. Raven Aumick – Port Jervis
2. Ryan Hobson – Red Hook
3. Francisco Miguel – Eldred/Liberty/Sullivan West
4. Adam Albright – Highland

220 Pounds
1. Devin Dixon – New Paltz
2. Nicholas Rekuc – Ellenville
3. Jacob Southard – Port Jervis
4. Jovane Dennis – Eldred/Liberty/Sullivan West

285 Pounds
1. Liam Dietrich – Red Hook
2. James Oosterom – Port Jervis
3. Casey Maynard – Highland
4. Evan Jansen – New Paltz

Section 9 Wrestling Championships – Division 1 Preview

Well believe it or not the time has come….the Section 9 tournaments are this weekend!  Within a few days we will know which wrestlers have punched their ticket to the NYSPHSAA Wrestling Championships in Albany on 2/22 and 2/23.   Let’s take a look at a preview of the Division 1 tournament which takes place on Friday and Saturday at Monroe Woodbury HS.  Division 2 seeds and a preview of that tournament will be posted soon!

99 Pounds
Always one of the most exciting weights to follow, the 99 pound class has a nice blend of experienced wrestlers as well as several up-and-comers.  Middletown’s Justin Morales definitely the favorite here but we can expect Cornwall’s Christian Prokosch to give him all he can handle in the finals as long as he could get past Washingtonville’s Marchese in the semis.  There will potentially be some great matches early on as we could see Lennon (VC) vs Toledo (MW) in the R16 and a possible MV vs MV quarterfinal pitting Evan Hewitt against teammate Andrew Filip.

106 Pounds
Greg Fischer from NFA is a returning state qualifier and has posted wins over the #2, #3, and #4 seeds making him the clear favorite and top seed at 106.  That said, his win over 2nd seed Picariello from MV was a narrow 2-0 decision so we could possibly see a great finals match-up! We should also watch for Chenier (Kingston) vs Kohrs (MW) in the quarters as that could be an entertaining bout!

113 Pounds
Monroe Woodbury senior Dylan Earl placed 5th in NYS last season and is the top seed here.  He will likely be tested by the winner of a semifinal match between MV sophomore Jordan Suarez and Warwick senior Hunter Brown. The two have yet to wrestle this season.  Goshen’s Eli Weinstein and Middletown’s Moises Diaz could prove to be a very entertaining quarterfinal match-up.

120 Pounds
All signs point to a finals match-up between Monroe Woodbury’s Marco Vespa and NFA’s Brandon DeLaRosa.  As a 4th place finisher in last year’s state tournament, Vespa is clearly the favorite but we shouldn’t sleep on the very talented DeLaRosa! That said, DeLaRosa does not have a free pass into the finals as #3 seed Bryan MacDougall from Warwick is very game!  As far as earlier round matches to watch, we could see a rematch of Jadin Vega (Cornwall) and Mia Macaluso  (Minisink Valley) in the Round of 16.

126 Pounds
This could be one of the most exciting weight classes in the entire tournament! You know that the weight class is stacked with talent when you have a returning state qualifier as the #4 seed!  Top seeded James Faison from Wallkill has been very impressive however has spend a good portion of the second half of the season recovering from injury.  Sean Savacool from Minisink Valley seems to get better with each match and recently pinned 3rd seeded Tommy Maddox from Washingtonville. Matt Romano received a wildcard into last year’s state tournament but he is actually the #4 seed here this year!  This will be a great one to watch!

132 Pounds
Connor Greiner is the top seed at 132 this season and he is wrestling like a person on a mission!  Greiner won S9 titles as a freshman and sophomore however he was upset in the S9 finals of his injury plagued junior season and did not make the trip to the state tournament. Standing in his way of becoming a 3X Section 9 champ could be Pine Bush sophomore Tommy Askey who missed the beginning of the season due to injury but has looked great since his return. Askey however could have his hands full in the semis against 3rd seeded Luke Fisher from NFA.  MW’s Shamar Johnson has the talent to wrestle higher than his 8th seed – keep an eye on him!

138 Pounds
Minisink Valley senior Dominick Vetrano is a 2X Section 9 champion and he’s the clear favorite to take home title number three!  His biggest challenge will likely be in the finals where he could see Monroe Woodbury’s Joe McGinty. Vetrano pinned McGinty during the Section 9 Duals but  it was a very close match prior to the pin and included McGinty taking down and maintaining a lead over Vetrano in the first period.  This could be one of the most exciting finals of the evening if the two top seeds make it through. Third seed Derrick Magsamen from Pine Bush is no pushover and he’ll definitely test McGinty.

145 Pounds
Cornwall junior Steve Gazzillo earned the top seed at 145 via his head-to-head victory over Minisink Valley’s Vinny Vetrano who was a Section 9 champion at 132 last year! If the seeds hold, both Gazzillo and Vetrano can expect serious challenges in the semis as we might see Gazzillo take on Vetrano’s teammate Nick Albornoz while Vetrano will like lock horns with Nick Florin from Pine Bush.

152 Pounds
Newburgh Free Academy junior Tyler Serafini has been dominating the competition this season posting a 42-3 record with his three losses coming at the ESC and in the finals of the Mid-Hudson. There will be some great quarterfinal and semifinals matches at this weight however.  We could see Joe Velazquez (Middletown) and Joe Pushman (Wallkill) in a quarterfinal with the winner taking on Carter Stewart from Monroe Woodbury. In the top half we could see Ray Napolitano (VC) take on Dan Heffner (Cornwall) in the quarters with the winner taking on Serafini in the semis.

160 Pounds
Pine Bush senior Shaun Burgos has been dominating S9 competition and he is the clear favorite at 160 pounds this year. Second seeded Collin Cummings from VC and Destin Morano from Midlletown should prove to be a good semi and also let’s watch for a potential quarterfinal showdown between Matt Schuyler (Cornwall) and Henry Searle (Warwick). Connor Parliman (MW) versus Douglas Doherty (Monticello) may be a fun R16 match to watch.

170 Pounds
The 170 finals could be a rematch of one of the more exciting matches of the year pitting top-seeded Brian Mascaro from Wallkill against the #2 seed Timmy Ganuncio from Minisink Valley. Mascaro beat Ganuncio in a 7-6 barn burner in a dual meet earlier this season. Both wrestlers, however, will be tested in their semifinals as Mascaro will likely see William Notebloon from Warwick while Ganuncio will lock horns with Matt Bucci from Saugerties.

182 Pounds
Minisink Valley senior Joey Yanis is probably the heaviest favorite of any wrestler in this year’s tournament.  He has literally buzzed through the competition in Section 9 and has his sights set on a state title in 2 weeks up in Albany! Even with Yanis being a heavy favorite, 182 could prove to be a very exciting weight class to follow. The #2 through #8 seeds (Tremper, Miller, Santarpia, Wojehowski, Cassidy, Moriarty, and Knisell) are very even and could provide fans with some great drama to see who gets to stand on the podium on Saturday evening!

195 Pounds
NFA sophomore Maxx DeCapua is one of the most exciting wrestlers to watch in Section 9 and he is the top seed at 195! He will likely be pushed in the semis by Monroe Woodbury’s Sam Santander who is very talented but has missed most of the season due to injury. On the bottom half of the bracket we will probably see a great semifinal match between MV junior Anton Juncaj and Middletown junior Elijah Babb.  This is one of the most wide open weights in the tournament.

220 Pounds
The heavy favorite here is William Leonard. The Cornwall junior placed 4th at the Eastern States Classic and is sporting an impressive 33-3 record. He has already notched an 11-2 major decision and a wbf over 2nd seeded Anthony Owen from Saugerties. There will still be some great matches to follow at 220.  The possible Harrison Parrelli (Warwick) versus Adam Fenner (MV) quarterfinal match could be great, as well as the Owen versus Mark Crisfied (VC) semifinal bout!

285 Pounds
Our heavyweights could provide us with one of the most anticipated matches of the evening if the top 2 seeds advance!  Top seeded Preston Havison pinned second seeded Andrew Fenner from Minisink Valley last week at the Brawl for the Belt avenging an 3-2 utb Fenner victory at the S9 Duals.  Could we see the rubber match on Saturday night? Before we get there though, the top half of the bracket could be very exciting with Max Kissack from Washingtonville taking on Caleb Williams from NFA with the winner taking on Havison.  Fennr will likely see a very tough opponent in Bryce Moore from VC in his semifinal.


Section 9 Championships – Schedule

Division 1 Tournament @ Monroe Woodbury HS
Day 1 – Friday 2/9
4:15 – Outbrackets (4 mats)
5:15 – Round of 16 (4 mats)
7:00 – Quarterfinals (4 mats)
9:00 – Wrestlebacks – quarterfinals losers (4 mats)

Day 2 – Saturday 2/10
11:00 – Semifinals (2 mats)
1:15 – Break
2:00 – Consolation Semifinals (3 mats)
3:30 – Consolation Finals (3 mats)
5:15 – Introductions
5:30 – Finals

Division 2 Tournament @ SUNY Ulster
Sunday 2/11
11:15 – Outbrackets & Round of 16 (3 mats)
11:45 – Quarterfinals (3 mats)
1:30 – Semifinals (2 mats)
1:30 – Wrestlebacks (1 mat – 3 mats at end of semis)
3:30 – Consolation Semifinals (3 mats)
4:30 – Consolation Finals (3 mats)
5:30 – Introductions
5:45 – Finals

Division 1 Pre-Seeds

Below are the top 8 seeds in every weight class for this weekend’s Section 9 Championship D1 tournament. 

99 Pounds
1. Justin Morales – Middletown
2. Christian Prokosch – Cornwall
3. Andrew Marchese – Washingtonville
4. Andrew Filip – Minisink Valley
5. Evan Hewitt – Minisink Valley
6. Matt Davis – Wallkill
7. Austin Maddox – Washingtonville
8. Casey Lennon – Valley Central

106 Pounds
1. Greg Fischer – NFA
2. Nick Picariello – Minisink Valley
3. Jacob Chenier – Kingston
4. Dylan Tierney – Goshen
5. Drew Greco – Warwick
6. Jack Kohrs – Monroe Woodbury
7. Nicolo Ricciuto – Valley Central
8. Khristian Chauncey – Saugerties

113 Pounds
1. Dylan Earl – Monroe Woodbury
2. Jordan Suarez – Minisink Valley
3. Hunter Brown – Warwick
4. Eli Weinstein – Goshen
5. Moises Diaz – Middletown
6. Derek Ellisen – Wallkill
7. Santos Ocasio – Monroe
8. Joseph Ferro – Kingston

120 Pounds
1. Marco Vespa – Monroe Woodbury
2. Brandon DeLaRosa – NFA
3. Bryan Mac Dougall – Warwick
4. Jake Minnes – Monroe Woodbury
5. Travis Phillips – VC
6. Ryan Muller – Kingston
7. Jordan Pinskey – Warwick
8. Jadin Vega – Cornwall

126 Pounds
1. James Faison – Wallkill
2. Sean Savacool – Minisink Valley
3. Tommy Maddox – Washingtonville
4. Matt Romano – Valley Central
5. Gerard Ricciuto – VC
6. Marcos Madden – Pine Bush
7. Noah Warneke – Kingston
8. Evan Gibbons – Warwick

132 Pounds
1. Connor Greiner – Minisink Valley
2.  Tommy Askey – Pine Bush
3.  Luke Fischer – NFA
4. Jimmy Heinlein – Saugerties
5. Christian Francisco – Kingston
6. Josh Sam – Middletown
7. Hunter Phillips – Valley Central
8. Shamar Johnson – Monroe Woodbury

138 Pounds
1. Dominick Vetrano – Minisink Valley
2. Joe McGinty – Monroe Woodbury
3. Derrick Magsamen – Pine Bush
4. Jeremy Jenkins – Middletown
5. Logan Schmalfuhs – Warwick
6. Robert Giumarra – Cornwall
7. Kenneth Straker – Kingston
8. Raziel Chico – Monticello

145 Pounds
1. Steve Gazzillo – Cornwall
2. Vinny Vetrano – Minisink Valley
3. Nick Florin – Pine Bush
4. Nick Albornoz – Minisink Valley
5. Dan Mandic – Goshen
6. Azzurre Huffins – Middletown
7. Julian Campofiori – Monroe Woodbury
8. Alden Hathaway – Wallkill

152 Pounds
1. Tyler Serafini – NFA
2. Carter Stewart – Monroe Woodbury
3. Joe Pushman – Wallkill
4. Ray Napolitano – Valley Central
5. Dan Heffner – Cornwall
6. Joe Velzquez – Middletown
7. Jace Hirsch – Minisink Valley
8. Nick Patterson – NFA

160 Pounds
1. Shaun Burgos – Pine Bush
2. Collin Cummings – Valley Central
3. Destin Morano – Middletown
4. Matt Schyuler – Cornwall
5. Henry Searle – Warwick
6. Joseph Russell – NFA
7. Brian Giacchi – Middletown
8. Connor Parliman – Monroe Woodbury

170 Pounds
1. Brian Mascaro – Wallkill
2. Timmy Ganuncio – Minisink Valley
3. Matt Bucci – Saugerties
4. William Notebloom – Warwick
5. Mike Paravati – Monroe Woodbury
6. Tyshawn Moody – Middletown
7. Connor Leggett – NFA
8. Donnie Weigel – Kingston

182 Pounds
1. Joey Yanis – Minisink Valley
2. Chris Temper – Pine Bush
3. Alex Miller – NFA
4. Ben Santarpia – Washingtonville
5. Luke Wojehowski – Cornwall
6. Collin Cassidy – Cornwall
7. TJ Moriarity – Washingtonville
8. Graeme Knisell – Saugerties

195 Pounds
1. Maxx DeCapua – NFA
2. Anton Juncaj – Minisink Valley
3. Elijah Babb – Middletown
4. Sam Santander – Monroe Woodbury
5. Andrew Wierzbicki – Warwick
6. Craig Laurey – Saugerties
7. Josh Keller – Cornwall
8. Liam Linehan – Pine Bush

220 Pounds
1. Will Leonard – Cornwall
2. Anthony Owen- Saugerties
3. Mark Crisfield – Valley Central
4. Adam Fenner – Minisink Valley
5. Harrison Parrelli – Warwick
6. Daniel Banegas – NFA
7. Chase Hawkins – Wallkill
8. Christian Castellanos – Warwick

285 Pounds
1. Preston Havison – Monroe Woodbury
2. Andrew Fenner – Minisink Valley
3. Bryce Moore – Valley Central
4. Caleb Williams – NFA
5. Max Kissack – Washingtonville
6. Christian Kuster – Kingston
7. Armell Duke – Middletown
8. Sam Langer – Warwick